Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh, all that blood was CG? Well that dangly eyeball was a nice touch...

When I was in GTMO, the Liberal (as he is the most liberal person I've ever met) used to have "date nights" with his now fiancée, where they'd watch a movie at the same time while on trying to video (the internet in GTMO left much to be desired).  I thought this idea was cheesy, but respected his ability to walk away from Friday night shenanigans on F Block to go hang out with his girl.  I may have even made a joke about it once, but only one.

Fast forward to being in Bahrain...  Teh Bear and I have "date nights" regularly, and its so ridiculously cheesy and awesome.  Judge me, I don't care.  I <3 the cheesy.  After a few months of getting used to the time change and the schedule craziness, and taking advantage of all the moments we could, we got bored with each other had to start being creative about spending time over the internet together.  We watch movies/tv shows/share internet links while on skype and we no longer call them "date nights".  Mostly because that would imply that we're in the same time zone, but currently my nights are his mornings, and vice versa, so sometimes its tricky.

Currently, we are watching Spartacus (Google Search)
It took me a few episodes to actually get into the series, and we're still not through season 1, because we're slow and because we have to take TV breaks, if you will.

Sometimes I struggle with the effects they use in the series.  In the first episode, I couldn't get past the CG effects.  The green screen backgrounds, the cheesy transitions.  In the 2nd and 3rd episodes, I was pretty sure they were actually trying to create an anime with the obscene amount of pressurized blood that ejected itself from each wound.  Now, we're at episode 10 and as the plot line has finally developed, I want to finish the rest of the season despite the eyeball I saw dangling from a face that had been beaten to a pulp tonight.  As if all the "blood" wasn't enough, the eyeball was definitely overkill.  My comment was, really, was that necessary?

Despite the grossly over exaggerated bloodiness of the show, and the effects that make my brain scream, "HOKEY!"...  There's of course the one other reason to keep watching.  Everyone in the show is getting laid more than I am right now, a girl can live vicariously through her tv right?  Oh yes, I just said that in this public venue.

Andy Whitfield (
And since I'm being honest, who doesn't like looking at Andy Whitfield (Spartacus)?  Those blue eyes, that square jaw, hell I even like the fake scars as I'm a sucker for scars anyways.  Teh Bear and I were discussing how he wasn't in the 2nd season due to Parkinsons some sad disease, and its just depressing.

Yes, this pic is big on purpose.  Mmmm.  Very glad I have my own blue eyed deliciousness (beard included) coming to visit very soon...  :)

Jai Courtney
(Google Search)
Manu Bennett
(Google Search)
Manu Bennett (Crixus) doesn't really do it for me, and Jai Courtney (Varro, the blond guy) has that boyish appeal with those blue eyes and that curly blond hair, but he always looks so dirty, although his IMDB photo kinda makes up for all that dirty, excessively curly hair.

So, I'm interested to see how the rest of season 1 plays out, even with the CG effects, that haven't really grown on me, and all the gore, that sometimes makes me have to tell Teh Bear to tell me when I can uncover my eyes.  I'm definitely curious how they deal with an absence of Whitfield in season 2.

PS.  In the spirit of tv shows, maybe literally..  News is going around that Brothers & Sisters on ABC is getting cancelled.  I NEED this to be a lie.  That is all.


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