Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Confessions {4/26}

-When I was creating May's drafts, I realized that I never finished Germany recaps.  I really wanted to do that to be able to remember our trip and I didn't and I feel like I failed myself.  I guess I could still watermark the photos and upload them to share.  There were sooo many good pics that I printed out a handful and they are hanging in the house, yet I never shared them here.  #MeganFail

-After several comments from Teh German which indicated his apathy towards the whole wedding paper situation, I finally "went nuclear" and said, "IT IS IMPORTANT TO ME!  I've spent weeks working on these invites and I'm well aware that you don't care, but this is the first thing people see about our wedding.  If you could just do what I ask you promptly that'd be great."  He said he was going to do the task, just on "Teh German Time" to which I had to explain, "You realize that your part is simple after you get the information you need [to put it in the spreadsheet] and that I'm waiting you before I can start my piece?  The part where I sit at the computer and put the information in and deal with the pain in the ass printer and then I put the invite suite together.  THEN, I need to take the product of the 2 things I'm waiting on you for and package them up with all the other German invites and mail a package to Germany?"  He didn't really have anything to say after that.  It's painful to think of how oblivious people are to things done behind the scenes that they don't have to see...Or maybe I'm just hyper-sensitive to it.  Probably that 2nd one.
-After a conversation with Kristen recently, I dropped this line on Teh German during a conversation about how he didn't like how stressed I am about everything, "If you could just give 1 fuck for every 3 fucks I give, that'd be great." 

-Sometimes the paper towel holder in the bathroom just randomly decided to spit out paper towels even though no one is in the bathroom.  I know this because I'll be in a stall and the life will be scared out of me from the paper towel holder just randomly being set off by nothing.  #CreepyAF

-WTF is All-Purpose Sauce?  It sounds super sketchy.  It's made in the Philippines, which is probably all I need to know.

-Teh PT Wife ordered martingale collars for their puppies!  1- I love when people ask for my advice.. AND take it.  2- I love when people I know buy things from other people I know (I'm not making money off that link, I just support the good work that Cindy does).  3- I associate martingale collars with grey/sight hounds, so it feels like spreading the sighthound love.

Max (white) and Marcie (brindle) modeling their new collars!

-While I'm sharing dog pics.. these two melt my heart.

-I'm reading the Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and I'm over fucked.  As in, the word is being used so much that I'm spacing out.  Fuck should be frugally and effectively (unless you're a really pissed off Teh Megan, in which case all the fucks are said, but generally not given).  #overfucked #notinthegoodway

-Tonight is the Blink-182 concert!  Know how I know Teh German is excited?  He's been listening to the concert playlist I made on Spotify since I made it.  He did not do this with the Andrew McMahon concert.  #priorities

-Today is the day!  German invites are headed to Papa G.  Once Papa G confirms receipt, I will post the American invites.  I'm trying to have them all arrive around the same time to everyone.  #timingiseverything #delayedgratification

-Because the invites have been sitting in a box on my desk, I've been paranoid about leaving Phil and Meri out because Lord knows what would happen if either of them got into the invite stuffs. 

-Yesterday, the vet called me with results from Phil's tests.  We talked for 30 minutes, well mostly he talked, but I took detailed notes.  Phil has elevated protein levels in his urine (which could be lower than they originally were because he's been on the blood pressure medicine).  Phil's levels are a 5.  They should be lower than 2.  This will eventually lead to kidney failure, so our vet wasn't wrong about early kidney disease... eventually high protein levels will cause kidney damage.  The 2nd vet explained that Phil's SDMA was also slightly elevated (17, normal is 14).  Our next step is to run a test for Cushings disease (I just heard Roux's Humom yell).  This will go down next Tuesday, if I don't change my mind and do it before.

-NBD over here, but I achieved another ROTD (or review of the day for those non-Yelpers) for my review of Callie's Hot Little Biscuit.  I have had 3 of my reviews featured as ROTD so far to include this one plus my reviews for Hall's Chophouse and the Cooper River Bridge Run.  I've also had one of my reviews put in the weekly email for Co.  #likeaboss

-I emailed Poogan's Porch about possibly doing the post-wedding brunch there.  Yeaaaahh, probably not since it would be $200 for just the room, plus $1000 food minimum, plus the extremely limited menu, plus tax, title, license, and fees.  Additionally, the rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch are no-host events (meaning we aren't paying for everyone (Reminder, theme=We're on a budget)).  If we end up coming in way under budget, I may consider it, buttttttt our budget doesn't take our  honeymoon into consideration.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Review {4/24}


After playing with puppies and dealing with Meri and Phil's shenanigans all day at work (which is truly exhausting if you weren't aware), we set out for the vet.  We were early and we saw an emergency case come in and then a bit later, I watched the family (2 adults) walk out sniffling and with red, watery eyes, and I almost cried for them.  That said, if I EVER have to go the vet for an emergency and I walk in and say, "I don't think he/she is breathing," the person that I spoke with better fucking RUN to get whoever they have to get and that person better come running too.  Obviously I don't know the back story, but as someone sitting in the waiting room watching them not be in a rush for an emergency, I was kinda taken back. 

Anyways, we were finally called back and the vet reviewed all Phil's info that our regular vet had sent over.  I tried to give the whole story to the tech but I kept having to add pieces that I remembered.  I feel like I've told the story so many times that I'm starting to forget.  $285 later, we had a sonogram done for Phil (which didn't show anything abnormal) and we're running more tests.  The vet didn't disagree with our regular vet's assessment, but he also questioned it some.  He did say her course of action was everything he would have done.  Really, I wasn't there for a 2nd opinion so much as the sonogram, but I appreciated how thorough he was with me.  I was at the vet for an hour and a half and Meri was soooo over it.  She kept coming to me for attention and wouldn't settle.  She didn't love it when they took Phil back for the sonogram and she was looking for him. 

When Mom is awesome and has booties in the car.. but she lost one..
Actually, I think it's on top of the beer fridge in the garage because it fell out of Yurtle.

We finally made it home around 4.  I had to check work stuffs, so I got on the computer and also started printing out envelopes.  Teh German arrived home shortly after and started to get ready for his overnight BBQ escapades with some neighbors.  He left around 5:45 and I finally decided to relax for a few minutes, which didn't end up happening because each time I settled on the couch I remembered something I needed to do.  Before long, Roux's Humom showed up to fetch me so we could pick up dinner (KFC) for the BBQ dudes and deliver.

After food was delivered and consumed, I went back home with Teh Dental Hygienist and we went over to the Teh PT Neighbors' house to play Organ Attack.  IT WAS EPIC.  We did find some issues with game play, but otherwise, we were "killing" each other off and talking some mad shit.  We are all surprised PT Kid didn't wake up because we were being so rowdy.

Around 1230, I finally headed home and crashed in an empty bed since Teh German was over-nighting at the park for the BBQ thing.


Saturday morning I woke up to feed the beasts and went back to bed.  I woke up again to hear a rumbly truck outside my house, but never heard the garage door open, so I was almost back to sleep when Meri went into protector mode when the bedroom door opened.  It was just Teh German coming home for a quick shower before heading back out to the park.

I perused social media and snuggled with my Monkey girl and Teh German left again.  When he left, I finally got up and started being productive.  Originally, I had wanted to go on a run, but decided that since I wanted to run, I should use it as delayed gratification for doing my house chores.  I made a plan: laundry, then bathrooms, then whatever else, then go to the BBQ thing to eat.

I consider this a win since none of the laundry fell off.
That pair of jeans was still attached to the pile.

Only 8 loads (blankets/sheets are the worst).

Once I got the laundry sorted and started, I decided to dremel dog nails.  I had considered having Phil and Meri's nails trimmed while I was at the vet on Friday, but I struggle to pay for something that I can do myself for free.  Yeah, I should have just paid.  Phil shook the entire time like a leaf in a hurricane (a behavior I assume he has picked up from Meri) and by the end, I had restrained Meri, snuggled Meri, forced Meri, and begged Meri to just let me finish her damn nails.  It was a superbly unpleasant experience for all involved.  This time when I did their nails, I left them laying on their beds in the living room to see if it was easier than standing outside.. Nope, not really.  Well, for Phil it was since he didn't get tired from standing on 3 legs, but he was still shaking.  The real lesson I hobbled away with was that I should have done their nails the night before after they were completely exhausted from being at work and the vet and before dinner.

Next, I started on the upstairs bathrooms.  I had told Teh German a month ago that if he cleaned the sinks, I'd do the toilets and showers.  Well, I never did.  In my defense, I had vacuumed the stairs and the entire upstairs, to include vacuuming the baseboards with the little nozzle thing, and I was le tired.  So I finally did it.  For me cleaning the shower isn't just spraying it and wiping it down, no no.. It's spraying it and scrubbing the ENTIRE shower with a scrubby sponge to get off any built up residue/gunk.  OCD much?  Maybe so.  I spent no less than 15 minutes scrubbing our shower and trying to suffocate myself with bleach fumes.  Eventually, I did wipe off the door so I could open it and just hoped that any Clorox spray wouldn't drip onto the rug (which causes bleach stains, per the dot that is currently on said rug).  After the shower, I cleaned the toilet then moved to the guest bathroom to repeat the process.  Again, I almost suffocated myself cleaning the bathtub, but I only had just a little bit left and I knew I could do it! 

With the bathrooms done, I considered cleaning the floors, but opted to check social media instead.  This resulted in printing out a few envelopes as well, a trade off for social media time.  Finally, I decided to get ready and head to the BBQ thing.  I decided to ride, which meant that I skipped showering.  I arrived a few minutes before 2.  I had anticipated getting there a bit earlier, but "just one more envelope" kept happening.

We hung out in the guy's tent area while we waited on judging to start, aka when we could start eating.  I sampled some of the BBQ that Mr. Golfer had made and it wasn't as spicy as I had anticipated, thankfully.  I was stupid and hadn't eaten anything all morning, saving my appetite for the BBQ thing.  I had planned on sampling other group's BBQ, but that never ended up happening because I didn't have any cash and I was sated after a few bites of our group's BBQ (skinny week is seriously the best).

They started the judging early because people were confused why there were food tents set up but they were refusing to give people food, valid.  Why would you say an event starts at 2 if you're not going to let people eat when the event starts?  WTF?  There were food trucks, which I felt took away from the actual purpose of the event, the BBQ smoking thing.  Obviously, no one asked me my opinion.  We hung around until the winners were announced at 545ish.  We, sadly, did not win, but the guys are already planning next year's event.  Whatever floats their boat.  Their first decision was to not arrive until the wee hours of the morning instead of arriving at 7pm the night before.  Apparently showing up at 0400 the day of is just as efficient and saves people from sleeping in lawn chairs.  At least the weather was good for them.

Since I rode Bagheera, I headed home alone and Teh German was dropped off by Mr. Golfer.  Teh German had said he was going to shower, but he was too slow (taking a "Teh German time" in the bathroom) and I jumped in instead.  There was some contention over our evening plans.  We had agreed to go to Teh PT Neighbor's house, but Teh German was tired (as expected) and he was going to back out.  I eventually guilt-ed him into it.

We played 2 games of Organ Attack since 2 of the guys hadn't gotten to play since they were at the BBQ thing the night before.  When we switched gears and started playing Cards Against Humanity (CAH), Teh German decided it was his bedtime and headed home.  I played CAH for a while and around 1030, I called it quits because I was also tired.


We slept in on Sunday morning until 1030.  We agreed to ride out for brunch since we hadn't brunched in a while.  Rather, we hadn't brunched together in a while.  I threw out several options and our decision making was interrupted by a calendar reminder on my phone that said it was almost time to Skype with Papa G. 

We slowly got out of bed and threw on clothes and headed downstairs for our chat.  I had to laugh when I noticed that Papa G had a list of items that he wanted to discuss.  In most excellent news, they have booked their hotel and flights and we officially have Germans coming to Charleston for the wedding!!!  YAYYY!!! 

After our Skype session ended, we put our boots on and headed to Graze for brunch on the bikes.  I'm trying to ride as often as possible between now and June 1st because I know that Bagheera won't be getting much attention as I'm recovering.  Boooooo. 

I had the chicken livers and grits with brussel sprout leaves and Teh German had chicken and waffles.  Teh German didn't seem to be in his usual rush to finish up after we were done eating and I discovered it was because he was texting with the biker "gang" to see if they had any plans to ride.  I told him that I wasn't going to join them because I wanted to go home and work on wedding envelopes. 

The actual printing of envelopes wasn't stressful, except for the random times in the middle of printing that the printer would disconnect from the network and I'd have to restart the print (fortunately, stopping in the middle didn't ruin the print job, but one side of the print was darker than the other and it was just something I accepted.  #DIYproblems).  But the looming task of "wedding invite envelopes" was stressful to me.  In addition, Teh German told Papa G that we'd be done with them by the end of this week, to which I added a, "Hopefully." 

I finally told Teh German it was time to leave after he hadn't gotten a response from them for about 10 minutes.  We were almost home when Teh German tapped in (over the helmet bluetooth system) and said that his gang had called and he was going to go meet up with them.  I told him to have fun and came home and started printing.

I printed and printed and printed... and I was almost done when I realized that I had forgotten to put "& Guest" on our solo invitees' envelopes.  #Meganfail  So, just like I did with the "don't bring yo kids" cards, I printed out some little slips of paper that said, "Feel free to bring a guest, but don't forget to include them in your RSVP!"  Teh Dad called me later in the afternoon and we chatted for about an hour and a half.  Since I was already sitting at the desk, I went ahead and started putting the invites in the envelopes.  Teh Dad was keeping me entertained, so it was a perfect task to keep me occupied in the meantime.  Originally, I had threatened Teh German with this task, but it was as simple as sliding the paper into the invite and adding the additional "no kids" to all the invites and "+1" strips to the applicable invites.

Teh German arrived home around 6:15 and hadn't eaten yet.  I wasn't really hungry.  Teh German hung out with me in the office while I continued the invite stuffing and asked him questions off my list that I had written down (just like Papa G, looooool).  I figured rather than text him while he was out riding or with the dudes, I'd just wait till he got home to discuss things that I'd thought of. 

When he got home, he wasn't pleased that I had stuffed the envelopes.  His reaction was something along the lines of, "Now you're going to tell everyone I didn't help at all."  I had to correct him and explain that I did it to keep myself occupied while I talked to Teh Dad and I had no intention of saying such a thing... buttttt he did owe me big.

While we were debating on a dinner plan, since I've become notoriously horrible at menu planning on the weekends (after several weekends where I would plan dinner then we ended up doing something else), Teh PT Wife came over to deliver my CAH since they were still playing when I left the night before.

After Teh PT Wife left, Teh German and I agreed on Vinny's Pizza for dinner.  I called in the order and Teh German went out to pick it up.  Before he picked it up, he stopped by Publix for me since I needed a few items (cereal, half gallon of milk, and 4 gallons of vinegar (for the laundry)).  It was complicated because the fucking Imperial measurement system.  While Teh German was out, Teh PT Wife and I did a quick pack walk.  When we finished, she let me borrow an adhesive envelope sealer that she had used on their invites.  It was magical and life changing.  

Teh German eventually arrived home with our dinner, the cereal that I had requested, a gallon of milk, and no vinegar (since they were out of the gallon size).  We ate dinner and after cleaning up, I headed back into the office to finish sealing the envelopes.  Eventually, Teh German came in the office to sit with me as I finished up the invites.  He'd been on his phone since he'd finished eating his pizza and he was still on his phone when he came into the office.  At 9:30 I said it was bedtime and got no response. 

Ready for sending!

Finally, at 9:45 I got up and left the office, leaving Teh German sitting there.  When I walked into the kitchen I noticed that someone (Phil) had smeared his poop foot all over every rug downstairs.  It was my tipping point.  There were tears.  I blamed Teh German since he had let the dogs inside.  Why hadn't he noticed the poop spot right at the door and stopped the critter with the poop foot?  For it to be everywhere was too much after the stress of all the things I had accomplished throughout the weekend.  Just one more item on my never ending to-do list: Use the carpet cleaner on all the rugs downstairs.  I wiped up the spots as best I could after prepping dog breakfast and went upstairs while Teh German did the dishes that had been accumulating in the sink since Friday morning.

I crawled into bed and starting reading while I waited for Teh German to finish the dishes and get ready for bed.  After 10 he finally got into bed and I was so frustrated that I couldn't fall asleep.  Around 10:45, I finally got up and took some Tylenol PM and grabbed my journal binder and went to the loft to write. 

Based on the contents, the last time I journal-ed was Oct 2015.  I thought I had definitely written in 2016, but nope.  This is actually a good sign.  Generally, I only journal when I'm extremely frustrated.  My last entry from 2015 started with, "In a change of pace, this is actually a happy entry."  I gushed on and on about Teh German and how much I loved him and how great he was.  This means that in 2016, when I was frustrated, I was communicating with Teh German about it, rather than just keeping it to myself. 

After writing for an hour or so, I finally started to get tired.  I wrapped up my entry and skimmed through some other entries and finally I headed to bed.  It only took me a minute to fall asleep, thankfully.


Big weekend of accomplishments!  I'm waiting on information about 2 German invites, but after that, they are being mailed to Papa G for distribution.  Other than hand delivered invites, I'm waiting to send the American batch out until the German invites arrive to Papa G.  They are already stamped (both stamps) and ready to go.

This week is kinda quiet.  We have the Blink-182 concert on Wednesday night.  We are debating on going to NC either this weekend or next to ride the bikes since I know that it won't be an option for me after May 18th (since we're going to MD and then staying here for Memorial Day weekend).

It is storming today in Charleston.  I went into work this morning.  While I was getting ready it hit me that I had been kind of a cunt to Teh German and that poop-foot could have happened to anyone.  Granted, I would have seen it after the first step before it was smeared all over downstairs, but whatever.  On my way into work, I decided that I'd run to Metto and deliver coffee to Teh German as an atonement for being such a shitty-shit fiance.  Then it started storming, which always jacks up traffic to the max because anything that falls from the sky blows the minds of drivers in Charleston.

When I checked Google Maps, all the interstates were blood red so I had to postpone my coffee delivery until after my 0900 meeting.  When there was a lull in the rain after my meeting, I quickly packed up and headed to Yurtle.  I picked up coffee and headed to Teh German's company.  Teh German surprised me by coming out right as I was reaching for the door.  I explained that I had been a douche and I was sorry for my shitty behavior.  He accepted my offer of coffee with glee since he didn't have cash and was out of coffee pods at work.

After the drop-off, I headed home to hang out with Phil and Meri.  If it hadn't been storming, I would have went back to work, but since it is storming for the rest of the day and dealing with evening traffic wasn't on my list of things to do, I came home.  Phil and Meri have spent our time together peer pressuring me into taking a nap.  I did rouse them for a quick walk with Roux and took the opportunity to hand deliver some invites.

Here's to a good last week of April!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Five on Friday #106


The Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Concert was excellent.  We had dinner at Stella's (Greek) downtown before the show, which was at the Music Farm.  We were late for our dinner reservation, as I knew we would be, but when I informed them that we had plans at 7, they were fine with letting us take our seat since they had a reservation scheduled after us.  Had I known the bar would have been available, we would have just sat there and I wouldn't have stressed about reservations.

Oh well.  It was pretty good.  I had the lamb and beef meatballs and hummus and Teh Geman had the special that included brussel sprouts.  We then ordered dessert and it was the perfect amount of food.

Dessert.  I'd tell you what it was called, but it was some Greek name and I have no idea.
But it was tasty and that plate was empty when we left.

The concert line up was: Night Riots, Atlas Genius, and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.  I actually knew of all the bands (this is rare) and I was super pumped.

Night Riots:


Atlas Genius:

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness:

Gandolf the White (since the stage was often so bright, I struggled to get a photo of this guy):

Andrew McMahon decided to come hang out in the crowd.
He was standing on the effects desks that we had been standing beside.
Teh German commented that artists must like to come visit us.

Parachute over the crowd.
This is a thing?  Ok.

Inflatable ducky:
So apparently Andrew McMahon likes to ride this inflatable duck/crowd surf.  The first time he tried it during his set, it only got halfway back and went back to the stage and didn't go all the way around the crowd.  He was pretty dismayed by this and requested a 2nd session during the encore where the duck got all the way around the effects desk (in the center of the venue).  This was a perfect job for Selfie Sticks Teh German.

The concert was awesome.  I'm so glad we went on impulse.  I liked Andrew McMahon the most, then Night Riots, then Atlas Genius.  I had heard all of the bands on Spotify before hand, but when I made the concert playlist (where I take all the songs for an artist that Spotify has and add them to a single playlist), it was happiness in my ears.  In fact, I listened to it for most of the day on Tuesday as well.  I imagine I'll be playing it for a long time to come.


Reading problems:

I had 4 credits just chillin' on Audible teasing me.  So I finally used them.
1. Red Rising by Pierce Brown
2. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
3. Small Great Things: A Novel by Jodi Picoult
4. The Fiery Cross: Outlander, Book 5 by Diana Gabaldon (55.5 hours)

After using those 4 credits, Audible was like, "Wait, give us more money and we'll give you more credits!"  (3 credits for $35)  I asked Teh WJL if she would split the $35 with me and I'd buy the last 3 Outlander books so we could listen to them.  She said yes.  So then I ordered:
1. A Breath of Snow and Ashes: Outlander, Book 6 by Diana Gabaldon (57.75 hours)
2. An Echo in the Bone: A Novel, Book 7 by Diana Gabaldon (46 hours)
3. Written in My Own Heart's Blood: Outlander, Book 8 by Diana Gabaldon (45 hours)*

In addition, I have 2 library books out right now.
Teh WJL said I should try a new genre.  None of the audiobooks or library books are WW2 books.. so that counts as effort, right?

*All together that is 204.25 hours of Davina Porter's voice I get to listen to.  #ALLTHEAUDIOBOOKS  I passed on downloading the Lord John audiobooks because they aren't that long, so my credit is "wasted".

New dilemma: Which book do I start first; Red Rising, Ready Player One, or Small Great Things?


Real life things:


Baggins has an appointment or a sonogram (or ultrasound, whatever you want to call it) at 2:20 today.  He's really slowed down this week and he's has several accidents in his crate recently.  I started him on the blood pressure medication, so I'm wondering if that's causing the lethargy.  I did tell Teh German that even if Phil wasn't sick, he is getting older and that Teh German needed to stop yelling at Phil for regurgitating water on the floor or peeing in his crate.  It would also be nice if he would be a little more gentle when he's trying to relocate Phil to puke NOT on the carpets... but baby steps.


Pre-op appointment is scheduled for May 16th.  Surgery is currently penciled in for June 1st.  Since we are going to MD for the greyhound picnic May 18-22, the PA didn't feel like I'd be recovered enough if they did the surgery in the beginning of May to go on our trip.  Then I realized that Memorial Day weekend was the following weekend and 1- I didn't want to miss out on whatever fun plans we may make for the long weekend and 2- I didn't want Teh German to have to sit around taking care of post-surgery Megan when he could be out having fun with friends over a long weekend.

I can't remember if I ever actually said what was wrong with my hip, ooops.  After a $1000 MRI, turns out, I have a labrum tear in my right hip.  This is a cartilage tear, which is shitty because cartilage doesn't repair itself.  I was doing physical therapy to see if building the muscles up around it would improve the pain and it didn't.  Then we tried a cortisone injection.

You might be a blogger wheeeennnnn:
You take photos during your cortisone injection.

The shot didn't help with the pain either and threw me out of my running groove (since I was told for 2 weeks not to run)... grrrr.  So, we are taking the next steps and the Ortho will surgically repair the tear.  Because we are on a timeline, I am trying to expedite the process.  If it wasn't for the already scheduled MD trip, surgery would be taking place at the beginning of May.  The sooner the better since no one wants me limping down the aisle on November 1st.

My to-do list:

-Envelopes are still being printed.  When this task is finished, I will move on to editing Asheville photos.  After photos are edited, I will work on the contract with the DJ and the website.  #prioritizing #likeaboss
-I've been trying to pay off the photographer and venue except I don't know where to send the check for the venue and my dream photographer happens to be a complete disaster when it comes to business management.  FML.
-I was able to renew my check out on my Girls & Sex book, which I will pause on to read my other library book since it expires in 6 days and there are other people on the waitlist for it.  #libraryproblems
-I drafted our email to the house builder to be sent.  I'm waiting to hear back from someone about doing a walk through of the house, but if she doesn't respond by Monday, I'm sending out the list as it is and considering it money saved.
-I will clean this weekend.  I will also not stay in bed until noon which will help facilitate productivity.  Accomplishing things will feel better than sleeping in.  I might need a reminder of this on Saturday morning.
-Dremeling dog nails is a MUST for this weekend.  Meri's clicking is making me crrrrrrraaaaayyyyyy.
-I told Teh German to start looking at the calendar for some good dates to go ride in NC.  I limited the options with my surgery, so I have a feeling we'll be going in early May.  I don't really want to go up for Memorial Day weekend since so many other people will be traveling.  Kthxnope.
-I will reorganize my office this weekend and clear out the cluster-fuck corner that tends to gather things when they could be in storage.  This will mean I can put Phil's crate in a place that isn't in the middle of the floor, so I can move the chairs back to where they were.  This only sucks because the displaced chair is currently a footrest for me and I don't mind.  Teh German helped me tackle this yesterday and it took 15 minutes WITH vacuuming.

From the phone:

New game from Awkward Yeti (if we're friends on FB, you've probably seen me like their comics).
We're gonna play it this weekend and I am pumped and Teh German heard me say, "OMG I'm so excited!" at least 20 times within the first 4 hours of the game being in my possession.

It's been stormy in the evenings, despite this we've still been going on our pack walks.
This was actually a double rainbow, but I took this from Dorothy while Meri was tugging on me. 
You get what you get.

We went to Roux's house and Phil finally settled in his chair and the dudes at the counter were more interesting than I was.. especially when I had that annoying camera out.

Roux using me as his chin rest.  He terrorized Meri for a while before finally settling.
He's such a sweet boy when he's not being a menace.

My confused face when Teh WJL told me I need to switch up my genres.

Teh German putting Snapchat filters on Claire as we watched Modern Family.

Today's cutest coworkers.

Today's 3rd cutest coworker: Luna
(4mo German Shepherd)

Gahhhh!! You have to click this one and zoom in to see her crazy eyes.
She's so adorable!

Meri and her mousie.

Stinky office time = passed out dogs time.


This isn't the Waldorf you're looking for...

This teacher's aid made a list of all the shit that students were doing during class

If you've ever wondered why we waste precious life on grass lawns, this guy answers that question.

How art can change meanings..


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Acknowledging that we/I was being a Drama Llama because of PMS.  Self-actualization really does make me a better, more understanding, patient person.
  2. Teh German being involved in a community event (a bbq smoking competition) with some neighbors.  It gets him out of the house and gives him some time away from me that isn't work.
  3. Super good deals on audiobooks and things in general.
  4. Borrowing a coworker's "tall" chair so I can sit at my standing desk instead of having to move my laptop and sit at the short desk in my cube.
  5. Snapchat filters: Unicorn, googly eyes, big teeth, egg carton
  6. Bringing the dogs to work (which also did not make me happy since Meri pooped in the kitchen and Phil peed on the floor twice)...
  7. Meeting new puppies at work.
  8. Working on wedding envelopes and making progress.
  9. A half gallon of sweet tea from Bojangles cost $.20 more and it lasts for 3-5 days instead of 2 hours.  #worthit
  10. Fun fabrics for new tag collars for Meri.. because every dogs needs 10+ collars, right?

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

MegMo2017: Deets: Music

In the early stages of planning, we tossed around the idea of just creating a Spotify playlist, finding some speakers, hooking up a phone to the system, and finding a reliable friend who could manage the system during toasts and dancing.  Then I remembered the debacle that was Teh Sister's music situation and I nixed that idea in favor of hiring someone to manage the music.

We never discussed having musicians for the wedding or reception.  I think we both just gravitated towards pre-recorded music and that was that.  When I pointed out that we'd probably need a sound system for the wedding ceremony (because someone becomes Miss Mumbles when she's nervous), a DJ was the obvious choice.  They could set up for the wedding ceremony outside and the reception inside.  Teh German agreed with this logical deduction.

So I set about researching DJs.  Our coordinator had suggested a company that I looked into.  Around the same time, a neighbor added me to a Bride Recycle/Sell/Swap FB group.  I joined another group that was similar and watched.  Several DJs posted on the FB groups advertising their services.  I checked them out, slowly.  Most of them seemed out of our price range.  I wanted to pay $500 for a DJ for all day.  Call me cheap, but even after getting a deal on the photographer, I'm still.. on a budget.

I messaged one called Jus Luv Music that didn't have set prices set on her FB page.  I also checked her website to see what was there, but it wasn't a completed website.  When she responded, she tried to say the prices were listed and I had to explain that they were not listed.  I even sent her a link.  She was willing to give me $50 off for just pointing out the deficiency.  We chatted back and forth and I explained that creating a website wasn't overly difficult, I had done it (and sent her the link to Teh Blog).  I explained that our needs were slightly different, but it was possible to build a site for her with minimum costs.

She was over the moon.  She then asked me if I would build a website for her in exchange for DJ services and I said yes.  Any discount was better than paying full price.  A few days later, we set up a meeting to discuss our needs.  Shit started to get rocky.

Originally, I had planned our meeting for 4pm near my work since I knew I could be there pretty quickly.  Then I ended up needing to work from home that day.  At 3:30, I got a text from her saying she was stuck behind a school bus and could we push the meeting back to 4:30.  I said ok.  Shit happens.  At 4:30, I was sitting in the cold at DIG in the Park, alone.  4:35, 4:40, still alone.  She finally texts and says she's on her way, but should she have crossed a bridge?  I move inside because I was tired of being cold.  I call her because texting and driving is pretty stupid.  She says she's 5 minutes away.  4:50, 4:55, still alone.  Finally at 5 after 5, she shows up, apologizing.  I had originally had an appointment at 5:30, but messaged that person to tell them I would be running late and asked if 6:30 was too late but they said it was ok.

Obviously, I am not impressed.  Nonetheless, I eventually start to warm up to Jenny.  She explains how she got into DJing (generational) and why she continues to do it (she loves music).  I tell her the details of the wedding day and explain that we'd need a set up for the ceremony and the reception, which she says she can do.

Then we moved on to discussing her website and what features she'd like to have.  She was thrilled with my bride perspective since I can give her first hand insight into what brides are looking for.  She explained that if I can build her website, she would be willing to do the entire wedding day for free.  Tickle me pink, fuck yes.

She told me that she was doing a charity event in Summerville a few weeks later if I'd like to drop by and check out her work.  That night over dinner, I explained all of this to Teh German who was excited with me.  We put the event on the calendar.

Fast forward to the day of the event and I'm laying in bed scrolling through FB and see someone post in one of the bride groups looking for a DJ for that day for their Summerville charity event since their scheduled DJ was sick and had to cancel. Turns out, MY DJ was the one who cancelled.  The DJ who promised me that if anything were to happen on our day, she'd have backup, blah blah blah.  At which point I start to panic.

I wait a week or so to try to settle down and it never happens, so finally I sent her an email with all my feelings, essentially, detailing all the things I just told you about.  I ask to meet her so we can hammer out our arrangement, I can show her the website that I had created for her, and arrange a contract.  She emails back saying I took her by surprise and she's never had anyone that was unsatisfied with her work, of course she'd meet. 

We set up an meeting.  This time she wasn't late (wise life choice), although she did bring a grandchild with her, which I let go since she was upfront about being family oriented in our first meeting.  We went over her contract and I showed her the website.  We were both pleased.  My brain felt soothed and she offered to let me write up our contract and send it back to her and she'd sign it.  I gave her some homework to get me some info for her website.

Done.  We have a DJ!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Confessions {4/19}

-When I think of the fact that it takes me ~7.5 minutes to print out one envelope and consider how many hours I spent designing the damn things, I question my mental stability and wonder WHY I thought it was a good idea to do anything myself.  Then I remember that it would have cost me ~$.50 per envelope to have the addresses printed AND we would have had to finalize the guest list in March when we had the invites printed.  #FiguredItOut

-After that one time of Teh German telling me he was tired of working on wedding stuffs (ya know, when he had been sitting in the same room with me playing games on his phone while I actually did the work and every now and then I asked him for his opinion on something), this situation was kind of a slap in the face...

We went to the Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness/Atlas Genius/Night Riots concert downtown on Monday night.  That morning we were trying to figure out dinner plans.  Teh German asked if there was anywhere I wanted to go and I told him I wasn't sure, but I could research some places.  

Let me explain what "researching some places" actually means...  It means going onto the Yelp site and putting in a destination address and sorting through the mabillionty restaurants available in that area (because downtown Charleston) and filtering through them to find what is actually in the vicinity and somewhere that isn't $$$$ that isn't going to take forever that has something recognizable on the menu that could be tasty.  I find my top contenders and go to their website to view the menu.  I generally try to find 1-5 different options, depending on who I'm eating with.  Does Teh German see any of this?  No.

A bit later, I message him with 3 different dinner options, BBQ, burgers, or Greek with links to each menu.  He selects the greek place.  I say, "Done."  He says, "Easy peasy."

I didn't say anything, I just let it go, but the struggle was real.  I knew that he was probably talking about making the decision, not the entire process behind it and I was reading too much into it.  But I honestly don't know the proper way of going about saying, "I feel extremely underappreciated for the things I do," without coming off like a cunt.  

I think maybe my epic to-do list is burning me out (yet again) and maybe we just need to sit down and have a conversation about how sometimes, living with him is like living with a child where I have to make all the decisions for someone who constantly huffs and puffs at me for being slightly inconvenienced or if he doesn't get his way.  I sometimes imagine just NOT doing all the things I do, but the prospect of the household spinning out of control is something I cannot stomach.  The real problem is that I can't really delegate any of my tasks other than the cleaning and I know that would go over like a lead balloon.

I try to go out of my way to acknowledge his contributions (dishes, yard work) and thank him andTeh German DOES do things around the house, yet there are just times that I feel like everything I do (which my super flexible job enables me to do) goes mostly unappreciated.  I also realize that he can't read my mind, which is why we need to have this conversation, but I can't help myself from thinking how nice it would be if people just offered to help.  #EndRant
PS.  I think living with Teh Running Bestie spoiled me.

-I slayed my to-do list on Monday.  I sat in a spare office and made calls for hours to take care of business.  Things I accomplished:
  • Sign up for fall races (Isle of Palms Connector 10k, James Island Connector 10k, Kiawah Island 1/2).
  • Purchase stamps (I bought 2 books each of the blue and colored heart stamps, a random stamp will go on a random envelope, done).
  • Called Ortho about moving forward with hip appts (his assistant called me back and I have a pre-op appointment scheduled for May 16th - queue my heart palpitations).
  • Contacted Dan Ryan about our 1 year "fix it" list.
  • Scheduled Phil's sonogram.
  • Scheduled a dental for Phil for May 22, the day we're driving from MD to SC.  Just a half day pit stop.  
  • Scheduled Meri and Phil's yearly wellness visit - a few weeks early since I hadn't spoken with the Ortho at that point.
  • Emailed CSU about my missing NC State transfer credits (I almost loled when the admissions person "explained" that my NCSU transcript hadn't been received when they did the assessment.  Funny, since the NCSU transcript arrived 3/1 and the other transcripts arrived 3/13-17th, but mmkay).
  • Walked Teh German through sharing his calendar with me (so I know when he plans things and forgets to share them with me, which isn't often).
  • Ordered new checks with my eventual new last name and updated address (since the address on them now is from 4 moves ago...).
  • Made dinner reservations for Monday evening since we were going downtown for the Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness/Atlas Genius/Night Riots concert.

-Things I have made progress on since posting my to-do list on Friday:
  • I started addressing envelopes.
  • I started editing Asheville photos.
  • I created a team for the pre-wedding 10k, so hopefully others will join us.

-The concert was fantastic and Andrew McMahon crowd surfed on an inflatable duck..  I kept the concert going on Tuesday in my earbuds with my Monday Night Concert playlist on Spotify.  #notsorry

-The way people in our office load the dishwasher drives me absolutely insane.  Seriously.  Every time I go to put something in the dishwasher, I end up rearranging it to better fit MORE dishes.  IT'S NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE!

-We're running a 10k the weekend before the weekend and we've already planned to do "Runaway Bride" and "Runaway Groom" shirts.  Fortunately, we'll be "running away" together.  I'm kinda hoping more of our guests that are in town at that time will join us since they also have a 5k at the same time (they just get bused back to the 10k finish line).

-When I went home early yesterday to let Phil out to avoid an accident in his crate, I sat down at the computer to finish up my work day and also managed to get some envelopes printed out.  #killinit

-I really like it when Papa G complements my using German (which I try to do when I'm sending short, simple messages in WhatsApp, please don't be impressed by me), and he signs his messages to me (not to Teh German AND I), "Love Dad"

-I find it amusing when people on the "Reclaimed Bride" sites on FB say, "Only used once!"  Also, why would you ever try to sell something with your hashtag on it?  That just seems like a bad idea.  #Learn2socialmedia

-I potentially made a bad life choice this morning.  When I went into the kitchen to get hot water for my tea, I noticed that someone had brought food in to share with instructions that said to put the sausage roll on the homemade bread, add mustard, and enjoy.  All the ingredients were there, so I figured why not.  It was as I brought the concoction to my face that I noticed little green spots on the bread.  Uhhh, kthxnope.  But instead of thoroughly thinking it through, I went ahead and ate the sausage.  If the bread had mold on it, how old was the sausage that I just ate.  If I'm dead later (or unable to leave the bathroom), we know why.  #possiblepoorlifechoice

-DDDUUUUDDDDDEEEEEE... So.  A few weeks ago, I bought a couple's massage from Groupon.  Now, sometimes I'm skeptical over Groupon massages because some places are always offering a Groupon deal to bring in customers maybe because they are shady or not that good.. but whatevs.  I'm all about saving dollas, so I was like, at least it is a massage.  Last night, after Teh German had thoroughly fouled my mood, he pretended like everything was ok and we headed to our massage.  I was so tight from stress that I was twitching.  Then this little Asian lady got her hands on me and I melted and OMG IT WAS SO GOOD.  I told Teh German that I wanted to put her in my pocket and carry her around with me forever.  When I flipped over, she commented that she liked to hear groans and moans because it was positive feedback that she was doing a good job.  Well, I am happy to acquiesce.  I asked her what she was doing November 1st.  Of course, she didn't get it, but I'm seriously thinking about just planning a massage the morning of the wedding with her because she's perfect and I'm willing to drive the 30 minutes it takes to get there for forever if she's workin' out my knots.  I'm so sore today, as expected since she did some serious deep tissue work, but I can tell a difference and I didn't wake up with my shoulders at my ears this morning!  If you're local, the place is called Massage Serenity Spa.

^^Me preparing to make my visits regular.

-I can feel my pain killers kick in because my brain gets a little fuzzy/loopy and I feel like I have mild vertigo.  I assume this "high" feeling is why people get addicted to pain killers.

-PS.  It might be PMS week.  Thus the appearance of Teh Drama Llama Megan and Teh Drama Llama German.  I always forget that for as much as I feed off Teh German's state of being/mind, he also has some pretty severe PMMS (premenstrual MAN syndrome).  Anyone else's SO get PMS from YOUR cycle?  Please say I'm not the only one who has to deal with this.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #8 

Discussing bugs.
Teh German (T): They don't pay rent.
Teh Megan (M): What do you consider Phil and Meri.
T: Family.  Family doesn't pay rent.

M: There's American mustard in the fridge.
T: You mean yellow sauce?

M: Apparently, I like Japanese trees.
T: It doesn't come with sushi though.

M: You're wearing your jacket, why do you care if the AC is on?
T: Because I have my jacket on, I don't have feeling.

T: That could be a fun hair style to try.
M: You could do it.  He has the same problem you have.  (I was referring to his receding hairline.)
T: He also has a large foreskin?
M: Penises have foreskin.  (And my cackles start.)
T: Oh! I mean forehead!

M: Are you sore?
T: No, I'm fine.
M: Did you stretch?
T: Yes, on the couch last night.
M: Swiping and double tapping doesn't count.
T: It does.
M: It don't.
T: That's not right.
M: I'm aware.  But it's good you can correct my bad English.

We bought some tulip bulbs from Publix.  Teh German was looking up the info on replanting them and was reading it out loud.
T: Tulips may not rebloom for up to 2 years after transported.  They require 2 months of temperatures colder than 40 degrees.
Teh German gives a long sigh and looks at the tulips on the counter.
T: Well, you're dead.

T: What is the show called again?
M: Modern Family.
T (opening a browser to search a minute later): What was it?  Bad family?
M: Modern Family.  Although "bad family" could work.

Shit Teh German Said Edition 123456, 7, 8

Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Review {4/17}


Teh German was off work on Friday (because German are off work for religious holidays in Germany, so that's what goes in the US office too #jealous) so I slept in.  I may have also calculated my hours for the week incorrectly.  Oops.  I stayed at work until lunchtime though, mostly so I could be there for the going-away cake for an employee of another company we sit with.  It was a Publix cake, so totally worth staying for. 

After I left work, I had Teh German meet me at the oil change place so I could drop off Yurtle for a drs appointment.  She really needed her oil changed and I know we'll be taking Yurtle to MD next month, so it was time.  Teh German picked me up and we headed home.  We decided to ride out to Sullivan's Island for lunch at Home Team BBQ, something we had planned to do a few weeks ago, but it was too windy (which is a valid reason not to ride here because there are so many tall bridges we have to cross).

We set out and I may have accidentally taken us the wrong way, except that it ended up working out.  We got stuck in some traffic, at which point Teh German reminded me that it was a holiday weekend and all the tourists were in town.  #FML  Fortunately, traffic didn't take long to get through and we rerouted a way that I knew but had forgotten.  Once we got to Sullivan's Island, we realized that every place to eat was slammed.  It was around 1, so I didn't expect it to still be so busy, and that's what I get for assuming.  We put our names on the list at Home Team and 2 bar seats happened to open up about 10 minutes into our wait. 

Unfortunately, it was too loud to have a conversation, but at the same time kinda fortunate since Teh German was hangry and grouchy.  We watched NCAA gymnastics while we ate.  How do they make their bodies do that shit?  Seriously?  Maybe if I had learned to do those things my pieces wouldn't be so broke now?

After we finished our food, we headed back to the bikes to get home.  While we were eating the garage called and said Yurtle was done.  When we got home, we jumped in Baloo so Teh German could take me to get Yurtle.  Once Yurtle was acquired we had zero plans to leave the house for the rest of the day.

This is my life.

We opted to hang out at Teh PT Neighbors' house for the evening.  Some neighborhood drama went down on Facebook about children playing in the street and refusing to move for vehicles (this isn't a one-time occurrence, the drama or the children)) and we ended up creating our own FB page for our awesome street.  We hung out with the visiting parents and chatted until it was finally time for bed.  As I was falling asleep, I told Teh German that we had done FB wrong and we created a page instead of a group, oops. 


While it was a lazy weekend, it was also a productive one. 

We slept in super late on Saturday.  After feeding the dogs, I laid in bed and perused the internet.  I bought a new region less blu-ray player and the game Organ Attack since I haven't stopped thinking about it since I discovered it.  $200 spent all while laying in the bed.  This is 2017 and I'm #notsorry.

I also remedied the group/page situation.  Unfortunately it takes 14 days to have a page deleted.  Thanks FB for that quick turn around... Oh wait.  The real problem was that other neighbors who we are friends with that don't live on our street were able to see that we liked/joined a page for our street and then were asking to join.  My bad.  Honestly, all of our neighborhood isn't bad, but there are definitely some people who ruin the bunch... every.single.time.

Finally, I had to get up to get to the farmer's market before 1 since I had told the tree guy that I would be there for my tree.  When I arrived, he said he had sold my tree, but would offer me a different tree for $10 off.  I wasn't sold on it since I wanted a tree with red leaves, not dark red/purply.  Since the market was about to close, the guy told me that I could meet them at his house and pick out whatever tree I wanted and I said ok.

I headed to their house and waited about 45 minutes on them to come home, which was fine since I was listening to my audiobook.  When they got home, it took me a few minutes to select THE tree and while he laid it in Yurtle, I paid him.

My next stop was Target.  It has been quite a while since I'd bought house supplies (TP, cleaning stuffs, laundry detergent, etc) so I decided that this was the weekend (also we were almost out of TP).  I printed off some coupons and knew what Cartwheel was offering.  I almost chickened out once I arrived when I saw the checkout line, but a Team Member assured me that the line moved fast (spoiler alert: he was right).  I was in and out in about an hour and a half and I had estimated 2 hours.  I ended up saving $77 at Target with coupons and Cartwheel and I got 3 $5 gift cards.  #likeaboss

During all this, Teh German was at home gardening.  Specifically, he was digging holes for said tree and for a palm that Teh WJL had bought for us when she was here in February.  When I got home, he unloaded the tree and planted it while I unloaded the stuff I had purchased.  While Teh German was working, Teh PT Wife came over to hang out.  She and Phil supervised while I worked on the invitation envelopes. 

Since Teh German had worked all day, outside, and I had zero plans for dinner (oops), I gave him 3 options for me to pick up for dinner: East Bay Deli, Willie Jewell's, or Texas Roadhouse.  He picked East Bay Deli, which was perfect since I had a $2 Yelp24 coupon I could use.  Phil and Meri rode with me to pick it up.  When I got home, we ate and had planned to watch TV for the rest of the evening to chill.  Instead, I went outside to water the flowers and then we ended up going on a pack walk and then Teh German watered the grass and I worked on the RSVP envelopes.

By the time I completed the design and printed out 9 (not 10 since the first envelope was messed up and then I proceeded to print on it until it was jamming the printer #notsorry) envelopes, it was almost 10pm.  Teh German had given up on me and was on the couch watching a Netflix movie.  I said I was going to go upstairs and read my book (ya know, ticking off to-do list tasks) and he said ok.  Later I learned that he wanted to spend time with me, but didn't say anything about it, so I didn't know.  I told Teh German that maybe next time he needs to just come out and say these things since I can't read his mind.  He eventually came to bed and I was glad because I was super tired and my book is making me feel dirty.

Only 10 RSVP cards because I am forcing people to embrace technology and RSVP online.


Sunday morning we didn't get out of the bed until almost noon.  Teh Mom called and chatted with me for a few minutes.  My new weekend routine includes going through all the Snapchat filters when we're laying in bed on our phones.  That egg carton filter is seriously my favorite.

When we finally got up, I made grilled cheese for breakfast/lunch.  We weren't motivated to leave the house for any reason, including for brunch since I knew that everyone else would be out for brunch since it was Easter.  After foods, we started the process of invitation envelopes. 

It was tedious and the font that Teh German had selected on Saturday evening for the addressee ended up not having special characters that I needed since the German alphabet has special characters.  Ugh.  Deciding on a new font took at least an hour.  Several hours later, I finally got the design finalized and all the addresses formatted in a Word document so I could just copy/paste them into Photoshop instead of having to format them in Photoshop which is a pain in the ass.

During all this, Teh German is sitting in the office with me, as well as Phil who was supervising from his crate, and giving me his opinion on layout changes that I made.  When Teh German said, "Why are we doing all this?  I'm tired of it."  I very calmly lost my shit on him and said, "You're tired?  From all the work you're doing sitting there playing your games on your phone and once in a while giving me your opinion when I turn my computer around or when I hand you a piece of paper and tell you to pick your favorite font?"  Yeah.. that shut him up. 

When I told him he was definitely going to be helping me stuff envelopes, he scoffed and said nope and I quickly informed him that the process was putting an invite in the envelope, sliding in the "no children" paper, and maybe an RSVP card depending on who the invite is going to, then sealing the envelope, and putting a stamp on it and it wasn't nearly as difficult as anything I had done up to this point.  Again, crickets.  Good, Groom.

Finally, I started to print the stupid envelopes.  FINNNNAAAALLLLYYYY.  Around 4, I realized that most of the day was gone and I was getting tired of printing out envelopes.  Once the printing process was started, I opened up Lightroom to start working on the Asheville photos while I was waiting.  By 5:30, I was duuuunn with that shit.  I counted and I had only printed out SIXTEEN envelopes.  16.  #killmenow #whothoughtthiswasagoodidea

That tall stack is UNPRINTED envelopes.  #FML

I had told Teh German when the printer ran out of envelopes, I was done printing for the day.  Yet, we still sat in the office for 10 minutes after the printer had stopped.  Finally, after piddling around on the internet and asking Teh German what he wanted to do, I said to him, "Babe, this is me saying, 'Come up with something for us to do beside sit in this room.'"  At which point, I got up and finally left the office to pee and refill my water and feed the beasts.  Just as I arrived to the kitchen, my phone knocked and I had a text message from Teh PT Wife asking what we were doing and if we wanted to come over.  I texted her back, while reading it outloud to Teh German, "You just saved Teh German from having to come up with entertainment ideas for me.  He says thank you."

After the beasts were fed, we headed over for socializing with their parents who were over for Easter.  Meri ran around the yard at full speed, much to the awe of the visitors.  Everyone lurves Meri because of how different she looks and how fast she is and how soft she is, so she was a real star.  Phil was a cool dude and just hung around the humans getting pettins and looking pitiful because he didn't have a couch to lay on.

Around 7:30, we finally headed back to our house since Teh German and I hadn't eaten dinner.  I had pork chops in the crock pot and I whipped up some mac and cheese and heated up some green beans.  At which point, I noticed the microwave was disgusting under the plate and ended up cleaning it.  Of course, I took a blogger picture and Teh German caught me and asked what I was doing.  I told him, "Taking a picture for the blog," and he didn't even question it.  My weirdness is normal.  Eggcellent.

Dinner was more delicious than I expected.  Afterwards, I cleaned up while Teh German went outside and watered the yard and the flowers.  I was extra nice and even did his dishes for him.  We had a minor tiff when I gave Teh German shit for wasting a $44 bag of grass seed/fertilizer last year for maybe 20 square feet of yard when the entire bag was supposed to cover 1000 square feet.  He got butt hurt and I explained that I was giving him shit and if I was really pissed about it, I would have brought it up when it happened, not 6 months later AND I wouldn't have done all his dishes chores for him.  Again, no response.  Either I'm being a real bitch and he's taking it like a champ, or I'm batting 1000 this weekend with the comebacks, I'm taking it either way.

After asking him if he was going to continue to be on his phone for the rest of the evening, I got some sighs and huffs and explained that if he was, I was going upstairs to read and get ready for bed.. or he could get off his phone and we could watch Parks and Recreation.  He decided on Parks and Rec, which was wise.  After 2 episodes, it was time for bed and the weekend was over.  Boooo.


What's the dude version of Suzy Homemaker, because that's what Teh German was this weekend.  I was super proud of his manual labor accomplishments and we both love looking outside and seeing the tree in the front yard.

I've decided that Parks and Rec is almost just like The Office and it kinda annoys me.  We had to put a pause on Modern Family because we think that my blu-ray player is going bad and freezing.  It's not out of the realm of possibility.  I bought the blu-ray player in 2012 after I got back from Bahrain and I purposely bought a Philips because it matched the TV brand.  The problem was that it was the last one in the store and the box was absolutely beat to shit, but I still bought it.  At the time it was a super good DVD player since it was also smart and had Netflix.  But, it's a mabillionty moves later and that poor DVD player has had a good run and it's probably just time to replace it.

My to-do list barely got dented this weekend, but wedding printing kinda consumed most of my free time (seriously though, why did I think it was a good idea to print these bitches out myself?).  I realized there are 3 other big items that I hadn't included on my to-do list (send Dan Ryan our 1 year "fix this shit" list, clean, and something else I've already forgotten).  I'll probably set up shop in a private office today so I can make some phone calls to set up appointments (for my hip, for Phil/Meri, etc).

I noticed on the RSVPs that the invitation designer didn't correct the word / word to word/word with the slashes and I considered calling up the stationary company and complaining, but really, I'm the only one who cares.. BUT SERIOUSLY.. no spaces!  NO!  Google it if you don't believe me.  No spaces is real.  It's not cluttered.  I think spaces with a slash are confusing, it's like this piece of punctuation that is just hanging out by itself.  Obviously, I have strong feeling about this.  Don't get me started about the Oxford comma.

Reading has been going well.  I am worried about making it through 2 books before the loan period expires on them, but we'll see what happens.  This Sex & Girls book has me torn between feeling like a perv and feeling like a prude.  It's complicated.  It reinforced the fact that women should walk around naked in front of their kids and we HAVE to talk about lady parts because they even more important than dude parts, in my opinion.  Female parts are complex and if you can tell me that male and female parts are on the same playing level, I'd love to hear your side, but I just disagree.  To me, the female part is an engine while the male parts are a bicycle.  Obviously, I'm simplifying that some, but I wish I could understand why we (including myself) are so shy and even ashamed of our vaginas while penises are completely acceptable.

I digress. This weekend was good.  It is over now and I am sad.  At least there were fun Snapchat filters this morning.

Meri trying to figure out what Teh PT Husband was crunching.

Phil avoiding eye contact with me because he knows he's not supposed to be at the table.