Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday Dump {8/16}

-Ordering my groceries online for pick up saves me a wholllleee bunch of money, for 2 reasons.
1. I'm not buying beer for Teh German.
2. I'm not "shopping".  I order what I order and that's that.

-Things that bring me happiness: One of our neighbors has a side business making cakes.  We asked her make our wedding treats.  She was testing out flavors and asked me for a suggestion and I told her one of the wedding flavors.  She delivered chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes a few hours later right after Teh German and I finished dinner.  #ALLTHEWIN

-We used a realtor during the process of building House because Navy Federal offered us money to use one of their suggested realtors.  Whatevs.  We ended up not really needing a realtor but he came to meetings with us and came to our closing so we could all get the incentive money.  That's cool and all, but when he called me out of the blue last Friday because he was in the neighbor and wanted to check in on us, I wanted to ask, "Is business so slow that you need to keep up with us?"  I didn't.  Instead, I pretended like it wasn't completely awkward and said I would pass on his regards to Teh German.  I can handle the fliers and cards we receive in the mail, but calling me is kinda weird.  It's almost as weird as when the massage therapist I first went to in CHS called me out of the blue to remind me he was available for appointments whenever I needed.  Uhhh, I know you're available when I need you.  If I needed you, I would have called.

-"adult bouncy women gifs" = how someone got to my blog this week.  Must be those bouncy boob gifs I use.

-Spaces with "/" make me absolutely lose my mind.  I wish I could stop it, but I can't.  SO MUCH BLINDING RAGE!  It might be PMS.  IT MIGHT JUST BE BECAUSE IT'S WRONG!

-I have a coworker who is constantly asking me about updates for documents I'm working on.  This is fine.  EXCEPT THAT, we've probably already had the exact conversation a few days prior.. over chat.. a searchable chat.. where he could actually search through what I said and find the answer without ever having to actually ask me.  Or he could also go to specific documents and check and see if I was the last one to edit them and when.  IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

-Cool concept: Outdoor movie and the movie is The Secret Life of Pet.
Uncool concept: Allowing personal pets to come to the movie with you.
All I can imagine is when the animals on the movie start making animal noises, animals in the audience reply.  This does not sound like my idea of a good time/my idea of enjoying a movie.  Nope, nope, nope.

-Oh NBD, but Teh PT Husband had me do a "running test" on Monday and I was able to hop in place 20 times with no pain (in my hip, my calf was on fire) and I've been "cleared" for walk/running.

Oh and by NBD I mean: FUUUUUCCCKKKKK YYYYAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replace walk with run.

-You can get a 1 year subscription to Cosmopolitan for $5.  LOOL.  They must be desperate for subscriptions.  I remember back when Teh BFF and I would buy each other a Cosmo subscription for Cmas each year.  #TimesChange

-After months of being overwhelmed by the 20 items in my inbox, I finally cleared that beeyoch out.  I tackled items for action, archived/filed items that had been completed (even if I'm still waiting on an answer), and deleted the junk.  I had a blog topic idea from early Dec 2016 and just hadn't made it into a draft post.  WTF is wrong with me?  #GetItTogetherMegan

-Pax now gets muzzled when we leave the house.  He's eaten through at least $100 worth of DVDs and I'm over it.  He's a fucking dick.  His most recent "accomplishments" was to eat the last 2 seasons of Mad Men (part 1 and part 2 of the final season).  I hadn't even gotten to watch it yet.  When Teh German got home and saw the DVD and his headphones, I was just resigned.  I have lost the fight.  So now we will muzzle him, which is really for my sanity and his safety since he's taken on the #goatdog classification as a challenge.  #Iwanttokillhim

-I've been saying I wanted to get as much done as possible that I could before school starts.  Higher Powers took that as a challenge and last night our AC decided that it was going to be extra rumbly.  To the point that it freaked Meri out during the middle of the night and she started barking at it.  When I heard it happen again this morning, I was trying to ignore the problem, until it tried to start up and it couldn't 3 times.  Teh German helped me turn off the thermostats but it still sounded like thunder when the air finally cut off.  I texted our builder and called the AC people at 0801.  Unfortunately, the parts are under warranty, but labor isn't... so we get to pay for the guy to come out and do a diagnostic... oh yeah and that fee doesn't get applied to any repairs.  FML.  They should be coming out between 3-5, which will cut it close since we are supposed to have a dance lesson tonight at 6 in West Ashley.  Is there a quote somewhere about flexibility being the strongest strength?  Because that's going to become my motto today.  Also, I'm encouraging my spawns to go into the HVAC business.

-I have orientation today from 1130-2 and that seems excessive.  I also need to go around and see if I can get credit for 2 classes.  I guess I don't really HAVE to go do the class credit thing today, but I just want it taken care of already.. faaaccckkk...

-PS.  My head hurts. 

-PPS.  I've slept like garbage since Sunday night.  I think it's because we turned the mattress and my body is getting used to the mattress again.  I think this is the culprit because Teh German has also slept like crap since then.  BUT I don't want to turn it back around because I can SEE the indentation in the mattress.  Which is odd, since it's a tempurpedic mattress. 

-I used to write jokes on my office white board when I was at GTMO and I've been told that it brought joy to many people.  I've held out 3.5 months since we moved into our new office without "altering" the whiteboard behind my desk...  NO LONGER.  I actually used to have a white board near my desk when I first started at Company, but no one knew me yet, so I didn't think it was appropriate.  #GAMEON #NOTSORRY

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pile of leaves?

What is a pepper that won't leave you alone?
Jalapeno business.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #12

M: I wonder what is on my leg.
T: Leggings. You're wearing leggings.

M: You want me to drink water?
T: Yeah. H... two.. oooh.  I was trying to sound smart, but it didn't come out that way.

M: Can I get the chicken and mushroom pasta with no goat cheese?
Server: So, chicken and mushrooms, no goat.
M: Correct, no bahhh (like a goat sound).
T: Naahhhhhhh (like a goat sound).
Server: That was a good one.

As we were passing a pig truck on the interstate.
M: Poor piggies.  It's too bad they taste so good.
T: They should have stepped up their evolution game and then they could have been eating humans.
M: They could have at least taken the place of dogs.

T: We watched the whole DVD.  It's empty now.

T: They must be confused about their favorite team...
I observed the different logos and realized the connection.
M: Actually they are Boston fans.
T: Still looks like they are confused.
M: You're probably not wrong.

tG: Bye, Klaus.
tM: Only your poop would be named Klaus since you have German poops.

Teh Dental Hygientist: I was just holding the glass and it broke!
tG: You could have just asked for a new glass!

Shit Teh German Said Edition 123456, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend Review {8/14}


I teleworked on Friday since the flooring and painting workers were supposed to show up at either 10 or 12.  I had attempted to confirm this on Weds, but the builder only confirmed for Thursday and I just assumed that Friday was also confirmed.  At 1:30 I sent a passive aggressive message something to the effect of, "Should I assume the workers aren't coming?"  Builder said if it happens again to call within 30 minutes of the appointment time and that he'd be coming by later.  Ugh. Fine.

My coworkers were a bundle of motivation.

The builder did stop by and chatted with me for a few minutes.  He was supposed to message me with a date and time for next week, but, of course, didn't.  /wrist.

Since I was done with work things, I decided to be motivated.  On Thursday, I finally sold the grill that has just been chillin' in our garage which meant that my next project should be to clean the windows that had been sitting there since the winter.  They were super gross.  The glass will need an actual clean before photos go in them, but at least now they can be inside the house.  I might even have Teh German put these where they will eventually go and then we can use them for the wedding and just put them right back.  Woah.

We considered leftovers for dinner, but I wasn't in the mood.  We opted for pizza from Crust before dance lessons.  I ordered the shrimp gnocchi and Teh German had the Meatgasm pizza (that wasn't the name of it, but it was the all-meat-options pizza).  My gnocchi was overly tomato-y for me and with only 4 medium sized shrimp, I wasn't impressed at all and barely ate anything.  We also had an appetizer of fried cheese/procetto balls.  They were ok.

We didn't go to Mellow Mushroom because Crust was a new place we hadn't been to yet and Mellow Mushroom ALWAYS takes FOREVER.  Well, so did Crust, so we could have just went to Mellow Mushroom.

We were about 10 minutes late to dance lessons because our server didn't seem to want us to leave.  We had to finally get up and go to the hostess stand to pay.  Teh German and I had been having a serious discussion, which maybe the server could tell, but if I've asked for boxes and a check then we're ready to go.  Let's not lollygag.

Dance lessons were only mildly frustrating.  Our practice really helped, IMO.  We had practiced way too fast, which, of course, was my fault because I was "leading" (whatever).  We learned 2 new moves which we are not allowed to practice and we rescheduled next week's lesson to Wednesday because Teh German didn't like his Friday nights being taken over by dance lessons.  Whatever.  After our next lesson, we/I need to decide if we're going to keep doing lessons. 

I originally told Teh German that I was going to ask for a discount if we were going to continue lessons for another month+, but then I realized that the instructor generally spends an hour and a half with us, over just the hour we pay for, so maybe I'll just suck it up.  I think we get to start learning our routine next week since we'll have the basics down.  I did struggle a little with one of the new moves.  I couldn't decided if it was my locked knees (her suggestion), my "grippy" shoes, or my hip.  Nonetheless, I'm not in a rush to hurt myself, so we're gonna take that slowly.

The only downside is that the instructor doesn't seem to get that I had surgery 2.5 months ago and I'm not willing to hurt myself.  I've considered wearing shorts to a lesson just so I can pull up the shorts and show her the scar so maybe she GETS it.  IDK. 

We left the studio at 9:10 (our lesson had started at 7:40) and called Teh PT Husband.  They were at the Ale House and we were only 3 minutes away, so we turned around and went to hang out with Teh PT Husband/Wife and another couple we met at Teh PT Wife's bday dinner.

Eventually, we were all tired and I was getting extremely irritable at every motherfuckingdickwad who wanted to drive by as loudly as possible since there was an "audience" beside the road (i.e. those of us sitting on the patio at the Ale House).  Seriously, why is revving an engine so entertaining to some people?  I do not understand.  All I hear is noise and it makes me stabby.

After we got home, we brought the beasts over to Teh PT House for socializing and for the dudes to have a cigar.  Eventually, we were all super tired and it was my bedtime.  We headed home and crashed.


Teh German got up with the dogs on Saturday morning and I was grateful.  I actually said to the beasts, "15 more minutes!" and Teh German got up and fed them.  This is what happens when you're the one with the ability to fall asleep after laying your head on the pillow.  For the 2nd week in a row, Teh German was awake and motivated by 0900.  I was not there yet.  I was more in slow-start mode.

Nonetheless, I got up shortly after Teh German and headed downstairs.  By the time I got downstairs, Teh German was in the bathroom.  I tried waited for a bit, but it was apparently a "Teh German Time" session, and I got impatient.  I was able to make a bowl of cereal and distractedly eat it plus a few more minutes when Teh German finally emerged.  He seemed a little bit upset that I had eaten without and I explained that I was able to do the whole process while he was in the bathroom, so he brought it upon himself.  He managed to feed himself and then decided to shower and go run his errands (pick up an AppleTV and a game controller for it). 

With Teh German out of the house, The Hot Mess Express, aka me, started picking up/cleaning the house. 

#HotMessExpress #KeepinItReal

I had been hoarding some reusable bags for Teh Sister that I got from the wedding show in February.  I used them to bag up some donation stuff that needs to go to Goodwill.  I relocated those full bags to Yurtle to drop off when I get a chance (today probably).  Teh German and I had agreed, again, that he would clean the sinks and I would clean the toilets.  I also took the opportunity to clean the bathtub, which only gets fur/hair/dust activity during the summer.  I filled it, added some vinegar and borax and let it run while I cleaned the toilets.

After the bathroom cleaning was done, I finished up cleaning the windows from the garage.  There were 4 total and they were naaaaasty.  I probably should have just used soap and water instead of windex, but #hindsight.  Teh German came home after I had started working on cleaning up my office (which he always corrects to "our office" but my office is the place where he stores his pay stubs that he has zero use for and never looks at ever.  Along with a whole bunch of other papers that he never does anything with.  /facepalm

I was having an issue getting the shredder to work and Teh German and I both went and flipped switches in the breaker.  It didn't fix the problem, so I got distracted.  Teh German had started setting up the new AppleTV (ATV).  I suggested just resetting it and running updates to clear out the previous owner's info since they hadn't done that (fucking moron).  When Teh German started the process, our internet went down.  I recycled the wifi router and nothing.  I went ahead and called our ISP to troubleshoot.  Not only was our internet down, so was the cable connection, meaning the fiber connection wasn't working properly.  We were on the phone for about 30 minutes.  We reset it 3x and I killed it each time trying to get the ATV to work.  Finally, he agreed to send a tech out and we hung up.  The internet lasted for about 5 minutes after the call ended.  UGH.

A few minutes later, a female tech called me to troubleshoot.  We spent an hour on the phone and while I was able to get the ATV reset, I couldn't get it to upgrade and I purposely left it off the network so it wouldn't kill the fiber connection again.

After losing an hour and a half of my life to technology, I headed upstairs to shower and leave.  Teh PT Wife agreed to go to the mobile bookstore's sale with me and I didn't think she wanted to go with the Hot Mess Express.  Loaded up, I said goodbye and headed to the garage and when I pushed the button to open the garage door... it didn't work.  Yurtle was trapped.

Frustrated, I headed upstairs and reset the main breaker for the entire house... ...and then I couldn't get it back on.  There were frustrated screams and me beating on the wall.  At which point, Teh German yelled at me not to hit the breaker box (which I hadn't done because it would have hurt my hand) and I screamed at him, "DON'T FUCKING YELL AT ME UNLESS I'M YELLING AT YOU AND I DIDN'T FUCKING YELL AT YOU!"  Obviously, my communication skillz are leet when I'm frustrated.

Teh German came upstairs yelling about me breaking things and still frustrated, I said, "I'm 150 pounds and can't push a button back the way it came from.  I'M NOT GOING TO BREAK ANYTHING!"  He managed to get the main breaker back on.  I went downstairs and STILL the garage door wouldn't open.  Teh PT Wife had to drive us.  I told Teh German that I'd call the builder when we got on the road.

I laughed at the ridiculousness of the screaming and yelling at each other as I told Teh PT Wife was had happened.  The builder called me back and explained that many of the power outlets are GFI outlets that sometimes needed to be reset.  I called Teh German and told him to check and see if any of the outlets needed to be reset.  He found it on his work bench and the garage door worked right away.  The shredder still didn't work, but I was way less concerned about that.

We got to the book trailer and it was hot AF and a storm was brewing.  We didn't find anything good so we decided to head to Mr. Kay's Used Books.  I had a few bucks on a gift certificate I had bought (since they had a $5 incentive) when I bought books for the first time I participated in Erin's Challenge.  I tried not to go crazy.  Mostly, I was looking for books that I could get autographed at YALL Fest in Nov.  I was pleased with what I came home with.  The only book I left at the store was The Hate U Give because it was $16.90 instead of $17.99 (full price).  I am still on the wait list for it from the library.

After Mr. Kay's, Teh PT Wife taxied me to Walmart so I could grab some wash clothes, hand towels, and crates I wanted for House.  When we got home, I bought a load of stuff home, made an adult beverage, and then Teh German, Teh PT Wife, and I headed to Roux's House since it was Mr. Golfer's mabillionty-ith birthday.

We chatted and hung out for a while.  Teh German won a $15 Starbucks gift cert for knowing Mr. Golfer the best.  I was confident in my answers, so I give myself credit for that.  After Roux's House, Teh PT Wife and I got beverage refills at home, and then we walked down the street to Ladies Night.  We didn't end up staying for more than an hour because we were tired.

We walked home and I was surprised to find Teh German at home and not smoking a cigar with Teh PT Husband.  We were both tired, so we headed to bed.


Sunday, I wasn't ready for the dogs again.  Teh German took on the weekend duty.  Have I mentioned lately that he's the bestest?  He is.

Eventually though, we had to get up because we had agreed to meet the wedding planner for brunch at 1030 in Summerville.  Let me show you how I start off every day:

Puppy love.  Meri was jealous so she came from the other bed and laid behind me.

Teh German agreed to ride Suzi and Bagheera to brunch, my first time riding Bagheera since my surgery!  Wootttt.  No pics because it was too fucking hot for a photo session.  We got to Toast and got super concerned since our wedding planner was MIA and not answering her phone.  Right before we broke down and ordered food, she texted saying she would be there soon. 

She showed up with her boyfriend? fiance? manperson?  IDK, but he seemed cool, so it was no big deal.  We all ordered and chatted and ate.  Finally we got to the business part of the meeting and I got a list of things to do that is unexpectedly short.  We need to work on the music selection, beverage selection, get our final RSVP numbers (NO PRESSURE, INVITEES!  Actually, that was a complete fucking lie.  RSVP NAOW.), and when I know, send her how long it will take to do my hair/makeup.

We went straight home since it felt like 113°F.  Anytime we weren't moving, I was sweating profusely.  It was disgusting.  When we got home, I literally peeled my jeans from my legs and proceeded to walk around in my t-shirt and underwear fanning myself with my shirt for 3 hours.  #notsorry.

Teh German wanted to tackle the tree project.  The tree project is the cutting down of the lone tree that Teh Dad and Teh German hadn't cleared out of the backyard when they cleared everything else for the fence line.  Teh Dad pointed out that it would eventually need to be cut down since it was already leaning to one side since it only gets sun on one side.

Long story short: There was a lot of cussing and an infinite amount of sweating and there is no more tree in our back yard.  Just a stump.

Meri was neglected obviously.

While Teh German worked on the tree, I helped him intermittently and I organized the smart closet since it was a clusterfuck that annoyed me to no end.  Now we've got hooks for backpacks, there's a crate for motorcycle crap (gloves, neck warmers, etc), the router and Hue boxes have been mounted on the wall.  SO MUCH BETTAR!

I also started the process of making homemade laundry detergent.  I may have bought a mixer just for this project since the Ninja chopper metal piece doesn't screw on a mason jar.  #notsorry

Teh German suggested Willie Jewell's for dinner since I wasn't really in the mood for leftovers and he wasn't really in the mood to grill.  I called in our order and fetched it.  When I got home, we ate it and then proceeded to plop on the couch and watch Parks and Rec for an hour.  We also watched our afternoon backyard activities from the camera replay.  We learned that Teh German doesn't handle being tired well and that I am awkward AF when I get excited.

After watching ourselves, we did pre-bedtime chores and headed upstairs.  We had to put sheets on the bed and then it was toothbrushing and sleeps... well for one of us. I couldn't sleep, so I finally got up and took a lorezapam which gave me the DNGAFs this morning.  Oops.


Another awesome weekend for the books.  I'm super proud of Teh German for tackling another one of his to-do list items... and for climbing the ladder with sharp objects and not impaling himself.  He also didn't strangle me when I was having a meltdown on Saturday.  Extra points for the #BestFianceEver.

This week holds PT, new student orientation, dance lessons on Wednesday and a group dance session, aaaannnddd I'm picking up my dress on Friday to bring it to the tailor to have it fitted.  WWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

PS.  This week is also Shit Teh German Said.  You're welcome, Beeches.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Five on Friday #119


Things I've spent money on this week:
  • Coffee, hot chocolate, and a brownie
  • Fabric for collars for the beasts
  • Birthday treats for Roux
  • Replacement stickers for the new laptop
  • Beer for Teh German
  • Groceries
  • 2 new books from the bookstore trailer
  • Postage for shipping fabric to my collar lady.
I still have items in my Amazon shopping cart, but I still haven't reached the $25 minimum to purchase them.  #FirstWorldProblems.

Things Teh German spent money on this week:
  • His wedding band!

Our rings!


After finding out that we are definitely, 100% unable to get a screened in porch, we have been looking into other alternatives.  Right now, it's looking like we'll be getting a standalone pergola set about a half inch away from the house.  That pergola will be screened in.  When the government makes stupid laws, you do stupid things to work around them... like setting a "non-permanent structure" a half inch away from your house because "rules". 

I have this thing where I can't just go with the one estimate I'm happy with since it's the only estimate I have.  This means that I've been reaching out to other companies to ask them how much they would charge for the same thing.  I know that I will probably go with the first estimate.  Yet, I always put myself through this obnoxious process.  At least this time it's easier since I know the dimensions and I have a copy of the plat in my email that I can send out for estimates, which means they don't even need to make a trip to see the house.

I had to dodge 3 piles of poop to get this photo because PAX thinks it's acceptable to shit right off the edge of the patio.
Anyone have a genius idea to make him relocate?
The only benefit is that Teh German is more frequently motivated to scoop poop.
PS. Have I mentioned how much I don't miss the poop scooping task?

End goal (only to cover the slab):


From my phone:

Trifecta of shitty shit:
Rain, Charleston commute/rush hour, being stuck by a train that I had turned around to go around...

Peanut butter chocolate cupcake.
#weddingtasting #MegMo2017

Had my teefs cleaned yesterday.
The lady was impressed with my teeth.
I was impressed with her until she practically nicked a vein when she flossed my molars.

It's hard to see in this photo, but the truck behind me looks exactly like Baloo.
This was confusing for me since I knew that Teh German wouldn't have been where I was since I was coming home from PT.  When I sent him this picture, he questioned if he had been behind me and not even seen me! LOL.

First off, this avocado was tiny.. and then the seed was so obnoxiously large!


Weekend goals:

  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Clean my office (ugh)
  • Have a $$ discussion with Teh German.  
    • It's been about a year since our last $$ discussion because we both really hate talking about money and when we had the discussion last year, the plan we came up with has worked well.  Except now our money situation is about to change and we need to figure out where extra income will be going.
      • how we're going to pay for the pergola (we have the cash, but with the wedding coming up, I'd rather have that cash on hand and pay a low interest loan back or something), 
      • how much we want to spend on a honeymoon (and the details of said honeymoon).  
    • I also have this thing where I don't really track the bills.  I look at total when I get the email (to make sure it's normal) and since everything is on autopay (#1 best thing in adulting), I don't really give it much more thought.  I want to look into things like our power and water bill and see if we're overspending or if there are ways to save or if we're doing alright.  
    • I also want to get a feel for how much we're spending on eating out.  The current arrangement is that I buy all the groceries/stuff from the store (hygiene needs, cleaning, dog things, etc) and Teh German pays when we go out.  I want to make sure this is balancing out.
    • Discuss the Tesla solar roof with Teh German.  I'm super interested in this, but I'm just not sure if it's the right time.  Also, if anyone is looking for a charity case, I'm right here with approximately a mabillionty home upgrade ideas and limited funds to do them!
  • Read books.
    • I've got 2 more books left for my challenge and then I think I'm going to focus on powering through some books by authors who will be coming to YALL Fest that I haven't read yet.  The rest of the Lunar Chronicles, Jason Segal's book(s), and a few more that are on a list somewhere that I can't be bothered to locate at this exact moment.
  • Vacuum the stairs
  • Roll up the downstairs runner and clean the floors
  • Doggy baths
  • Poop scoopin'
  • Not threaten to quit dance lessons because Teh German frustrates me.
  • Walk 3 miles.  Ugh that is such a difficult distance to accomplish.  My general distance is either 2 miles or 5 miles.  Looks like I'll have to use RunKeeper to track my walk so I can know when to turn around.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. New "I love you becuase" bedtime habits being formed.
  2. Practicing our dance steps in the afternoons.  I'm really hoping this increases Teh German's confidence levels and means he will be less stressed about lessons, which will result in me being less bitchy!  Wins all around!
  3. Shaved Meri.  She might look like a rat, but she's my rat.
  4. Meri and Pax playing.
  5. Keeping the scale under 150 lbs.  
  7. Hugs after difficult days.
  8. Teh German wearing his silicone ring all the time and when he accidentally slips up and calls me his wife.
  9. Not spending ALL THE DOLLAS of weeks previous.
  10. The VA deposit into my checking account for my books.

82 days until Wedding
12 days until School

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday Dump {8/9}

-If you ask in a bride group on Facebook how to obtain a marriage license, you probably should reconsider getting married.  Maybe I'm just too smart for my own good.  How is some knowledge intrinsic to some but incomprehensible to others?  #IJustDontGetIt

-After the crazy amount of spending I did in July, I have an add-on item in my Amazon cart and I don't have anything else to add to reach the $25 minimum for the add on item.  While I'm happy about this, I'm also frustrated.  #MeganProblems #ThanksAmazon

-I'm an idiot.  I didn't put my next book on hold because it was available from the library.  It was available on Sunday night, so I figured I would download it on Monday, nbd.  Yeah, someone had checked it out on Monday and so I'm like, wtf am I doing with my life while I wait on library books?

-I don't remember who it was that said it recently, but a blogger I follow commented about how they hate when books use the movie poster as the cover of the book.  YAAASSSSSSS, I'm with you, Lady!

-I've made it a goal this week to spend 10-15 minutes practicing our dance moves that we know.  I'm hoping this will make Teh German more confident on Friday night and we can make more progress.  Ya know, you get back what you put into things. #LifeLessonsByMegan

-I'm considering making homemade laundry soap.  The homemade shower spray I made did not make me happy.  If I can obtain all the ingredients/materials for under $20 then I will try it.  I hope I haven't been peer pressured into a(nother) poor life choice.  #TryingNewThingsIsHard

-Monday night, Teh German was home way before me so he cooked our veggie since the meat was already done in the crockpot.  Since he was being extra nice, I made a pit stop on my way home to pick up beer for him.  #BestFianceEver

-Several Gentle Readers commented yesterday about how my review of Beartown made them bump it up on their TBR list.  #YoureWelcome #WorthIt

-I started using my personal laptop at work.  #notsorry #rainbowkeyboard4lyfe

-How not to be a twat-waffle on Facebook Marketplace.
1. If someone asks you a question, RESPOND TO THEM.
2. Don't play hard to get.  I just want these things out of my house, not woo you. 
3. I assume if you ask me if an item is available you are interested.  Don't leave me hanging.
4. If you are no longer interested after contacting someone, TELL THEM.

-I am taking it very hard when I am told no to things regarding the wedding.  From RSVPs to people not wanting to do things that I'm trying to plan.  For instance, Teh German's Mom is a runner, so I thought it would be cool if she did the 10k with us since she's going to be in town.  She said no thanks because she's already scheduled events with her sister and BIL, who will also be in town.  Teh German pointed out that this is good since they will be keeping themselves entertained.  I countered and explained that my time to hang out is extremely limited due to work and school and when I offer the chance to hang out, that is MY chance to hang out.  I don't know know why I'm so easily upset by this.

-Sometimes we have family sing alongs.  They bring me so much joy.

-Why in the shit is it still a thing to put tags on the waistband of pants?  All those things do it scratch up my back.  It's like they want to force me to wear an undershirt or something.  Rude.  I've had these pants for almost 2 years (I bought them after Teh German and I started dating) and I didn't wear them for almost a year (because fatty) and now I can fit in them again (hooray surgery/wedding diet!) and I was irritated (physically and mentally) because of these stupid tags.  After all day of dealing with it, I removed those tags.  #TAKETHAT

-Some of you may have seen my post yesterday about finding a mobile bookstore but if you didn't, yesterday I accidentally stumbled on a mobile bookstore and it was awwweeesssoommmmeeee.  Granted, they only had new books, which meant paying full price which I didn't totally love, but they were right across the street from my work AND there was a "guard" Corgi who let me love on her AND they were parked at the coffee shop right across from my office so I didn't even break a Charleston sweat getting there.  I considered my purchases as #supportlocal buys sooo yeah.  I also may have been caught up in the SUYB excitement since it was SUYB linkup day.  #notsorry  PS.  I'm going to be pissed if Ramona Blue and Words in Deep Blue are disappointing since I paid $17.99 each.  It was also raining yesterday so the theme of the day was like everyone's favorite Eifle 65 song (Blue, if you didn't get that reference).  I'll be diving into these books as soon as I finish with my challenge books.

-The library finally sent Bonk and South of Broad (in ebook and audio formats) back to me, so I'll be finishing up those suckers in the next 2 weeks.  I feel like Bonk is going to be one of those books that will be a slog to get through.  If it gets worse than manual animal stimulation/masturbation, it's going to be DNF town for this book.  I just have to put my foot down somewhere.  Or maybe I'll just skim through those sections?  IDK, I need to have a limit.

-It's been a super rainy summer and I'm loving it.  I'm not digging the headaches that come along with it, but I seriously love the rain.  #Intheminority

-I started this new thing with Teh German where I tell him one reason why I loved him for the day right before we go to sleep.  He is required to reciprocate.  I'm hoping I can keep this going for a while.  #FormingHabits

-I left the gas station yesterday without getting gas and without closing my tank.  I had to stop and close it and I was super frustrated.  That's what getting stuck in Charleston rain traffic, being stopped by the same train TWICE, and then being told that I have to see the cashier when trying to pump gas (what is this, 1992?) will do to my brain.

-I've noticed a several comments on the BAB FB page saying that their website isn't viewable on mobile devices.  This is applicable because I shared the links to a few posts that I wrote about the wedding on the cIdad FB page yesterday.  It annoys me that this is actually a problem, but from what I've read, they are troubleshooting it.  They don't seem to be making much headway though since it's been a problem for several weeks now.  I'm as disappointed as everyone else.  Their suggestion is to view it from a desktop/laptop.  My suggestion is to maybe use a Chrome browser on your phone and request the desktop version of the site.  It loads for me, but I am using an android.  #TechnologyIsHard #2017Problems

-I do believe that Teh German likes wearing his silicone wedding band for more than just "getting used to wearing a ring" and that doesn't hurt my heart one bit.  I'm hoping he will order his ring by the end of this week since he's been in contact with company that makes the ring he likes.  #MegMo2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

SYUB: July 2017

Life According to StephWe're a little over a month into Erin's Challenge and I'm making great headway.  Additionally, I'm owning my Goodreads challenge for this year.  I will admit that I purposely low-balled my reading goals because I didn't want to stress myself out meeting a goal that doesn't really matter, but I like having a goal.  To say I'm killing that goal doesn't hurt my feelings.

PS.  Today's Shirt Woot was fated for today!

Do you even read, Bro?


 Rating scale*:

1/5 - Hated it, didn't finish.
2/5 - Tolerated it on principle to finish, didn't like it.
3/5 - Eh, didn't love it, didn't hate it. Had some good parts/kept me interested/finished it on principle.
3.5/5 - I liked parts of it.
4/5 - I liked the whole thing.
4.5/5 - I liked it a lot, but not sure I'd read it again.
5/5 - I LURVED it and I'd read it again.

*Subject to change based on my mood, the phase of the moon, or other unpredictable variables.

Skimmers, stick with the bold text (TL;DR* parts).
PS. Possible spoilers included in reviews.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid   5/5 (audiobook)

I almost nevaarrr give books a 5/5.  I'm extremely stringent in my ratings.  But TJR knows the keys to my heart.  This book blew me away.  The life of Evelyn Hugo had me completely enthralled.  It makes me sad to think that we (the US) is reverting back to ways of the 20th century in terms of gay rights.  Maybe it just felt like we had made significant progress to me because I'm not directly affected by the lack of rights.

Evelyn has a huge secret that she never let ruin her career: she's gay.  Except that in the 50s/60s, that is unacceptable and even illegal.  She goes to great lengths, and mulitple marriages, to protect her secret.  Eventually, she "marries" Cecilia.

The twist though.  There's always a twist with TJR books, I just happened to forget because I was so into the story of Evelyn's life.  It was like all the air was sucked out of my car when I got to the twist.  I won't tell you because I don't want to ruin it.  BUT HOLY SHIT BALLS.

TL;DR: The story of an actress's life and, eventually, how the actress's life connects with the journalist's.

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson   4.25/5 (library ebook)

Lawson does a good job in this book about making it about her mental illness rather than just talking about random things from her life.  The reality is, a book is not a blog, and this book shows that.  The same self-depreciating humor is there, but with a tenderness that reaches out to other people who suffer from mental health issues. 

TL;DR: If you have a mental illness, you are not alone = the key takeaway from this book.  With some funny stories.. and pictures of taxidermied raccoons, which I've become uncomfortably interested in recently...

South of Broad by Pat Conroy  3.5/5 (audiobook)

I've never read a Pat Conroy book before, but now that I live in Charleston, it felt like a right of passage.  I selected this book for Erin's Challenge last winter but it didn't make it the cut.  For this challenge, it made the cut.  Right off the bat though, Conroy has a way with words.  Not a short amount of words, sadly.  Verbose is probably a good description of Conroy's writing.  While the narrator did a pretty solid job with the various Southern accents, there were certain words that glared at me.  It's not Cupper River, it's the Cooper River.  I've never heard an old Charlestonian pronounce it Cupper.  Also, no one from the mountains of NC calls the Appalachians "Appa-LAY-shun."  It is pronounced, "Appa-LATCH-un."  Trust me on this, I'm from there.  #IWillCorrectYou

I didn't get to finish this before the library took it back, but with 3 hours left and some discussion within the FB group, I'm pretty sure I know what happens and I will finish it when the library finally deems me worthy again, hopefully soon since I requested it 2 weeks ago and that's the max check out period time

This book is spent discussing the lives of a group of friends who meet while they are in high school and it skips around in time.  The main character, Frog/Leo, has a ho-hum attitude about life.  His friends seem like they could be real people, with the exception of Sheba Poe (rarely mentioned without her last name) who mostly just got on my nerves.  I'm interested to see what happens between Starla and Leo and mostly for this drudgery to end, but since I am so close to the end, I will consider this read for July.

Side note: Poe is a famous name around Charleston since Edgar Allan Poe spent a little over a year here while he was stationed at Fort Moultrie and the setting for 3 Poe works are set in Sullivans Island.

TL;DR: A ho-hum story about a ho-hum life.  Nothing really special, IMO, unless you like very descriptive descriptions of the Charleston Battery.

Beartown by Fredrik Backman  6/5 (library ebook)

Let me preface this review with a disclaimer: I had sworn never to read another book by a Swedish author.  I suffered through 3 different Swedish books before I finally made that vow and Beartown got suuuuchhh good reviews that I broke my vow.

Stop reading this post right now.  Go to your favorite book source and obtain a copy of this book and read it IMMEDIATELY.  I'm just going to detail out my thought process while I read this book for you.  It's easier.
  • Wtf is that banging?  I'm so glad this isn't an audiobook.
  • Hockey is cool.  I like hockey.  I wonder when the Stingrays start up again?
  • Ohhh, I get it, banging = the hockey puck.  
  • Hockey is cool.
  • I'm confused at all these white people names.
  • Are we in Minnesota? Yeah, cause Canada.
  • Why are there so many characters?
  • Wow this book is really tackling some 2017 issues.
  • Oh, this party will end well.
  • No.  Why aren't there trigger warnings on books?  Why didn't I read the summary?  This wasn't in the summary.  Ok, I can get through this.  It is not the same.  It's kinda the same.
  • Holy fuck.
  • A definitive yes is the only go ahead for sex.  No doesn't mean yes.
  • Why is no one saying anything? Faaaakkkkkkkk.  Not that it's any different.
  • This book speaks on so many levels to different levels of character within people.  I love this book.
  • That feeling of responsibility for the fall out of honesty.  I completely get that.
  • Is that helicopter parenting?  Is Maggan (a horrible spelling btw) a good example of that type of parent or is her character playing up to the stereotype?
  • Why does this 15 year old have the weight of everyone's happiness on her shoulders?
  • I appreciate that all the tragedies are realistic.
  • Oh Benji, why are you a twat waffle?
  • Kevin, I know too many people like you.  Nothing is ever your fault.
  • Go Team Mom!
  • Go Team Dad!
  • Go Team Kevin's Mom!
  • I think that screaming in the middle of a forest is an undiscovered pleasure that I seem to be missing out on.
  • I knew it, Benji!  I knew it!
  • I think I need to go back and read the intro.
  • Ohhhh, we're in Sweden or in that area.
  • Please don't die, BabyKindle.  Pllleeeaaassseeeee...
  • Please don't take this book away from me library, puuullleeeaasssee, I'm so close to the end! 
  • Please don't let David be a homophobe.
  • She's gonna kill herself.
  • She's gonna kill him.
  • She's gonna kill herself in front of him!
  • WTF is happening?!
  • That ending though.

TL;DR: an unexpectedly good story about human character and hockey and so many 2017 issues.  There are so many different themes going on in this book and there are so many takeaways that I feel like I didn't get to discover all of them.  This book is still resounding through my brain.  In fact, I gave this a 6/5 because it was so good.  I never love books quite this much.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer  4/5 (library ebook)

A retelling of Cinderella that kept me interested throughout the entire book!  There was expected sister drama, but I really like the way Meyer set this world up.  I did struggle with some inconsistencies, but I think that was more of an editing issue.  The narrator also struggled a bit, but I'm OCD.  I am planning on continuing on with the Lunar Chronicles, so I'm glad to finally start this.

Cinder is a cyborg, which are apparently bad.  Cinder's stepmother is, unexpectedly, a bitch.  Slowly we learn that Cinder is a mechanic.  She's immune to some disease that is killing everyone.  Cinder is obviously special.

I really liked the world of androids and cyborgs and humans.  This book was an easy listen and I enjoyed it very much.  It is too bad that Cinder was an obvious set up for the rest of the series.

TL;DR: Cinderella isn't the housekeeper anymore... and I won't get to find out what happens unless I read the rest of the series.


In Progress:

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach  */5 (library ebook)
Morning Star by Pierce Brown  */5 (Audible audiobook)

On Deck:

Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh (..if by some miracle it actually gets published..)
A Dog's Journey (A Dog's Purpose #2) by W. Bruce Cameron
The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
Outlander 4-infinity, including the novellas (most of which happen to be contained in one handy dandy book).

YAY for books!
*TL;DR = too long, don't read

Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Review {8/7}


Nothing about me was motivated on Friday.  I stopped by and picked up a coffee on my way into work for a job well done on surviving the week.  It felt like work took forever to be done with, but by lunch time I was freeeeee.

I headed towards home and car karoked (rather than listening to my audiobook) and was almost home when I got motivated to take care of some errands.  I headed towards Summerville.  I stopped at Tractor Supply first and picked up birthday pig ears for Roux who joined the big 3 years old club.  I also picked up new camping chairs for Teh German and I since one of our is ripped.  After Tractor Supply, I went to Joann's to look for fabric for collars for Pax, mostly.  I also picked up fabric that can be used to make a wedding bowtie for Teh German if he doesn't wear his leather one that I ordered.  It matches the potential sash I bought for myself.  We'll see what the tailor thinks in a month or so.

After Joann's, I headed to Lowe's to grab some paint samples of our wedding colors that our wedding planner requested.  Picking colors is way hard, FYI.  I tried not to overthink it and spent no more than 10 minutes comparing and picking out which ones I liked best.  I could have waited to do this with Teh German, but I didn't think he really cared, so done.

While I was in Joann's, Teh Sister sent me the information for her Best Buy card so I could order the laptop I wanted to compare.  I ordered it while sitting on the floor in front of the fabric remnants.  I hadn't received the "pick up your order" email, but I headed to Best Buy anyway.  Fortunately, I was able to pick up the laptop early.  The traffic for tax free weekend had already started and I vowed to stay away.

I headed home to set up the new computer and hang out with the beasts.  I gave them treats from Teh Running Bestie to entertain them. 

Pax with his trachea.
Meri didn't seem interested in hers until I brought it inside and let her have it on her dog bed...

While the computer was running updates, I wrapped up Roux's birthday present and walked the beasts down the street to deliver his present.  Roux's Humom had a procedure done on her foot, so I knew she'd be home.  It was a surprise visit, but it worked out well since Roux got to see his friends, they all burned crazy amounts of energy doing zoomies in the yard, everyone got birthday cupcakes, and Meri and Pax got out of the house.

Photo by: Roux's Humom

When we got back home, I messed around on the computer some and was mostly not impressed.  Eventually, Teh German came home.  I had my schedule mixed up and thought our lessons were at 6.  They were actually at 7:30, so we chilled for a bit after eating sandwiches for dinner.  Teh German agreed that we could leave early and run some errands before dance lessons.  Originally, I had planned on us picking up the laptop, but it was already taken care of.

We stopped by Walmart for different meds for my HS, then we went by the pet store to get a tag for Pax made.  I had looked on Etsy for a tag, but I just couldn't stomach the cost of the tag, then an additional $5 in shipping for something that should cost 1 stamp.

After the pet store, we headed to Summerville for our dance lesson.  Teh German started to get in one of his moods and I finally exploded on him, "If you're going to be like this every time we have dance lessons, I'm done with this shit.  Fuck the first dance because I'm tired of dealing with you like this every week." 

We learned a few new things at lessons and it became imperative that Teh German take smaller steps when one of the moves we were doing was making my hip hurt.  He finally got fed up at the hour mark and I could tell that he was getting (more) irritable and frustrated.  Despite me trying to push us to get out of the studio, the instructor wanted to take her time.  While I'm glad for getting my moneys worth, I was really afraid Teh German was going to have a meltdown before we left. 

Once we left, we headed home and we were both tired.  We checked social media for a bit, but then it was bedtime.


I got up and fed the dogs and went straight back to bed on Saturday morning.  Teh German had an unusual level of motivation very early (0900) and we were up and making bacon and eggs for breakfast.  By 1000, Teh German started knocking off items on our task list that I had written down for him.  I was not feeling the same level of motivation that Teh German was experiencing.  Nonetheless, I helped him make shit happen.

We used tie down straps to lift the washer and dryer onto the trailer, so I wouldn't have to bend down and lift with a gimp hip.  Yay for German ingenuity!  After loading the washer and dryer, I put on some pubically acceptable clothes and we headed to an appliance store to see if they wanted to buy our stuff.  I'm honest to a fault, so I told them that the washer was going bad and they said if that was the case, they weren't interested.  Teh German wanted the washer and dryer out of his parking spot, so we opted to bring them to the metal scrapyard.

What a fucking adventure.  All the signs that said "we aren't responsible for your vehicle/trailer/stuff if it gets damaged" had Teh German making his tisking-pissed off noise that annoys the ever-living-shit out of me.  He was pissed because he was worried about driving over something and popping a tire.  I finally said, "I don't know why you're pissed off at me.  I've never, ever, ever in my entire life been to a metal scrapyard so I wouldn't have known it was like this."  That at least dampered the tisking.  It was an easy enough process.  Get weighed on a scale with the load, unload the stuff in the scrapyard, get weighed again on the scales, take your ticket to the office and get your pay out.  We weren't really looking to make any money from the machines, which was fortunate since we got $0.06/pound. 

Once we were back on paved roads, Teh German adjusted his attitude.  We headed back home and Teh German took care of the trailer and washed Baloo's floor mats since we had gotten them muddy at the scrapyard.

Teh German also wanted to start the bikes and take them around the neighborhood since they hadn't been ridden in a while.  For the first time since my surgery, Bagheera and I bonded.  I practiced getting on and off a few times, I can't just swing my leg over like I used to, so I have to be very purposeful in my movements.  Sitting on the bike was only mildly uncomfortable.  Nonetheless, I took Bagheera for a spin around the neighborhood.

She runs like she should, in case you were worried.  I probably won't be going out until it cools off some, because my idea of a good time is not sweating my ass off in a helmet, jacket, gloves, jeans, and boots in Charleston summer.

After my circle, I decided to take a nap.  My head had been hurting (it was supposed to rain) and we had plans on Saturday night with Crossfit Friends and I knew I needed to not be a grouch.  While I was sleeping, Teh German insulated the back of the smart closet which was awesome since it involved taking some of the stuff out of the storage closet, then putting it back in.  Although when I looked in the closet it looked like a cluster fuck, but ya know, I didn't have to do it and I'm certain that when it all collapses on me when I go in there to pull something out next time I won't be so zen about it.

We met up with Crossfit Friends at Rodney Scott's BBQ.  Teh German and I hadn't been there before.  When we arrived at 7, we had to prey on people who were about to leave for an empty table.  Fortunately, we were able to find something right as Crossfit Friends arrived.  When we went to order, we were informed they were out of pork...  Strikes were amassing.  Teh German ordered the ribs for me instead since I had mentioned it while we had been looking at the menu.  The food was really good.  I wasn't a fan of the sauces or the flies that were dive bombing us. 

Look at me, all dressed like an adult.

After dinner we had some extra time since dinner didn't take as long as I had anticipated so we decided to head downtown and find parking for the show and then walk and get dessert.  We ended up at Peace Pies which was overpriced/downtown priced ice cream sandwiches.  Nonetheless, it was pretty good.  I got the peanut butter brownie one and Teh German got the banana cream.  No complaints.

After some people watching and chatting, we headed to Theater 99 for our last stop, The 99%, a standup comedy show.  Honestly, I wasn't that impressed with the show.  The 3 comedians were: Jason Groce, Tim Hoeckel, and Jessica Mickey.  Jessica mostly talked about not wanting kids and then proceeded to bitch about parents the entire time, which verged on being funny and not funny.  That said, she did joke about pulling out a menstrual cup and pouring blood on someone as self-defense over needing to carry a gun.  That made me laugh.  Jason was moderately funny in an Eeyore-type of way.  Tim wasn't funny to me.  He was just loud and repetitive.  There were cast members from the Improv show in the audience behind us who thought he was hilarious and I just didn't get it.  The end of the show was the best when they had the audience supply words and they had to make up a joke with the word.

After the show ended, we headed home and went straight to bed.


Teh German was on dog duty Sunday morning and I slept in.  But in a reversal of things, I was the one motivated at 0900.  But rather than put that on Teh German, I snuck out of bed and went downstairs and started getting shit done.  First on my agenda was giving Meri a hair cut.

In an absolute horrible dog Mom moment, I seriously nicked Meri's ear with the clippers.  She was bleeding very badly, so I had to yell for Teh German to bring me a wet paper towel to wipe it up.  The worst part was that there was a dangly bit that I had to cut off.  My heart broke.  Fortunately, Meri didn't even react.  I also nicked the stretchy skin on her leg.  I feel like the absolute worst dog mom ever.  So now my cute eared girl has a chunk of ear missing because I'm clumsy... and now paranoid.

After sweating off the bbq from the night prior, I also decided to finally pot the succulents I bought a few weeks ago when I got Groot.  I miscounted and I needed 6 pots instead of the 5 I had, but I made do with the pots I had on hand.

This little guy was hanging out in one of the succulents that I repotted and he really wanted to be my friend.  I relocated him to the yard.

After being outside for several hours, I was drenched and dripping sweat and I was stinky.  I went inside to check on Meri and Pax and shower.  I had been asking Teh German what he wanted to do for lunch and he wasn't commital, so when I got out of the shower I asked him, "If you wore a bra, would this be a no-bra day or a bra day?"

When Teh German said, "No bra day," I dressed in lazy clothes and we agreed to watch the live-action Beauty and the Beast after I started the laundry.  It was my first time seeing it.  So many times I teared up.  Thanks to Teh Sister, I still know all the words.  While we watched the movie, I posted several items on FB Marketplace (ugh).

After the movie ended, we watched most of the special features.  Finally, I told Teh German I was too hungry to make a dinner decision and he needed to pick. We ended up agreeing on going out for Mexican and we invited Teh AF Maintainer and Teh Dental Hygienist to go with us.

After lots of sweet tea and nachos and a mediocre carnitas torta, I was fed and sassy and it was time to head home.  When we got home, Teh German agreed to go on a walk with me and we marched around the neighborhood with the dogs for 2.15 miles.  This is the furthest I've been since my surgery and even though it was tempting to jog, I didn't.  When we got home, we watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec while I went through my hard drive for better photos of the items I was trying to sell.  Eventually, it was bedtime.


Let me just show you what happened to that goals list I made on Friday:

Goals for this weekend:
  • Go through the house and mark repairs with blue tape.
  • Have Teh German go through his clothes and purge things he will not wear.
  • Purge my own clothes.  I really should eliminate some dresses that never get worn.  I need to be more cut throat about it and stop counting it when I only wear something once per season.
    • I don't really have any clothes left to purge since I've been purging once a month-ish.  With eventual "fall" coming, I don't want to purge through my long sleeves yet.
  • Buy more clothes hangers.
    • Not necessary after Teh German pulled out an entire laundry basket full of clothes to donate.
  • Compare laptops.
  • Go to Joann's to find fabric for: a sash, a bowtie, tag collars for Pax.
  • Go to Lowe's for paint samples of wedding colors for vendors and the wedding planner.
  • Finish Cinder, hopefully get South of Broad and Bonk back from the library and finish those books.  Then start A Dog's Journey.  Then pick out a book with an animal on the cover as my last book for Erin's Challenge.
    • 1.5 hours left of Cinder and no new books from the library. Ugh. Holding patterns are the worst.
  • Do new PT homework.
  • Plant succulents in new pots, pray that nothing dies.
  • Bring the old washer and dryer to an appliance place for $$, possibly check out new ranges.
  • My planner says I need to put checks in my wallet and take photos of the rugs in the garage (I'd really like to sell the rugs, but my hopes aren't high) and give the dogs their heartguard/tick stuffs.
  • Do a puzzle on BabyKindle each day so I can complete the 7 puzzle of the day in a row goal.  
  • Vacuum upstairs.. or just relocate Roomy upstairs and let him do his thang.
    • This was delegated to me when I get home, which will get reassigned to Teh German since he will get home before I do tonight.
  • Walk 2 miles.  This is part of half marathon training.  I was told that I'm not allowed to run yet, but I am allowed to walk the 5k in September.  #ProgressIsSlow
  • Stay patient with Teh German at dance lessons tonight and try not to lead.  #ThingsImNotGoodAt
  • Encourage Teh German to decide on his wedding band and purchase it.  Last night he said he's thinking about doing something that will save $200 and I was mostly for it, because it wasn't prostitution or anything else illegal.
  • Encourage Teh German to talk to a neighbor about pergolas as a screened in porch substitute.
    • This was unnecessary since one of the places I requested an estimate from contacted me on Saturday and we may have come up with an acceptable workaround to the issue that we can't have permanent structures within 20 feet of the property line. #rulesarestupid

Overall, a very productive weekend.  Teh German didn't even complain about the weekend goals list that I wrote down for us to accomplish.  We even added on some extra tasks that weren't on our list (me: shave Meri, Teh German: put numbers on mailbox post).  I already warned Teh German that next weekend is probably clean the bathrooms weekend.

This week I have a dentist appointment and Dan Ryan is really supposed to be coming to do repairs, so we will be going through the house and taping all the things that need repairs by Wednesday.  Ugh.  Also, Teh German was a genius and pointed out that we could use dog toys to block Roomy from getting stuck under the guest bed like the genius he is, so that will be handled this week as well.  Yet another reason why I'm keeping him... even if he's a grouch before dance lessons/when he gets stressed.

16 days until School!
86 days until Wedding!