Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Shit Teh German Said #29

Discussing how we both have Stingrays hats.
tM: Look, we have matching hats!
tG: Yay.
tM: The family that hockeys together stays together or some shit.
tG: STICKS together.

Teh Running Bestie: Dammit, we have to get out of bed to turn the lights off.
tG: It's like 2017!

While playing Cards Against Humanity.
tM: Was that your card?  I knew I shouldn't have picked it.
tG: But I knew you would.

tM: It hurt me in my soul.
tG: Where?
tM: Shut up.

tG: It's like a Nemo bee.

tM: We don't need any "Nemo" fish.  (with a gimp fin)
tG: Hey!  We do rescue!

tM: Our birthdays are next month and I don't know what we're gonna do.
tG: I'll tell you what we're gonna do.  We're gonna get older.
tM: 🤦
(I meant what we were going to do to celebrate.)

tM: I have some bad news.
tG: Bad news with an e or an a?
tM: What? Like n-a-w-s?
tG: An e or an a.
tM: I'm so confused.
tG: Like b-a-d or b-e-d.
tM: Oooo I get iittttt!
tM: That was so bad that I didn't even get it, but you were so confident.

tG: I think I'm over-souped.
tM: Yeah, I'm sorry.  Thankfully, I didn't put the noodles in the soup.
tG: I used to eat noodles with ketchup.
tM: I know people that eat noodles with mustard.
tG: WTF?!
tM: You eat noodles with ketchup!
tG: It's tomato sauce!

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Weekend Review {02/18}


Gym before everything since I had a hair appointment at 2, then school and work. 

We had essay day in German class, which I always go full-on overachiever for.  I realized this after I was the last one (not the indicator, tyvm), and I had to deliver all the essays to the professor.  I looked at my classmates' essays.  They took write 2-3 sentences about each chapter very literally.  I wrote at least 3 sentences per chapter, trying to capture the most significant parts of the chapter.  I don't know if my professor appreciates my efforts or dislikes that she has to spend so much extra time grading my papers, lol.

They blocked the walkway with this silk fencing and it makes me irrationally angry.

I finally used my KFC gift certificate for lunch.  A 3 piece meal with 2 sides and a drink was $9.85 or something, which was a perfect use of a $10 certificate.  Also, I'm confident there is MSG or crack or something in the original recipe thighs.  I can't explain it.

After work, I headed home since my hair appointment had been cancelled in the AM.  I was super pissed, that wasn't a joke on Friday about going through the stages of grief.  I've been wearing my hair up for over a week because it finally looks bad to me, which is usually about 1 month after everyone else has noticed that my hair is lookin pretty haggard.  Teh German skipped the gym because he wasn't feeling well (again, ugh).

We had a quiet evening watching The Office until bedtime.


Saturday morning, Teh German set a stupid early alarm since he was leaving at 0800 for the Beer Festival in Columbia.  He likes to have a "slow" start.. except that at 0715, he came upstairs to get ready.  I rolled myself out a bed a few minutes before thinking maybe we could walk the dogs or do something together before he left, butttttt I had assumed wrong in thinking that he'd already showered/etc.  Sooo instead, Teh German showered and packed and I went downstairs and puttered around until he left.

When Teh German left, I started working on homework.  I had some productive struggle with my Systems Engineering homework (aka Circuits 2, it's been bothering me that I didn't know the actual name of my class).  I also caught up on my Networks notes that I hadn't taken on Thursday because the professor was going too fast.  It was a good review.  Then I started on German.  After finishing at least the HW that was due on Monday, I decided it was time to head out and get lunch since I was starving.

The problem was, I had decision paralysis because Teh German was gone.  Usually we bounce ideas off each other until we come to a decision.  Without him, I could go anywhere and that was too much pressure.  I ended up going to Jim and Nick's since it was by Sam's and that's where I needed to go.  We needed a few items and I needed gas.  I also had to go to Walmart, which I also suffered through.  On my way home, I got stuck in the car wash... so close to the end...  It was only for a minute, but still.  I'd already sat behind some moron who was trying to scan their membership receipt to get through the gate.  It wasn't working because they hadn't gotten their windshield sticker before they left when they'd purchased the membership.  No less than 6 other cars went in front of us, despite being in the member lane because of this person. 

When I got home, I put everything away, then started up again on German homework.  I also messaged Teh NY Chef since she was at Teh PT House.  I asked if Meri and Pax could come and play with Max and Marcy.  She said yes, so I brought the beasts over and learned that Pax has a frisbee addiction.  If I hadn't stopped throwing the frisbee, Pax probably would have killed himself chasing it.

Meri was not as entertained.  She patrolled the perimeter, but didn't really play much.

Eventually, I packed up the dogs and took them home for dinner time.  After the beasts were fed, Teh NY Chef and I went to pick up Teh PT Kid, then we went to Codfather for dinner.

There was a wide variety of music playing and one of the songs that played was Summer Lovin' from Grease... which I know all the words to thanks to Teh Sister who watched Grease over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...  This was to the detriment of Teh PT Kid, who does NOT appreciate my singing in public, which he made the mistake of expressing to me.  I hadn't been singing in my falsetto opera voice or even doing anything silly, just singing along to the song.  BUTTTTT THENNNNNNNN.... the end of the song came and I leaned over and softly sang the last line in his ear... "Those summmmmmmmeeeeeeerrrrrrrr....." and then I moved away because I knew what was going to happen... and finished off the song with those really annoying last notes, "NNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIGHTS."  I confident if Teh PT Kid didn't have his tablet in his hand, he would have slid out of the bench and just sat on the floor under the table.  I hadn't noticed while I'd been singing through the song, but the table next to us had noticed I was singing and they definitely saw the grand finale and they cracked up... which only made Teh PT Kid more despondent. 

Because we were nearby, Teh PT Kid kept asking about the rickety train bridge in Park Circle and if we could go by it.  I did one better.  I planned for us to go under it.  This plan was cemented into being when we came outside and the train had just started going by, towards the direction of the rickety bridge.  When we went under the rickety bridge as the train was going overhead, Teh NY Chef and Teh PT Kid were having outbursts about how creepy and narrow and OMG we might die, all the while, I'm giggling.

I did tell Teh PT Kid about that one time I chased Teh MD Teenage Roomie around Kohl's wearing a 42DDD bra over my clothes.. so he didn't have it THAT bad.. yet.  I also reminded him that when we met I'd promised him that I'd embarrass him at least once.  He said that I definitely did that.  I then explained that I like to set low goals so when I do succeed, I REALLY succeed, so embarrassing him more than once was ideal.

Once we finally got home, I hit the couch for some Grace & Frankie.  Before I started binge watching, I skyped with Teh German, but the connection was shit because he wasn't on wifi, so mostly I watched his inebriated self get ready for bed. 

Despite how many time I've told him, Teh German still uses his teeth as tools.

Once our chat ended, I hit play.  I ended up shutting off the TV at 12:34 and heading to bed.


Sunday, Meri didn't feel that I should get to sleep in.  By 0830, she was up on the bed, "snuggling" with me but flopping on me with as much force as possible.  Subtlety is not her specialty.  I think she gets it from her Mom.  I got up around 0930 and fed the beasts and went back upstairs to shower and get ready.  Teh NY Chef and I had agreed to go to brunch after dropping off Teh PT Kid at his Animal Society activities.  We left at 1145, so while I waited, I accomplished more German homework. 

Pax wanted to make sure my pillows didn't feel lonely.

We went to Holy City Brewing for brunch.  That makes my 3rd visit in 7 days.  And I don't drink beer.  As I said, last week was weird.

Chicken and waffles.  Not as good as the chicken with the pretzel.

After brunch, we headed back home.  The Beer Fest attendees were home.  Teh German was surprisingly not hung over, so he was perky and working on fish tank things.

I could have done more homework to get ahead on my German to not have to worry about it, but instead, I plopped down on the couch and watched a bit of Grace & Frankie, until I made the decision to switch to The Office since Teh German was also watching.

The rest of the evening consisted to watching TV and Meri attaching herself to me as a bodily extension.

By the end of the night, the tank was full of water.  The sediment needs to settle, but we no longer have an empty tank sitting in the living room!

Then it was bedtime.


Overall, a much needed Megan weekend.  It was relaxed and I got shit done and other than dealing with morons on Saturday while shopping, the rest of the socialization was enjoyable.  I also revel in embarrassing pre-teens/teenagers, and I got a good one in this weekend.  #SelfFive

Despite my lack of involvement, I am glad the tank finally has water in it.  There was something this morning about pantyhose and shrimp and I donated a set of pantyhose to Teh German so the tank can grow bacteria?  I don't know all of the exact details, but I do generally try to be supportive.  Soooo when I located the pantyhose to be sacrificed, I tossed them down the stairs and said, "Here's your pantyhose.  Now you can rob a convenience store."

This week holds:
-my rescheduled hair appointment (praise Allah)

Teh German and I are in discussions about how to celebrate his birthday.  I finally pointed out to him that his bday is in the middle of the week and if he wants to celebrate with friends, he needs to do it this coming weekend since I'm out of town the first weekend in March (aka the weekend after his bday) for the Myrtle Beach half marathon.  I also made sure to call him out on the fact that he always becomes King of the Dickheads the entire day prior to people coming over, so if he was going to act like that to me beforehand, we didn't need to worry about it.  I also reminded him that he needs to plan this stuff out by Wednesday because I do not feel like putting out the fires on Friday/Saturday because that's inevitably what ends up happening most of the time. 

Just call me the Speaker of Harsh Truths.  #NotSorry

We're almost through February and I'm not sad about it.  Even if it is birthday month.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Random Shit Friday #183

-This has been such a weird week.  I think it was the combination of PMS and being back to a serious workout schedule.  I had no comprehension of what day it was.  Everything pissed me off.  Every little inconvenience was 10x a bigger deal than it should have been.  But I don't think it was just me.  Other people I've spoke with reported similar mindsets.

-Traffic on 26 was so bad this morning (Friday) that it would have taken me over an hour to get to work, if it hadn't been for Waze.

-The 3 piece dark meal from KFC is 2 thighs and a leg.  It is one of the more glorious life choices I've made regarding food in the recent past.

Are we Snapchat buddies?

IDK how I'm just now getting this.

It's like a redneck and a hillbilly got together and decided, "Let's make a drank!"

Uhhh.. cool bro?

Uhh.. Thanks for the help, Pax.

Alfredo for dinner Tuesday night.
It was deeerichious.

Some "light" reading..
PS. That chinese print says Algorithms.

The cleaners put Pax's cuddlepillar on the loveseat so this was my view when I came upstairs.
I definitely loled.

What did the plumber say to the singer?
Nice pipes.
(That red marker got retired after this.)

The corner text says: All of us are broken in some way.
So much joy from this coworker "interaction".

Pew pew lassorrss appointment.

Meri with her new "mouse" from her Other Momma

I put the cuddlepillar in the guest room since I don't really love it's hugeness in  my loft.
Pax does NOT prefer it in the guest room.  HE prefers it in HIS loft.
The battle is not over.

-Nonstandard post today because I just don't have the fucks in me today to write up an entire post.. and next week when I'm back at it and I can't figure out my credit card situation, this post will be the reason for my confusion.

-My very, very, verrryy badly needed hair appointment was cancelled today because pretty much all the stylists at the salon are sick from sick assholes coming in for their appointments instead of rescheduling.  I hate everyone.  The appointment that I've waited 2 weeks on was cancelled 5 hours before the appointment.  I went through all the stage of grief and finally landed on acceptance when the owner called me back to reschedule after I had to call and leave a message.  I'm rescheduled for Tuesday evening but I'm disgruntled about it.  It's going to mean leaving class early that day, which will be fine, but still stress that I didn't plan for. 

-More and more recently, the more things do not go as planned, the more angry I get.  Sometimes, I wonder if I'M on the spectrum with how big of a deal I make of what should be minor issues.

-I almost didn't post this because I'm just not feeling it.  But I already had this much.. so here you go.

Hopefully this weekend, I can get my life together and under control.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Weekend Review {02/11}


School and work on Friday.  I went back to the office after German class and met some coworker at Evo while they ate lunch.  Then we agreed to move to Commonhouse for teleworking.  I went by the office, grabbed my computer and heated up my lunch and went over to hang out for a while.  We ended up moving over to Stems and Skins for an hour or so, where I really splurged and had a Radler.  I know, I know.. partying hard.

Around 4:15, I decided it was time to head home.  Teh German went to the gym, but I was on Bagheera, so I skipped the gym since I knew that if I had to leave home to go to the gym, it wouldn't actually happen.  This cuteness awaited me at home...

Teh German and I had been discussing riding out for dinner, but he wasn't in the mood, so I finished prepping the ramen I had made on Thursday and we had that for dinner.  After dinner, we headed to Teh PT House for hangings outs.  By 10:00, we were all unhinging our jaws with our yawns since we are so old.


I opted to go the gym on Saturday morning to make up for not going on Friday.  I also had to pick up Teh Running Bestie's new toy for Pax, so I had dual motivation.. AND the gym is right across from Walmart, soooo it worked itself out, literally.

The Walmart Cuddlepillar

When I got home, Teh German was doing fish tank things.

And looking like a pirate....

After a shower, I tried to start on homework, but wasn't overly motivated.  Actually, I was overly irritated because I had asked Teh German to scoop poop since I thought after ice skating we'd have people over for a fire since the weather was perfect.  When he finally went out to scoop, I was relieved.  He had done everything possible he could have, fish tank things, watched YouTubes, Teh German Time... he literally had nothing else to do except watch more videos, so he finally went outside...  I took this opportunity to go upstairs and take a nap since I figured it would be a long night and my brain was NOT focused on German homework.

Since the NFL ruined my birthday weekend, I opted to delay the celebration.  I arranged dinner at Locals Sushi in Park Circle for a group, then some of us headed to the Ice Palace for some ice skating and/or dodging skaters who were better than we were who weren't paying attention to the hazards they were.  True story.  I saw one guy take out a teenager on a walker (pvc pipe supports for those who need "training wheels" so to speak) because he was skating backwards and, obviously, not watching where he was going.  She hit her face on the ice and I felt sooo bad for her.  This was not the on person this dude took out, but he was doing his professional ice skater thing and he was not to be stopped.....

There were other "professionals" who were hazards, but I just tried not to bust my ass, run into anyone, or get stabbed by an ice skate.  Teh PT Kid did almost amputate my foot and/or toes when he dropped his skate centimeters from my foot, and that almost gave me a heart attack, but I survived.

GLCK sighting!

Dinner ran later than I had anticipated, but I wasn't overly surprised.  Which meant that we stayed at the Ice Palace longer than I had anticipated, which was a surprise.  We actually had a lot of fun and not being bad at something means that I actually enjoy it!  I didn't fall a single time!  #WIN

When we left the Ice Palace, I alerted those who had asked me, and a few people came to the house for fire time.  Sadly, the wood was "dead" as Teh German kept calling it, so it wasn't overly warm and we ended up moving inside.  By midnight, we were all tired and it was bedtime.


I had realized when we got to the Ice Palace that I had left the cake and cards at Locals, oops.  I had called them and asked them to put the cake in the fridge and that I'd swing by and pick it up Sunday.  This really meant that it was a brunch day.  When I woke up around 10, I started checking Yelp for places to go, but couldn't come up with anything.

Then Teh German woke up 25 minutes later, I explained the situation and he was like, "How about Holy City?" And I'm like, "This is why I'm keeping you for forever."  So we got up and got ready and headed to HC for breakfast.  I had the chicken and pretzel (which sounds weird, but was insanely delightful) and Teh German had some sort of hashbrown toast thing... idk, it looked good, but I was pleased with my life choice.

After HC, we headed to Locals to pick up my forgotten items...

Then it was back to the hizzouse.  I opened my cards and gift (thanks everyone!) and munched on some cake, and then headed to the office to study for my German test.

There was a Harry Potter surprise keychain in the gift, and I felt like Fang was a PERFECT surprise.

After a bit of studying, I headed to the couch for a nap.  I could have NOT taken a nap and suffered through studying, but I figured #YOLO bitches.  I had also decided NOT to get ahead on my German HW since we have a test and I didn't want to confuse myself.  This makes more sense when I explain that we are reading a book and sometimes I get the order of events mixed up when I read too far ahead.

Anyways, Meri and I napped like pros while Teh German watched YouTubes.  Around 4:30, I finally decided it was productive time.  We were eating dinner by 5:30, which was nice.  After dinner, I headed to the office to really study... andddd I spent over an hour searching for online statistics and chem classes I could take that The Citadel would accept.  Spoiler Alert: I can't find any, which makes me stabby.  I also semi-decided on getting a German minor since I should have some free time in my schedule towards the end, which would be perfect for completing some German classes since the Computer Science department mostly only offers the requirements for a CS degree.  Rarely do they offer an extra, high-level CS class that would fulfill any requirements because our department is so small.  Kinda disappointing actually, but oh well.

So after fucking off all day, I finally did get some studying in.  Around 9:30, I wrapped it up, and then it was sort-the-laundry time and then bedtime.


You know how sometimes you have a shit memory so you have to do things to remind yourself to do things?  That was me last night.  I put my breakfast sammich on the celery so that way I'd see the celery and remember that I needed to load up the crockpot for dinner tonight.  Otherwise... I would have forgotten... again.

This is self-care.

Overall, a very good weekend.  It was great getting to hang out with everyone to celebrate my birthday.  Also, ice skating is a blast.. even though I have 2 bruises and a chafed spot from the skates.  We're planning on going again when it's less crowded.

This week includes:
-German test
-German homework
-Other homework
-Pew Pew Lasors appt
-Valentines Day, if that's your thing.  Not ours.
-Gettin mah hairs did... fucking finally.  I've been threatening to trim my hair myself because it's getting stuck between my back and the chair that I'm sitting in when it's down... which means that shit is too long.
-Teh German will be having adventures Saturday and returning Sunday which means I have the house to myself all day Saturday and half the day Sunday.  I'm trying to accomplish every.possible.thing this week so I can fuck off and do nothing all weekend (aka watch as much Grace and Frankie as I want).  It's going to be glorious!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Five on Friday #182

EINS - Random Shit

-I didn't do my standard millionty hours of homework last weekend, so all week I've felt like I'm behind.  I'm not, but because I was caught up but not ahead, I was out of sorts.  Despite plans this weekend, I'm going to sit down and power through a few hours of German so I don't have to do it during the week and I can focus on homework for my other classes.  I also have a question about my Circuits homework, which should be simple enough to get answered, then I can take care of that assignment too.  I've mostly stopped caring about my Cybersecurity class after an assignment wasted hours of my time and then we had to go back through all the same steps and apply "fixes" to the issues that we'd "discovered" in the first round, rather than just applying fixes at the time of discovery.  Wasting my time makes me stabby because my time is precious.  My Network class doesn't currently have any assignments and my Algorithms homework is already complete.

-Humor me, why don't I earn travel rewards when I'm charged for my annual renewal fee for my miles credit card?  #RUDE

-Teh German's big boss (BB) in Germany is probably my least favorite person ever.  Mostly because he stressed out Teh German, which causes stress in MY life, which is unnecessary.  All week long Teh German was supposed to have his annual performance review with BB.  All week long the meeting has been delayed.  I not only find this incredibly unprofessional (once is fine, but rescheduling more than twice? NOPE.), but also extremely disrespectful.  I'm aware that Teh German isn't the highest level of importance to BB, but still.

The problem for me is that this is consistent behavior.  Almost every meeting has to be rescheduled at least once, which I greatly disapprove of.

-Speaking of annual reviews.. Had mine.  The shitty shit from last summer with the PM Who Shall Not Be Named who wrote me up has been handled and did not affect my performance review.  *praise hands*  We've all agreed to never speak of or think of that individual ever again.  Since I have been chomping at the bit about it anddd I was in his office, I brought up the study abroad issue to my boss.  We have just decided to embrace the challenge that I am in all regards.  I had fully expected him to say that I was asking for too much and it probably wouldn't happen and it wasn't worth the hassle of discussing it with corporate, but he seemed to be willing to advocate for me.  #WIN.  It probably helps that his daughter is currently on a study abroad in London.  #ThanksBae.

I applied for 2 scholarships, one that I am ineligible for, grrr.  I should find out around spring break time if I received anything or not.  That said, as long as Company says it's ok, I'm going with or without the scholarship.  Teh German and I discussed it and we both agreed that the money was there and the opportunity was there and it was something I always wanted to do, so I should do it.  Even if it means being apart for a month and missing out on some super awesome racecations with Matilda and Teh Running Bestie and the associated awesome medals (there's always next year).

-I ordered my class ring!!!  They will arrive in April for trying on/sizing purposes.  They will be distributed in October.  I have RSVPed to the ring presentation ceremony.  I'm more excited than I thought I would be.  I never purchased my NC State class ring, because I never wore my HS class ring that Teh Mom bought me, though I do still have it.  Teh German was the one to encourage me to get my Citadel ring... and to think about purchasing my NC State ring.  The NC State ring is still under review, but Citadel ring = ordered.

I've always been more of a diploma frame fan.  It was the one thing I wanted as a graduation gift after I graduated from NC State, and the money I received as graduation gifts, sadly, had to be put towards living expenses since I was unemployed and eating was more important than a diploma frame for a diploma I didn't even have, or have a place to even hang the frame.... *shrug*

Spoiler Alert: I did eventually buy my diploma frame after I got my you-joined-the-navy bonus dollas.. and my DSLR camera.  Both items were totally worth it.  I still often gaze upon my diploma frame with great joy.. and I still lurve my DSLR camera, although I have thought of replacing the camera recently for a more upgraded version.   

I am super pumped because The Citadel gives out HUGE diplomas, which means a HUGE frame.  I've been scoping them out at the bookstore every time I go there for any reason.  #NOTSORRY

Coming: October 2019.

-My massage lady at Teh Chiro's office gave me a 150 minute massage on Monday (that would be 3 50 minute sessions, aka 3 "1 hour" massages).  I had scheduled a 2 hour massage because I knew that I'd be torn up from my half and since no one made the 1100 appointment, she just continued working on me because I was really, really torn up.  She was digging out knots all over my entire body.  To the point that on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was sore to the touch.  I would barely brush my thigh and I'd want to have an outburst.  I love her.

-I finally broke down and ordered White Fragility and 2 other books on race from Amazon.  My library still doesn't have it, and it's not long enough for an Audible credit. 

-While teleworking on Friday, I used my phone as a wifi hotspot.  It's the first time I've ever purposely used my phone as a hotspot.  There was one time I accidentally tried it, back in 2009 (not 2012, thank you), when I didn't realize what that meant and Verizon charged $25 to connect as as hotspot...  Yeah I called them immediately to correct that issue.

-People that know about my 2012 situation will find this story amusing.  Teh German and I had been discussing something about 2019 things and then this happened.
Me: It's like we're not in 2012 or something.
Teh German: You mean 2019?
Me: Did I say 2012?
Teh German: Yep.
Me: Well, you knew what I meant.  You people always know when I say 2012, I usually mean the current year.
Teh German: Yeah, we know....
Me: Sometimes you gotta work to be my person.

-I bought a new sports bra from VS last weekend and I'm afraid to try it.  Also, I've not had an opportunity to try it out, so there's that as well.  But.. what if I chafe?!  That's serious.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Cash dollas for massage tip
-Billz Billz Billz
-Audible subscription (when that goes back up to $15, I'm going to cancel for a while to get caught up on the backlog)
-Car wash subscription
-Chase credit card annual membership fee, which I think is shit, but it's the only way to have a miles rewards credit card.  Yes, I could just use my debit card, butttt I've earned enough points with this card to be able to take 2 racecations, soooo I guess $95 isn't that much in the end, but principle!
-Birthday things (Teh German accidentally left his wallet at home, NBD)- brunch, parking, photobooth.
-Walmart order x2
-Lunch after forgetting it at the office 2x this week.
-Birfday cake for Saturday's celebration.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Monday-do-not-talk-to-me-about-football face.
I even put in earbuds and I was the only one in the office.
Still the first person who came in asked me if I watched the game.

What kind of bird sticks to sweaters?

How is Magic even still a thing?

Dean's List, 3 semesters strong (aka, all my semesters at The Citadel).

Got some cool new challenge coins.
The gold one is The Citadel's coin
The colored one is the Student Veteran's Association - Citadel coin.
My CNO (Chief of Naval Operations) coin will probably always be my high roller.

We had a visitor last night.
When I let the dogs back in, he was awol.
I cannot be certain one of the dogs didn't eat him...

Honestly, this solution worked better than I anticipated and I am pleased with my life choices.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Mickey birthday ears.
  2. Bagheera days.  Even if it means no hoodies.  
  3. Accomplishing my coding homework in a timely, mostly painless manner.
  4. Planning for potential flights to Germany....  Stay tuned, Auntie P.. I may be coming to see you soon!!!! :D
  5. Outlander book 90million987.  Or book 7, or maybe it's book 8.  IDK, I can't keep up with it, but it's the last one that I have to listen to and I do love the narrator.
  6. Looking up half marathons in Germany that give out participation medals.
  7. Being able to wade through most of the German websites (meaning websites were written in German) to determine if they actually gave out participation medals.
  8. Fun bandaid designs.
  9. Double Stuf Oreos with milk.  Seriously, this package I bought is ON POINT and when I dunk the cookies in milk, they get perfectly soggy.  SO MUCH JOY IN MY MOUTH.
  10. Friends who identify and agree with my ragey FB posts.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.