Friday, December 15, 2017

Five on Friday #132

EINS - Random things

-I went shopping during lunchtime on a Monday so I could go home and accomplish shit for the rest of the day with minimal distraction and holy balls .... someone must have released all the elderly for their annual outing.  I'm moderately certain that I only passed individuals under the age of 40 a handful of times and let's just not discuss trying to drive around Charleston with all the senior citizens on the roads.  #GETOUTOFTHEWAYGRANDMA

-With all the sales going on plus Kohl's cash plus extra discount codes PLUS rebates, I managed to score electric toothbrushes for Teh German and I for $40 each.  They were originally $130.  #likeaboss

-Of course, I earned Kohl's cash from the toothbrushes, so I purchased new steak knives with it once I was within the date window.  UPGRADE ERRYTHANG!
PS.  I got an email that said they were out of stock and my order was cancelled and now I want to buy new knives to stab bitches.

-I should wrap Christmas presents.  I broke my Black Friday rule and instead of wrapping all the shit that I bought, I didn't bother. I washed it and hung it in the closet so we can just start wearing it.  This year it's about my level of effort and it's very, very low this year.  I will be wrapping the few items that are surprises for Teh German though.  Eventually.  One day... like the night before Christmas...

-How about hell to the fucking no to paying for shipping.  Nothing makes me cancel an order faster than being charged for shipping.  I will actually buy duplicate items from stores I can visit in person to get free shipping and then return the extra item.  #notsorry  This is especially true for items I know I cannot get in stores that I want.  Lookin' at you Victoria's Secret.

-At the last water stop 1.5 miles from the finish line, this song was playing and it was the boost I needed to get to the end.  (PS.  This was almost a wedding song, but Teh German hadn't seen Tangled.)

-My expensive ass Jaybird earbuds that Teh German got me have been giving me issues over the last year.  After doing some research, I learned that many people have the same problem as me and Jaybird is not acknowledging the issue.  Which means I'm on the hunt for Bluetooth earbuds that are good for running... again... ugh.  PS.  I have small ear holes and my daith/rook piercing complicates sticking an earbud in... #ItsComplicated #storyofmylife

-I uploaded wedding pictures to Facebook.

-I ALSO drafted several posts of wedding photos AND scheduled those bad boys.  So yes, you finally get to see wedding pics.  They are scheduled which means the posts are doneeeeee and I won't be losing steam in the middle.  Granted, there are no captions, but no one cares about that, right?

-We hosted the neighborhood holiday gathering and while there weren't as many people as I expected, there were still enough to have fun, exchange white elephants gifts, and play several rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

-YAY for coworkers who made a group decision to send your sickass home.  I was the sickass.  After our meeting yesterday morning, they suggested I go home and stay there until I was better because they didn't want my germs.  I told them that I had probably gotten the germs from them, but they weren't willing to take the risk.  I'm also teleworking today.  When I explained to my boss why I was going home, he gave me a wide berth.

-I showed up for my Chemistry exam on Wednesday at 12:55 and the classroom was locked, there were no students within sight, the professor's office door was closed and locked... and I didn't know what the fuck to do.  Sooo, I found another professor and asked if she knew where my instructor was and she no.  I explained the situation to her and she looked up the exam schedule and apparently, my exam was held at 0800 on Wednesday morning, not 1300 that I had written in my planner AND put on my school calendar.  We did end up finding my instructor, who was in her office with the door closed.  Thankfully, she let me take my exam.  This worked out perfectly because I didn't have to sit in a classroom with the sniffle symphony going on while I tried to concentrate.  I think next semester I'm going to bring in travel packs of tissues for snifflers.  It is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves.

-How to know the general age of a Facebook user:
1.  Post a picture of someone(s) else.
2.  Generally, older Facebook users will comment/react to photos of other people that individuals in the photo did not post.  Let me speak plainly.  I posted pictures of people at our reception that we are not in.  Those photos have more likes/comments than pictures with us in them because I tagged the individuals in the photos and their friends are generally older Facebook users.
This doesn't bother me in anyway, but I like sharing my general observations about social media.
Generally, younger Facebook users do not comment/react to photos that their immediate friend did not post of them.  Example: If a neighbor posted a photo of me on Facebook without them in it, my friends are less likely to comment/react since it is not MY photo of me.

-My throat hurts and my face hurts and my ear kinda hurts and I'm so hydrated because I'm drinking an ocean-like amount of water because my throat hurts so bad.  I'm dying.  I don't have a will.  Teh German gets the dogs and my money and the house (and the mortgage that goes with it).  He obviously married me just in time.  PS, if I don't die, I'll wish I did because I have a suspicion that Teh German will end up with this sickness next and we all know that man sickness is pretty much being at death's door.  I just hope I go first because I don't think I deserve to deal with my own sickness and his and then die.

-Joke added to the whiteboard on my way out of the office on Thursday:
What do you call a sick Megan?

-I may have made the realization last night that I didn't have to take Chemistry.  I could have just taken a 2nd biology class and been done with science.  This means that my advisor MISadvised me and I'm pretty ragey about it.  I'm going to see if they will accept 2 different science classes, but I have a feeling that will be a no.  In which case, I have to take a 2nd science class (grrr) and I'm going to pick Biology because fuck Chemistry.  Or, I have to take both a 2nd Chem and a 2nd Bio and I really hate unclear statements...
Statement in question: "Must complete 2 Science sequences in different sciences."

German: A (duh)
Computer Science: A (dat magical curve on the final exam ensured this)
Chemistry: A (a magical curve on the final grade brought me from a B to an A)
Discrete Math: C (passed, although moderately disappointed since I was right on the B/C cusp prior to the exam)

ZWEI - Money Things

Money Spent

-Park Pizza desserts/ranch
-Kohl's cash - electric toothbrushes, long sleeve shirts for Teh German
-Sam's - command strip hooks to finally hang lights outside, batteries, a few shirts for Teh German, items for the neighborhood holiday gathering, some other stuff.  IDK there's no less than 4 transactions on my statement, although at least 2 of them are gas.
-Victoria's Secret - bra and panties for $55 and I have $$ off, yes please.
-Bath and Body Works - they got me with those coupons.  Dammit.  I have to quit this.
-Amazon.  So much Amazon.  I really should gift our mail delivery workers.
   -picture frame for our vows
   -new wireless earbuds
   -wall file for the downstairs bathroom for books
   -media shelf
   -LED color bulbs for outside
   -white Hue bulb (to go with the free one we got with the Alexa)
-Hoka running shoes
-Tami Boyce kickstarter (she's a local artist and I love her stuffs)
-Trump expansion of A Game for Good Christians (I've resisted this since it came out and finally couldn't anymore)
-Kiawah Island half marathon for 2018.
-McDonald's after my race
-Christmas presents.
PS.  I think my pockets have holes, that's where all this money is coming from.

Etc Money Things

-I set up a CD for my godson when he was born and committed myself to putting money into it each year on his birthday and then when he is old enough to be responsible, he will receive the money.  I've been a real slacker and I "owed" him some money.  So I finally caught up on that and transferred the CD to one of my 3 banks that has the highest return.

-I set up a CD for House account since Navy Federal was offering a super awesome return rate for a 1 year CD.

-I made some edits to my deposit accounts to better allocate funds (aka hide them from myself so maybe I stop spending so much money)....

-I went through all my accounts and made sure everything was paid up.

-I went through the PayPal accounts and transferred all the money out of the accounts to the associated banks.

-I encouraged Teh German to harass me about bringing him to Navy Federal to get an account set up for him now that we are actually married.  His 0.01% return rate makes me stabby.

-Transferred $$ to my HSA account so it can earn 1.5% and I can use it for medical expenses instead of my checking account.

DREI - Things from my phone

I had a dream about Olive Garden breadsticks.
That made Olive Garden an easy decision for dinner.

Know how I know Teh Running Bestie doesn't love me?
She didn't tell me that Alexa would read my Kindle books to me.
Notice I didn't say my audiobooks.
No, no.  This magical device will read ebooks out loud.
She's been holding out on me.

WTF is this madness?
What kind of world do we live in that my fork prongs are uneven?
PS. This was manufactured broken because the edge was completely smooth, not stabby like broken plastic.

I went through my clothes and purged THIS MUCH STUFF.
There was 3 hangers there to begin with.  THREE.

Goodbye awesome shoes and stuffs.

Best time to go Christmas tree shopping?
When you're in the middle of a standoff and refuse to talk to each other.
#MerryFuckingChristmas #ScroogeFamily

or should I say Pax the Reindeer?


I was working on this document and felt like I was being watched... for an uncomfortably long time.
Then I realized it was ME watching me... because my desktop background was showing between the split screen windows.

This sticker made me LOL.
(The sunbeam is blocking a cat pointing at the food bowl)

The power of colors.

My favorite thing about Lidl/Aldi - No brand names, only "real" ingredients.

This was something I could get behind.

I'm the mismatched queen, but this lady dethroned me.
She just had sooo many patterns and colors going on and I was overwhelmed.
PS.  Check out her purse in the buggy.

Too soon math book, too soon.
The Hilary part.

Bought a new air freshener.
I call it Pinky da Floofy Owl.

I wrote the motorcycle joke at Teh German's work and someone responded to me!
Lurve it.

What illness can you get when you decorate for Christmas?

I'm making slow progress on the puzzle.

We attended the Yelp Elites are Gifted 3 and got some super sweet swag.
$50 sweatshirt and some awesome Christmas dish towels and a $10 gift cert to Fill (the piano bar)

I'm pretty sure that I've never had more than 100 notifications ever...
Until I posted some of our wedding photos on Facebook.

My Chem cheat sheet.
I actually spewed some profanity when I realized that I forgot my glasses in the car since I knew they would help me read this minuscule writing a little easier.

What kind of car does an egg drive?
A yolkswagen.

VIER - Things from the Internet

I'm so not impressed with our government.  I try, as often as possible, to ignore the shit show on Capital Hill and actively bury my head in the sand, but that doesn't work when everything is rotten.

I don't know how I feel about this.  Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Potts, Murder She Wrote) essentially said that victims of sexual assault need to shoulder some of the blame for assaults.  I can't stop leaning towards a definite no, no matter how good "Tale as Old as Time" is.

This post by The Bloggess was somber and resonated with me.

This video:

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Straightening up the money accounts/situation.
  2. Birthday dinner for a neighbor.
  3. Being DUUUNNN with this semester.
  4. Grades: all passing.
  5. Being sent home by my coworkers.
  6. Strawberries with chocolate dip
  7. Work sanctioned naps.
  8. Our wedding photos.
  9. Sweatshirts and warm socks.
  10. Figuring out my spring/summer class schedule.  It's embarrassing how much arranging schedules and fitting everything together makes my brain happy.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
10 more days until Santa comes!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #16

tM: Why are there [shoe] inserts on my side of the island?
Teh German offers some explanation about new work boots and being too big and trying his new boots with his old inserts.
tM:  Just wondering why they are on my eating spot, where I sometimes drop food and then eat it off of the counter.
Teh German goes to move them.
tM: It's too late now.  Just maybe some awareness for next time.
tG: It's so you can have some extra cheese.

While sitting in traffic downtown.
Teh PT Husband: If only we had a giant flipper.
Teh German: I have two.
Teh German then proceeds to wave his hands around while flipping everyone off.

Discussing the HVAC fuse blowing while installing the smart thermostats.
tG: I don't like when you do everything right and things don't work.
tM: I don't like it when Husband refuses to cheer up despite all my efforts.
tG: I just wanted to be pissed off.
tM: I didn't like it.
tG: My fuse blew too.

tG: Have a good drive.  Text me when you get there.
tM: Oh, I thought you were going to say to text when people do stupid shit.
tG: Then you'd be texting me the whole time.

Over Thanksgiving dinner:
Mom-E: Africa has lions.
tG: That's awesome.  Just bring a spray bottle.  Psch psch psch (the sound of a spray bottle being sprayed).  That will keep them away.
tG: The problem is, they don't have enough water.
E: So then, are they going to die of thirst or die from lions?
tG: That's the tragedy they are facing.
Teh Running Bestie: He's been on a roll all night!
tG: Saved the Blog in one night!
(I had mentioned that I was running low on quotes for these posts)

On Nov 28.
tM: I don't know where to put our new calendar!
tG: You have a month to figure it out...

Teh German had just started using audio commands for Siri...
tG: Siri, read messages from [Teh Running Bestie].
Siri: Ok... (Siri starts talking in gibberish).
Turns out, Siri was reading messages from someone else that wasn't Teh Running Bestie and they were in German, which I realized before Teh German did because Siri's German accent is so bad!
tG: Siri, stop.  Siri, stop!  SIRI, STOP!

Shit Teh German Said Edition 123456, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

SUYB: Fall Books

Life According to StephFor real reviews, check out my Goodreads.  I'm writing this in real time and that's probably the best for brevity.  You're welcome for small blessings.

Also, Erin has posted her challenge topics.  I'm not sure I'll be participating because skool sucks, but I haven't decided yet.  We shall see.

Rating scale*:

1/5 - Hated it, didn't finish.
2/5 - Tolerated it on principle to finish, didn't like it.
3/5 - Eh, didn't love it, didn't hate it. Had some good parts/kept me interested/finished it on principle.
3.5/5 - I liked parts of it.
4/5 - I liked the whole thing.
4.5/5 - I liked it a lot, but not sure I'd read it again.
5/5 - I LURVED it and I'd read it again.

*Subject to change based on my mood, the phase of the moon, or other unpredictable variables.

Skimmers, stick with the bold text (TL;DR* parts).
PS. Possible spoilers included in reviews.


Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy  4/5 (hard copy, own)

Ramona is a teenager who takes care of everything in her world.  Poor girl.  A solid coming of age story, even though Ramona needs to figure out the whole "Not my circus, not my monkeys" saying.

Winter by Marissa Meyer 4/5 (library, ebook)

The "Snow White" of the Lunar Chronicles.  I liked this book, but that could be because I was ready to be done with the series.  The ending with Cinder and Kai was weird, but that could have been me.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas   4.5/5 (Audible audiobook)

If you haven't heard of this book yet, you're living under a rock.  Solid book that discusses topics that are completely relevant RIGHT NOW.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson  3.5/5 (Audible audiobook)

A mabillionty 45 hour fantasy audiobook I purchased because I wanted to get my credit worth.  It took about half the book for me to start getting into it.  Apparently, Sanderson is a world builder, which is cool and all, but it was tedious AF.  I almost considered getting the 2nd book in the series in physical form but I know there's no way I will actually read a tome like that.  Maybe once I get through the mabillionty hours of Outlander I have left, I'll consider it.

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer  3/5 (hard copy, own)

The Lunar Chronicles short stories.  This collection was ok, but nothing to really write home about.  Nothing from the short stories really did anything to enhance the main books, IMO.  If it hadn't been for YALL Fest, I would have probably passed on this one.

Fairest by Marissa Meyer  *3/5 (library, ebook)

This is Levana's backstory and I wasn't sold.  I was so not interested that when the library took this loan back from me when I was only 30 minutes from the end and I didn't even bother to get upset about it.  I would have requested it again, but there's a waitlist (8+ people) and #aintnobodygottimefordat.

In Progress:

Now that the semester is over, I'm hoping to actually make some headway through the non-audiobooks.

  • The Fiery Cross (Outlander, #5) by Diana Gabaldon   */5 (Audible audiobook)
    • It's 55.5 hours long.  I'm trekking along, but it sure feels like I'm also lost in the Appalachian mountains with them.
  • The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood   */5 (ebook, own)
    • This book is written very interestingly but the first half was moderately tedious for me.  Written well enough to keep me interested in though.
  • Across the Nightingale Floor (Tales of the Otori, #1) by Lian Hearn   */5 (hard copy, own, reread)
    •  I read these when I was 16/17ish and loved them.  I'm hoping the love remains.

On Deck:

  • More Outlander
    • I will finish this series, even if it takes me the rest of my life.
  • More Tales of the Otori 
    • I loved this series as a teenager and want to see if it still lives up to my expectations
  • Something from my TBR list (whatever I can find from the library/Audible)

YAY for books!
*TL;DR = too long, don't read

Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Review {12/11}

What?  A weekend review on a Monday?  Don't worry, I'm just as surprised as you are..

Here's a brief show of things that you may have missed out on:

We decorated for Christmas.
This pained Teh German since Germans wait until MUCH closer to Christmas to decorate.
It was not allowed this year since we were hosting the neighborhood holiday gathering.

This made us cry.
Teh German even came in my office after I posted it on instagram to give me a hug and cry a little with me.

We went to a friend's annual holiday party and this was the entertainment, pre-white elephant exchange.

I ran some miles.

My peppermint lights on my desk bring me great joy when I open the office.


Wednesday was my last day of class for the semester.  That evening, Teh PT Wife and I went out for dinner and we went to the mall so I could use some coupons I'd received.  Honestly, I needed a break from all the things and it was perfect.  Also, I got new smelly things from Bath and Body Works and new bras from VS.

Thursday, I worked, but used some precious PTO time to leave have lunch with Teh German (which did not go well at all), then went home to clean.  The cleaner stood us up on Wednesday and I was stressed about it since we had people coming to our house on Saturday evening.  I really needed to study, but I knew that if I tried to study, I would only be thinking of cleaning, so I made a trade-off.  I had almost finished the upstairs when Teh German came home. 

Teh German volunteered to help clean and I tasked him with our bathroom sink, which I was looking least forward to.  I should have gave him more tasks, but instead put it on myself and went downstairs to study.  Teh German took care of dinner, which was good, and then it was back to studying.


Instead of going into the office Friday morning, I teleworked until it was time to head to campus for my exams.  I got up at regular time so I would actually be productive.  This is also why there was a drive-by blog on Friday morning.

My computer science exam was from 1-4.
My discrete math exam was from 5:30-8:30.

I had intentions to swing by the Chiro's office on Friday before my exams, but failed at that.  I also failed at studying for my math exam.  #YOLO.  I tried to look over some stuff before the exam, but I was DONE with all of it. 

Fortunately, my math exam wasn't anything I found impossible, so I stumbled through it and walked out at 7:45 feeling confident that I had done my best, but more importantly, what's done is done. 

I called Teh German who had been on standby.  We agreed to meet at Sam's Club to pick up items for the neighborhood holiday gathering and then go to dinner.  Teh German hadn't eaten enough snacks, so he was a bit hangry, but he survived Sam's and then we headed to Sesame for dinner. 

Shenanigans at Sam's...

I had eaten leftovers before my math exam so I didn't get the hunger stupids, so I had an adult milkshake and a fry. 

We asked for our check and a manager came to our table to explain that we were part of a pay it forward chain.  What this meant was that someone else had covered our bill.  We wanted to keep it going, so we selected a table to pay for.  They wanted to keep it going but it was almost closing time and there wasn't anyone else in the restaurant for them to pay for.  Faith in humanity restored a little more.


Park Circle Christmas Tree

When we got home, I went to bed.  Teh German stayed up and I have no recollection of him even coming to bed, but Pax did give me a rude awakening around 3:30 (actually, it wasn't Pax that woke me, but Teh German jerking awake, which woke me) puking up chunks of the cheese stick he'd been chewing on earlier.  I considered just leaving until later to clean up, but got up and let the beasts out and cleaned it up.


I got to sleep for another hour after cleaning up Pax's mess.  My alarm was set for 0430 so I could make it to Kiawah Island for my half marathon.  It took me an hour to get there, but it was recommended runners arrive by 0630 to make sure that they were able to get a shuttle and be at the start line on time since the race started at 0800 on the dot.

In a stroke of genius, I had grabbed a dog blanket to wrap myself in while I waited for the race to start.  Since it was under 40°F and had been raining for the prior 36 hours, it was totally worth it and several people commented that it was a great idea (as they stood there shivering).  When the shuttle dropped us off at the start area, they had opened up the club house and runners were sitting a meeting space on the floor.  They were sitting.  I took the opportunity to take a nap.  I knew I was super tired since I was able to sleep with noise and goings on around me.  This is usually not the case.  I woke up once when a lady started leading stretches around 0700 and I went back to sleep and when I woke up, the room was mostly empty.  It was about 10 minutes until start time.  I don't know what woke me up, but I'm glad.  I kinda hope that someone would have woken me up if I hadn't woke up on my own right on time.  I folded up the dog blanket that I had gotten to use as a pillow instead of a blanket and left it in a corner.  I figured if I came back by I could pick it up, if not, then it was ok to donate since I had gotten it from a thrift store to begin with.

I made a new friend at the start line when I struck up a conversation with her because she was wearing a Run Disney shirt.  We even exchanged phone numbers!  It made the first 6 miles soo much better.  Unfortunately, my (formerly) super awesome earbuds turned themselves off (since I hadn't used them since I was chatting with Friend) and I couldn't get them to turn back on (because they don't turn on unless they have been on the charger if they have been turned off).  It's complicated.  Anyways, the last 7 miles, I spent striking up conversations with strangers and enjoying the run without my earbuds in (which makes it much easier to interact with those runners around you).  I was sad because it was hours I could have devoted to my audiobook, but glad because it really made the run better.

Eventually, I came upon the finish line.  I grabbed a bowl of soup and some water.  I scarfed down my soup and passed off my beer ticket to an unassuming large bearded dude who was waiting in the beer line since I knew I wasn't going to be using it.  Then, I headed towards the shuttle.  I had no idea where I was, so I opted to leave the blanket behind.

I hadn't parked in the designated parking area because I hadn't wanted to wait in traffic, and I was never more glad.  It ended up being a mud pit as it got warmer (by like 5°) and there were several tow trucks circling the parking lot having to pull people out of the mud.  I headed towards home.  I stopped at McDonald's for a sweet tea and cheeseburger and then headed home.  I greeted my homies and then headed upstairs for a shower, a stretch/roll session, and a nap. 

Seriously, that medal is the only thing that got me out of bed at before the asscrack of dawn in the cold, wet, morning...

I slept for a few hours (as is customary after any run longer than a 5k) and unwillingly rolled out of the bed.  I still had some cleaning to do before the party... which mostly didn't happen.  I vacuumed up some gross areas on the floor and Teh German and I moved the couches around to open up the room a bit, but otherwise, I said fuck it.  Oh yeah, and I wiped off the counters and put vinyl table cloths on the table and island.  I think Teh German might have wiped down the bathroom, but I don't really know.  I used some logic and decided that people were coming and the floor was just going to get gross and the toilet was going to get used, so why bother cleaning it?  SO I didn't.  #notsorry.

Pax and I spooned for the first time ever!
Be still my heart!

While I had been napping, Teh German had decorated the front of the house with lights.  I considered this festive enough based on all the activity I'd endured for the prior 36 hours.  I started laying out food around 6.  By 7, we were ready.  I was actually upstairs changing into my holiday finest when our first guests arrived, Teh PT Fam.

Neighbor Besties!

Please check out Teh German's blue ball...

I was pleased with how the party went.  We ate and drank and there was merriment.  The dogs got to have a sleep over at Teh Dental Hygienist's house so there were no possibilities of escape.  The white elephant exchange gave me a valid reason to use my megaphone in the house (the megaphone I received at the prior year's neighborhood white elephant exchange).  I actually ended up getting Teh PT Wife's gift, which was extra funny since I was with her when she bought it.  There was a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity played, but by that point, we were all pretty intoxicated and focus levels were low.

I also had set up the photobooth as an extra shenanigans thing.  I was pissed to discover my super expensive tripod got fucked up at the wedding, but let's focus on the positive, shall we?


It was after 0100 when Teh German and I finally went to sleep.  We slept until about 0930, at which point Teh German started sighing incessantly (a sure sign of hangover).  I was fine other than a mild headache, so I administered some ibuprofen to myself and Teh German and encouraged him to eat.

He didn't even finish a bowl of cereal before he went and laid down on the couch and promptly went back to sleep.  I wasn't tired and I have a very annoying manner post-drunkenness.  Specifically, a crazy amount of energy to do all the things.  I channeled that.  I picked up the dogs and we went on a walk (mostly for me to stretch my post-run stiffness out), then I came home and made a menu for the week and a store list.  I finally unrolled the puzzle I had brought home with me from MD that Teh Running Bestie and I had started, but still wanted to accomplish some things.  I decided to accomplish going to the store.  I left Teh German a note before I left, but when I got home, he was in the same place I had left him in - still asleep on the couch.

My first stop was coffee, because why not?  Then I headed to Lidl (which is Aldi competition) to check it out since it just opened in our town.  It was still unbearably crowded, but I survived.  Then I headed to Walmart to pick up the few items that I hadn't found at Lidl.  It was as horrible as you'd imagine, but I survived.  The best part of the trip was when I got home and got to use my new super power carabiner hooks I got from the Dollar Tree so I don't have to make a million trips to the car to empty it.

Cup holders on buggies should be a requirement everywhere.

They even have padding.

Teh German woke up after I got home and said he felt better (surprise).  I put everything away and we snacked on leftovers from the party.  Another neighbor was having a drop-in party on Sunday, so we headed over to that for a little bit around 3.  We left since I had to study for my German exam, which I did when we got home.  After an hour or so, I finished up my studying and Teh German and I rearranged the living room.  To my surprise, Teh German had liked how we had set up the living room for the party and wanted to keep it like that.  We did some reorganizing, but now we have a new setup and I think I like it.. except for the part that we now have our own couches to watch TV on.  Not that we really snuggle while watching TV anyways, but principle.

The new living room set up.

After watching a few episodes of Mad Men, it was bedtime.


Sometimes, I am amazed at how much I can pack into a weekend.  This weekend was a doozy.  In fact, when Teh German called me an idiot for planning on running a half marathon in the rain and cold on Saturday morning, I agreed with him.  It wasn't raining on the island though and I was grateful.  Essentially, it worked out in the end, as it always does.  PS.  My medal is fucking awesome and Teh Running Bestie and I have already signed up for the Kiawah Half next December.  1- It was only $41, 2- You can wait inside before the race and not freeze your ass off.  3- The course is flat.  4- DAT MEDAL THO!  5- The sweet ass shirt every year.

Oh yeah, the important part?  My bad hip didn't/doesn't hurt.  My "good" hip (the non-surgery-ied hip) was a bit achy, as was my toe, but I have been making sure to stretch, stretch, stretch and I have rolled every day since the run.  I also hit up the Chiro today for a much needed popping session.    Also, I'm planning a massage to celebrate the end of the semester after my last exam on Wednesday.  #NOTFUCKINGSORRY #TreatYoSelf

I'm moderately embarrassed that I haven't even linked up for the SUYB in months.  That's definitely reflective on the state of my life.  I've got a skeleton draft in the works, but we'll see if it happens or not.  There should be a Shit Teh German Said in the near future.  Tonight we are going out for a birthday dinner.  I have my chem exam on Wednesday and that evening we have the Yelp holiday event, which is always a blast.  Friday evening is both of our company holiday parties.. We're going to Teh German's first and if Company party is still going, then we will meet up with them.  Since Company didn't put out the deets until a week and a half ago and Timo's company put out their details in Oct, it was first come first served on the calendar.  Saturday I have a volunteer event to do wreath laying at a cemetery.  I've always wanted to do the one in Arlington, but this will have to do.

Another goal I've set for myself in the very near future is to go through our wedding pictures and select the ones we like the most for printing and for getting made into photo books.  I can do it! 

PS.  Christmas is exactly 2 weeks away! 
PPS.  I know what Teh German got me for Christmas and I may have found it when I was cleaning on Thursday.  This isn't a bad thing since I picked out what I wanted him to get me and I was sitting there when he bought it.