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Weekend Review {6/18}

FRIDAY I left work at 2:30 to pick up Teh PT Kid from his final day of camp.  We had some stops to make on our way home.  After a messy popcorn session on Tuesday, Teh PT Kid was gifted with the forced labor opportunity to vacuum out my car.  So we drove through the car wash and then we vacuumed the inside of Yurtle and I washed the windows (poorly).  After, we stopped by McDonalds for treats, then we headed home.

There wasn't much going on at home.  Teh German came home and we were lazy until it was time to leave to see The Incredible 2.  At 6:15, we picked up Teh Dental Hygienist and made a stop at Publix to pick up snacks to sneak in (judge me, don't curr). Teh Dental Hygienist was told she couldn't bring her snacks in, while I was able to sneak my stuff in because the lady didn't see it since my wallet was "hiding" the stuff.  Teh AF Maintainer saved the day with his cargo pockets.

Watching the movie, I learned that I will never again buy opening night…

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