Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Training for Tuesday #1

Yes, another link-up.  Meh, my blog, don't care.  I find motivation where I can.  You're welcome.

I'm trying to focus on my workouts and make them a priority in my life.  I have several races on the schedule for the rest of 2015 (and hopefully early 2016) and I need to get on properly training.  But a bigger motivation is that since October 2014 (when I moved to SC), I've watched the scale steadily rise while my pants got progressively tighter...  It was time for a change and Teh Blog and Gentle Readers are an invisible force that hold me accountable for my actions (which blows my mind almost as much as it probably blew yours).  I'm also sharing these goals with you so I can SEE what I'm preparing for, which helps me soooo much!


Upcoming events:
16 August 2015: Ramblin' Rose Triathalon in Winston-Salem, NC
20 September 2015: Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in Washington, D.C.
14 November 2015: Sweet Tea Half in Summerville, SC
*18-21 February 2016: Glass Slipper Challenge weekend + 5k in Orlando, FL (Disney World)
*(registration opens on July 14th and the prayers and thoughts and vibes and whatever else good you can send/do has been happening since the decision was made to go last February, so if we could just continue on that train through July 14th, but especially starting at 1158 on July 14th for Teh MD Adult Roomie and I and Teh Advising Sister and Teh sister and who ever else is crazy enough to join us in running Disney to get tickets.)

Truthfully, that is the first time I've ever looked at that schedule in a list format.  Can I just get a WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?  WHO AM I?  THIS IS MADNESS!

June Goals:

-Acquire a bike (Mike Wazowski doesn't count)
-Do some laps in the pool
-Don't kill myself in the heat
-Give myself some leeway about the lack of desire to run/workout, just skip the damn workout already.
-Drop some pounds, cause yeah.


I didn't kill myself or hurt myself in anyway!  I moved to AM runs, which is just as painful as it sounds because that 0456 alarm makes me want to shank a bitch.  It doesn't make the humidity any less, but at least I'm not baking my brain... the sucky part is I'm never going to get tan running before daylight.  #girlproblems

I am also getting better at cutting myself some slack when I "miss" a run or workout.  Rest days really help me feel like I'm making progress the next time I workout and they are important (except to the scale which is my enemy).

I keep forgetting to bring my swimsuit for evening workouts/laps, but it hasn't really mattered much because I live in Charleston and evening thunder storms are a thing on the regular.  I'm sure the day I committed to laps would be the day it would storm.  Also, something about the area where base is just generates these crazy random thunderstorms, I'm assuming its because there's a body of water close by, but I'm not a meteorologist so idk.

I called "The Bike Guy" I found on Craigslist and he just so happened to not be home when I called and his son answered the phone and didn't have the key to the shed.  Seriously?  FML.  PS, I'm not paying more than $50 for a used bike that I'm only going to really use once (as I'm currently planning).  Someone suggested a road bike and I donkey laughed at them because it will be a cold day in hell before I ever pay more than $500 for a bike.  I'm already invested in running and swimming, I'm not branching out anymore.  This shit is getting expensive.

I've watched the scale drop and rise, drop and rise.  Really I should just refrain from stepping on that hateful thing, but I can't.  Also, on super humid/hot mornings, I can loose up to 1/2 a pound from water weight, so HA!

July's Goals:

-Seriously, get a bike.
-Seriously, do some laps at the pool.
-Keep runnin'.
-Don't get hurt/die of heat stroke.
-Keep the scale dropping not rising.
-Possibly try out the Air Force Base (AFB from here on out) gym/pool since it will be closer than the base gym I was going to pre-move.
-Depending on the AFB gym situation/my inconvenience, possibly join Planet Fitness since there is one near the outlets, which would be on my way home.  The kicker would be if they have classes.  I really miss workout classes.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Review {6/29}


Friday started with me dropping off Yurtle and running home (as if anyone could forget that turn of events), which meant taking Mike to work.  It was a mabillionty degrees when it was time for me to leave work, but it wasn't storming, so it was fine.  I left and dropped off my deposit for the new place, thankfully not getting stopped in Presidential traffic blockages, although I did see a few exits to I-26 being blocked off (on and off ramps) completely.  I went home and waited on Mr. Scrooge to get home so we could go pick up Yurtle.

Since the dealership had called to tell me that I needed new tires (which I was well aware of) and that I had a nail in one of them (not aware of), I had already started the hunt for new shoes for Yurtle (Mr. Scrooge called them shoes and I'm sad I didn't think of it first).  After I picked up Yurtle, Mr. Scrooge followed me to one of the tire places in town, only for them to tell me that they didn't have any shoes in stock that would fit Yurtle but they could order them on Saturday morning and that it probably wasn't a good idea to leave Yurtle in their parking lot overnight (what with their location being in the ghetto).  Arrrrgh.

So we went back home to wait out traffic issues due to the interstate being closed down for Obama to leave town.  We decided on Moe's Crosstown Tavern for dinner and it was a SOLID choice.  So solid in fact that I didn't even get a photo for the blog of my burger.. Buttt I got the 2nd best thing...

I got the burger special

I almost got "my" burger (egg, bacon, cheese), but the special had guac and who passes up guac?!  It was a small bar with very little seating with pool tables in the back, near the Citadel.  We happened to get the last 2 seats in the place, which just happened to be at the bar.  Besides being Friday night, we also assume it was busy because the Women's World Cup was on and it was US vs China.  I need to go back and have "my" burger, but what I had was so good, I'd consider making Moe's a regular place.

Since we had ridden the bikes to dinner, we went straight home after since it was starting to get dark and Mike still has no gauge lights (or horn, I discovered).  I really missed riding Mike.  I had planned to do it more during the week, but the threat of rain really killed my mojo.  After getting home, it was time for bed.  I'm lucky to have really cute bed warmers.


Mr. Scrooge woke me up on Saturday because we had agreed to get Yurtle's shoes fixed in the morning by going back to the tire place and drop off Yurtle.  On the way, I called the shop where we had went Friday afternoon and checked to see if they did alignments and they didn't which quickly eliminated them.  I called Mr. Scrooge to tell him not to bother and said that I was going to the store and would figure out the tires later.  Before the store, I stopped by a tire place that is near the house/by the dealership to inquire about getting Yurtle's shoes there.  They would have been able to do it then, but I really didn't want to have to call Mr. Scrooge again and tell him to come and fetch me (assuming that he was almost home or already home and I'd already had him drive around town twice for no purpose already).  I made an appointment to Yurtle's shoes replaced on Sunday and then headed to the grocery store.

After a quick trip (yay!) to the grocery store, I went back home.  Mr. Scrooge had started breakfast when I got back home (yay!) and after we finished, we decided to go out on a ride.  I called "the bike dude" who I found on Craigslist and for the 3rd time, I got no answer, which meant that we couldn't ride out to James Island to see what he had.  I pretty much decided to give up on "the bike guy" for a bike for my triathlon, which means I seriously need to start looking/make a decision on buying a bike.  Mr. Scrooge usually has a destination when we go out to ride, so I suggested lunch dessert as a destination.

We headed out and Mr. Scrooge took the long way to downtown, which was fine since we were on the bikes, but had me concerned at first before I realized what he was doing.  We stopped at the southern most point of the Battery, which was awesome because I hadn't been there since middle school when we came to Charleston on a trip.

Required selfies at the battery like all the cruise ship tourists.

While we were at the Battery, I checked Yelp for a dessert place.  Christophe Artisan Chocolatier-P√Ętissier came up as one of the highest rated places, so that's where we went.  It was the closest I've gotten to Cafe Lilou since I left Bahrain.

I got the strawberry tart (they really didn't have very many chocolately options that weren't also coffee flavored, which isn't my jam) with a lemon truffle and a peanut butter truffle.  Mr. Scrooge had the coffee eclair and a key lime cheesecake truffle and a peanut butter truffle (he had to get his own PB truffle because I wasn't willing to share #sorrynotsorry).

The restaurant was an old house and it was adorable.  There was a very small seating area upstairs and the view probably was better when the house was built since that was pre-the huge cement wall that I got to enjoy while I was devouring my tart.

After we finished our desserts, we headed back towards home.  As per Mr. Scrooge's normal operations, instead of going where he said we were going, we ended up at a motorcycle dealership because he wanted to show me a bike that they no longer carried.  We finally headed home after the dealership.

When we got home, we took care of house duties: laundry, dishes, etc.  Eventually naptime was discussed and I was all over that.  Mr. Scrooge didn't nap well apparently because he went outside and worked on Mike and Clifford for a while.  When he was done giving the bikes makeovers, he started dinner.  He was quite productive.  I had to yell at him to GTFO of the kitchen so I could put away the dishes like he'd asked me to do.  Boyssss.. sigh.

Dinner was salmon with hollandaise (boom beeches, spelled that correctly the first try) and dill with beet salad and roasted brussel sprouts.  DELICIOUS.  We watched John Wick during dinner, which I hadn't actually seen because I wasn't going to pay to see it in the theater.  The music had a very Matrix feel, which I commented about several times... also, I called John Wick, Neo because it was pretty much the same character.

The rest of the evening was spent channel surfing and (me) blogging and going back and forth with someone on the blogger forums about why I was unable to create new blogs this past week for the GEGR foster dogs.  I think my situation is more of an analytic thing for the person helping me at this point, which is annoying to me because I feel like I've answered these questions, but I'm trying to look past it since they were trying to help.


I got up Sunday morning and let the beasts out and left them outside for a few hours while I was snoozed on and off.  Around 0930, I woke up Mr. Scrooge so we could drop off Yurtle.  We decided on Cafe Fork for brunch.  Mr. Scrooge had wanted to go there on Friday, but they close at 3, sooooo that didn't work out as a dinner plan.  Of course, as is my luck, when we got there, they weren't open because they are only open Monday - Friday 11-2.  Because that makes sense for a business.

Our redirect for lunch/brunch was Early Bird Diner.  We hadn't ever been there for Sunday brunch so it was "new" for us.  In a state of hunger, there were no photos, but Mr. Scrooge had the country scramble with fruit while I had french toast stuffed with peaches and cream.  As always with Early Bird, it was delicious.

One of the last times we were there, I picked up some art work for Teh Sister and I (which I can't remember if I showed you or not) and there were more there this time that were tempting, but I had some self-control.  The artist is Tami Boyce and I just LOVE her work.  I only have $95 worth of stuff in my shopping cart that I want to buy.. NBD.

Lewis the Otter, who I own because he's adorable.

On the way home, we stopped at the Oakley store for Mr. Scrooge to get his sunglasses washer liquid stuff refilled.  Since it was supposed to rain, we went home after the outlets to watch X-Files and (me) look for a bike and wait for the tire shop to call to tell me that Yurtle's shoes were done.

Around 4, we finally went and picked up Yurtle, even though they hadn't called.  Although when we pulled into the parking lot, Yurtle wasn't wet from the rain, which means she had just been pulled out of the garage and when I walked in the dude said that I had perfect timing.  I was hoping the person I had been emailing about the bike would also have perfect timing and have messaged me back before I left the tire shop, but they didn't.

I finally got some responses later in the evening and ended up driving to Mt. Pleasant and picking up the new bike.  Now I just need to ride it.  Is it awkward to wear my motorcycle helmet so I don't have to buy another helmet?

It needs a name...

Mr. Scrooge had to go to bed early since he had a middle of the night evolution at work, so I spent the evening entertaining myself.  I started to watch They Came Together and it was the worst movie my cheesy-RomCom loving heart has ever tried to endure.  I made it about halfway before finally giving up that it would ever get good, it deserved the 2 stars it got on Amazon.  Buuutttt then I discovered Downton Abbey season 5 on Amazon Prime and all was well in the world.

I am grateful for a very good weekend with Mr. Scrooge.  Going to bed on Saturday night felt like Sunday night, so waking up and having an "extra" weekend day was excellent.  This week is going to prove challenging I'm sure.  Other than switching bedrooms on Thursday night, no other packing has been done.  I am considering taking loads to the house, starting on Wednesday to mitigate the need for boxes/packing, but we'll see how that works out.  My goal is to leave mostly the big stuff for the movers on Friday.  Teh Sister and Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover are coming to Charleston for the big move, which I'm excited about (granted the reasoning behind it isn't so splendid, but I'll take what I can get).

I have to keep reminding myself there are valid reasons why I'm moving out, but when things are going so well, like they have been the past week, it seems crazy.  It makes me sad that I know there are good things that I'm giving up and my heart breaks over these things.  I have to tell myself to go back and read the miserable, angry posts to remember the reasons and it feels like dwelling and holding a grudge.  I'm sure you can expect some possibly angsty posts in the near future just a warning...  oh and all the pinterest quotes.  #itiswhatitis

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Sweats #3


AM: 2 miles (at 17ish m/m).  Took the beasts for a walk since it was 83 (but felt like 94).  It was totally worth it because not only did I get to test out my new headbands (which rock, even though they don't absorb the sweat like a bandanna), I had 2 tired dogs for the rest of the day.  I think what exhausted them the most was being hosed off afterward (to help cool them down quicker).  For Meri this was an ordeal because she believes that she is melting when she gets wet and she must transfer all the water to the various furniture in the house by rubbing herself frantically all over everything.  Sadly I didn't get video of this.  I am sorry.

PM: Mr. Scrooge and I went out on the bikes for several hours.  By the time we got home, my legs/hips were sore from sitting on Mike for so long and my hands/wrists were sore from all the hand action (seriously, holding the throttle is way more work than one would expect.  This could also have a lot to do with my midget size and my arm barely reaching, whatevs #bikerbabeforever).  It wasn't an actual workout, but I did sweat a lot and my arms and legs are sore, so I'm counting it.


AM: I should have ran, but I didn't.  If you read my Thursday post, you will understand when I say I was a bit stressed.

PM: 45 minute on the elliptical (4.39 miles).  There were no extra workouts because there were a mabillion people in the cardio room and it was hot and sweaty.  I no longer have any fucks to give or guilt to feel about putting the fan ONLY on me.  ZERO.


AM: Nope.  I put on my running clothes and sat on the chair and just couldn't.  Instead, I prepared dinner in the crock pot, so at least I was productive.

PM: In an awkward turn of event, the relator emailed Mr. Scrooge AND me in response to my email about getting my name off the lease.  Yeah, there was no working out.  Instead I went home and waited on him to get home so we could talk.  I almost got to play softball later, but all Mr. Scrooge's team members showed up.  Praise Allah, I didn't want to get my gym shoes dusty.


AM: 4.38 miles (10:32m/m pace) + .52 miles (with Phil and Meri).  Really nothing about me wanted to get up and run, but I had ZERO excuses other than the 80 degrees and 80% humidity, but no runs Mon/Tues meant no excuse.  I can't say that I'm glad I went, I can't sad that I'm not glad, so I'm apathetic to getting this run in?  AND I took the dogs out for a quick stroll, which is always good.

PM: So I had intentions of going to the gym, then instead I went to the groomer and made an appt for Meri and went to the grocery store and went home.


AM: A horrendous thunderstorm woke me up at midnight:30ish and kept me up for at least 45 minutes.  In addition to a late bedtime, there was no hope for getting up this morning.

PM: I went home from work early to pick up Meri and decided it was time to switch the beds/bedrooms.  That was enough of a workout for me since my shirt was drenched from sweat.  Also, moving a mattress is like guiding your drunk friend somewhere.  You know you're leading them one way, but they always end up going a different way.  Whattt???


AM: 2.92 miles (10:59m/m pace)  Since I forgot to drop off Yurtle at the doctor I figured I'd just drop her off and run from the Kia place.  It was a shit idea.  OMG.  Horrible.  Mostly because of shin splits (which meant pain and walking more than I have in weeks during runs) and stopping for the train and fear of being hit by a car.  Ya know, mildly stressful things. 

PM: Nope.  But we did ride to dinner so there was some sweating!


AM: Nope.

PM: Nope.  We did ride during the day so lots of sweating.

I think I actually went backwards on my goals.  No bike was acquired, no laps at the pool, no yoga video, and less miles.  I'm going to chalk it up to stress and give myself credit for achieving one goal of cutting myself some slack.  I don't expect next week (moving) to be much better.  It is what it is.

Running: 9.82
Elliptical: 4.39
Etc: zerrroooo

Run at least 3 days.
Elliptical at least 3 days.
(Maybe if I keep putting these on here, I'll eventually achieve them?)

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday #55


You wanna know what is difficult?  Moving mattresses.  WTF.  Why is that shit so hard?  Yesterday, I moved TWO.  I moved my bed to the guest room and Mr. Scrooge's bed to the master.  By bed, I don't just mean the mattress, I mean the entire bed and frame.  Which wouldn't be that big of a deal if I'd have had help or if my bed headboard/footboard didn't weigh a mabillionty pounds.

Mr. Scrooge came home and his comment was, "You've been busy.  Did you do this by yourself?"
My response was, "I'm just as surprised as you are, but yes I did."

Soreness is imminent.



I wasn't going to run this morning.  I wasn't really feeling it after some shitty sleeps and soreness from numero uno.  Then, within 5 minutes of hearing Mr. Scrooge leave for work, I realized that I had forgotten to drop Yurtle off at the doctor for her 60,000 mile maintenance.  FML.  The dealership really isn't that far from the house, so with a quick Gmaps check, I validated that it was only 3 miles.  I could just run home.

So I did.

And it was horrible.  Absolutely fucking HORRIBLE.

1.  The sidewalk on the road where the dealership is, is on the side with all the businesses and streets.  This is very stressful.  Not just because I was running in mostly the dark and was afraid of getting hit by a car, but also because that means that the sidewalk isn't level since there are dips for the driveways/roads.
2.  There are no crosswalks at the major intersections, despite having a sidewalk on that side of the street.. WHAT????  Yeah running across an 8 lane intersection in mostly the dark at 0530 is one of the more scary experiences of my entire life.  Times that by TWO.
3.  To get home, I had to cross the train tracks... and OF COURSE the train would be passing through right as I approach the tracks.  Granted, this isn't Nemesis Train 1, but I wasn't pleased at the time hit I was taking.
4.  I had the worst pain in my calves.  Maybe shin splits?  Maybe just the speed I was going.  Idk what it was, but I had to walk quite a bit this morning so my time was completely and utter shit.
5.  Someone walking almost walked into me (because they were staring at their phone screen, OF FREAKIN COURSE, and walking in the middle of the sidewalk) and I didn't even apologize for scaring the bejesus out of them when I finally said, "Excuse me!" when I was almost running into them.  I mean, I had stepped on a stick, drug my feet, and cleared my throat to signal that I was approaching.  WTF people, less screens more awareness of your surroundings!!!


Getting Meri shaved is like getting a new dog every 6 months.  I love it when she's shaved.  Soooooo much.  She looks less... homeless.. or less like an ASPCA dog per Teh MD Teenage Roomie.


Obama is in Charleston today for funerals and I'm torn between sadness and being annoyed about all the traffic issues that will no doubt occur.

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-many other things



Lurve StoryPeople

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

This side of...


After a very restless night that included waking up what felt like every hour for no reason whatsoever, my alarm went off and I checked the temps.  73 degrees.  I should run.  73 degrees is a God send.  Lay in bed until 2nd alarm goes off.  Continue laying in bed for what feels like a very long time guilting myself over not taking advantage of these "cool" temps.  Get up, get ready for a run, brush teeth and recheck the weather (which now says 78 degrees at 75% humidity, which I don't like being trick-sied at ALL, Weather App), go to living room and sit in the recliner (which I rarely sit in) and actually think to myself, "Wow this chair feels like it's hugging me."  Put on my running shoes and just sit there.  Not moving, watching the clock as the minutes pass.  3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes.  I should go run.  I don't want to run.  I should go run.  I don't want to run.  I don't want to do anything.  I just want to sit here.  I should accomplish something if I'm not going on a run.  I could do a yoga video.  I could just sit here.  I should do something. 

Yep, not going on a run.  Instead get up and put down the dog food and let the dogs in and prepare dinner in the crockpot.  Let the dogs back out and get in the shower.  Self-actualize about the fact that I'd really like to cry but can't.  I don't have feelings in this state.  I just go through the motions until something changes or I crack.  This time, something will change before I crack.  I know that.  Which sucks, because crying would seriously be a nice relief.

Part of me secretly read Hyperbole and a Half because it deals with depression and maybe it would help me.  My depression isn't like that.  It's not rendering me unable.  Instead, it's making me a robot... and fat, but more importantly a robot.  I think that's a direct effect of being told, "No, I don't love you, but I want to love you."  I'm not certain on that, but I have a feeling if I were to talk to a shrink, they might agree with me.

I've stopped really talking to my friends, because I don't want to be that person who bitches about the same thing day in and day out and doesn't do anything about it.  I'm not sure if I'm doing them a favor or not.  What this really means is that I'm not really talking to anyone about the problems.  I'm just holding them close to my heart, waiting to play my hand when the time comes.  There are several people that remind me that they are availble to listen to me rant/get things off my chest, but sometimes, there's just something about sitting in the same room with a person and telling them about your problems.  A closeness that modern communication methods don't give; giving assurance that things will be ok, even if they aren't ok right now, they will be eventually.

Part of me is reckless in the same way Brosh talked about, you eventually attain that lack of feeling towards anything and you feel invincible.  The problem with that invincible feeling is that it doesn't stop you from crashing into a wall and the hurt occurring, it just makes you ignore the parts of your brain that tell you, "Hey dumbass, this is going to hurt," while you do it and then after you're all, "Shit.  Fuck.  Damn.  Son of a bitch that hurt."  (That's actually the exact order I'd say those things in outloud.  Yay for accuracy!)

This recklessness is also part of the reason I've withdrawn from my friends.  I'm at that say anything point and the wrong people to burn are those close to me.  And that whole bitching about shit that I could change but haven't isn't something I wouldn't want to hear about day in and day out, so I don't subject them to that.  I'm also struggling with the lack of close friends in SC.  This is really my own fault because I don't really get out and do anything outside of my normal modus operandi to meet people.  I go to work, I go to the gym, I go home.  Rinse, repeat.  I considered branching out and doing organized group runs that Fleet Feet puts on, but they are so far away and on Monday evenings which is when it's hot and miserable.

I'm full of excuses for everything.  I'm full of apathy.  I'm full of ...................


All that was from Tuesday morning.  I ended up getting side tracked by meetings and chatting with my coworkers and eventually a 10:30 appointment and lunch at 11:30 so I never got back to the post.  And then.. the change happened.

I signed a lease for a house.  I'm moving out.

I went home after work and waited for Mr. Scrooge to come home and bombarded him at the door with my announcement because the world's shittiest realtors happen to be the property managers of the current house and an email that I had sent was replied to and copied to 4 people, including myself and Mr. Scrooge.

The biggest truth?  I'm relieved.  I'm stressed because so many things have to be taken care of, but I'm relieved to be getting out of a situation that has caused me much heartache and stress.  For every moment I'm relieved and exited, I dread it and I worry that I'm making the wrong choice.  When Mr. Scrooge "doesn't understand" and I'm giving him my list of reasons, they seem invalid, even though I know they are completely valid.

But what really made me KNOW that I made the best decision for me?
Mr. Scrooge repeating to me that he still "wanted to love" me after I told him that his NOT loving me was a reason that I was moving out.

Technically, we classified this as a relationship in March 2014.  In October 2014, we moved in together.  After 9-15 months (depending on if you want to be technical or not), I'm tired of waiting to be loved.  I'm not asking him to change because that is unreasonable.  Truthfully, even if he did change, we'd come back to these same issues a month from now, a year from now, 5 years from now and it's just not worth it to me.

So I'm moving on.  We'll see where the relationship goes from here, but in the Benjamin Button way of this relationship, I have my guesses.

So here's to new beginnings and moving and being overwhelmed at all the things.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Confessions {6/24}

-Queue 8 year old girl squeals: Fred Warren sent all the PostSecret secrets to the Smithsonian.  You better believe I'm going to hit up that museum if they open an exhibit.  #PostSecret #Ivenevermailedinasecret #Imjustalurker

-I judge the shit out of people who follow stupid groups on FB.  "Stupid groups" is completely subjective, BTW, but IDGAF.  If it posts photos of minions with silly sentences beside the photo, it's probably copyright infringement, but that's neither here nor there.  If it's stupid memes used as linkbait, you're not helping society.

-I'm still completely clueless why women think bleached blond hair/blond highlights are so awesome.  I tried it once as a teenager and it wasn't appealing.  Your dark eyebrows would STRONGLY indicate that your blond hair isn't natural.... Judgy McJudgerson here to be the Fashion Police and let you know that blond highlights should have went out with the 90s.  Bleaching my hair to dye it blue was the scariest experience of my entire adult life.  #letthatshitgolikeElsa

-What is the song Fireflies by Owl City really about?  I loved that song in 2009 when I discovered it (and played it on repeat which I should probably apologize to certain people (Teh Bear) for listening to it on repeat/as loudly as possible when it would come on) and I heard it recently on the radio and I still have no idea what he's talking about.  #IdontknowwhatthewordsmeanbutIsingthemanyways

-For my fellow runners, do you consider the people that you see on a regular basis while you are out running "your people?"  Do you wave at other runners/walkers/bikers/physical exertion-ers when you pass (assuming you aren't constantly seeing people, I can see not acknowledging "your people" then)?

Since I run between 0500-0630ish, I don't usually see very many people.  There are 3 other runners that I see on a regular basis and 1-3 walkers/pet walkers.  Since it's such a limited number, I always wave/say good morning (if I'm able to speak).  Truthfully there are several reasons behind this.  1- These are the people that will notice if I'm not there/help me if they see me passed out on the sidewalk.  2- I have ZERO running allies in SC, unlike in MD.  3- I consider these few people "my people" because we're suffering together at 0530 when it's 85% humidity and at least 75 degrees and the sun isn't even up yet.  #runningproblems #mypeople #summersucks

-We have a new guy at work who is really nice and fits in with the team and whatever crap you're supposed to say nice about the new guy before you say something possibly offensive... buttttt when we're in meetings, the only thing I can hear is his breathing.  He is a heavy guy, so that is part of it, but holy fuck dude.  You're KILLING me with your breathing sounds.  #takeitdownalevel #notamouthbreather

-Dear girls with big boobies, wearing a strapless dress with a regular bra is unacceptable unless your bra is covered with a sweater or something.  I understand wanting the girls to be supported, but you look trashy with your bra hanging out.  I know, people do it with swim suits all the time.  It's a double standard.. I know, I know.. but it's inappropriate, so fix yourself.  Also, if you're white and you're wearing a white bra, people can still see it.  Same for if you're black wearing a black bra.  It's just a thing.  Most people aren't blind.  #theamountofclassisoverwhelming

-I know that two spaces after a period is soooo out of fashion these days, but as I was reading Hyperbole and a Half and there was only 1 space between the periods and it was difficult for me to find my place if I got lost.  #twospacesisbetterthanone
-Teh Sister and I sometimes have conversations in only facial expressions.  This is problematic when we aren't occupying the same space so we have to send chat selfies to make our point.  Example:

-On Monday, I just so happened to be in the bathroom at the same time as 2 other women.  I announce this because it's very rare that anyone else is in there with me and to lead to my point.  One of the women finished at the same time as me, so we were both washing our hands at the same time.  No big deal.  Until I watched her get soap all over the counter.  Now our soap dispenser isn't a difficult machine to use.  Put your fingers under it and push with the heel of your hand.  I don't even know what this lady was doing, I could see her pushing but it's like her fingers were nubs and she couldn't catch the soap.  It was very strange.  I made sure to give her the stare down as I managed to catch all the soap in my hand when I pushed the lever.  #itsnotbrainsurgerypeople

-I have a huge announcement to make, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow.  I'm horrible, I know, but trust me, it's worth coming back for.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Panna Cotta

I've posted a few times about panna cotta on Teh Blog.  The first time I had it was Labor Day weekend 2014 and I've been craving it ever since.  I was sure it was going to be difficult.  I looked up recipes a few months later and I got overwhelmed at the mention of gelatin.  I gave up the idea for a while.  Then one day I really wanted some freakin' panna cotta so I looked up all the recipes I could find and decided to mix and match to make the easiest one.

A pretty picture of panna cotta I didn't make. (Source)

I wanted to share my recipe with you since it's UNBEARABLY easy to make.  Seriously.  Stupid easy.  I've made it twice and didn't make it the same way and it still turned out perfectly both times.

I scoured the internet for panna cotta recipes and finally settled on this one since it seemed to have the most information on everything panna cotta and so many options to make it easier.  Some of the directions are straight from that link.


1.5 cups half and half
1.5 cups heavy whipping cream
1 packet of gelatin
1/3 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
little bit of salt


1.  Pour the half and half into a pot.  Empty the gelatin pack on the milk relatively evenly BUT DO NOT STIR!  The gelatin will start to get a bit wrinkly after about 5ish minutes.
2.  Turn on the stove to low heat to slowly heat the milk and finish dissolving the gelatin, stirring "frequently" (which I took to mean constantly).  The mixture should NOT boil or simmer.  If the mix starts to steam, remove it from the heat.  After about 2 minutes, check to see if the gelatin is dissolved by rubbing some of the mix between your fingers to make sure it's smooth or dip a spoon in the mixture and check for granules.
3.  After the gelatin is dissolved, add the sugar and dissolve, stirring frequently.  The process of dissolving the gelatin and sugar shouldn't take more than 5ish minutes.
4.  Remove the mixture from the heat and add heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and salt.  Mix together.
5.  Pour into whatever containers you've set aside for your panna cotta.  I was super classy and used mugs because a ramekin is something I neither comprehend or own.
6.  Let the panna cotta set in the fridge.
7.  Eat your delicious noms.


  • The notes on the source explain that she sometimes uses half and half for both the milk and whipping cream so it doesn't separate.  I use half and half instead of milk because I didn't want to have to deal with the possibility of separation with the milk and heavy whipping cream since we only have 1% milk in the house.
  • The last batch I doubled and my pot was too small.  So bigger is better when trying to contain liquid.  One would think this is common sense, but nothing about me in the kitchen makes much sense.
  • I've messed the original directions up both times.  The first time, I stirred in the gelatin to bloom it.  Oops.  It still bloomed just fine.  The second time, I bloomed the gelatin on top of the milk, but when I stirred in the gelatin, I also stirred in the sugar.  It still was fine.  I did at least wait till the end to stir in the whipping cream and vanilla.
  • The original recipe calls for greasing the ramekins but I skip this because I'm not classy in anyway and just eat my panna cotta straight from the mug instead of proudly displaying it on a plate or some classy shit that classy bitches do.
  • I topped the panna cotta with sweetened strawberries.  I actually could have just used the strawberry juice from the strawberry mix, because I felt like my strawberries were just getting in the way of my panna cotta.  
  • I calculated the nutritional content (at the end) because I'm glutton for punishment and really I just needed to find out how many calories were in each cup so I could know how many cups a day I could eat.. DON'T JUDGE ME.  I learned I needed to limit myself to ONE cup per day.
  • I usually make this before bed/after dinner so that way it can set overnight and I'm not tempted to check it all the day long.
  • I'm definitely not a professional food photographer... don't judge these photos, just be proud that I took them for you before I ate all the panna cotta.

It tastes way better than it looks in my photos!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Review {6/22}

Why can't blogs just write themselves?  I need a transponder in my head that automatically just generates my thoughts into blog posts.  That would save me SO MUCH TIME!!!


After a short day on Friday, I headed to the gym.  The repair place had called to tell me Mike was ready for pickup, so Mr. Scrooge and I headed over around 3:30 to pick him up.  Much joy was had from Mike the full-blood Prince (if you're not getting my half-blood references, I'm sorry for you).  Mr. Scrooge doubted my time estimation (an hour +/- 15ish minutes) and I was spot.freakin.on.  Be jealous of these mad time estimatin' skillz, ya'll.

There was kind of a rush because 1- it was going to rain/raining and 2- Mr. Scrooge was supposed to have a makeup softball game at 6.  We made it back home by 4:45 and I was all, "BOOM BITCHES!  IN YO FACE!"  (Ok, so I maybe didn't say these exact words, but Mr. Scrooge can validate that I might have said, "told you so," when he tried to point out how long it had taken.  Beech please.)  On our way back home, we did get caught in the rain, which was a good time for this girl, who has never had to drive a motorcycle ever in the rain.  It wasn't so bad, I was extra cautious and fortunately, it was never more than a heavy drizzle.  It was so hot that I was dry by the time we got home.

Due to seeing the lightning (which definitely lit the fire under my ass to get home as quickly (abet safely) as possible), Mr. Scrooge and I both assumed his game was cancelled.  There's this nazi lady who is in charge of the fields/something and she is the enforcer of all the rules, to include no pets in the ball area and all members of the team definitely having the proper ID to be able to play.  Really lady?  It's intramural dudes softball, relax.  If Phil and Meri had been being obnoxious, I would have seen kicking them out, but they weren't, so I didn't really understand that other than the fact that I had blatantly ignored the signs that said no pets when we walked through the gates.  I should have just lied and said they were service animals.

Moving on, obviously not bitter at all about that mess, we hung out at home for the evening.  Mr. Scrooge stayed up doing whatever he does on Friday nights and I went to bed at normal time after soe reading because I was exhausted.

PS.  I really missed Mike Wazowski.  More than I anticipated.


When the dogs roused at whatever time it was, I wasn't interested in moving.  Earplugs + flexeril really make for a Megan that doesn't really get bothered, so I rolled right back over and went back to sleep.  I woke up when I heard Mr. Scrooge get up to feed the beasts and I had all the sleeps to get back to so I was unconcerned.  I woke up at 0715 and Mr. Scrooge was still gone and I considered getting up and going on a run then I was like, "hahah funny Megan, just be a lazy ass and enjoy having the whole bed to yourself," then I went back to sleep.  I repeated this process on and off for the next 1.5 hours until finally I guilted myself into getting up just so I could beat the Saturday shopping crowds since I had to go by Target and possibly the grocery store and Victoria's Secret.

I got ready and finally emerged from the bedroom to find Mr. Scrooge asleep on the couch and the dogs were no where to be found.  He hadn't let them back inside after they ate, oops.  They were obviously fine other than the lack of human contact they'd had for what must have seemed like a life-time based on their reaction to being let back inside.  I tried to print out coupons, but my printer hates me and I used up my 3 tries so I had "reached my limit" on the coupons I was trying to print, which really pissed me off because I would have been saving about $10, which is a lot when you're only spending $50ish.  This wouldn't have really been an issue if there was more than one laptop in this house, which is totally a first world problem, but dammit seriously.  I'm not used to only having 1 computer in the house after living with Teh Bear and Teh MD Roomies.  I mean, technically my broke laptop is somewhere in the house, but I was too frustrated at that moment to consider that option.  Next time...

I headed to Target, list in hand.  On the way there, I was being a moron and rear-ended someone.  I saw the light turn green and there weren't brake lights, so I left off my brake and then that overly-loud sound of plastic bumping into each other occurred and I almost had a fucking heart attack in Yurtle because this is the first time I've hurt her like this.. and because I rear-ended someone and I really don't want to have to pay for another bumper for someone (I paid for a bumper when I was 17 because some assholes insisted I had messed up this girls bumper when I backed into her (I didn't) but it was still a $750 lesson since she had a souped-up (do the kids still call it that these days?) super awesome Dodge Neon. /rolleyes #yepstillbitter).

The dude ended up being pretty cool about it, thank Allah.  As soon as I came to from the spike in my heart rate, I pointed to the right so he would pull off the road into the mall parking lot since we had been in the middle lane of traffic.  Despite only wanting to check on Yurtle, I immediately got out of my car and checked on his car and waited on him to get out of the car so I could ask if he was ok, that's what adults do, right?  I think I got it right, because he nodded.  He was on the phone (and I'm thinking, "How rude!") so he was doing the 2 conversations at once thing, but he had to keep repeating everything he was saying to the person on the phone, at which point I realized it was the 911 operator, he had called the police and I'm like, well fuck, might as well stop acting overly concerned now.  I went and checked Yurtle, who was fine.

He was more concerned about getting to work on time, he explained as I walked back to his car.  There was a slight scuff mark where I'd tapped him, but nothing obvious.  The officer showed up and checked both cars and told us that we could handle it between ourselves and I was so relieved.  I offered to exchange info with the dude and what that went down the office explained that she had rear-ended someone twice in the last few months, once in her personal vehicle and once in her police vehicle.  I understood that she was sympathizing, but the dude had actually said, "I honestly won't worry about it if I can get to work on time."  I let him send a text to his phone from mine so he had my number if his bumper ended up falling off or something, but I'm praying still that he'll wash his car and the scuffs will come off.  We both admitted that we definitely needed to wash our cars.  We got back on the road within 10 minutes of the accident occurring and he was able to pull into AT&T right at 10, so I'm hoping that means his phone auto deletes messages older than 30 days or something so my phone number is lost.  Also, his name was Chris and he worked at AT&T and if you know anything about the Ex-Fiance you will find great amusement in this coincidence.

I enjoyed a satisfactory smores frappuccino for breakfast, something I'd been holding out for all week, since I knew I was going to Target this weekend.  I was able to pick up everything on my list at Target, which meant no grocery store run, woot!  I stopped by VS on my way back home to do a cluster fuck of returns.  I had ordered 3 sports bras in bright pink, which I already have since that seems to be the only color VS wants to make in my size in that style, so I could lock in the cheap price.  $29.50 and $33 instead of $55?  Yes please.  I was able to do an even exchange for different colors and return some of the bras that were nos.

In creepy Megan status, I asked the VS cashier where she got her hair cut since it was similar to mine and apparently no one gets their hair cut in Charleston.  She was apparently a student at USC in Columbia, so she got it done there.  FML.  Also, I leered in the Planet Fitness windows so hard I'm sure people were thinking, "Take a picture, it lasts longer!"  Really, I just wanted to check out the equipment and size of the gym.  The base gym is really, REALLY pushing my limits.  Knee sweat, Gentle Readers, is NEVER ok inside (especially if all you're doing is the elliptical, I mean lets get real here).

As I headed back home, I made a quick stop at the butcher for steaks and then went home.  Mr. Scrooge agreed to go out for lunch at a place called The Junction Kitchen and Provisions.  Teh Teacher Assistant had posted photos of her lunch there a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to try it since.  After lunch, we rode out to BFE and then came back home.  Honestly, I have no idea where Mr. Scrooge took us.  I do know that we went through Summerville because Mr. Scrooge stopped at Walmart and I was so freakin' hot that I wanted to slay him for not just going to straight home but he was going to stop at Starbucks and something about the wrong side of the road.  I was so hot and sweaty I had zero fucks to give about where he wanted to go.  THEN he insisted on getting a drink... and not like a 20oz from the front of the store, no no no.. a freakin' BOTTLE of juice from the furthest end of the store from where we'd parked.

I became nicer as I cooled off, but seriously, Charleston "spring" is teaching me that hotgry is a thing, a very, very serious thing.  Also, it makes me glad I'm not currently in Bahrain because it's Ramadan right now ad the hotgry is real over there too.  It was also real in GTMO, the detainees would get more aggressive because they would fast and it was hot and miserable.  Hotgry is as much of a thing as hanger is.  #truth

The only place we could find to sit was the bench where people come in/out, and I didn't even care I was so tired and annoyed.  I quickly realized the people watching was on point.  After Mr. Scrooge finished most of his BOTTLE of green tea, we finally went back to the bikes and headed home.  I immediately came home and took a shower.  Hot, sweaty Megan is just smelly and rude and ragey at the world.

After a delightful nap, I roasted a butternut squash while Mr. Scrooge grilled chicken for dinner.  We topped the squash with black beans and creamed corn (only because Mr. Scrooge opened the wrong can) and I also added cheese and cilantro to mine.  I'm on this huge cilantro kick lately.  Not sure why, but it's delicious and I can't help myself from eating all of it.  #Iacceptmyweirdness

I finally admitted to Mr. Scrooge that I'd rather watch X-Files over watching him try to pick out a movie for an hour and that it made me pretty ragey when he did it because it reminded me of Teh Bear who used to do exactly the same thing.  Granted, I've done it before too, but I was home alone and no one else had to deal with my insanity.  The audience makes all the difference.

So X-Files it was while we ate dinner.  I ended up staying up pretty late writing blog posts (yay for things planned) because of my evening nap, but when it was time for bed, I was out, out, out.


Again, I had no concerns in the world about the dogs when they woke up at stupid early o'clock.  Mr. Scrooge actually got up and fed them and let them out AND back in then came back to bed.  I woke up later and checked all my phone things (instagram, timehop, FB, email/messages) and then decided to be motivated and take the dogs out before it got too hot.

I walked the dogs 2 miles while talking to Teh Dad and then came back and hosed them down to help them cool down faster.  Based on Meri's reaction, you'd think that she was going to melt from getting wet.  I didn't have anything to dry them off with, and despite several shakes, she still had to come in and fervently rub herself all over all of the living room furniture because water is of the devil.  Phil is used to being hosed down after his races, so he doesn't fight me like she does.  He just tolerates it in the same way he tolerates everything else, "Just finish this horrible thing already, ok?"

I was going to make breakfast, but Mr. Scrooge suggested going out to get breakfast (which meant going on a ride), so I told him that was fine but he had to pick a place.  This is a big deal because Mr. Scrooge almost never picks the place.  He started to be whiny about it and I finally said that I had picked the place Saturday morning so he was picking today.  He did good.  He picked a place called Red Drum in Mount Pleasant.  He knew that it had Mexican-y things on the brunch menu, which was the ticket for me.  Otherwise, he had no idea about the place and we judged from the cars in the parking lot, we could be paying a lot to eat here.  It really wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't ordered 2 biscuits which cost $4.50 (BUT WERE TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY) and Mr. Scrooge's coffee hadn't been $3 (wtf? since my sweet tea was only $1.50).  The food was good and the biscuits were the best I've had that weren't actually homemade but tasted exactly like it, but I still hold that the best huevos rancheros is from Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Top: Quail and sausage and cheesy grits
Bottom: Huevos rancheros

Adding butter and strawberry jam?  There was no time for picture before I inhaled that bitch.

After we left Red Drum, we headed to Palmetto Armory because I'm still interested in buying the CORRECT gun.  We had the debate if they were open or not, and it turned out they were despite looking like they weren't.  When we went in, I immediately asked for the Ruger Mark III Target and was informed that they didn't have any and couldn't order them.  I was disappointed, but whatever.  I was willing to look around, but I really wanted to look at the Ruger case and some family was standing in front of it being shown some stupid rifle thing that only someone in SC could buy because you can buy any type of firearm in this state.  Seriously though, I have no idea what kind of gun it was.  I was obviously trying to look in that case and they refused to move.  The sales dude didn't even bother to move either.  I wanted to smack him in the face with the butt of the gun.  After stepping away, my rage wasn't abating in anyway so we finally left.

I know that the gun I buy will be the Ruger Mark III Target.  It's what I've wanted for the last year and some stupid bitch fucked it up once already and I'm still bitter.  I know that if I don't get the Mark III Target, whatever I get will NOT be the same and I'll still want the Target.  So why bother getting a different gun when I know exactly what I want?

We left the gun place and Mr. Scrooge took me to his favorite bendy/challenge road "that someone always crashes on."  Yep, whatever you're thinking is probably what I was thinking too, but then I'm like, "Ok, lets go."  When we got back on the road, my rage mostly dissipated.  Mr. Scrooge was very safe despite the scary road.  He signaled to me when to slow down for the 15mph turns and when to avoid the potholes/rough road sections.  It wasn't an overly fun ride, I just enjoy being out and moving, where he likes to go around the sharp bends and go fast, but I did enjoy being somewhere new.  I was super sore when we got home because holding the throttle is seriously hard work when your arms are this short.

When we got home, I showered and started the laundry while Mr. Scrooge mowed the yard and planted more grass seed.  I also finally sorted through over 2000 photos and put them into their proper folders on my computer instead of just letting them build up over and over and over.  They still need some more filtering (and going through to delete the crap photos), but it's better than it was AND my dropbox is cleared out again.

We had the steaks for dinner and watched X-Files.  I joined the hangout for the Cyber Book Club and waited about 10 minutes before finally giving up because no one else showed up.  Faillllllll.  I really had a lot to rage about Spinster because I felt like it was the ultimate let down.  I had such high hopes and I was crushed.

Overall, an excellent weekend.  Saturday kinda felt like Sunday so when Sunday came it was like a bonus free day.  It was awesome to feel so rested and like I had all this extra time for things and activities!  lol

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Sweats #2


AM: After a rough dog night and still being in Fayettenam with zero workout clothes and a 0900 hair appointment, no working out was done.  I was not sorry.

PM: Nope.

Noodles was doing an ab workout for me before I left because he's such a sweet nephdawg.


AM:  I should have gotten up to run, but I was le tired, so I slept in.

PM:  50 mins on the elliptical (4.79 miles).  It was hot and miserable inside the gym so I moved a fan that wasn't being used to blow me (hehehe) while I was getting my workout on.  I did at least put it to oscilate so others nearby could also enjoy the breeze.  When I was done, I turned it to the lady behind me on the treadmill who is also a regular and I'm sure I was making that exact same face as she did when the breeze hit her.  I wanted to do some core stuff, but it was too hot and there were too many people so I just went home.


AM: 4.25 mile run (10:18m/m).  Drug my very sleepy ass out of the bed and went running since I didn't go yesterday and the rule is 2 workouts the day before is the exception.  See, I AM a rule follower.  Who knew.  I'm not even sad about that pace for 2 reasons.  I had worked out the day before AND it was almost 80 degrees at 0530.  Charleston needs to get it's shit together because that is unsat.  I'm sure I'm going to be the one that is disappointed since I'm the one that moved to the real South.  Apparently for 29 years I've just been kidding myself that I'm from "the South."  Being at a higher elevation helped mitigate all the miserableness that is the real South..

PM: I worked from home in the afternoon because a Comcast tech was finally coming to troubleshoot our stupid cable/internet problems (fingers crossed shit stays fixed).  Due to this disruption of my regular schedule, I ended up taking a nap instead of going to the gym.  #itwasglorious

Yeah this is what working from home looks like.
Do not judge my FB-ing, there was documentation up too!
Also, my dogs make the best coworkers, even if they are more distracting.


AM: 2.04 miles (12m/m).  Mr. Scrooge had asked me 8:30 Tuesday night to take the dogs on a walk (because their excitement when he goes out the front door makes him feel guilty.. I'm completely immune) and it was all I could do not to laugh in his face.  I instead compromised and agreed to take them on an excursion this morning.  Phil ran/walked .75 miles and I dropped him off knowing he wasn't going to be able to handle running more than that.  Then Meri and I continued on our merry (hehehe) way for the remaining 1.25 miles.  We would have went further, but I noticed she started to slow down.  After she dropped a pretty nice looking poop (sorry if you're not a doggy person that doesn't appreciate dog poop formations), she obviously felt lighter and wanted to drag me down the street.  Since we were already on our way home we just kept going.  She needs some work to become a running partner, but I'm willing to work with her.

PM: 33 minutes on the elliptical (3.05 miles).  Copying my protocol from Monday, I acquired a fan and pointed it straight at me and didn't even bother to oscillate it.  Nope, still too hot in the gym for me to share.  Seriously, that mess needs to be fixed or I'm about to start paying for a gym membership somewhere.  Between my knees sweating due to lack of AC and the smell, I'm over what I get for free with my military ID.  I also did some lunges/squats/core/arms stuffs.
Short session because Mr. Scrooge had a softball game at 6 and I was a sub if they needed a person.  Thankfully I did not have to play and instead was able to accomplish some work.  I should have added some extra calories burned to my day for sweating my ass off in the 90 mabillionty degrees while Mr. Scrooge played ball.

I didn't have time to shower between my workout and the game, which is probably good since I was just as drenched from sitting there as I was from my workout.
Also, who is the best sunglasses holder GF ever?  That'd be me.
PS this face was the selfie I sent to Teh MD Adult Roomie to express how I felt about being surrounded by 8 children, 4 of them under the age of 1.


AM: Nope.

PM: 18:20 on the elliptical (1.75 miles).  Honestly, nothing about me wanted to work out all the day long.  I did a short session because I didn't have a headband so my hair was all in my face and Teh Flamin' Kindle was dead and I was being subjected to Charleston shooting news and ESPN channels.  The fact that I didn't just walk out immediately after I discovered my Kindle was dead was a miracle.


AM: 2.2 miles (9:42m/m).  I still wasn't really in the mood to workout, but I went anyways.  After starting, I committed to also taking the dogs out since I was only doing a "short" run.  After my solo run, Phil and Meri and I did 1.07 miles at a 12m/m walk/jog.  Meri really needs some leash practice.  Despite my running a few bunnies off when I was alone, Meri still picked up on them, which meant that once she was aware, Phil was aware and I'm sure I scared the bejesus out of some guy who was just trying to load his car.  Oops.

PM: 50 minutes on the elliptical (4.84 miles).  I had to make up for the extreme lethargy I'd been experiencing.  I also did


AM: Nope.

PM: Mr. Scrooge and I took out Mike and Clifford on a date and it was extremely hot so I'd at least call it a sweat session with some core work, even though not a traditional workout.  When we got home, Mr. Scrooge checked the mail and my new hippy runner headbands had arrived.  Suuuuuuper fast shipping was awesome, it probably also helped that they were shipped from Myrtle Beach.  Since cutting my hair, I've been having to wear bandannas since the headbands I have are thin and mostly inefficient at holding my hair out of my face during my workouts.  I'm pumped to use these and I really hope they stay in place.  I ordered 4, but only because I had a buy 1, get 1 free code I found on a FB ad.  I'll research this and get back to you. (I didn't get paid for that, but if they wanted to pay me, I'd accept).

I didn't really accomplish the goals of laps or acquiring a bike or yoga, but they will happen.  August is comin'.  I did try to incorporate some yoga stretches after my workouts, so I give myself 1/4 credit on that goal.


Running: 9.56 miles
Elliptical: 14.43 miles
Etc: some core/lunges/squads/arms work, yoga stretching, a super sweaty ride on Mike.


Acquire a bike, seriously.
Do some laps at the pool (this would probably be better than my knees sweating in the cardio room).
Yoga video, just do it, Megan, not that hard.
Continue running/afternoon gym sessions.
Don't beat myself up over not wanting to work out.  *This one is incredibly difficult for me for some stupid reason.

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