Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Confessions {5/31}

Today's confession: I am busy at work and with life to actually write a full post.  
Expect more of the same for Friday.

My surgery is tomorrow and I have approximately a mabillionty things to do/remember between now and 0800 tomorrow when they put me under for my surgery.
I appreciate all your positive thoughts, vibes, prayers, and general thinkin's about my hip and I.

For your sacrifice, my Gentle Readers shall receive a Snap selfie. 
You're welcome.

Teh German says it's creepy when I make my eyes do this.
That's when I like to switch which eye is crossed on him or make it roll around.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weekend Review {5/29}


Part of my goal for the week before my surgery was to ride Bagheera as often as possible.  To work towards that goal, I rode to work on Friday morning.  Work passed slowllllyyy.  At the end of the day, I got tasked, which was fine since I planned to work over the weekend anyways.  I left the office around 2:30ish and went to see Teh German at work.  I needed a large envelope and he'd forgotten to bring one home all week, so I just went to fetch it.

After stopping by the post office to mail a book back to it's owner, I headed home to release the beasts.  Eventually, I mixed up a beverage and headed to the pool to hang out with the Neighbor Besties.  I called Teh German on my walk to the pool and told him I was going to the pool and he should join us when he got home.  Before he walked down, I called and asked him to bring some refills for our beverages.  Best Fiance' ever delivered.  After being at the pool for several hours, it was finally dinner time and I had no plans for dinner.  Teh German said that sammiches were fine, so that's what we had.

By this point, I was super drunk.  That was not a deterrent from taking the dogs over to Teh PT House for smoking hour.  I finally got to play with the new hookah toys Teh PT Wife ordered.  Hookah really is like a science experiment.  We finally had it figured out and we changed it up.  No matter.  We have plenty of time to figure it out. 

Max and Pax

My "good" picture of Meri being adorable, curled up in front of the door.
I was 'rrrrrruuuunnnnnnnnkkkkkkk.


We didn't get up until 1030 on Saturday morning.  I wasn't in a rush since I needed to recover some.  I had warned Teh German earlier in the week that I had wanted to accomplish some cleaning over the weekend.  I made a list while we ate breakfast and then we finally set about tackling the cleaning.  I gave Teh German the task of dusting and cleaning the bathrooms.  I took on vacuuming the entire house and swiffering the floors. 

We took a break when Teh Dad called and it took some cajoling to get motivated again.  In addition to the floors, I also had to clean the rugs since I found a pee spot at the front door and I yelled at Phil even though it could have been Pax. 

After we finished cleaning, I headed to the pool with the neighbors and Teh German stayed home to have some alone time to nap and watch YouTube videos.  While at the pool, we all decided to go to Community Pizza House for dinner.  Another opportunity to ride was not passed up.

Cleaning bathrooms sinks and watching YouTube videos is exhausting.


Fritters and brussel sprouts


Bagheera hit 1000 miles when we got home.

When we got home, I discovered that Teh German hadn't cleaned the toilets and almost lost my damn mind.  I tried very hard to yell nicely, but "Maybe I just forgot" didn't sit well with me after I had busted my ass for over 3 hours vacuuming and "mopping" and cleaning carpets.  Especially since cleaning all 2.5 bathrooms in our house takes me about an hour and a half... that's including cleaning the tubs/showers, which he didn't have to do!  #RAGE  Teh German reminded me, "I dusted, too!"  Oh yeah.  Another 15-30 minute task. 

I took the 5 minutes to clean the toilets that hadn't been cleaned and left to go to Teh PT Neighbor's house for hookah.  Teh German, again, stayed home.  The adult beverage I had prepared helped simmer my rage.  I got home around 1230 and was finally in the bed by 01.


I was still extremely pissed at Teh German so I didn't sleep well or much at all.  When I woke up at 0500, I tried to go back to sleep, but was unsuccessful, so I got up and did several hours of work.  It was awesome!  I got so much accomplished.  I also cleaned up my office and made a list of frames I need to print photos for and a list of prints that need frames.

When we had planned pizza the night before, we had also planned brunch at Graze in Summerville (we've been to the Mount Pleasant location).  Another opportunity to ride was taken.  We met Teh Neighbors at noon.  As expected, the food was delicious.  I didn't appreciate such a horrible wait for our food considering the restaurant wasn't at capacity.

We finally decided to leave around 2:15, after Teh PT Wife made sure she got her unlimited mimosas money worth.  When we got home, I knew that I needed a nap to survive Teh SC German and Teh SC Teacher's wedding that night.  In a poor planning move, I didn't check out the directions/map to the venue, I just knew that it was "outside of Summerville."  Well, "outside of Summerville" turned into "almost to 95" which is about 45 minutes away.  FML.  I was able to sleep for about 20 minutes and then it was time to get ready. 

Of course, as soon as my alarm goes off, Teh German goes into the bathroom to also get ready.  I waited on him to get in the shower, but he kept doing other grooming things, so finally I said I couldn't wait on him to shower anymore and got in.  I knew when he hadn't showered first that we would be leaving later than I had wanted.  I told myself not to get stressed about it, which did very little to help me stress less.

I had wanted to leave at 3:45 and we left at 4.  Still enough time to get there in time, but cutting it close with traffic.  We ended up making it around 4:50.  Smartly, Teh German didn't say anything about the time or being late to me.  I was still pretty stabby on Sunday after the toilet debacle and was trying not to be, but was mostly successful when I just didn't speak to Teh German.

When we got to the wedding and started hanging out with everyone, Teh German relaxed.  I felt the shift and was grateful and was instantly less stabby towards him.  He knew most of the people at the wedding and he was more social with "strangers" than I'd ever seen him.  To him, they weren't actually strangers, but he had left me with a friend while he talked to other people I'd never met. 

Some Sailor Jerry, "just in case."

With Christy our wedding planner!

Dem smooth moves...

We had a blast at the wedding.  I knew better, but danced the night away.  We got to also hang out with our wedding planner.  We were able to be of service when the beer coolers needed a ride back to civilization and they hitched a ride with us.  When we got home at 1100, we grabbed the dogs and then headed to Teh PT House for a night smoke (btw, this means a cigar for Teh German and hookah for me, just to clarify).


We woke up around noon, but lounged in the bed until about 12:45.  We had zero plans and zero motivation.  Teh German had partied hard at the wedding, enjoying one of his favorite beers that he gets in the US (Molson, made in Canada) so he was in no hurry to get out of bed and I was making up for missed hours.  Teh Mom called and we chatted for a bit while Teh German and I continued to lay in the bed.  Hunger eventually motivated us to get out of bed, of course.  I had granola bars in the headboard, but we were hungry for more than that.  Yes, I keep granola bars in the headboard.  That's not weird, right?

Cheese stick stand off.  Neither wanted the brand new chews I gave them.  They both wanted the mostly chewed cheese stick.  Meri was pouting.  This lasted about 20 minutes until Pax walked away and Meri jumped up and stole the cheese.  Then Pax started pouting and trying to stand over Meri to make her give it back.  Silly beasts.

After eating, I pulled out a puzzle I obtained from work and started working on it.  Teh German helped me sort out the edge pieces and start putting together the edge.  When he started making his frustrated noises, I told him it was ok to take a break and he went to the couch for some YouTubes.  Teh PT Wife came over and picked up her new speaker that I had ordered for her on Friday night (yay for Prime!) and right before dinner Teh SC German and Teh SC Teacher/Newlyweds came by to pick up their coolers of beer.

I had planned for dinner (mostly so we'd have lunch on Tuesday), which was a first for the weekend.  I did chicken in the crockpot and red cabbage.  After dinner, Teh German did the dishes and I prepped dog breakfast and we sat down and watched some Modern Family.  Around 9, I said "no mas" and it was time to go upstairs.


It was an excellent, much needed, long weekend.  We partied hard and still had a day to relax and prep for a short week.  Today feels like Monday and tomorrow will be "Friday".  Surgery is on Thursday.  Based on my pain over the last 2 days, the surgery can't come soon enough.  I'm ready to be getting better already.

I have approximately a mabillionty things I need to take care of before Wednesday night...
  • Target returns
  • Get hip equipment (brace, cooling system, circulation boots, etc) from Steve (who has so far called once last week and said he would call me back and didn't.  I have a feeling with try to steamroll me on Weds.)
  • go to the grocery store
  • drop off 2 dresses at the neighbor who is hemming my dresses for me.
  • drop off a card at another neighbor's house (which I should make Teh German do, since it was his idea to send a card and I refuse to mail something to someone who lives on our street).
  • Walmart returns
  • laundry
  • Pack walks!
  • shave my legs
  • practice using my crutches
I also need to visit The Chiro and I'll be getting a massage on Weds.  I figure that being in alignment will help with the surgery and I'm not sure if I'll be able to be adjusted after the surgery.  

Here's to a "short" week and being productive and not having a breakdown before Thursday morning!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Five on Friday #109


It's been one of those weeks at work that I just want to pull a Milton (from Office Space).

Between all my work being lost because some techs have no comprehension of version control (and that multiple individuals working on the same document is NOT conducive to me doing my job), spilling someone else's dayS old coffee on myself, and a general "over all this shit" attitude because I'm exhausted from not sleeping well, I'm hurting from my hip, and I've just got a lot of balls rolling at once, I'm done.

I'm trying to prep for surgery next week and accomplish all.the.things.  I've been trying to ask Teh German for help doing small tasks that are simple (put the suitcases away, pull dog blankets from the dryer, help me with the laundry, etc).  It's difficult to not micro-manage for me, but I'm making attempts.

This week I accomplished getting my pre-op labs completed and picking up my medication/prescriptions that I will need post-surgery.  I'm working with the people who are delivering my "gear" (to include a hip brace, cooling contraption, and sexy space boots to massage my calves so I don't get blood clots from being sedentary).  Teh German also talked me into ordering a super awesome rail system for the toilet because I'm 90 I won't be able to stand up on my own at first and he doesn't want to help me in the bathroom wants to keep some mystery between us.  Truthfully, I'm sure we'll both be happier with him not helping me when I go business and both of us will be less embarrassed.

I want to do some cleaning (use the vacuum (not Roomy), bathrooms, kitchen counters/knobs/stove, dusting, and in an ideal world, mop the floors (hahahahahaahah)) this weekend and I'll ensure all the laundry is caught up by Wednesday evening.  These are lofty goals, but I have already warned Teh German...

I also would like to meal plan for next week early in the weekend so I can accomplish the grocery store visit, if necessary, over the weekend, thus eliminating another task and stress from next week.  How adult of me.  Blech.


Pax and Meri have been doing well this week.  After their one confrontation, everything seems to have settled.  Meri is letting him approach her again, which is good.

We took Pax to the vet on Wednesday and they told us he had hookworms. They weren't pleased when we left without medication.  I knew that Pax had some sort of worm medication at home that I had forgotten to bring, as well as his entire binder that contained his shot records, so I wasn't about to spend the extra money on medication I knew we didn't need.

This was also the 4th time the vet has introduced himself to me as if we've never met before.  I just cannot with that.  We'll probably be switching vets for our next visits to the vet that we last went to with Phil.  I didn't over love them when we moved to Charleston, but I think I like them better now that I've been to other vets in the area.  That, and I'm still impressed that the vet was able to not stab herself or Phil when he was seizing.

We're on a pretty consistent schedule and we've been on pack walks every day since we got back from MD.  He peed in the house Thursday morning and there was a poop present for us on Tuesday.  Siiiiiigh.  #newpuppyproblems  Nonetheless, he's here to stay and he's growing on me.  Almost literally since he always seems to be right in front of me whenever I turn around.  If he's not in front of me, he's leaning on one of my legs.  He can never get enough affection.

Bully stick time!
No snarking happened, so I'm calling it a success for our first round.

The real issue now seems to be Teh German.  He keeps waking up in the middle of the night anytime he hears anything (usually Pax's foot scratching against the wall because he has zero concept of how big he actually is), which wakes me up.  Last night there were 3 sleep interruptions.  If people are smart, they won't cross me today. 


From the phone:


If Gloria (Modern Family) can wear them.. I can totally pull them off too.

Signs from Philbo.

They may be a Boston fan...

With poop!


After my pre-op appt, Teh German suggested Willie Jewell's for dinner.
Don't tease this girl with a good time.

A huge mf-in chain, I assume from one of the many ships that came through the CHS harbor.

German isn't on here.  Weellllll then.

Saw a rebate on Ibotta for these babies.  #noregrets

Teh German came with me for Pax's first vet appointment.
I'm only seeing positives about Pax being "his" dog.

There was an Ibotta rebate for this thing too.
The Milka chocolate is delicious, but overall, it's just meh.
How about Milka+Reese's... That's what I'm talkin' aboutttttttt.


From the internet/Random shit: 

This isn't an affiliate link, but I do get $$ if you sign up and use it.  This week I got $6 back on things I bought ($3 spent on items I wouldn't normally buy but was tempted into) at the grocery store through the Ibotta app.  Seriously though, there's no excuse not to use it.  I got $0.25 for buying apples, $0.25 for buying green beans, $0.25 for buying bananas, $0.50 for that Oreo candy bar, $2 back for buying the Bolthouse Farms protein shakes I like to drink for breakfast (making them $1 instead of $2+), and $1 for the tea I love.  You take a pic of your receipt, you scan the items (with barcodes) and voila, $$ to you. 

Do you even (shirt) Woot, bro?  I've bought 2 shirts in the last week and I'm considering buy the father figure one for a father's day gift for Teh Dad, except I'm afraid he'd try to wear it to the wedding and I'd have to unleash Bridezilla on him.. and we just don't need that.

I did some wedding pinning.  It comes in spurts (that's what she said), but that's better than nothing at all, I guess.  This bitch might just come together in the end... It's too bad more people aren't RSVPing yet. 

I think I'll be getting a massage before my surgery.  Loosening up my muscles will make surgery easier right?  Whatevs, do not curr.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Standing instead of sitting at work.
  2. Accomplishing tasks that need to be accomplished before my surgery.
  3. Pax re-figuring out the stairs.
  4. Wedding RSVPs.
  5. People on my street agreeing with my opinion regarding our neighborhood FB page and how people don't seem to know how to communicate effectively.  How to communicate on social media: Think to yourself, is this comment objective AND constructive/productive to the topic at hand?  I am responding out of a feeling (anger, jealousy, sadness, happiness, etc)?  Is my comment even relevant to the topic?  Am I commenting back to another commenter to voice my different opinion to contribute to the conversation in a helpful way?  #learn2communicateeffectively
  6. Riding Bagheera.
  7. My new mug from Universal.
  8. My Phil necklace.
  9. Lazy nights and watching Modern Family.
  10. Pack walks.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Confessions {5/24}

-My heart is still weeping from how awesome the Happily Ever After show was (the nighttime Disney show on the castle).  Seriously.  I need to see it again and again... and again.  #disneylife

-Pax attacking Meri really upset me.  Not enough to consider returning him, but enough to do some significant research on how to make dogs like each other.  I'm really hoping this is just a blip.  #helicopterparent

On the car ride from MD to SC.

-I'm starting to get nervous about my surgery.  The pre-op appointment yesterday did not help alleviate any stress.  Mostly I'm concerned with the ability to wipe my own ass.  #helplessisnotmyjam

-In the last week it has rained almost every day.  I love it.  #IknowImweird

-IDK why they installed the TP dispenser in the women's bathroom at work so low.  It's like someone picked an arbitrary spot on the wall and said, "yeah here."  Rather than sit on the toilet and make a logical decision where to place it.  #somepeopleskids

-I have a super long to-do list and I need to actually accomplish those things within the next week.  Ugggghhh.  #presurgerylife

-I don't think the new computer I received was supposed to be used for this purpose.. buttttt oh well.  While they raised my desk to standing height, it is still a few inches too short, so my keyboard needed some lift.  They can have the computer back on May 31st.  #notsorry

-Have I mentioned lately how much I love my People?  I do.  Seriously.  My greyhound/dog people are especially amazing.  When we got home from MD, there was a package waiting for me from Sprink, a necklace with Phil's ear tattoos on it.  I cried.  I love it so much.  I've worn it every day since.  It "matches" perfectly with the bracelet that Roux's Humom gave me with Phil's photos on it.

-To add to the Phil thing.  I've strongly considered getting Phil's number as an inner ear tattoo.  I haven't decided yet.

-When we got home from MD our flowers were blooming like crazy!  It's funny how little you notice when you see them every day!  Our passion flower vine is out of control!!!  I love it!

-This is a truck of magical happiness.  If you can't see it, it's the Amazon Prime truck.  This one is not on fire, thankfully.