Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Snowcation Recap 2 of 3

Sunday - 23

After photos and brunch, we headed to Denver.  Of course, The German had zero bad roads to deal with.  I think we crossed over one icy spot and that was it, compared to my drive to Steamboat which was 99% ice.  Le sigh.

We arrived to Denver and headed to our Host's house.  We stayed with some friends of mine, who I know through GEGR, who have greyhounds.  They moved to Denver before I left Pax River, but we've kept in touch over the years.  They had 11 greyhounds at their house while we were there (6 residents, 5 guests), which really helped me get in my pettins fix since Meri and Pax had been gone for a few weeks when we left for Colorado.

We moved our stuff in and socialized and petted dogs for a bit after we arrived, and finally went to bed since we were all exhausted.

Monday - 24

Christmas Eve and Day 1 in Denver.

I found a place for breakfast called Snooze and opted to do some brewery stops.  Unfortunately for us, the place I found for breakfast was SUPER popular, even on a holiday, even on a week day.  Ugh.  The location was at Union Station, so there was a bookstore we walked through and we also grabbed a coffee.  Within 2 minutes of sitting down to wait, I got the text that our table would be ready soon and we should head to the host station.  Well, okie dokie.

When we were in Steamboat Springs, there were 2 ladies on the shuttle with us to the hot springs.  Coincidentally, they also had brunch at the same restaurant.  We had also seen them in Steamboat Springs before we left.  We were each other's stalkers.  One of the ladies had silver/lavender hair, so it was very memorable, which is how we were able to recognize them.

After brunch, I mapped out some breweries for us to check out.  We hit up: Wynkoop, Jagged Edge Brewing, Great Divide Brewing, and Prost Brewing.  I did at least sample some beers.  Yep, still not my jam.

Water tap made me lol.

Silly selfies!

Prost was a German based brewery and our #1.  Their beer was so German that I had a Radler and enjoyed it!

Side note: Radler is similar to a Shandy. 

Drink like a German..
Teh German really appreciated this sign.

After day-drinking, we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  We arrived about 5 minutes before they were supposed to close and I felt like a real asshole.  I told the manager that if it was an issue, we would go somewhere else, and she just rolled her eyes.  Soooo, we stayed and ate as quickly as possible.  Teh German was pissed because he wasn't able to get a beer since last call had been 20 minute before we arrived.  We just had our waters and wings and left asap.  I was pleased that there was a family with several kids just getting their food when we were paying.  Karma bitch. 

Then, we headed back to the house.  We had agreed to go with our hosts to look at Christmas lights.  It was awesome.  There was a house that you could stop at, tune to a specific radio channel, and the lights went to the music.  It was EPIC.  I also really hope no one in our neighborhood gets that wild hair up their ass and wants to mimic this level of Christmas light show dedication.

This was not the epic house.
Just a house that we saw.

After we got back to the house, we watched some TV, then it was bedtime.

Tuesday - 25 - Christmas!

Christmas Day!  We spent the entire day being lazy AF, snuggling dogs, and watching TV.

Our hosts made breakfast and dinner which was super nice of them.  They finally opened the package I had mailed.  "Soda" or CHS local beers, no one knows, for the husband and a tumbler with a quote on it for the wife.


Free Front Feefs.

Christmas day selfie.

For real, that's all we did.

Wednesday - 26

It had been dreary in the AM, but I still wanted to head out and do things.  We opted for pizza at Beau Jo's, then headed down to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.

Let's talk about elevation for a minute.
Elevation is hard.

We had to climb a hundredty steps to get up to the performance area, then we went down to the stage, AND THEN.. we had to climb a mabillionty stairs to get back to the parking area to drive down to the hiking trail. 

FUCK stairs at elevation.
I had to stop no less than 3 times to climb ~75-100 stairs.  I kept reminding myself that I run half marathons for medals, like for FUN.  And I go to the gym regularly.  I'm not in bad shape.  BUT ELEVATION makes you think you might be.  LAWD.

After we huffed and puffed to the car, surprisingly we didn't die, we drove down to the gift shop, picked up a few stickers, then walked the trail, which was WAY less intimidating than the mabillionty stairs.  We only huffed, not puffed, which was nice.

Dat heart rate....
AND UP 35 FLIGHTS of stairs.

After our hike and all the photos for me, we headed back to Denver.  I suggested another brewery, Teh German didn't argue.  So we stopped at Wonderland Brewing.

I suffered through their shandy, but wasn't pleased about it.  Right before we closed out, it started snowing!  Great joy was had by me, of course.

Snowflakes in my hair!

After Wonderland, we stopped at Autozone to get windshield washer fluid for the car.  Yep, the 2nd maintenance thing we had to do.  Again, I was pissed.  The car owner said he'd filled up the wash before he dropped off the car, but with the state of the windshield wipers, I think we both knew he was a liar.  The entire gallon of wash went in, and I know there's no way I used an entire gallon of windshield wash because of salt/snow on the road.  He did pay us back for it, but it was an inconvenience.

When we got back to the house, we watched some Iliza Shlesinger standup and then it was bedtime.

Thursday - 27

Our other snow destination was Breckenridge, known as Breck to the cool kids, but lodging was ~$600 per night in a hovel, so we did not spend our snowcation there.  Instead, we drove up on Thursday and spent the day there.  While Teh German did all his snowboarding, I finally found parking and walked around town taking photos.  It was fabulous.


When Teh German came off the mountain, we met up with one of my school friends who also happened to be in Breck at the same time.  After beers at Breckenridge Brewery, we headed to Rita's for some Mexican food, based on the suggestion of a CHS diver we know who spends a LOT of time at Breck throughout the snow season.

After dinner, we hiked back to the car.. again, with the elevation.. and this time with icy sidewalks.. and headed back to Denver.

Friday - 28

For our last big day of activities, we decided to do the Coors Brewery tour.  First, brunch.

Everything is Broncos themed in CO.

When we arrived in Golden, we had to wait for an hour and a half in 25°F for the shuttle to get to the brewery.  We seriously debated if it was worth it.  But it was free and we got free samples (i.e. Teh German got 2x free samples because I knew I wouldn't be drinking that beer), so we waited.  My visit to the bathroom about halfway through our wait was glorious because it was so warm and I thawed.

The QC job Teh German wishes he had.

Free samples during the tour.

After the tour, you go to the bar and you can get up to 3 beers per person.  Sooo Teh German ended up drinking both of our samples from the tour and 4 beers.  Resourceful or enabler?  I'm not sure what to call myself. 

While Teh German was in the beer line, I noticed this floofy service pup.

Teh German: It's too bad it says Coors.  If it didn't, I would totally bring a coozie hoodie home.

While the tour was cool, we just walked around with the audio-telephone things, which was 1- gross because germs, 2- very impersonal.  I learned that more than just Coors is brewed there, which was cool.  But otherwise, the trip was for the free beer.

On the way out of town, we drove through the downtown area and decided to stop at a brewery for non-Coors beers.  We played Uno and I made sure to teach Teh German that I am a kick ass Uno player and I'm out for blood.  I won 3 out of 4 games, and we play one more which brought it winning 3 out of 5 games.. so still, I'm the winner.

Finally, we decided to leave Golden and head back towards Denver.  Since we were going by there, we made a stop at Prost since it was our last opportunity without going out of our way.


Curry wurst with pommes.

Boom Bitches

After Prost, we headed back to the house for dog snuggles, laundry (of fucking course), TV, then bedtime.

Saturday - 29

Saturday was a slow day.  I finished up the laundry and we went out to lunch at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar.  This is actually a chain, but their burgers are delicious and Teh German hadn't been there, so no loss.

11 pups, 1 human in this photo.

This was the gate jumper, Chevy.

After lunch, we stopped at another brewery.  I had hot chocolate, Teh German had beer, and we played Battleship while Teh Granny bitched in my ear about her cell phone.  Siiiiigh.

There was another brewery I wanted to go to because the name sounded fun, but they didn't open until 4 and I didn't want to burn time in town for that long, so we headed back to the house to get some packing done.

Ok, packing and snuggling.

For the last Denver supper, we went to Pho Ever Yum.  Their name was a pun, of course we went there.  The Yelp reviews weren't so bad either.  The pho was derichious and I have ZERO regrets.

After dinner, we headed back to the house, finished up our packing, and went to bed.

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