Monday, February 25, 2019

Weekend Review {02/25}


Friday was work, school, Facetime, work, gym, home, out, home.

I was super hungry, despite breakfast, at 1030, so I indulged in a snack. #YOLO

Because our teacher wasn't in class, she left a class exercise for us to do, we powered through that in about 15 minutes and I was at Teh German's company by 1135 to wait on our FaceTime date with Papa G.  Since Teh German had work to do, I sat at his desk (where he wasn't working) and "redecorated".  He did comment on the notes I left him, but he didn't say anything about the note on the bulletin board that says, "Nice butt."  I'm hoping he didn't see that one and it will stay up for a while because it's funny to me.  I also put hearts around our anniversary on his calendar and I made a birthday countdown for him. 

Our Facetime consisted of being invited to a 30th anniversary party and me announcing that I will definitely be going to Germany in May for the study abroad.  Excitement all around.  After our chat, I headed back to work and finished up some things.  Teh German and I arrived to the gym at almost the same time, which meant we got to workout together, which is a pretty rare occurrence.

After the gym, we were invited to go to 2 Nixons to get ramen.  We met up with Teh Ginger Marine and Teh Optician and their friend.  As expected, everything was delicious.  Mushrooms on mushrooms on mushrooms was the theme (I made that up, but I mean, there were mushrooms in almost everything, which is right up my alley), and I was not disappointed.  After ramen, we went down the street to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, and it was, in fact, splendid.  I ordered the lemon flavor with a waffle cone.  It brought me great joy.  The lemon tang was the perfect contrast to the sweet cone.  Some of the other flavors seemed a little overly fancy.  I did try the cream puff flavor and it was just meh.

After ice cream, we headed home since Teh German had to work on Saturday.


Saturday, Teh German got up at normal time and went to work, while I slept in without any fucks to give.  I've been playing "brown noise" during the night and I've been sleeping like a champ.  When I wake up, I'm AWAKE.  I don't feel like I need 5 more minutes, even though I often take "5" more minutes (because Teh German usually gets ready first (because he takes longer)).

While Teh German was at work, I powered through homework.  I was still working on homework when Teh German came home.  He had some fish tank tasks to take care of, so while I finished up homework, he did that.

After I finished with homework, I swindled Teh German into (finally) drilling holes for my extra medal rack hooks.  I got these hooks from the vendor's booth in November at the Route 66 race expo in Tulsa.. so this was definitely one of those projects that had been put off and off and off and it was getting on my nerves so I was going to do it myself... and then magically Teh German said he'd do it.

I did lose my temper on him after I explained for the mabillionth time what needed to be done, which I don't feel bad about because I had literally explained it to him 10 minutes prior but he didn't bother to pay attention.  Really though, how do teachers do what they do?  I couldn't do it.

Anyways, to prep for that, I removed all the medals from my rack.  Curious, I went upstairs and weighed myself holding the medals and then without the medals.  The scale said all the medals weight 7.5 pounds.  I say more.  Teh German, with his mystery skill where he can accurately judge weights in metric and imperial said, yeah around 7.  This man has accurately guessed our luggage weight within ±1 pound multiple times.  Now it's a fun game we play when we travel.  I mean, we do also own a travel scale, but it's fun to have Teh German "weigh" the suitcase and then use the scale... often to prove him correct.

7.5 lbs of medals.
This does not include any of the Disney medals, which have their own special box.

Room fore more!!

After the medal rack task was complete and fish tank tasks were done, we sat around on the couch for a little bit, me asking Teh German what he wanted to do, since it was his birthday weekend.  He said he didn't want to do anything to celebrate and I asked why.  He didn't have an answer for me.  I announced that I had to plan all my own birthday weekend events and birthday day activities and birthday celebration things, and that I had counted on him planning his own, so I was refusing to plan things for him.  I also pointed out that if he thinks there is nothing to celebrate from the past year, he is wrong. 

I listed off some of the big things that he had accomplished in the last year.  To include: learning to dive and getting open and advance water certified, diving the Great Barrier Reef, submitting the package for his green card ON HIS OWN, without the help of a lawyer twice, and it was accepted, he didn't kill me or divorce me when we almost didn't get to go on our honeymoon because of the Australian visa situation, he endured the absolute WORST month of my entire life when I took Calc 2 and remained supportive when I was completely distraught, he endured the shitty shit at his company, we made it through 1 year of marriage, we enjoyed our Snowcation, we passed the immigration interview, he did professional development things.. like a LOT of stuff to celebrate.

We laughed about the Australia visa thing (because we can now, even though all the laughter at the time was me nervous laughing so I wouldn't cry and Teh German was refusing to even speak to me) and I got some German noises about the other stuff.  I know that sometimes, it doesn't seem like a lot until someone else points it out to you, so that's what I was hoping me listing off all these things would do for Teh German.

All the while, Teh German had been on Yelp and decided that we should go to the Codfather for dinner.  He wasn't hungry quite yet, but we had a plan.  To kill some time, I finally acted on the fact that I could smell the dog beds (yuck) and the dogs were smelly and Meri was kinda matted, sooo it was dog cleaning day.

I took the covers from all the dog beds and threw them in the wash and I corralled the dogs in the bedroom for shower time, their least favorite of all things.  Meri was first and Meri hate, hate, hhhhhaaaatttteeeeeesss being wet.  She really is like a cat.  But she's so glad after the fact because she's floofy and rubs herself all over everything and is generally crazy.  Pax did NOT want to get into the shower and he leaned on me the entire time he got his "wet" massage, but he survived.  After the dogs were bathed, I washed off my new chest hair (thanks, Pax) and cleaned myself.

When I got out of the shower, I got ready and went downstairs.  Since we had some time, I asked Teh German if we could go by Sam's and get the groceries before dinner and he agreed.  Mostly, this was my way of avoiding people on Sunday.  It worked out since there was significantly less people at Sam's on a Saturday evening than during the day, any day.  After Sam's we headed to Codfather.  I didn't realize that Teh German hadn't been to the new location, but now that is fixed.

Unfortunately for him, I asked that we not go there anymore because the grease absolutely destroys my insides.  Having had Codfather 2 weekends in a row, I have confirmed this theory.  After dinner, we headed back home. 

After we got home, we headed over to Teh PT House for socializing for a bit.  By 10:30, we were home and getting ready for bed.


When Teh German had made the Codfather decision Saturday, he also suggested we go to the Jewish Deli for brunch on Sunday.  DUN.  We got up around 0830, I fed the beasts and we laid in bed for a short bit, just scrolling and snuggling with Meri.  Eventually, we got up and got ready and headed to breakfast.  Breakfast was delicious, just trust me.  There are no photos because I was hungry and I ordered my regular biscuit thing.. so you've seen that before, probably.

After breakfast, we stopped at Walmart for some house/grocery things.  We were able to get the items we needed at Walmart, which prevented us from having to go to Lowe's.  When we got home, we started up on house things.  I had considered taking a nap, but I had learned on Friday that there was ZERO reason that I hadn't donated the shit piling up in the closet since there was a donation box down the street from Company.  So while Teh German worked on reorganizing the garage, I worked on reorganizing the closet.

The entire hamper was donation stuff.  Bag in the floor were for putting donation stuff in.
Thanks to all those races for giving me all these reusable bags.

I got all the donation stuff into bags, put my wedding dress away (😭😭😢😢😭😢) in the first child closet (when Meri had decided the train of my dress was a good place to hide from me before bathtime, I almost went into cardiac arrest, thus prompting me to finally bag Lacy and put her in a safe place), went through my clothes one more time, and then reorganized the stuff that I had on the shelves and put some of the stuff from the shelves (race shirts, the dog's electric blankets) in storage (aka spare room closet).

After I got all the stuff packed into Willow, I went about the painful process of replanting the house tree.  I originally put it in a too-small pot, so I knew the day would come, but recently the leaves have all been dying.. and I wasn't sure why and a Googly search told me that it was overwatered... sooooo I fully shocked the tree by completely replanting it in a bigger container.  I ensured the soil wasn't so packed and there was drainage.  Or so I hope.  IDK, the soil was super dry and it was pretty windy (and HOT, ugh) outside, so I just kinda hoped for the best while trying to avoid being blinded by the dirt blowing in my face.

After the tree project was complete, I headed out back to scoop poop.  All the while, Teh German was in the garage, setting up a new shelf for the gardening "section" and taking the stuff from the top of the fridge and putting it on the empty shelves he had made room on.  He also finally added the stickers we've collected over the last few months to the beer fridge.  I'd consider this our spring cleaning.

When we were all done with house/outside projects, I plopped on the couch and let Meri love on me while I watched Grace and Frankie.  Teh German completely his fish take chemistry lab experiments.  After he finished that, he started working on dinner (steaks with brussel sprouts, which is his thing), and I eventually fed the beasts.

I also decided on putting one of the 9-pane windows in the downstairs bathroom, to ultimately put photos in, ya know.. one day.. But now I just need to purchase hooks to have Teh German put on the windows and something to hold the windows to the wall.  I'll also determine where to put the other window pane and get those hung and that will be one more thing out of the garage.. and one less hazard from hitting my car....

We ate dinner early, so we wouldn't have get back up from our perches on the couch.  After dinner, we watched The Office until it was bedtime.


A very, unexpectedly, productive weekend.  I have a little bit of homework to do this week, stuff I had questions on that I need some assistance with, but everything I could do myself is dun, dun, dunnn.  I'm pleased that Teh German did a garage task he had wanted to tackle and I'm happy with finally getting the donations out of the house.  I dropped them off at the church this morning and it was very satisfying to shove all that shit into the box, even if it took a few trips.

This week includes:
-Submitting the paperwork for a German minor.
-Finding flights for Germany
-Going to the Chiro, since my visit on Friday was a no-go since my Chiro wasn't there.
-Teh German's birthday.  He said he doesn't want to do anything.  Fine.  But he better not bring it up later and say, "We didn't do anything..."
-Myrtle Beach (MB) Half Marathon on Saturday.  Teh PT Wife and I are leaving Friday to head up to MB.  We'll be back Saturday afternoon.  Our Husbands are acting like they are gonna party so hard all weekend while we're gone.  We informed them it was ONE night.  They seemed pretty crushed by that.  Weirdos.
-Apply for Germany scholarships

I love birthday month, but I'm not sad about how fast February has flown by.  The sooner this semester ends the better.  For the first time ever, I'm considering withdrawing from a class, but it might fuck up my final semester, so it's up for debate.  After getting a project grade back in my Cybersecurity class (a 40, the highest grade in our group), I'm really fucking over that class, but it's a requirement for the Cybersecurity minor that I stupidly signed up for, not knowing any better.  I guess it was a good idea at the time.  No, it wasn't a good idea at the time, but the computer science department was really pushing it, and it only required 1 extra class outside of major requirements (or maybe 2 classes, I can't remember), but it wasn't a super huge burden.. but it is now that I'm in the class and the adjunct professor is fucking garbage.


  1. So exciting that you're going to Germany in May!!!

  2. Yay on Germany!!

    We cleaned out our garage, and I've donated a lot of my clothes. So now...I need to suck it up and go threw all the baby clothes I ignored as Babycakes has been growing and just threw in the attic in bags.


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