Thursday, March 14, 2024

Teh German's Geburtstag!

For Teh German's 40th bday celebration, I've been asking him what he wants to do FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS but more like three. Finally, in December 2023, I was like, no really, if you want to do a group trip for your birthday it needs to be planned so make life choices. 

Teh German decided he wanted to do snow activities with friends for his birthday.  So I planned an epic snowventure told Teh German that he needed to invite his people.  Turns out, most of his people are beach lovers, soooooo they REALLY love Teh German to attend his bday snowventures... also, I think a few of them were lured in by my incessant raving of how fun snowmobiling is... Who knows.

Feb 22 - Thursday

We left BWI at really early on the 22nd.

The MD-ians (Teh Megan, Teh German, Teh Ultra Vet, Dan, and Omer) were all on the same flight and the SC-ians (Teh PT Wife and Teh PT Husband) were meeting us in Denver.  While we waited for the SC-ians to arrive, we had breakfast and made a Walmart stop.  We picked up Teh PT Husband once he landed, then headed to Prost since Teh PT Wife's flight was delayed.


Start of birthday shenanigans!

Teh PT Wife ended up meeting us as Prost at 4:30 and after a Teh German requested "first with everyone, last for Prost" round, we got everyone and everything loaded in the Momvan and headed up 70 to Winter Park, CO.  Thankfully, there hadn't been much precipitation the week before we arrived and the pass was open, so it only took us 1.5-2 hours to get up the mountain instead of the 3.5+ if the pass had been closed.

Once we got into Winter Park, we had a disastrous dinner and then we stopped by the grocery store for snacks and breakfast and headed to the cabin to get settled in for the evening.

Feb 23 - Friday

Friday was snow activities!  Snowboarding/skiing for Teh German and Omer and snowshoeing for the rest of us, followed by snow tubing for the ladies.

We ended up doing 5 MILES of snowshoeing and it was beautiful and exhausting.

All the photos of the day are mixed together because I'm lazy, you're welcome.
Green = Teh Megan
Purple = Teh German
Red britches = Teh PT Wife
Black/white coat = Teh PT Husband
Black pants, black/pink jacket, short = Teh Ultra Vet
Red coat = Dan
Black pants,black coat, tall = Omer

I made a new furiend at a brewery.

After snow adventures, everyone was collected and we made it back to the cabin.  I missed my evenings in the Hobbit Hole hot tub, so I, the driver, decided that I was going to Hot Sulphur Springs to soak myself.  I was joined by Teh German, Teh Ultra Vet, and Omer.  Everybody else stayed at the cabin.

Pre-full moon!

24 Feb - Saturday

Saturday was snowmobiling day!!!  The day we'd all anxiously awaited.  I've been talking up snowmobiling since Dec 2018 when Teh German and I went the very first time. I was obnoxiously excited from the moment I booked the tickets until the moment we got off the snowmobiles.  Several members of our group had never snowmobiled before, nevertheless, they managed to keep up with the adrenaline fiends (Teh German, Omer, and myself) of the group without issue.  It was an absolutely glorious tour ANDDDD we got free time at the snow track at the end, which was everything I knew we needed/wanted.  Our tour guide thanked us several times for being a good group and for not being slow AF so we could actually do multiple trails and get some time on the track.

This guy.... with his so fast lean.

There isn't a more "in our element" photo than this one.
Fairly confident in that assessment.

After we finished snowmobiling, we headed straight to a mexican place for late lunch/early dinner since we were all famished.  After, we stopped by to see the snow sculptures that we'd passed. 

After we got back to the cabin, the driver (me) decided it was hot springs time again!  This time I was accompanied by Teh PT Wife, Teh Ultra Vet, and Dan.  We also made a quick souvenir stop before heading up to the springs.

This is the ingredients list at Hot Sulphur Springs.

So clear!

25 Feb - Sunday

Sunday was the start of the return.  We were out of the cabin by 10, thanks to a super team effort in getting everything prepped for departure.  Once we got down the mountain, we went to Happy Camper for lunch.  It was a perfect birthday celebration for Teh German.

Adult coffee served with a donut?
I think, yes.

When we told our server we were celebrating a 40th vday, she brought us White Claw shooters (and also offered a fancy LaCroix for our not-drinker)!  She definitely got a good tip. 

After we dropped Omer off at the airport after lunch, we headed to The Wild Animal Sanctuary to see some lions and tigers and bears, oh my.  Also some wolves.  I asked if I could take one home and Teh German told me no.

On the drive to the Sanctuary, Teh PT Wife witnessed her very first prairie dogs and when she asked if I'd pull over, I did just that.  I'm here for a good time.

The Sanctuary was for rescued wild critters (like from Tiger King or circuses/etc) and it was extremely windy when we were there, so we didn't get to see all the critters, but we got to see a good amount.

Yes, that's a Freedom Bird.

After the Sanctuary, we headed back to Denver and got the Momvan cleaned up.  After that we checked into the hotel and then went to our respective rooms and went to bed.

26 Feb - Monday

Teh German's actual birthday was fairly uneventful.  We had breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the airport by 0900 to meet the Turo rental person and get through security (because security in Denver is possibly the actual worst).  We did walk around the terminal a bit before checking to make sure our gate was in its place.  I made a stop at Little Man Ice Cream to get breakfast dessert, because I do not pass up opportunities for Little Man Ice Cream.

We made it back to Baltimore without any hitches, picked up the children from Jessica, and headed home for 24923932 loads of laundry and trying to adjust back to east coast time.

Teh German did tell me that he had a fabulous time and that he really appreciated that everyone came on the trip to celebrate with him and extra thanks to me for planning it all and driving.  So yay!  I did good!

I appreciated all our beach-loving friends tolerating the snow with us and actually enjoying the snow activities!  I truly think that growing up in western NY really ruins people for snow, which applies to 3 members of our group, lol.

Next up, I have to plan my own 40th birthday shenanigans!
In other news, if you have a trip you wish someone would plan for you.. I'm your girl.  Nominal fee for my efforts (and your reservations) and you can have your trip planned and booked!  Apparently, I have some skillz outside of being a nerd.