Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #27

Teh German (tG) to Meri, who hadn't gone business the entire day before because it was raining all day: Do you have a big poop brick in you?

Discussing the end of greyhound racing in FL.
Teh Running Bestie: Oooo, you can get another dog!
tG: We're getting fish.

Teh Megan (tM): Would you wear carpenter pants?
tG: Yeah, to work in.
tM: I love carpenter pants.  I'd wear them all the time.
tG:  You probably shouldn't.  Because when you get in your car.....
(Willow is my hippie-lesbian car, I've embraced this fact).

tG: It's a meme with the cat with the hat.
Teh SC Teacher, tM (at the same time): You mean the cat IN the hat.

Teh PT Husband: When I go to Germany, I'm going to eat a pretzel every day.
tG: And you can.

tG: What was that banana drink?
Teh PT Husband: The Dirty Banana.
tG: Yeah that one.
Teh PT Husband: You'll be getting those in Barbados.
tG:  I ain't gonna wait that long.  2020 is so far away!

Teh German was looking at the clock over the garage door with a confused look.
tG: Is it 8:45?
tM: No, it's 6:45.
tG: Ohhhhh, I must have turned the clock the wrong way!

Discussing McDonald's having a window sign to indicate if the ice cream machine was working or not.
tG: That would be a lot of money wasted by McDonald's for lights that are never on...

Discussing laundry woes.
tM to Teh Running Bestie: Husband's wraps have bled and ruined other things two times and it pisses me off.
tG: Well, they do say "DANGER".

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Weekend Review {12/17}


Just work on Friday.  I was the first one into the office, which meant I didn't feel guilty when I left before everyone.  My #BarometerHead started sending out alarm after lunch and I ended up skipping the gym and going home and taking a nap. 

Teh German came home and we got ready for his work holiday party.  There were no photos because I was busy socializing since I wasn't sick this year.  After the party we headed home rather than going out with his coworkers.  After the week, we were both done with everything.  We did go to Teh PT House for a little while, but eventually it was bedtime and we headed home.


Saturday morning, I woke up and wanted to get some shit accomplished, so I got out of bed by 0830 (that no dog life).  First up was laundry, ugh.

Next thing on the agenda was straightening up the desk.  I am not ready to part with Fall 2018 semester's stuff yet, so I stored it away in case I need to reference it next semester (high possibility with some part 2 classes scheduled for Spring 19).

Fall 2018.

This is what immigration interview prep looks like.
This was Teh German's area, so I didn't touch anything except the photo album/pictures.

Final results!

After everything was cleaned up, I plopped down at my desk to do some Cricut things.  I've had several projects on hold, waiting for me to not have school things to do.  Personalized tumblers have been created.

Teh German and I set out to do errands around 1.  Our first stop was dropping off his snowboard to get waxed.  Then we stopped at Sesame since Mr. Hungover was hungry.  We made a stop at Dick's to look for snow goggles that weren't $140 (which is the price of goggles at the sports shop where Teh German's board is getting waxed) and because I live in SC, there are no snow goggles to be found.  So much for being prepared when we get to CO.

Next, we stopped at Sam's and Walmart for some stuffs, then Cookout for milkshakes on the way home.  When we got home, I set about the task of cleaning off the island where things had been landing when we arrived home.  I also packaged/wrapped several items that will be shipped off this week.

We spent the remainder of the evening watching The Ranch.  During this, Teh German was voluntold to sort half of the photos I'd gotten printed so they could be in order in the immigration interview photo album.  After we got the photos sorted, I worked on putting the photos into the album and labeling the photos.  Eventually, it was bed time.


Sunday morning, I had originally wanted to go on a run, but my hamstrings were on the brink of being better, so I opted out.  My Sunday plans included: picking up the missing photos from the interview album, finishing a book, and doing whatever the fuck I wanted.

So when Teh German suggested that we ride the bikes to brunch, I agreed.  I explained that we had to pick up the photos then we could go wherever.  We agreed to go to the Jewish Deli for brunch.  Since we'd been to the Deli recently, we both ventured out of our comfort zones and ordered items we hadn't tried before.

When we got home, Teh German took the other motorcycle out for a spin and I talked to Teh Dad while finishing up the photo album with the missing 45 photos from 2015.  After finishing the album, I moved on to finishing up the laundry, got off the phone with Teh Dad, and decided it was time to get warm in the bath.

I had a book and a milkshake to finish, so I did just that..  I also had a bath bomb to use.  #WIN
The not win part was that bath bombs and shaving = needing to clean the tub/jets.  After rinsing the tub, I filled it past the jets and poured in some clorox and let it run for 10 minutes.  After this, I drained the tub, filled the tub over the jets again, but with cold water this time and let it run for 15 minutes.

Shortly after 5, our across the street neighbors came over to discuss a Disney strategy since they knew that I/we've gone to Disney World several times.  I gave them all my helpful hints, and then still had to text them after they'd gone as I'd think of things I should have told them.

I threw together something for dinner so we wouldn't starve and didn't have to go out (again).  After dinner, I moved to the couch to finish my book.  Shortly after 9, I finished it.  Then it was time to go to bed, since the weekend was over.  Despite going to bed on time, we didn't get to sleep until late because we were both not sleeping since the interview was the following day.  Teh German and I quizzed each other on life details an agent may ask us and eventually we fell asleep.


This morning was our interview, but due to a series of unfortunate events, it was not the joyous occasion I wanted it to be.  We are still on hold due to a missing form, but as soon as the agent receives that form, Husband's application will be approved.  If none of that means anything (which I get), it means that Teh German's green card will be approved after we send in a form.

Unfortunately, there was a rough start this morning due to Teh German's Company's CEO who I'd like to fly to Germany and viciously throttle.  The particulars involve this individual trying to schedule a mandatory meeting on Wednesday morning including Teh German, which happens to also be the first day of our vacation, when I was looking forward to not having to worry about either of our works.  This individual doesn't realize just how miserable he's making MYYYY life by making my husband miserable, but I'm ready to let him know about it, even if it won't help the situation. 

The weekend was busy.  I don't know how to not do things anymore.  I'm so trained to always be doing something productive that when I sit down to relax, I can't because my brain is going a millionty mph thinking of things that I should/could be doing.  It's difficult to adjust, but I'm sure that not being at home will help.  Fingers crossed.

I imagine that my posts will become sporadic throughout the rest of the month due to Snowcation, so ya know, be prepared for that. 

I have no great parting wisdom today.  So, instead, just don't kill people in a holiday rage.  Especially those fuckers who don't use signal lights when they are going to spend hundreds of dollars on gifts for people they care about, which obviously isn't you since they didn't bother to use turn indicators for you.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Five on Friday #176

EINS - Random Shit

-I feel like I'm in some weird time warp.  Since the beginning of November, time has felt like a trance.  An unending trance.  I've been excited about the end of the semester coming, but it didn't hit me until AFTER class on Thursday that it was the final class meeting.  Exams start Saturday (a hurrication schedule switch), but my first exam is on Monday.  I have exams Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 0800.  I have one last project to do for a class, in lieu of an exam, so that's on the to-do list.

Part of me feels like November didn't happen at all and part of me feels like November lasted forever and now we're well into December but it still feels like November.  It's just bizarre.

-Dear Amazon Cowl Neck Shirt Makers,
It's a cowl neck, not a fucking hood.  Take it down a level.  I don't understand why a foot of material is used to make a cowl neck.  It just ends up looking like a hot bag of ass and I have to return the shirt.  Ughhh.

-I have the opportunity to be a petty, bitter, bitch and I'm strongly considering taking it.  I know I shouldn't, but the person to which this action would be directed at would deserve it based on their past actions.  But I'm having a hard time being the petty, bitter, bitch that I know I am on the inside.. which just makes me extra know that I shouldn't do it.. BUT IT'S SO HARRRDD (that's what she said).

-Look, I know what I'm about to type is first worldy and whatever.. but I just need to let it out.  At the end of the semester, I always schedule a massage as a reward to myself for another semester survived.  I had my post-semester massage on Wednesday and it was horrible.  The worst massage I may have ever gotten.

When I left, my body felt exactly the same, if not a little worse from the overly high pillow she gave me, except oily.  I visited the Chiro on Monday, which didn't help much since my body is so tight.  I'm still feeling the effects from my half marathon, and I've gone to the gym this week, so that's extra soreness I've added on.  She was sooooo proud of getting out the 3/4 knots in my shoulders that she found (she didn't actually do any such thing.  I know how much pressure it takes to get my knots out and some of them won't come out, ever, despite the insistence of many therapists, she just didn't apply enough pressure to find them again after discovering them the first time).  I'm not only disappointed in the massage, but also pissed that I wasted $100 on 90 minutes of being patted.  If I'd have wanted to be patted, I could have asked Teh German (since that's generally what he does to me if I ask him to rub my shoulders/back).

And yes, I know you can ask for more pressure.. but every time I almost said something, she'd apply more pressure to a different area that didn't need more pressure.  I was afraid that if I asked for more pressure, she'd hurt me AND still be inconsistent so I didn't.  When I walked out, I think she could tell I wasn't truly happy, but my time was up and I didn't want her to offer to fix it since it would probably only piss me off more.  Also, she was using some man-smelling essential oils and it was almost intolerable.  Sadly, I will not be back to the place I had claimed was the best massage place in Charleston.  I was informed when I made the appointment that my favorite therapist had retired in August, but I took the risk.  I chose poorly.

-All of that to say, I scheduled another appointment for Thursday afternoon because everything hurt so bad and my Vibrator (Myobuddy, a percussion massager, not an actual vibrator, but it's fun to call it that in public) isn't enough.  Mostly because I can't really massage my back myself and Teh German was away on travel during the worst of the pain and because he doesn't really do it good.  Teh German doesn't really appreciate my appreciation of more pressure because he doesn't prefer more pressure, so it is difficult for him to massage me the way I want/need to be massaged.

-The 2nd massage was good.. enough.  It was a dude, but he was very timid and afraid of hurting me when I'd ask for more pressure.  No, Bro, dig the fuck in.  Work out your aggression on my back.  I'll let you know when it's too much.  He didn't once get there.  He was apparently also afraid of being sued because he was overly conservative with the sheet/blanket and if my butt crack even started to peep out, he covered that up.  I finally said, it's fine, we all have butt cracks.  I extended the massage for 30 minutes because he FINALLY started digging it and working out the knots that the other lady had "gotten out."  Uh, no, that's not what you did, Patter McPatterson.

-And in true first worldy things.. Depending on how sore I am after our Snowcation (from snowboarding, you pervs), I may schedule a massage when we get back.  If I don't schedule one when we get back, I'll definitely schedule one after the Charleston half marathon.

-Final grades aren't in yet, but here's the breakdown I anticipate:
German: A (actually, this grade is in)
CS (assembly language): B
Circuits: B
Cybersecurity: B
Online cybersecurity: A

Is that the Dean's List?  IDK.
Gold Star = all A's, but I knew by halfway that wasn't in my future for this semester.

-I was discussing getting all A's with another student (a marine student, which is kinda like day vet, except if they are still active duty they are supposed to wear their uniform), and he is married with kids and he said the difference between his home life and an all A's semester vs his home life and a B's and C's get degrees semester was a LOT less stress.  I agreed.  We talked about how the effort to get A's just doesn't go well with having a family.  I equated his kids to my full time job for this situation.

I also think there's a hurdle you cross at a certain point when you REALLY accept that anything other than failing = getting a degree.  The marine pointed out, "Do you ask your doctor what his graduating GPA was?  No, he's still a doctor if he had a 1.5 GPA or a 4.0."  Preach it brother.  My semester wasn't overly difficult, but I also accepted getting grades other than A's.  After my Calc 2 D(ebacle) and failing my CS (data algorithms) class, I realized that sometimes you're going to struggle and STILL not do well.  So when I minimally struggle and still get passing grades AND enjoy my home life, why not?

-Teh German had an overnight travel this week for work and my solo evening?  I went to the gym after my shitty massage, got KFC for dinner (and didn't receive my sweet tea, fuckers), went by the car wash, went home, ate dinner, checked my computer for work things, then went upstairs and laid in the bathtub for over an hour, finished a book, got my prune-y ass out of the tub, got ready for bed, clicked around on social media, facetimed with Teh German, and then promptly went the fuck to sleep.  It was glorious.

There were things I could have done (put my hooks in my medal rack, work on the immigration interview photo album, empty Roomy, laundry, Cricut projects that have been waiting on me to not have homework, etc), but laziness was the decision.. and I deserved it.  I handled the entire semester without anxiety meds.  #Micdrop

-I get an immense satisfaction from grabbing the EXACT number of hangers I need from the closet to hang the laundry.  I don't count what needs to be hung first, I just grab "enough" hangers.  #MrsBigDeal

-One of Company's new policies for 2018 was a $25 per month gym subsidy.  To receive this, you have to file an expense report, which is the WORST thing about my company.. the time management/expense system.  For real, everyone hates it.  Filing an expense report is painful.  I had to be walked through the process.  I was not the first.  I was annoyed there wasn't direction I could just follow to do it myself.  So.. I created a document with instructions and send it to HR for distribution.  #TechWriterLife

-Dear Best Buy,
Teh Sister and I are not the same person and her purchases on my account don't make sense.  My purchases on her account make sense since I probably gave you her phone number for rewards.  I'll stop that.

-Teh Sister explained that you can turn off auto redeem on Best Buy rewards.  Life changed.

-Me buying shit at Walmart/Sam's with the option to pick up at the store or ship it.
Does this order qualify for free shipping?
How long would I have to wait for pick up?
1 item: several days,
the rest of the order: pick up today.
Is it heavy?
Looks like free shipping is a winner!

-I went from WW2 fiction to women's fiction (love story line, happy ending expected) to two (translated from) German books, a WW2 fiction and a fantasy, and it really is a system shock.  Since the books are translated from German, it's another twist (and sometimes a difficulty).  I really need to stockpile some books for our Snowcation... because yes, I'm a book hoarder, Gentle Readers.  No fucks given.  #ReadingIsLyfe

-I will be purchasing ski goggles this weekend.  I really should have gotten my ski britches hemmed and taken in, but real life was too overwhelming for the last month to make that a priority.

-Oops, I ordered a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" or some ridiculous name for myself.  I have a 7" Kindle Fire, but I HATTEEEE, hate, haaaattteee it.  I love how small it is (for reading) but I hate the lag so much that I rarely use it at all anymore because it makes me so angry.  I used to use my Kindle for puzzles and reading and fun things... but the 7" Fire is soooooo slow, I can't bear to even unlock it, which takes literal seconds.  Also, it doesn't have any way for me (only) to listen to audiobooks since I don't have headphones with a jack, because 2018.

The real reason I ordered it was because I had $75 in Best Buy rewards that had auto redeemed, so I got it for stupid cheap.  It will be here in time for our Snowcation.  YAAAASSSSSS. 

-Since I had some time to burn after my massage before I met Teh German for dinner, I finally took myself to Barnes and Noble to peruse and read.  I've not been in a B&N for years because I use the library now and because I mostly read ebooks or listen to audiobooks.  For real, walking into a B&N smells like coming home.  The smell of books and coffee.  I can't help it, it's such a comfort.  I walked around for a little bit and then asked for help finding ...And Then You Die From Dysentery.  On my way to find a chair, I passed by the social studies books and picked up White Fragility as well. 

I powered through Dysentery in about 7 minutes, max.  Then, I started reading White Fragility which wasn't the least bit awkward as I sat beside a black dude.  The author used high level language, so it really requires a lot of focus to understand what is being said and the obnoxious music that was piping through the store was very distracting.  That said, the book reminds me of my sociology teacher at NC State who pointed out that "flesh colored" band-aids are only flesh colored to SOME people.  She was awesome.  I didn't buy the book, since I wanted to get it from the library.  Turns out, not available from my library(s), which isn't surprising because #SouthCarolina.

The dude and I eventually ended up chatting for a few minutes.  He wore his "Band of Gold" (his class ring from The Citadel) and I asked when he graduated, his major, etc.  Then I had to leave to meet Teh German, but I was glad it wasn't weird.

ZWEI - Money Shit

This was a very weird week, I haven't felt like cooking, and I am an animal so I treat myself with food.  #NotSorry

-Holy City shirt and hoodie and beer
-Bojangles x2
-Teh Running Bestie's bday present (her bday is July)
-A shitty pat-pat massage
-Sparkle skirt that I mentally ordered 6 months ago.
-Coffee (which wasn't good, as I feared)
-Pizza for lunch
-A not shitty massage
-power bill (which is much decreased thanks to the cool temps, praise Allah!)
-new tablet

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Grilled cheese, beeches

If this isn't the most applicable thing I've seen all semester.

I feel like my backpack describes me in all the best ways.
Space, M with unicorns (thanks Erin!), and Yzma.

When your tuna melt game is ON POINT.

The Ranch is back.
*insert all the praise hands emojis*
PS.  I laugh even when there's no laugh track.

When you just give up on studying, because come what may.

Wednesday morning...

Why is my caramel vessel soooo raw?
This was probably the most disgusting apple I've ever eaten.

This is what the dog free life looks like.

Came into work this morning to this.
Looks like someone will not be having a good day.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

I know that Buzzfeed is just click bait, but sometimes it works on me.. and then I extra hate it when they are actually on point about something...

Really, cotton candy and cotton candy cones WITH THE DENTAL HYGIENE?
Good jorb, Sam's Club.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Having the house to myself for one night, even if it was bittersweet.
  2. Teh German returning from travel.  I didn't have anyone to celebrate the end of the semester with.
  3. Fall 2018 semester COMPLETE.
  4. Best Buy rewards.
  5. The financial ability to get 2 massages in one week.  
  6. SNOWCATION in less than a week.
  7. Rain and cold weather.  IN MY ELEMENT, PEOPLE.
  8. Accomplishing work tasks quickly.
  9. Morgan Harper Nichols insta account.   If she published a book with her drawings, I'd buy a hardcopy.
  10. Knowing that my beasts are well taken care of by their Other Momma (Teh Running Bestie), even if I miss them like crazy.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Books Books Book! (2018 Winter Edition)

My fall reading dump is (finally) here!
If you don't want to read this entire post, that's fair.  

I'm trying something new this time.  While I maintained a list of book I've read since my last post, I didn't write any reviews.  I wanted to see what books stayed with me and see how that would change their ratings.   Change they did.  Apparently I rate books very highly initially after I read them, but then after I think about it, I'm more meh about them.  Not a surprise.

Ultimate TL;DR**: (link to Goodreads on individual reviews)
Definitely Read:  
  • Where the Crawdads Sing (if you love some Southern accent, listen to this on audio)
  • Harry Potter (listen to this on audio on principle because the narrator is magical)
Maybe Read:  
  • The Tattooist of Auschwitz
  • If You Only Knew
  • Magic Bites/Burns/etc - Kate Daniels series
Hard Pass:  
  • Sisters One, Two, Three

Rating scale*:

1/5 - Hated it, DNF (didn't finish).
2/5 - Tolerated it on principle to finish, didn't like it.
3/5 - Eh, didn't love it, didn't hate it. Had some good parts/kept me interested/finished it on principle.
3.5/5 - I liked parts of it.
4/5 - I liked the whole thing.
4.5/5 - I liked it a lot, but not sure I'd read it again.
5/5 - I LURVED it and I'd read it again.

*Subject to change based on my mood, the phase of the moon, or other unpredictable variables.

Skimmers, stick with the bold text (TL;DR parts).
PS. Possible spoilers included in reviews.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield   3/5 (library, audiobook)

A book about writing a book.  I kinda got tired of the old lady who wouldn't just come out and say the things she wanted to say.. but I guess if that had happened, there wouldn't have been a book to read.  The twist at the end was weird and I was meh about it.

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews  3/5 (library, ebook)

Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews  3.5/5 (library, ebook)

This is the Kate Daniels series, books 1 and 2.  I didn't love book 1, but I heard book 2 was better, so I gave it a shot.  Meh.  Each Kate Daniels book will have some kind of mythological tie in from days gone by, which I picked up by book 2.  I'm interested in the Curran/Kate love story, but also irritated because they can both be such irritable assholes.  Also, Curran is kinda creepy and not in a tolerable, cute way.  While I didn't lurve books 1 and 2, I still checked out book 3 from the library when it came available.

Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson   4/5 (own, Audible)

Book 2 of the Stormlight Archive series.  I have already purchased book 3, but it's a millionty hours long, so I haven't made that commitment yet.  But I will.  While book 1 (The Way of Kings) was setup and character building, in book 2, you finally get to SEE the characters do things.  Shallan has adventures, Kalidan becomes a big deal (as expected), and Dalinar is.. well Dalinar. 

Just about the time I'd get tired from hearing from a single character, the author would switch POVs.  By the end though, the 3 characters finally come together to set up for book 3.

Firefly Lane by Kristen Hannah   3.5/5 (own, Audible)

I gave this 5 stars on Goodreads and I can't really remember why.  But thinking about it now, I lowered it.  Once I was about 30% into the book, I didn't want to stop listening.  This is a common occurrence with this author.  I remember Kate and Tully were friends and Kate's entire marriage included tip-toeing around the fact that the husband (whose name I cannot find or remember for the life of me) had "picked" Tully over Kate back in the day. 

I got tired of Kate being so nice and forever holding on to the "you picked Tully first" grudge.  I got tired of Tully being such a twat.  I was shocked at the betrayal that takes place, but at the same time, everything felt so cheesy..  "The Girlfriend Hour", really?  Blech.  Ultimately, Tully comes through for Kate, but it takes Kate's death.  So I mean, it'd be overly twatty if she didn't.

I actually borrowed the sequel to Firefly Lane from the library and started listening to it and quickly lost interested after an hour or so and let it go back to the library unfinished.  I might pick it up another day, but highly doubtful.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling  5/5 (library, audiobook)

When Teh PT Kid came home with this book from a school book fair, it was ON.  I told him that I'd read the books with him and then we could discuss them and be nerds together.  I mean, he thinks I'm pretty nerdy already, but he's not seen me HP nerd-out.  I've got a lot of years to make up for.

I originally read the ebook version, and this time I listened to the audiobooks, which is a magical experience.  The narrator does such an excellent job on the HP series that I want to power through all of them, right NOAWWWW.  But, I'm trying to stay on the same book as Teh PT Kid, so I don't accidentally slip up and give something away that he hasn't read yet.

He doesn't know it, but he's getting Universal tickets for Christmas and I'm soooo pumped he gets to go to HP world and ride the Gringott's ride and ride the Hogwarts Express and try Butterbeer (even though Pumpkin Juice is better).

Anyways, if you haven't experienced HP, it's totally worth a shot.  I recommend the audio version since the narrator is such a delight.  Also, these are YA books, so they are short.  #WinWin

The worst part about reading Harry Potter is remembering that I'm a Muggle.  My life wouldn't be so hard if I wasn't a Muggle.

Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid  4/5 (Amazon loan, ebook)

TJR short story through letters.  Wife finds out her husband is having an affair and writes the other woman's husband a letter to let him know.  They become pen pals and eventually meet up.  I won't spoil the end, but it's what I didn't know I needed.

The Beach Trees by Karen White   3.5/5 (library, ebook)

A recommendation from Brit when I was looking for something Southern themed.  This wasn't my fave.  I could tell where the story was going from the beginning and Julie's self-doubt set off my annoyance frequently.  I was interested in which brother Aimee married and was ready to be done when I finally got to that part, but it had been a trudge to get there, so I had to finish on principle.

The more I thought about it, the money situation never made sense to me.  How was Julie affording this life?  I know, fiction = suspend reality, but I can't help it.  I never really understood why Monica left and I went back to read why and still managed to glaze over and if I did find out, I can't remember now and don't really care.

An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon  4/5 (own, Audible)

Outlander #7.  Still trudging along with Jamie and Claire a few times a year when I can commit to 50+ hours of audiobook.  This one included Bri and Rodger and the kids.  I was wondering if we'd say in the past or go to the present, but the mix of both was nice.  I don't really understand how the letters made it to the 20th century, and I'm sure it was explained, but it got lost in a millionty hours of audio/pages. 

In this one, we're finally getting to the start of the Revolutionary War and it's interesting that Gabaldon pointed out how wars really worked in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Things would happen and then they'd get reported back, which was the process that took the longest.  Things weren't immediate, which is hard for us to grasp (ok, it's hard for me to grasp, maybe you're better at it).

This is probably the book I enjoyed the most because there were things actually happening, not just Jamie and Claire tending the farm.

That said, I hate, hate, hateeeee William's POV.  Why is he such a moron?

Sisters One, Two, Three by Nancy Star   1/5 (Prime, audiobook)

I wasn't overly interested in this book from the start, but I realized it was free and I'd seen it before, so I figured why not.  I'll tell you why not: GINGER.

I made it through an hour and that was too much.  I was so unbearably irritable after listening for only an hour I knew what the correct life choice was.  Bye, Felicia.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens   5/5 (library, audiobook)

THIS.  THIS BOOK.  This book was the Southern charm I was looking for.  Even if the narrator had a slippery grasp on an eastern NC accent, she tried, bless her heart.

I didn't know what this book was really about when it came in from the library after a millionty year waitlist.  In fact, I had even forgotten it was southern based, but it's been going around Goodreads and been getting great reviews, so I was excited.

Kya is left by her entire family to fend for herself and she does.  Despite never attending school, she even becomes successful.  Then the entire town tries to blame her for murdering someone.  I didn't want to stop listening to this book and devoured it in days ANDDDD everyone got to enjoy my southern accent every time I'd listen.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris   4.5/5 (library, audiobook)

If I'd have read this book, I would have called the main character Lale (layel), but the audiobook pronounced Lale (lahley), so I didn't recognize the name in the synopsis after the fact.  #AudiobookProblems. 

A based on a true story WW2 fiction novel, I had heard great things about this book.  Lale is put into a trusted position at the camp and in turn, uses his position and benefits for good.  Lale falls in love with Gita, despite the circumstances.

If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins   4/5 (own, Audible)

If I hadn't wanted to punch Rachel and Jenny through the first 60% of the book, I would have enjoyed this more.  I struggled with Leo and wanting him to be who is wants to be and be the person Jenny wanted him to be.  I also got annoyed by halfway with not knowing WTF his problem was.  That said, Higgins pulled me in by 30% and it was #cantstopwontstop.

In Progress:

After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid   */5 (library, ebook)
Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews   */5 (library, ebook)

YAY for books!
**TL;DR = too long, don't read

Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekend Review {12/10}

Since Teh Running Bestie arrived on Wednesday night, life was a blur.  Thus, no Friday post.  /shrug.

When you have guests coming and you want to let the room air out,
but you don't want the beasts to mess up the sheets.


Last day of class was on Friday.  This semester the last week really snuck up on me.  I'd been checked out since before Thanksgiving, so I've been struggling through since returning from Thanksgiving break. 

After making a drop off for the Company holiday party downtown, I headed into the office.  I had already told Teh Running Bestie that we should do lunch together since we wouldn't get to hang out Friday night (due to my Company holiday party being that night).  She agreed.  I took care of some work things, informed my people that I was going to lunch and finishing the afternoon from home, and headed to Locals Sushi in Park Circle to meet Teh Running Bestie and Teh Chief Smartass.  I wasn't impressed with either the limited lunch menu or the PC location menu, but I figured something out.

After lunch, I made a pit stop at Holy City Brewing for Teh German.  I ended up getting beer for a coworker, too, and a hoodie for myself and a shirt for Teh German since they had a hoodie I liked and a long sleeve shirt I knew Teh German would like.  (I'm wearing my hoodie as I write this and I love it, more than I thought I would.  Prob a new fave.)  NBD, but HCB liked my comment to Teh German about picking up beer for him and then liked my selfie with our new baby (below). 

Our new baby.

I headed home to finish up work things and eventually get ready for the party.

Caught this moment of adorableness in the afternoon.
While I was wrapping white elephant gifts, I gave Teh Running Bestie Christmas gifts for the dogs.
Pax and Secret vs Teh Running Bestie.

After present wrapping, I finally hit the shower to start getting ready for the party.  Since it was cocktail attire, I rewore the 20s dress I had worn for the previous weekend's party.  It was a hit.  Everyone loved it.  Thanks, Amazon.  I also got complements on the pearl necklaces I added, which were borrowed from Teh British Neighbor.  She's the bestest!

Dis why he's my husband.

Company part was at The American, a classic movie theater downtown.  From the way the planning was going early in the week, I was really worried.. but the event actually was spectacular.  It was a fancy "The Office" themed event.  We played office bingo as an ice breaker and then moved down to watch a movie that was filmed, compiled, and edited over the last few weeks.  Finally, we ended with drinking, snacks, and an awards ceremony where we all got awards based on our winning personalities.  I won: Most Outspoken.  No surprise there.

Daaayyummm, we so sexxxaaayyyy.

Teh German reminded me around 11 that I had a half marathon to run in a few hours, so by 11:30 we were in our Uber on the way home.  By 12:15 I was asleep.


The alarm went off at 0430 on Saturday morning and no one was pleased.  I got up and got ready and managed not to forget anything (a miracle, since I hadn't laid out any of my running stuff the night prior).  Teh German was headed into work early, so he was up when we left. 

These cuties were confused why they weren't getting fed.
(It was too early.)

I drove us to Kiawah, parked at the Harris Teeter to avoid the parking traffic, we walked to the shuttles, walked almost a mile to the club house, and then I laid down and tried to sleep.  I was mostly unsuccessful, but I did fall asleep for a short bit.

Then it was time to go pull a Forest Gump.  Teh Running Bestie and I didn't stay together for this race, which had been discussed beforehand.  I ran almost all of the entire race, with the exception of water stations and taking off my jacket and a pit stop to pee.  My total time was 2 hours 27 minutes.  I was aiming for less than 2:30, so I was pleased.  Through miles 6-7 I was playing the pass/get passed game with the 2:30 pace setters due to the jacket situation and bathroom stop.  Around mile 8.5 my shoulders started hurting VERY badly.  I kept trying to stretch them out, but it wasn't working.  This discomfort lasted the rest of the race.  Around mile 10, I got tired.  This also coincided with the course getting super narrow (2-wide) and it eventually went to trail (packed sand) instead of paved.  The GU gel did eventually kick in within a mile, so I was able to carry on.  When I reached mile 11, I knew I was in the home stretch, so I tried to push myself.  With the clock offset, I couldn't tell if I was closer to 2:15 or 2:30, but if I could get close to 2:15, that would have been awesome.

The finish line is never further away than when you can see it at the end of a long stretch.  For real.  That last .1-.2 miles just about killed me.  After crossing the finish line and getting my medal and a mylar blanket, I went to finish line to cheer on finishers and wait for Teh Running Bestie.  When I saw her come around the curve, I started cheer/yell/screaming for her.  I considered running through the finish line with her, but since we hadn't run together, let her finish on her own.  After getting through the chute, we grabbed an unfulfilling snack, a cup of water, and rested for a few minutes.  After a bathroom trip, we headed towards the shuttle to get back to Willow.

We headed towards civilization to meet Teh German and Teh Chief Smartass at Famous Toastery for brunch (of which, I am the Yelp Duchess, FYI, thank you, you're welcome).  After brunch, we headed to the outlets so I could return some Crocs that I had rejected for house shoe options and then came home for showers and naps.

It was after 3 when I finally laid down to nap.  I woke up at 5.  After getting up, we all agreed on Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  In the most tragic of events, Teh German had forgotten his wallet at home and didn't have his ID so he couldn't order a beer.  When I managed to pull up a copy of his ID from my phone (shut up, I'm a hoarder ok), the server accepted it, but then came back and said that the restaurant policy was that the physical ID had to be presented.  Rules are rules, but still Strike 1.

Strikes 2+ were our server saying something like, "Ya'll enjoy," every time she'd leave our table and we didn't even have food yet.  We all just looked at each other when she said, "Take your time," after our food arrived.  Of fucking course we're going to take our time.  You want us to choke and die?  Ugh.  I know I was bitter because Teh German was disappointed, but even if Teh German had gotten his beer, she would have still annoyed me.

After dinner, we headed back home.  It was snuggles with dogs and social media time, then bedtime.


Our guests left shortly before 08 on Sunday morning.  This was heartbreaking because Pax and Meri went with them.  Since we will be going on our Snowcation, this eliminates us driving up to MD and flying out of DCA/BWI, then flying back into DCA/BWI and driving back down to CHS.  Teh Running Bestie will return Pax and Meri in January when she returns to CHS for the Charleston Half Marathon.

That's in 5 weeks.
That means 5 weeks without my 2nd and 3rd favorite assholes (#1 being Teh German, of course).
Thankfully, Teh Running Bestie doesn't skimp on photos, but Lawd, seeing my Monkey-Doodle in her drugged state (she is medicated for long car rides) and then when she was just so tired when they arrived broke my heart.  I needed to be there to snuggle my girl.  Teh Running Bestie is a good momma though and she'll make sure Meri gets all the snuggles she needs.

After eating breakfast, I sat down at the computer to work on my German study guide.  It took me no less than 7 hours to get through the entire thing.  4-5 of those hours were filled with distractions, laundry, massaging my legs every time I went upstairs, Teh German coming into the office to ask me questions or to ask me to print something.  Additionally, not that my 98 average in the class reflects it, I struggled a little bit in class this semester.  For almost 2 months the professor didn't collect homework, so I never saw corrected versions of work that I had completed.  So I don't feel like I have a solid grasp on the materials, which only served to make me want to procrastinate more than I already was.

I did get my desk cleaned out and I decided I need a desk drawer organizer for all the crap in my desk.  I also realized that I now have MORE storage space with the printer stand behind me, so I was able to relocate some of the mess there.

Eventually, I got through the German study guide and I started working on the final project I have due on Thursday.  Teh German had also spent the day at the computer, but at the kitchen table.  He was working on organizing all the paperwork we have to bring with us to the immigration interview and ensuring that we have all the required documents.  It's good that he did it this weekend instead of next, considering some of the documents that we still need to acquire.

At 5:30 though, I called it quits on all computer work for both of us.  We figured out things for dinner and then we sat in front of the TV for the rest of the evening watching The Ranch (YYYYAAYYY!!!!!).  After 9, I called no mas and we eventually headed up to bed.


It is VERY weird not to have my 2 shadows with me.  All day yesterday I kept wanting to ask Teh German why he'd put the dogs out and not let them back inside.  When I was going to bed I was thinking through my to-do tasks and I thought, "Prep dog breakfast," then realized that didn't apply.  It's also very lonely going business in private with no one nosing the door open to check on you (only 4-leggers are allowed to fulfill this role).  It was weird this morning not hearing the stampede down the stairs when Teh German left and having to refrain from telling Alexa to turn on the radio for the dogs.  When Teh German said that I had sent our dogs away, I almost cried.  #MomGuilt is real, ya'll.

This morning was my German final exam.
Tuesday is my circuits final exam.
Wednesday is my computer science (assembly language) final exam.
Thursday morning my cybersecurity final project is due.
Then the semester is over.  Only yay.  No boo.

Teh German goes out of town this week and with no dogs, I will be completely alone in the house.  I'm excited and not excited at the same time.  I'm pretty sure the last time I was home alone with no other sentient beings was when I lived in Pax River and Phil was an only-child and I would drop him off with Teh Running Bestie (before she was even Teh MD Adult Roomie) before I went out of town.

I've got plenty of things to fill my time (studying for finals/final project (which I should really be doing right now), Cricut projects, puzzle and audiobook, etc), so I'm not worried about that aspect.  And really, Teh German is only gone for one night, so it almost doesn't even count.

I'm relieved that I survived the 2019 school year.  Last year, I was excited that I finished my first semester.  This semester, I'm just relieved, not excited.  I'm actually dreading the drudgery that lies ahead in the next year and a half until graduation.  Using my GI Bill was a good idea at the time, but now, not so much.  I'm tired, but I know if I stop, I will never pick it back up.  

I expect that my blogging schedule over the rest of the month is going to be wonky.  Next week is only a half week for us, but we have our immigration interview, I have my pew pew lazers appt, I have a hairs did appt, and we are flying out mid-week for our Snowcation.  While I would like to keep ya'll entertained, I'm not going to guilt myself over NOT blogging, and instead, enjoy my well-deserved vacation and my fuzzy socks and my book and/or my husband's will-power while he teaches me to snowboard and the 13 greyhounds and friends and SNNNOOOOOOWWWW!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Crowd Tested and Approved Mac and Cheese

I was voluntold to bring mac and cheese for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was recommended that I just pick up a Stouffer's frozen mac and cheese and I was like, U-HHH NO.  Teh Mom used to make homemade mac and cheese all the tiiiimmee and it seemed pretty straightforward.  Boil pasta, add Velveeta, add some milk.. Dun.  Actually, you can also add butter, to make it even more healthy, but my memory didn't fail me.

This is the leftovers...
Since the picture I took of my fresh mac and cheese disappeared.


-16oz box of pasta (I used campanella instead of elbow pasta since they are "fun" pasta)
-16oz box of Velveeta cheese (that's the small box, if you double the recipe, buy the big box)
-some butter
-some milk


-Boil pasta to your preferred eating style and drain, return to pot
-Add entire box of Velveeta, a heaping spoonful of butter, milk to your preferred level of creaminess.
-Stir until everything is melted and mixed well. 

Megan Directions:

-Boil pasta
-While waiting on water/pasta, cut up Velveeta into small chunks (so it melts easier)
-When pasta is cooked to your liking, drain pasta, return to pot.
-Toss in heaping spoonful of butter, all the Velveeta, and add enough milk to the liquidiness of your choice.
-Stir until everything is melted and mixed well.

Another option to get the Velveeta to melt quicker is to put the milk, butter, and Velveeta in a pot on low-medium heat and let it meld/melt while the pasta is cooking, then add the cooked pasta to the mixture.  I did this because I was already using 2 pots.  You could prob also heat up the Velveeta/mixture in the microwave to soften the Velveeta.  Trust me, you want to make it as easy as possible to spread the Velveeta.  It's a LOT of stirring to get an entire box of Velveeta melted.  IN case you were not aware.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Weekend Review {12/03}


After the series of inconveniences day, I headed to the gym after work.  After the gym, I headed home to shower and wrap our white elephant gift and then we headed to the annual holiday party some friends host.  It's always a real shindig.  This year was 1920's themed (better get in the habit of adding 19 to the years from last century...), and my Amazon dress purchased actually worked out better than I had anticipated.  There was a hole in the sequins layer and one of the shoulders was coming unstitched, but I can fix those issues, I think.. or I just ignore them and no one would actually notice because I'm the only one who cares.

The party was loads of fun.  We stayed a lot longer than I thought we would and I had accidentally left my flippy floppies at home, so by 10:30, I left my heels at the door.  I think our friends thought I was being dramatic as I tread gently across the floor, but my feet hurt sooooooooooo bad.

Also, awkward moment of the night?  Ginger Beard showed up.
Oh you're confused at who the fuck Ginger Beard is?  Let me remind you about that one time that I used an online dating site.  Did I ever think I'd meet one of those online dates out in the real world as I stand beside my husband?  NO.  NO I DID NOT. 

Despite my inebriated state, I sent out "DO NOT FUCKING COME OVER HERE AND MAKE ME HAVE TO EXPLAIN HOW I KNOW YOU" vibes.  Fortunately, he was with his group of friends and I was with mine and the groups didn't seem to know each other and I, sure as shit, was NOT going to be the one who made the connection.  Nope, nope, nope. 

I might be the Queen of the Awkward, but introducing "the guy I went out with a few times before you" or "the guy I was at that baseball game with; the one where I was bored AF and was texting you" to Husband?  Or better yet, "This is my husband, the guy I picked over you after you went stage 5 clinger after knowing me for less than 3 weeks.  Although, ultimately, I would have picked him over you because he was more awesome, actually laughed at my jokes, and has a sexy accent, but that's neither here nor there." 
That is on a level that I cannot handle. 

I have no idea what time we actually left, but I know that we "started" to leave around 9:30/45 and we were still there at 11:30..  so /shrug.  I wasn't driving, so whatever.

We got home before 0100, but after midnight.  It was immediately brush teeth and bedtime.. I hadn't stopped since 0530 that morning, I was DUN.


Saturday was a semi slow start.  We got up around 9 and got ready.  We headed out to brunch with Teh NY Chef to the Jewish Deli.  I needed to pick up my Kiawah race packet at the Summerville Fleet Feet, so I figured this was a solid excuse to go to the deli.  While we were there, I also scheduled my post semester massage.

After picking up my packet and buying some clearance socks (since they didn't have the model of sock I wanted (yes, that's a thing)), we headed back home.  I was dragging ass (let's blame how long Friday was, not the inebriation, kthx) so I laid down for a nap.

A delightful couple of hours later, I woke up and messed around on my phone for a bit.  Eventually, Teh German headed over to Teh PT House for cigar time and eventually, I followed.  A plan was made to go to Carolina Ale House for dinner.  Teh Neighbor Besties took over.  We didn't realize the Alabama vs Georgia game was on, so we had a short wait.  We definitely left before the Clemson game started.

New rule:
All photos with babies require a silly face.

After dinner, we headed back to Teh PT House for hanging out time.  I was reunited with my "vibrator" (the percussion massager, not an actual vibrator) and stood in the living room massaging all my sore pieces so I could walk the next day.  #NotSorryForTheGroans

Eventually, it was sleepy time and we headed home.


Sunday was productive day.

I got up and took care of the dogs (again) and started on homework things.  I worked on homework things for a few hours, having Teh German review my German skits that I wrote for our oral exam, and completed the final exam for my online class.  I finally got tired of that and needed a break.  Teh German told me no to going out with me to run errands since it was a "rainy, lazy day" and he was watching football and then added, "Why do I need to go get your hair stuff with you?".... which was essentially him lighting my fuse...  Soooo muuuuccchhhh rrraaagggeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I hate having to play the martyr when it comes to everything.. but when I have to MAKE time to do things like taking the dogs to get their nails cut (which was done VERRRRRRRRRYYYY poorly, some nails weren't even CUT, poorly), picking up shampoo/conditioner at Sally's, and then going to get groceries and a photo album for the 163 photos I found and had printed out for his immigration interview, and Husband tells me he is having a lazy day (which is what he did the prior day), I see fucking red.

I'm grateful my work is flexible so I can go to school, but I don't have all the free time he has.  We very rarely spend time together, other than eating meals, which are often quick and doesn't involve much talking.  Then I retreat to the office to do work or homework or finally take a shower after getting home from the gym AND THEN go back down to the office to accomplish things.. So on the weekends, I have to get shit done because I don't have time during the week to accomplish more than I already do.  I feel guilty going to the gym because I feel like I'm cheating work out of time (I'm not) and/or it's time I could be at home..  The time guilt is real, which is probably why I feel the need to bring up the time martyr situation when shit like this happens.

Teh German knew without a doubt that I was fucking pissed when I left, as I ensured he knew it when I told him bye. 

I took the dogs to get their nails cut, I should have checked in the store and had her cut more.  I was pissed when I got home and saw that you couldn't even tell a few of Pax's nails had even been touched with clippers.  MORE HULKSMASH RAGE.

Pax and Meri were ready for their poultry treat.
(Birds, they wanted to eat the birds.)

I went back home to drop the dogs off and headed back out to get MY shampoo and conditioner and OUR groceries and HIS photo album.  Still ragey, but with a sign right in front of me (a van from Teh Dad's company was in front of me on my way to Walmart), I finally called Teh Dad back after I'd ignored his calls Saturday (I was out with Teh NY Chef and Teh German) and on Sunday (since I was pissed at Teh German and Teh Dad always takes his side of every argument with some "manly" bullshit and cut him some slack and whatever fucking nonsense he says that usually incites my feminist-everything-equal into a blind rage). 

Fortunately, I told him all of that, so he didn't go down that track.  He did tell me not to say things I'd regret.  He also mentioned that I got my "barbarous" tongue from both parents, so he understood how it might be difficult to keep it in check.  I reminded him that living with Teh Mom had made me well-trained in not saying anything at all.

I accomplished errands and when I got home, Teh German got the groceries out of the car and put them away without me asking.  This method of acting like nothing happened is his way of apologizing for pissing me off, but not saying sorry is him not feeling bad about his decision to stay home.  I'm still stabby, but, again, I lived with Teh Mom long enough to learn to power through the rage and put on the nothing-is-wrong front. 

I had purchased a frozen bag dinner (first time in our marriage for that trick I've been keeping up my sleeve) and while it was cooking, I put away laundry from earlier in the week and kept the in process laundry going.  After dinner, I did the laundry, then headed back to the office to work on more homework.

This is where the time martyr comes in.  Gentle Readers,  All day usually.  There's always something I should be doing.  Homework, studying for the next test, laundry, something for dogs (poop hasn't been scooped in at least a month, since the last time I did it, since Teh German hates to scoop).  From the moment I get out of bed, I'm going.  I work in the AM or I do school work before going to school, or I'll go on a run, sometimes I'll come home after a run and take the dogs on a jog/walk.  Then I get ready.  I go to school.  I go to work.  Sometimes between school and work I'll stop by the chiro or get gas.  Rarely, I'll pick up lunch.  I'm at the office until most everyone has left (because no one likes it when the person who arrives last leaves before the person who arrived at 0900).  MWF I go to the gym, TH, I go home.  Depending on what is going on, it means extra homework or work time for me.  After I get home, it's dinner time.  Sometimes I cook, sometimes Teh German has cooked.  Sometimes, after the gym, I don't even bother going upstairs to shower because I know I will not want to come back downstairs to do work/homework, so I stay in my sweaty gym clothes until I'm done with my work.  I try to be upstairs by 9:30 so I can shower and be in bed by 10.  This starts again at 0530-0600 the next day.

During the semester, there were plenty of days that I was able to get ahead on my homework and finish up my work tasks while I was at work, so there would be days I could be available for work and still watch Shameless when I got home.  But right now, I don't have time to watch Shameless.  In fact, a new episode of Vikings went live last weekend and I haven't even been able to pretend to want to watch it.  Teh Ranch comes back on Dec 7th and I realllllly want to watch, but I know that I have exams next week.

It's a difficult balance, so when Husband, who has spent 2 days laying on the couch scrolling through his endless social media feeds, tells me, "Why should I go with you to pick up your hair stuff?" I want to rip of his arms and beat him with them.  I wanted to remind him of how I ensure that he never runs out of body wash or deodorant or FOOD and who plans our meals 97% of the time and who communicates to the cleaners and most of the service people for anything we use.

This mental time/effort that I've put forth for us is difficult to quantify and maybe that's why I feel the need to pull out the time martyr.  I know I posted about this within the last 2 years, but I cannot find the actual term I discovered to accurately describe this phenomenon that sooo many women experience.  If someone remembers, please jog my memory.. It's annoying me not to know now. 

Anyways.. after finishing up some school stuff, I headed upstairs for more laundry, bedtime chores, and then I laid in bed listening to an audiobook and playing solitare until Teh German came to bed.  I would have read my ebook, but I discovered the library had taken it back.... AND NOW there's a wait.. ugh.

My watch said I was asleep by 9:30, and I'm not actually sure if it's true or not, but it's fine if it was.


I woke up this morning to several notifications that my library holds were ready for download.  Now I have a millionty books all at the same time, a bittersweet event, of course.  One of the library audiobooks was an audiobook I had used an Audible credit on, so I returned that bad boy.  #NoCreditWasted

Despite my partner's very strong desire to put off our German oral exam, I semi-forced her into doing it today, and it went just fine, as expected.  We're the top 2 students in the class.  I was FAR from worried about our oral exam.  This is the same student who our professor wanted to put into the next level class at the beginning of the semester, but it wouldn't fit with her schedule, so she stayed in our section... like, girl, you don't need to be worried.

I consider my online class complete since I completed the final exam.  I haven't care about that class all semester, but I am expecting an A.

This week includes:
-TEH RUNNING BESTIE'S ARRIVAL! with Boyfran and the dogs.
-Computer science test Wednesday.
-Final circuits project due Thursday.
-Company holiday party on Friday.
-Kiawah Half Marathon on Saturday.

PS.  It's December.
I'd be more glad if it was COLD and December and not just December.
Instead it's rainy and December and if it was cold that would mean SNOW and December..
That said, while I love the rain, the damp is making my bad hip hurt and I really don't enjoy that.