Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #19

Teh Megan (tM): I fit an oversized chair in here yesterday.  [The Running Bestie's SUV]
Teh PT Husband: This is why you have a husband with a truck.
tM: It was raining.
Teh Running Bestie: He was at work.
Teh German (tG): Someone has to make all this money she is spending.

Server: How were your Nitro-tinis?
tM: Good, but I was afraid my insides might freeze.
Teh PT Wife: Yeah, the warning label was scary.
tG: Don't worry, your heart was already frozen.

Teh Soccer Mom: You better bring me the box!
tG: ...Or you'll end up in a box.

tG: Ooo, look at that beer in a water glass.

Discussing a maximum security prison.
tM: It's down the road on I-26.
tG: That's the end of their road.

tM: You could have anyone and you picked this.  [Referring to myself.]
tG: I know.  I'm not regretting it, but sometimes it's still surprising.

Pax starts making puking noises which results in him snarling/pulling his lips back over his teeth.
tG: That's a pretty smile.

Day before President's Day.
tM: Are you off tomorrow?
tG: No.
tM: Ok, just wondering since it's a holiday.
tG: Yeah, #notmypresident

tG: That's a real cock right there.
tM: Did you read that or just make it up?
tG: I made it up.

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