Monday, March 26, 2018

Weekend Review {3/26}


No class for Leadership Day meant that I went to work like a normal adult.  I finally have tasking, which is delightful.  I worked on my things and then left at 2 to get my hairs did.

Since she didn't have time for a color when I got it cut a few weeks ago, I scheduled an appointment for Friday.  I showed her my Pinterest board and we agreed on colors after she commented, "You're all over the place." 

Well, yes.  Regarding color.  Not about the style of coloring I wanted.  This is important later.

My board almost all ombre styles with a "natural" color at the roots to about halfway down and then the color starts.

Party started.

Final results.

It took me about 24 hours to realize that what I had come home with was NOT exactly what I wanted.  Granted, I like the color, but there is no ombre.  It is just burgundy/red/magenta/whatever you want to call this color.  She put a darker color at the roots, but I think she missed the part where it was supposed to go to about halfway down before the crazy red started.  It's complicated and I'm having a hard time telling myself that I should go back and be like... How did we go from what I showed you on my pinterest board to THIS (i.e. my head)?  I know I should go tell her.. but it's not overly worth it for me to complain about it and it's not that bad (which shouldn't be something I'm saying about a service I paid for (we won't talk about exactly how much it was, mmkay?)).  Additionally, I don't want to pay to have it fixed.  While I really get along well with my hair dresser, I'm about to be in the market for another if this is the trend. 

The first thing I told Liz when I sat down was that I didn't like how short she had made the layers in my hair during the cut 2 weeks ago.  But the thing about hair is that once you cut it, you have to let it grow back and there's nothing you can do about it.  Technically, this color is strike 3 since the first color I had her do was completely unnoticeable (EVEN TO HER).  IDK.  This is why I have hair dresser trust issues.  Someone people give me good advice because I don't not like it, but I don't love it and well.. I'm moderately non-confrontational about shit like this because it's just hair and it will grow back, but how does it go from 95% of the pictures on my pinterest board to a full crazy red color?  We are obviously having some miscommunication issues.

A mabillionty hours later, I made it home about 30 seconds after Teh German had arrived home.  Teh German said he liked the color and I couldn't tell if he was being nice or not, but I accepted the compliment (knowing how much I paid helped accept the compliment).  I had seen Teh AF Maintainer (ret.) walking his dogs on my way home and asked if he wanted to go to dinner with us.  He accepted and I told him we'd figure out a place and let him know.

We ended up going to The Workshop, which is like a food court.  We all ended up eating at the mexican place and it was good, except that my food was too spicy for me.. so that was fun.

Did get to see these sexy pants....

Dat velour assssss and dem mules.

I'm just not hipster enough for today's youth.  In fact, it was a big deal on Saturday when I wore jeans out instead of gym pants after threatening Teh German that I was, in fact, planning to wear my gym pants out.  It's complicated.

After we got home from dinner, we came home to a slaying.

Poor Lamp Chop.  She recently underwent surgery and she's already back in the laundry room awaiting Dr. Teh Megan to repair her brains.  We weren't home for long before we headed over to Teh PT House to hang out for a bit.  Husbands smoked cigars while Wives puzzled.

Eventually, we headed home and it was bedtime.


Saturday I intended on going to The Citadel to watch all the fun celebration things, but ended up staying in bed until 11.  I saw an email from Victoria's Secret (VS) about my bras being $25 and underwear being 10/$35 and I knew what I needed to do.  I also had planned on accomplishing the grocery shopping... like physically going into the store, which was serious.  Teh German needed to go by the dive shop to take a picture for and get his open water card.  I asked if he wanted to come with me to VS and for grocery shopping and he said yes.  And as I was completely ready to go, he was getting in the shower....

My approximate reaction.

I went downstairs to eat to stave off hangar and went back upstairs.  There was no expeditiousness in Teh German's attitude.  Teh German Time had struck.  FML.  Since I knew Teh German needed to eat, I went ahead and jumped in the shower (which I had bypassed since I was trying to get to VS before all the good undies were purchased).  I yelled to Teh German when I got out of the shower that when I got downstairs, he better be ready to leave.

Can we talk about how incredibly frustrating it is when someone who is always rushing you because STUFF AND THINGS DAMMIT.. and then when YOU are trying to get somewhere, they're like "Dooot-de-doooo.. I got all day."  And then.. they have the nerve to say, "What's the rush?!" 

UNDERWEAR!  10/$35 IS THE DAMN RUSH.  And you realize how ridiculous that sounds, but you'd have already been there by now if you'd hadn't been nice and invited Husband along to the panty party... /facepalm.

Anyways.. we finally got there and there was a very limited selection of prints in my style (bikini, thanks for asking) and then limit it to my size and well, I ended up with some uglies.  Whatever.  I also picked up a front-closing bra!!  I Snapped about it, because I almost lost my mind when I saw it.  I actually tried it on and everything.  We'll see how it works out.  I bought one because Lawd knows I miss my front clasp bra from my teenage years.  I won't get started on back closures on bras, but I am still baffled about WHY women's clothes aren't designed to be functional in any regard (i.e. back clasps and no fucking pockets).

Some lady had her dog in the store and that was kinda cool.
Super adorable, well behaved, 8 month old Pit.

After VS, we headed to the dive shop for Teh German.  He got his stuff taken care of and discussed his advanced dives with a divemaster because I've been harassing him about it (because I will leave his ass on the shore, #notsorry, if he doesn't have his proper dive quals).

#SunroofHairs #dontcurr

We were headed to the grocery store and I told Teh German that we could go to the store on Sunday since it was supposed to rain.  It was a gorgeous day on Saturday and Teh German had wanted to ride.  He accepted this and we headed home.  He worked on Bob and "synced the carbs" whatever the fuck that means, and then came inside and seemed completely unmotivated.  I asked if he wanted to ride and he was indecisive. 

Finally, he said he'd rather be lazy.  So we made dinner and had planned to watch some Vikings.  30 seconds after we had finished eating dinner, Teh SC German texted Teh German asking if we wanted to meet at Red's.  Teh German was being wishy-washy about it, but I finally pushed him over the edge when I told him we could ride the bikes, which would limit his drinking.  He was confused at first and then I explained that if we drove a vehicle, he'd drink a lot of beer and we'd be out super late and he'd feel like garbage the next morning.. and he agreed to go and ride the bikes. 

We left about 15 minutes later.  The man can't get out of the house when I'm in a hurry though.  Just imagine an extremely "not impressed" face, because that was my reaction.  Did I say anything?  No.  Because #GoodWife.  We made it to Red's without incident.  Teh SC Teacher and Teh SC German were already there and we waited on 2 others to join us.  Since we had already eaten dinner, I had a dessert (which was disappointing) and a beverage.  Teh German had a beer and some coconut skrimpies (known to normal people as: shrimp).

After everyone was done eating, they wanted to head out to the bar, but we tapped out and headed home.  Since we were on the bikes, we knew we didn't want to do any more drinking and it was also dark out and we wanted to get home before the drunks decided to start driving themselves home.

When we got home, we put on stretchy pants and landed on the couch for some Vikings and, for me, homework.


Sunday, I took dog duty and got up to feed the dogs.  I briefly considered going on a run and it was raining, so I passed.  Instead, I stayed up and worked on homework.  Teh German eventually came downstairs.  I did have good intentions of going to the store, but it was 11:30 and Teh Builder texted and said she would deliver the guest room dresser since I was concerned it wouldn't fit in the back of Yurtle and I didn't want to put it in the back of the truck while it was raining.  Her ETA was 1pm.  Kinda when I needed to be at the store. 

While I waited on her, I burned some time.  I was made an administrator on our neighborhood Facebook page, so I did some housecleaning for the group and then decided to get off the computer.  Teh German had started working on immigration paperwork and I asked if he was busy and he said yes, sooooo I went upstairs and moved the dresser from the Guest Room to First Child Room by myself (#GirlPower) to make room for the incoming dresser.  I also swapped out curtains in First Child Room and put the old First Child Room curtains downstairs in the dining room, which was an adventure because I'm short.  I reminded myself that if I was single, I'd be doing all these things myself anyways, so it was a nice reminder that I can still do all these things all by myself.

I didn't have time to shower by that point, but Teh Builder arrived soon after.  She got to experience Teh German and I at our worst (i.e. working together to carry anything up the stairs + Teh German was already moody because he was doing paperwork which just so happened to be immigration paperwork, which I cannot help with (because it actually makes ZERO sense to me but not because I'm unwilling, and it makes me understand why immigration is so complicated and fucked up)) and she ended up having to help Teh German get the dresser the rest of the way upstairs. 

I had been worried the dresser was going to be too long and we'd have to rearrange the furniture, but the size was perfect for the area.  NBD, #LikeABoss.

I want to make some map themed knobs for it, but in the meantime, Teh Builder found some brushed chrome knobs for it.  I lurve it.  The grey is a metallic, distressed color and the blue is also slightly distressed.  When I first came up with this idea, it sounded sketchy to a few people, but everyone loves the way it turned out.  This is a common theme in my life, which makes me happy.

After Teh Builder headed out, I ordered the groceries online because #LazyAF. 

After ordering the groceries, Teh German informed me that if I was going to shower, I should go do that... sooooo I went upstairs and showered.
Me to Teh Running Bestie and Teh Sister:
Murder, hair dye, or both?
We'll never know.

and then no one responded for like a millionty years (30 minutes) and I had to explain that they were witnessing genius.

We were car pooling with Teh PT Husband and Wife at 3:30 for Teh Dental Hygienist's surprise birthday dinner at California Dreaming.  I was out of the shower by 3:03.  I watched the minutes tick by and it was after 3:15 when Teh German finally came upstairs and started getting ready.  Teh German Time was reallllllllll this weekend, Gentle Readers.  I was completely ready by 3:23 and I was standing around in the kitchen just waiting on Teh German to come down.

I used the spare time to be ready to walk out the door.  I muzzled Pax and told Alexa to play music for the them.  All Teh German had to do was grab his wallet and put on shoes once he got downstairs.  I purposely was standing around waiting on him, not starting to do anything because I knew if I drug my feet just a little bit, I'd have to hear it. 

Teh German had been in a pissy mood all day and he was trying to rush me out the door and I finally said, "Stop, come here."  He was irritated (as expected) and I finally asked, "What is your problem?"  He said he was frustrated from the paperwork.  I then gently reminded him, "Then, I am NOT your problem."  He responded, "I know."  I said, "Taking out your frustration on me is not ok just because he's frustrated at something else."  He acknowledged me and we headed out the door where our PT Taxi was waiting in the driveway.

Teh German was super quiet for the entire evening.  We definitely surprised Teh Dental Hygienist.  It was awesome.  Our service wasn't actually that great, but the food was delicious, as expected.

Teh Neighbor Besties!

When we got home, I agreed to some Vikings while I attempted some Photoshop homework.  Double exposure editing is kicking my ass and I hate it.  I want to do cool things, but it's just not for me.  I'm about to just download some stock images and do exactly like what was in the video instead of trying to do the project with my own photos, since I know that using my own photos isn't going to get me any extra points. 

After several episodes, it was finally bedtime.  I got very little homework accomplished.  Of course.


Overall, a decent weekend.  Teh German was pretty moody, so that put a damper on things, but we had fun socializing, so that was positive.  Sometimes, life has to be just meh so other times can be HELLA AWESOMEEE!

This week includes:
-Another sex ed bio lab.  /wrist
-Teh Advising Sister arrives on Friday and we're gonna do things!  Like go downtown so she can peruse the "merchandise" and have brunch and go to an adult toy party.  Seriously, be jelly.
-Laundry.  The Laundry Fairy had such a good run of staying on top of the laundry and then she just petered out.  Makes since because the Dishes Gnome went on strike this weekend.  The Gnome finally reappeared Sunday evening (Thank God because all the dishes in the sink was almost unbearable for me).  The Laundry Fairy made a fly by last night and sorted the laundry and started a load, but didn't make more of a commitment than that.  She might get that shit done this week.  We'll see.
-Hopefully the cleaning crew came today.  If they didn't, they are probably fired.  I'm over this shit.
-I will finish Year of Yes and hopefully stop spontaneously crying every time Shonda talks about Cristina's last episode.  There was a chapter pretty much dedicated to Cristina and when Shonda repeats Cristina's last lines, there were tears.  YALL, I WAS CRYING AT WORK.  Cristina is everything I want to be but in real life and sans the tequila.  I tear up anytime I hear the version of "Where Does the Good Go?" from that episode.  Judge me.  #DontCurr.

And he dies in the next season.

Happy end of March, Gentle Readers!

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  1. I do love the color of your hair but I'd be pretty pissed after paying all that money & not getting even close to what I wanted.


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