Friday, March 29, 2019

Five on Friday #188

EINS - Random Shit

-Shit I don't understand:
Our neighbors have moved out, but they often come back for things from this house.  Yet, they still park in the street, instead of on their driveway... WTFFF?

Also, I can't tell if they have left the dogs behind or not.  I know the dogs are there, but I'm not sure if they are going to the new house during the night?  I hear them barking during the day though, so it's very confusing for me.  **They definitely took the dogs with them.  The fact that it was even a question does speak volumes though....

My MIL got Teh German some type of plasma lighter for his birthday.  Cool, right?  NO, WRONG!  It makes a very high pitched noise that hurts my ears incredibly, and even more so when my ears are in their current sick-sensitive state.  I think Teh German thinks it's funny to use the lighter and test how far away I can hear it.  I CAN HEAR IT FROM ACROSS THE FUCKING HOUSE.  I WILL MAKE THAT THING DISAPPEAR.

-It is very disappointing to lose your sense of smell and taste because of sickness.  This means that any desserts consumed are wasted because you cannot enjoy them.  You might as well just have spinach for dessert.

-After navigating through the mental fog that is overdosing on sinus medication+other shit for an extended period of time, I was mentally functional.  But for real, existing is exhausting.  And breathing?  Fuck that shit.  You can have it back.

-I was so stressed out about being sick and my throat hurting sooooo bad and missing school and tests... that I gave myself a herpaderp.. in my fucking nostril.  There are no words for how fucking pissed off this made me.  Like, really, Universe?  I can't sleep through the night without coughing every 1.5 minutes for no less than an hour and a half each night and I deserve a herpaderp in my constantly runny fucking nose?!?!!  Who is making these decisions, because this shit isn't funny anymore.

-I really did think at the beginning of the week that the sick days I took would be extra study time for me, regarding the 2 tests I missed.  I had such lofty goals.  So cute.

-I missed a total of 1 week from the Death/Sickness.  Exactly, because I went to my Thursday afternoon class, Networks, since we were having a test that I didn't want to have to coordinate making up.  Also, it was open notes and he specifically said, study the homework problems.  Uhhh, better yet, I'll print all the posted solutions to the homework problems out and bring them in my notes.  The people that didn't do that are morons.  He even sent out an email on Weds saying the final hw solution was posted and to check it out before the exam.  HE LITERALLY GAVE US THE ANSWERS.  The test had different values on it, but how to work the problem was in the solutions he provided. 

-Wednesday, I was geared up to go to work, despite not sleeping AT ALL.  Teh German talked me into staying home and I'm glad he did.  I hate when he's right, but I'm glad I stayed home.  That said, Wednesday was the absolute worst and I started peeing on myself because I'd be coughing for a millionty days straight (approximately 7, but who's counting?).  I called the doctor 4 times (at 9am, noon, 2pm, and 4pm) and that fucker STILL didn't call any cough syrup in for me.  I know it won't hurt him, but I've already started looking for a new doctor.  FUCK THAT GUY, fuck that office.

Teh German came home to a bawling wife on the couch surrounded by pillows and used tissues and a laptop in her lap.  I explained what happened and he said we were going to urgent care and I told him to shower first (he'd been to the gym).  Actually, I think I said something about how I just needed to be upset about the shittiness and then after his shower we could talk about urgent care.. but when Teh German came downstairs dressed in public clothes, I knew he was taking me to urgent care whether I wanted to go or not.  I knew this would be the case and since I was on the insurance website looking for a new doc, I looked up urgent care places that my insurance covered.

At urgent care, the doc confirmed that I probably had a virus+serious allergies at the same time, which made for my disaster.  She gave me a cough syrup with codeine so I could actually get some sleep.  We went straight to CVS to have it filled.  Since it was going to take an hour, I came back for it before they closed.  I didn't sleep well, but I didn't cough all night and that was really the solution we were looking for in a trip to urgent care since my doc hadn't done anything for me.

When the original doctor's nurse called me on Thursday morning at 0900 to tell me that the doc had called in a cream for my nose herpaderp, a cough syrup (nothing good that would have helped me sleep, or I would have had to go to the office to pick it up), and extended my work/school excuse, I said OK and hung up.  Yes, I wanted to yell, but I knew it would do no good.  I'm over them.  I didn't bother to mention that I'd had to seek help from a different medical facility because they were shit.  Part of me wants to leave a scathing review online on every social media outlet I can find, but part of me realizes it's not worth that and I will probably come off as another irate woman pissed off because she had an achy throat.

-I am kinda ridiculous about utilizing tissues to the max point.  Like, I use a tissue no less than 3 times... and when I have a large stack, I'll use 2 of the (now) small folded tissues to blow into.  I'm pretty sure I had a stack of ~10 used tissues sitting on my desk on Wednesday morning and they were all super soggy and gross and when I tossed them, I was grossed out a little.

-I have been the absolute worst at communication this week.  Being sick really takes it out of me.  I have been such a shitty friend.  People are texting to check on me and I don't respond or I respond 8 hours later..  It's not you, it's me.  Awakeness is hard.  Awareness is harder. 

-I GOT GOOPY EYES from one of my medications, probably because I was allergic to it.  Specifically the $45 "Magic Mouthwash".  I could literally watch the goop producing in my eyes.  It was disgusting.  I told Teh PT Wife I was like Marcy with her goopy eye.  When I woke up on Wednesday morning, my eyes were sealed shut..... from the goop. 

-In November, another doc at this same office, prescribed me a 3rd generation penicillin antibiotic.  When I took it in November, by the end of the pills, I had a pretty bad headache and couldn't pinpoint why.  3 days into the same antibiotic this time, I started getting that headache.  On Thursday, I took NONE of the drugs that shit-doctor had prescribed and over the day, my headache disappeared.  Crazy.  Sooo turns out, I'm probably definitely also allergic to that 3rd generation penicillin antibiotic.  If I could just never get sick ever again, that would be the simplest solution to all my problems.

-I kinda wish there was more to talk about here than just how shitty it was being sick, but being sick is the only thing that has happened in the last week.  I stayed home with the dogs and was sick.  Nurse Meri smelled my breath several times a day to check if I was still sick or not.  Each time, I was still sick.

-OOOO I know of something fun that I did.  I watched the Amy Schumer stand up on Netflix.  It was pretty funny.  I think it wasn't as LOL funny to me because I've never been pregnant, but there were still parts that gave me a LOL.  Worth a watch if you're into that kind of thing.

-I got a PhoneSoap box!  It is essentially a UV light box that de-germifies things!  I bought the one that is big enough for tablets, which means that anything I can fit in that fucker will be sanitized.  It's also a nice "house" for my cell phone while I'm working on homework, so I think that will work out nicely for almost a daily sanitation round.  I'm not being paid for this, but if they wanted to compensate me in some way, I'm available.

-I have to make up my digital engineering test, which I studied for on Thursday night and kind of understood some things that felt pretty foreign to me earlier this week, so that was a positive.  I also have to make up my German test, which I'm way less worried about.  I probably should be a little worried, but my average in that class is in the mid-90s and as long as I get an A at the end of the semester, I'm not sad.

-Our security person at work seems to have it out for me and I cannot figure out why.  I'm not sure if it's because I know things about his job from having done it for 3 years or if I've pissed him off in some way that I'm not sure of.. but either way.. his emails to my boss and people that are not connected to the processes that we deal with insinuating that I'm not doing my job make me stabby.  I made sure to email him back withOUT non-associated people and in overly-thorough details that I had done my job and done it thoroughly.  Yes, I seem easy-breezy at work and super casual, but my job is important to me and doing a good job is VERY important to me.  STEP BACK.

-I rescheduled my TSA Pre-check appt.  This better go as easy as Teh German said his did, or I'm going to lose my shit.

-I had to reschedule my filling for broke tooth (no, not a cavity, tyvm) because of sickness.  It was disappointing, but not being able to breathe through my nose during a dental procedure seems risky.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Chloraseptic spray (useless, total waste of money)
-Urgent care visit for a good cough syrup script
-Good cough syrup
-Bojangles biscuit
-Cookout milkshake and sweet tea (TO SOOTHE MY THROAT, DON'T JUDGE ME GOSH)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Get better soon flowers from Teh German, Teh Running Bestie, Teh Chief Smartass, and Teh Dogs.
Teh German also got me a very fitting card that I forgot to take a photo of.  It made me lol.

I made dinner on Tuesday night since it was super simple and I had gotten a lot of rest.
Also, lobster tails, not because we're fancy, but because I evicted them from the freezer for being there too long.
They were actually delicious, but Teh German did announce that he 100% doesn't like lobster.  Not the work to eat it part, but the flavor.  Das fine... I'll take it.

This goof has dry mouth all the time.  Probably from sleeping in such awkward ways.
This is only a problem when it's 2am and all I can hear is Pax... licking his mouth over and over and over.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

May today be the day you pull back the curtains and let the sunlight pour in over absolutely everything;
the walls, the bed, the ceiling, the floor, and take a mindful moment for the way it shines,
in a way you never have before.
And perhaps it might not fix everything but perhaps it can remind you no matter the shadows that filled the room
Light will find the way through.

I just hop you know what happened to you was not your fault,
and it is ok to take the time you need to let your tired soul just breathe.
You do not have to hold it all in,
no matter how they made you feel.
You are worth of the time and space to begin to heal.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Cough syrup with codeine. FUCKING MAGIC IN A BOTTLE.
  2. Teh German taking care of me.  Sometimes he's not the best nurse.  In fact, last week when I started getting sick, he was pretty mean and I called him out on it because my feelings were hurt and I was sensitive.  This week, when I was in the throes of death, he was much more sensitive to my sensitivity.
  3. Walking into class on Thursday afternoon and people inquiring about how I was.  Made me feel missed.
  4. Taking the dogs on a walk.  Even if it was the short loop.
  5. Sanitizing my phone and charging my watch at the same time.  Just call me #MsHighSpeed
  6. Workmates thanking me for keeping my sickness at home instead of coming in the office to show my face and hacking all over everything.
  7. In the Death or Sickness game, it was just sickness, not death.  Although, for a while there, it was really a toss up.
  8. Teh German said we might get to put some fishies in the fish tank this weekend!!!!!!
  9. I posted about my strife on FB this week and I have to say, the comments and support I received were really awesome.  Also, no one openly made fun of me when I admitted that I was peeing in my pants from coughing... and adult who has never procreated.  Thanks, friends.
  10. An excess of stainless steel tumblers this week, for when I was drinking from 2 tumblers all week long rather than have to refill one tumbler more frequently.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Also, fuck Spring.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Brittany posted a while ago about self-care and how it differs from person to person and it got me thinking about my self-care actions...

What do I do to take care of myself?  

These things:

Combining small loads of laundry into a bigger load so I don't have to spend half my life doing a millionty small loads of laundry.  Instead, I have to fold and put away 2 loads instead of 4/5.  Same amount of clothes, half the time.  I don't even care that my darks and lights are together.  I do sort the laundry as I normally would, then combine small loads together.  But more and more recently, I've dumped an entire hamper full of clothes in the washer and said fuck it.  #YOLO

Adding more sugar to my coffee.  In an effort to be "healthy" I try to limit the amount of sugar and creamer I put in my coffee.  Well, half a teaspoon more of sugar isn't going to kill me and my coffee always tastes better with that extra little bit.  I'll start doing more intense calisthenics between exercises at the gym to counter this maybe... but probably not because who the fuck cares?

Giving in to my cravings.  I am very much a delayed-gratification type of person.  I will put something off and off and off until finally I can't stand it and I give in.  I don't know why I do this.  I could just satisfy the craving, and usually, it goes away.  Obviously, if it's a craving that happens frequently enough to become a habit, I probably need to check myself, but having dessert with a meal is something I've accepted.  That said, I rarely left myself eat anything after 8pm on principle.

I take a bath when I'm cold.  Sometimes I'll add a bath bomb.  I know, real fancy.

I skip the post-shower squeegee sometimes.  Whoever showers last has to squeegee the shower.  Teh German only does the glass, but I do the entire shower, glass and walls.  We do this because we live in the Humidity Capital of the World (I made that fact up), so we are plagued with all sorts of mold (this is an actual fact, lest you need a reminder, see: Shitty House).  It starts as orange mold, but quickly the black mold steps in, greeting you with it's permanence and rapid offspring.  But sometimes, I just don't fucking feel like it.  So.. I don't.

I actually use the temperature dials in my car.  For an embarrassingly long amount of time, I would set the temperature and then refuse to change it.  I guess part of it was the delayed gratification part of my mind, but I've come to realize it's stupid.  When I feel cold, I can turn the heat up.  When I feel hot, I can turn the temp down.  I can also turn my seat heater on and off as I please.  I knew I could do these things before, but I neglected myself and would tell myself, "It's only ___ minutes until I arrive, I'll be fine."  That is stupid.  No mas!

I stopped trying to remember everything.  Now, if I'm upstairs and Teh German is downstairs and I think of something for the grocery list, I'll text him or yell at him (depending on whether or not it's "Teh German Time") and ask him to add something to the list.  I used to text myself, but I'd forget and things would never get written down.  I need it things to be written down/done in real time.  I've also considered putting a dry erase marker in the bathroom so I can write on the mirror so I don't forget things.  The other thing I do is to not throw away the package until I've written it on the list.  I also do this with empty toilet paper rolls.  If spare toilet paper needs to be put in the downstairs bathroom, I'll set the empty toilet paper roll on the stairs until I'm actually going upstairs, so when I see it, I'll remember to get the TP to bring downstairs.  Sometimes I bring it downstairs right then, sometimes, I put it on the bathroom counter to be delivered later... but if it's there and I can see it, it won't be forgotten.

I no longer try to do absolutely everything right now.  I've come to realize that I start to forget things when I try to do too much at once.  Additionally, I have a routine and if I break from that routine, things fall through the cracks.  I used to be able to multitask like a boss and rarely miss a beat.  These days, completing small tasks one at a time is more efficient since something that is forgotten is more critical than it used to be.

I don't try to carry everything at once.  Two trips won't kill me.  It might injure my pride, but I won't break anything when I, inevitably, drop something.

Instead of waiting until I go to leave to put my gym bag in the car, I will put it in the car after I go downstairs after unpacking and repacking it.  It's one less thing I have to remember AND carry the next morning.  I have also started to do this with my backpack, if I don't need to use my computer the next morning.

Dog breakfast/dinner is prepared ahead of time.  This way, it's a matter of adding water and putting the bowls down.

Instead of nesting folders/files to be "organized", I put often accessed folders/files at the root level so I don't have to keep clicking through a millionty folders to find them.  When I no longer need the files frequently, I "put them away".  This is particularly important for my school stuffs and for my Dropbox.  I spent YEARS clicking through a millionty folders to find something in the name of organization.  Lies.  My shit is still organized, it's just not OCD organized.  This is ok.  I needed to let it go.  There has to be a trade off between OCD and efficiency and it took me 33 years to figure it out.

I let other people do it their way.  This is one of the hardest things that I do in the name of self-care.  I'm a control freak.  My way IS the best way.  Except that if it's frustrating me and making me tired to be in control, it's not the best way.  This has become particularly important for me with Teh German picking up cooking duties and with the cleaners.

Always having a backup.  I hate, hate, hate having to go to the store because we are out of a necessity.  I like to go to the store on my terms, for at least 2+ items (because if I only need 1 thing, I'm ordering that bitch from Amazon).  We always have extra toilet paper and hygiene items, for example.

No longer using Viva paper towels.  I love how soft Viva paper towels are.. but guess what.. They are a pain in the ass to rip off the roll and it gets on my nerves so badly I will not be purchasing them again.  TAKE THAT, VIVA.

Grocery pick-up.  Not getting to pick out my own fruit/veggies doesn't compare to the convenience of ordering my shit and then someone bringing it to my car.  I risk it.  I've only been disappointed once, but not so much I bothered with exchanging it.  I do still pick out my own meats, but often because I stock up at one time instead of ordering meat with my regular grocery order.

Do you do any of these things, too?
What are things that you do to take care of yourself?

Monday, March 25, 2019

Weekend Review {03/25}


Friday was no work, no school because of sickness.  The one thing that sickness hasn't deterred has been the Laundry Fairy, so la-die-da motherfuckers.  

I had a doctor's appointment at 1015 where a flu test determined I didn't have the flu and the doctor just kinda said, "Yeah, maybe it's a virus?"  I left with a steroid shot, instructions to keep taking my sudafed/advil combo, and schedule a follow up if necessary.

I had already missed my German class, so I stopped by the Chiro since I was feeling particularly out of sorts.  Then I headed to my TSA Pre-Check appointment that was supposed to be at 12:30.  Complication: The office was closed when I pulled up at 12.  But then I was informed by another person waiting that they reopened at 12:30, which was fine.  I then checked the hours online and Googly informed me that this place reopened at 1pm, which was extremely confusion for someone who had an appointment at 12:30.  Teh German had an appointment scheduled for 12:40, so he eventually showed up.

I quit waiting at 1:15, determining that I felt like shit and I was tired of waiting.  Teh German stuck around for another 45 minutes and reported that the person never showed up.  WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS THAT SHIT?  How is that even ok?  I cannot.  Teh German rescheduled his appointment for Monday afternoon (which he said was a breeze, yeah because the fucktard showed up to work...).

I had been on the hunt for my travel soap dish, so I stopped by Target since I was in the area.  Target only had 2 piece (separable) soap dishes and that is not what I was looking for.  Also they were $3.50  WTF.  I picked up a few items at Target that were on my list, a bunch of dog toys we didn't necessarily need but I liked, and then headed home.  On my way home is a Walmart, so I made a last attempt to get my soap dish.  When I walked to the aisle, the travel stuff was pretty empty, like it had been the weekend before, but then a person moved and there were heavenly beams upon the $1 travel soap dishes.  I picked my color and headed to the checkout.

Since I was there, I also stopped at Sam's to get gas.  I don't think any of this would have been possible without the steroid shot, buttttt we'll never know because I got home and crashed.

Teh German eventually came home and we had a call set up with a fish tank person about this piece of equipment that we couldn't get setup.  The tech couldn't get it setup either, so we're exchanging it for a new one.  Alrighty then.

Friday night was spend watching The Office until it was bedtime.


I had originally planned to be on dog duty this weekend, but sickness said, no thanks.  Teh German got up with the dogs and I tried to sleep in, but instead I spent the time I was trying to fall back asleep choking on my phlegm, so I just got up and brushed my teeth.

I can't really recall what this day included, but I felt like shit, so probably a nap and medicine.

We did go out for dinner at a place called Momo's which had good reviews.  I still had the ability to taste and smell at this point, so I can attest that this poutine with bbq and cheese curds was ahhhhmazing.

After dinner we picked up some chloroform Chloraseptic.  It didn't do anything but numb my mouth for a few seconds.  The part of my throat that hurts is deeper than the spray can reach, so it was pointless.

After our outing, we went home and gathered the fam and headed over to Teh PT House.  The beasts needed some activity time, so Pax and I threw the frisbee while Meri patrolled the perimeter.  It took less than 5 minutes for both of us to get tired.  Teh PT Husband did share his coffee with Pax, at first unknowingly, then willingly.  Pax wasn't sad.

Eventually, it was bedtime for everyone and we headed home.


Sunday started as a lazy day.  Again, Teh German got up with the dogs and I tried to sleep in, but again, I was choking, so instead I got up and brushed my teeth and took a shower to steam some of the snot out of me.  I then proceeded straight to the couch to lay down because showering is exhausting.

We both ended up taking naps.

After I woke up, I headed to the office to get some homework/test studying accomplished.  It was minimal, but it was accomplished.  This is the worst time to be sick since I have 3 tests this week: German, Networks, Digital Engineering.

As I was finishing up my school stuff, Teh German started working on dinner.  I did eventually go into the kitchen and help since we'd agreed to make lasagna and he'd never made it before?  IDK if that is actually true or not, but he kept asking questions, so I instructed him through the process.  Before we ate dinner, my sense of taste and smell finally went, so I assume the lasagna was delicious, but I really have no idea.  I froze about half of it for another time so we don't have to eat ourselves sick of lasagna.

After dinner, we headed back to the couch and finally finished up The Office.  I spent most of the last 2 episodes crying.  When Michael shows up with his "That's what she said," and when Jim gave Pam the video from the crew.  It's really a bummer I have the plague and Teh German isn't touching me, because it would have been a cute snuggly moment.  But no, the death-sickness cockblocked me. Ugh.

After we finished the series, we watched some bloopers on YouTube and then it was time for bed.


Sick weekends fucking suck.  I actually went back to the doctor this morning because Monday = day 5 of feeling like this and I cannot with this shit.  I get the science of riding it out and letting your body heal itself, but I do NOT go to the doctor unless it's absolutely unavoidable, so when I went on Friday, I should have been more insistent.  Today, I was VERY insistent.  In addition to the same shit that is going on, I have the beginnings of an ear infection.  "Very strange in an adult," per Dr. Fucking Obvious.  I finally received prescriptions for antibiotics, some throat numbing stuff, and some other medications that I have no idea what it's for. 

But let me tell you a quick story... because #MeganProblems are real.. and this is a prime example.

When the doc asked me what pharmacy I wanted the scripts sent to, I told him a specific one.  This specific one is NOT the same as what they have on record.  The nurse came back in, told me the doc had sent in the scripts and I was good to go.  I checked out, got my doctor's note, and headed to the pharmacy I had told him to send the scripts to.  Went in, talked to pharmacist who said the scripts hadn't been put in yet.  I go sit and wait for an indeterminate amount of time (because I'm so doped up on advil/sudafed/cough syrup, I have no concept of time).  Someone asks me what I'm waiting on, I tell them, they check, still not in.  I have had enough, I'm exhausted from showering and leaving my house and being in public and I say that I cannot wait any longer.  On my way to the car, I call the dr's office and ask where the scripts were sent to.  Definitely NOT the pharmacy I had requested.  Nope, they were sent to the place on file. 

Look, people, I'm sick AF.  I can barely function.  Feeding myself is a feat at this point.  But to NOT FUCKING LISTEN TO ME and then I end up wasting time while I feel like death?  I WILL KILL YOU.  So I headed to the pharmacy that was on file.  The scripts are not filled yet because they have on file that I'm allergic to one of the scripts and they had to call the doc.  I tell them it is ok and to fill them.  The pharmacist then informs me that 1 of the medications is NOT covered by my insrance and will cost $45.  And another medication is only partially covered and will cost $30?  She asks if it's oki and I tell her that really it's not, but that I don't even care right now, just fill all of the scripts.  Pharmacist tells me it will take 25-30 minutes.  I.cannot.  I literally can.fucking.not at this point.  I tell the pharmacist that I'll have to send someone to pick them up because I literally need to go to bed and I pull away fighting the frustration tears that I can no longer fight.  I cry most of the way home, because there are very few things I can't handle, but not being self-sufficient is one of those things.

When I got home, I gathered myself and called Teh German and warned him that I was probably going to cry because I was frustrated... and I did.  I explained the entire morning to him and he said he would leave work right then and go pick up my meds.  I explained that the medications were going to be expensive and that I was planning on using my HSA card to pay for them, but I had the card and they wouldn't allow me to pay for them in advance.  Teh German said it was alright, he'd just pay for them and he'd bring them to me. 

I said ok and went to bed.  Where I proceeded to be unable to find a position to lay in where:
1- my nose wasn't dripping.
2- I wasn't constantly coughing.
Not that I can accurately judge time in this state, but I was figuring that about every 1.5 minutes, I had to cough.  Do you know what prohibits rest?  COUGHING ALL THE FUCKING TIME.  It really felt like it took half my life for Teh German to arrive.  It really only took him an hour, but I had to check my phone to get that math. 

Teh German dropped off my meds and headed back out the door.  I took my meds and tried to fall asleep, still coughing every 1.5 minutes.  I finally gave up and took some of the cough syrup that I keep on hand for tough times like these.  THAT was what finally helped me get to sleep.  Not a very good sleep, between the nose drips, dry throat, inability to swallow without wincing, coughing, and the neighbor's fucking barking dogs, but a mediocre amount of rest.

I have high hopes that with the antibiotics, I'll be back in business no later than Wednesday.  I was really hoping for tomorrow because I really hate missing class, but I just do not think it is wise to take a test and try to stay awake during class when on medications that say, "May cause drowsiness."

So yeah.. that's where I am in life.
I'm also down 3-5 pounds depending on the day, so there's that silver lining.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Five on Friday #187

EINS - Random Shit

-My dentist's office has an office dog.  His name is Gator and we're besties.  Gator also sat on Teh German's foot when we were trying to leave.  Does that make them besties too?  Asking for a friend.  Also yes, we go to the dentist at the same time.  This really simplifies things when it comes to insurance and questions from Teh German.  Also, I loved my dentist's office before Gator came into the picture.

-I left my water bottle on the plane when I landed in Baltimore by accident.  I'm not overly sad since it was bent on the bottom and was wobbly, but it meant I "had" to order another one.  Super pumped about this life choice.

-In addition to my life derailing because I was busy, I started getting sick on Wednesday.  All day, I complained about a headache, and if you know me, I only complain when the headache is BAAADDD.  I'm used to severe headaches, so a minor headache doesn't warrant complaining about.  But when the light and sound sensitivity kicks in, then I start whining.  Despite the advil and sudafed I took (assuming it was #BarometerHead), nothing helped.  Even at the gym, the instructor noticed I was wincing when I punched and I had to explain that my head was hurting.

Thursday, I woke up with a sore throat, ears that felt like they were going to explode, my entire body ached, and again with the headache.. but I HAD to go to class since we were doing a test review in my Engineering class that I really needed to attend, and if I was going for that class, I might as well go to the class before it since I've already failed that class before..  So I did.

And I wanted to die.

By the time the test review class was over, I knew that I couldn't wait another 3 hours for my afternoon class and went to the instructor's office to hand in my homework and explained that I wouldn't be in class because I was going home to die, possibly.  I didn't.  But it might have been easier, just saying.

Nurse Meri has been on duty since Wednesday.
This morning I woke up to Meri face directly in my face, because she was concerned about my unusual breath smells.

Friday came and I wasn't feeling better, despite ALL the medications I've inundated my system with.  I scheduled a doctor's visit for 1015 and they were like, "We don't know what's wrong with you because the flu test came back negative."  12 hours later, I realized they didn't ONCE look in my throat to see if it was something other than sinus drainage...  I did get a steroid shot, but Teh German pointed out that it didn't seem to help me like it helps him.  He almost immediately feels better.  I am still barely functioning.  So yeah.  Good stuff.

-I really hate forgetting to pay for doctor related things with my HSA card.  Ugh.

-I also really hate that my credit card is still in Myrtle Beach.  I have been missing out on cash back rewards and card rewards because I don't have it and it makes me sad.  I'm trying to be patient, but it's not working.  If I had just cancelled the card and requested a new one, I would already be back in business 2 weeks ago.  I have been able to use it with online orders and anytime tap-to-pay is available, but still, I am sad.

-My German teacher approached me and asked if I received either of the study abroad scholarships that I'd applied for.  I told her yes, I had received one of the scholarships, but I didn't know how much it was for.  Essentially, she needed to know if I'd gotten a scholarship or not because if I hadn't, the German department was definitely going to give me a scholarship.  If not, then someone else who had applid would receive the money.  She asked me to verify the total of the scholarship, so I did.

It's official.  I GOT A $6052 SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!!!
I won't even lie, I did a little jig right in the office of the lady who clarified the total for me and she giggled at my reaction.

-Teh German and I had TSA Pre-Check appointments scheduled on Friday at 12:30.  We showed up at the office and no one was there.  We waited for over and hour with 5+ of our new stranger friends and still nothing.  There was no sign on the door that the person was out of the office, just the hours sign that confusingly stated that they closed for lunch until either 12:30 or 1, we couldn't really determine.  Online hours said they reopened at 1, which was very confusing for me, since I had a 12:30 appointment.  I 100% pulled out my sassy white bitch persona and called TSA to clarify.  Turns out, this location is the ONLY location for Pre-Check within 2ish hours.  So obviously, I'm overjoyed at this turn of events.  Teh German has already rescheduled his appointment.  I'm just going to wait and see what happens.  I'd rather drive to Columbia than waste half my life on some asshole who doesn't fucking show up to work. 

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Goethe Institut tuition.  It's official, I'm going to Germany people!
-Audible subscription
-Spotify subscription
-Dog food
-Bully sticks
-Boot for water bottle (so I don't dent it again)
-Straw lid for water bottle
-Thermometer (after forgetting to put it on my list no less than 3 times)
-Doctor visit
-Cookout milkshake for soothing my achy throat
-Cell phone
-Utility bills

DREI - From My Phone Shit

When you start shivering uncontrollably for no reason, it calls for a middle of the day bath which would scald off your skin under normal circumstances.  I didn't get out until I started sweating.

Riddle me this, Batma, why the fuck are the burger patties on my Big Mac so fucking miniscule?
This made me pretty stabby.

It took 3 different store trips to acquire this stupid soap container.

This is what happens when I go to Target.
Now, I'm good for Pax's Gotcha Day in May and whatever else may come up.

These fucking stalkers.

My 1" binder and I have been fighting, so I finally upgraded to a 1.5 inch.
And promptly decorated it with unused stickers I had on hand.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

I stole this from Steph because #truth

This was a good idea in theory, but maybe not in execution.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Being back into my routine.  I thrive on routine.
  2. Steroid shots, even if they didn't magically make me feel better.
  3. $6000 scholarships.  Like for real this time.  I will now allow myself to be excited.
  4. Hot baths.
  5. Finally registering and paying for study abroad things.. like the course and the plane ticket.
  6. Getting this post up only 1 day late.
  7. 35 more days of Spring 2019.
  8. Finishing all of the online homework for one of my classes for the rest of the semester. Out of sight, out of mind, is my motto.
  9. Stickers on my new school binder.  Specifically the "Not today Mugglefucker" one.
  10. Sickness = weight loss.  

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Weekend Review {03/18}

We're going back in time to Spring Break week.  After our #TreatYoSelf weekend, I worked all day on Monday, and then I worked in the AM on Tuesday, then it was time for adventures!


After working in the AM, I met Roux's Humom at Charleston Animal Society since she had picked up my forgotten phone from our house and brought it with her so I wouldn't have to go all the way back home before going to the airport.  She da best.

I headed to Teh German's Company and ate my lunch.  Since I was earlier than expected (since I didn't have to go home), I ate alone and then Teh German delivered me to the airport.  We have finally figured out a drop-off situation that works.  I drive Teh German to work and then go about my business until it's airport time.  Then, I go and fetch him then we go to the airport, where I get dropped off and Teh German drives Willow for the rest of the day.  This works since I have to do more during the day excursions than he does.

I checked.  Teh German left up my love notes.  :)

Got checked in and through security, where I discovered I had forgotten to empty my water bottle.  Oops, sorry TSA lady.

I flew from Charleston to Baltimore.  The flight was mostly uneventful (after the last disastrous flight from Denver to Baltimore) and Teh Chief Smartass picked me up and we headed back to his house for Secret snuggles and to wait on Teh Running Bestie to get off work and come home.

This is the staredown you get when you do not touch the TOUCHMEALWAYS dog.

We had agreed to go out for dinner since cooking still meant going to the grocery store and having to make the decision on what to make.  That is really the toughest part for me.  We also had to go by the mall for an Apple Store visit and I was hunting for a rain jacket, which I ended up finding on super sale at JCPenny ($25 for a Columbia rain jacket?  kthx).  We ended up at a Mexican place that was delicious and then a stop at Cheesecake Factory for to-go cheesecake for dessert.


When your Bestie gets you.
She bought this for me as a Christmas gift and smores cheesecake reminded her to give it to me, lol.

After dessert, it was check the internets time, and then to bed.


Not an overly early start on Wednesday, but I did get up and accomplish some work things while snuggling with Lovey, the current foster resident.

This ho-bag (Secret) ensured that my shoe was properly relocated to upstairs, where she believes all shoes should reside.

By 1030, we were on the road to Pittsburgh.  THERE WAS SNOW ON THE WAY!!!!  Teh Running Bestie said her back was hurting, and since we didn't have evening plans, I suggested getting massages.  She was down.  I spent a while searching for places in Pittsburgh where we could get a massage that night, which really narrowed down the options.  I even accidentally made appointments for us in a town we were driving through because the map on the mobile device kept messing up and UGH frustration.  I did eventually find a place and made appointments for us at 7:30.

After getting checked into our hotel and checking up on work things to make sure nothing had imploded during the drive, we determined a dinner plan: head up to near where the massage was and then kill time and have dinner then get massages.

We discovered an At Home within 5 minutes of the massage place, so we perused the aisles and I picked up 2 new dog toy baskets and some other items I'd been needing to pick up but didn't want to make a special trip out for.

After At Home, we headed to the ever-fancy Olive Garden for dinner.  We made it to the massage place 20 minutes early and sat in the car until it was closer to time to go inside.  Once inside, we filled out paperwork and then it was massage time.

My masseuse ensured me that she did not do relaxation massage and she set about working all the knots out of my body.  Just the way I like it.  I had discovered they had a Yelp special ($10 off) when I checked in, so I purchased it.  When my massage was done, I went to pay and it didn't let me tip!  I was super disappointed, but the masseuse ensured me that it was ok.  She said she had enjoyed massaging me since we had chatted and laughed the whole time, and that made it worth it.

I still have guilt.

After massages, we headed back to the hotel.  I did a little work, skyped with Teh German, and then it was bedtime.


Thursday morning we woke up and did work things.  Eventually, we settled on a breakfast place that was within walking distance, Waffles InCaffinated.  It was a solid life choice.  Look at all those colored potatoes!  And all those MUSHROOMSSSSS, NOOOMMMMMMMMM.  The waffle was also delicious, although I added way too much syrup and actually had to wring my waffle out.  It was weird, but delicious.

After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel for work purposes, then eventually got the car and headed out for Pittsburgh touristy things: The Incline and Randyland, specifically.

I don't really have a good photo of The Incline from far away, but essentially, it's a rail system designed to transport people up/down a hill.  There are multiple locations.

The Incline Station

Heinz Field

The Incline in progress.

Since I had a millionty coins, I was willing to part with a quarter for the view finder.

Headed back down The Incline.

That chicken was peer pressured into moving to the front of the car.

The ceiling of the car was really fancy.

At the base

After The Incline, we headed across town to Randyland, the home of a Pittsburgh resident who repurposes trash into art.

Yellow bridges were confusing at first.

Germans in Pennsylvania isn't really an oddity, but this was very specific and it made me giggle.

You used to call me on your.. rotary phoneee.

I wasn't really into interacting with the art.. other than the dinosaur phone call and grabbin' dat ass.. but we checked on Instagram later and apparently a lot of models go to Randyland for shoots.

After Randyland, we headed back to the hotel to do work things.  I may have also taken a nap because I knew we were going to have a late night.  We had originally planned to go to Primanti Brothers for dinner, but after a suggestion from Lara (that blogger I met in Raleigh a millionty years ago (2015) for the Tarheel 10-Miler) that we go to Butcher and Rye, we switched it up.  Also, Butcher and Rye was within walking distance of our hotel and the arena, so that meant not having to take the car out during rush hour, which worked out better than we had anticipated, since we hadn't anticipated rush hour traffic.

There were no tables available, but a spot in the bar area opened up with 2 chairs soon after we arrived, which meant to me, that it was meant to be!  We, as always, ordered several things and shared them all.  Brussel sprouts as an appetizer, dirty pasta with duck, and scallops over blue crab risotto.  Also, the server made me sweet tea that met my Southern standards, so I was sassified.

For dessert, we stopped by The Milkshake Factory for milkshakes.  Although, had we known there was a kiosk at the Arena for The Milkshake Factory, we probably would have waited.  #TheMoreYouKnow.  Still, there were no regrets about our smores milkshake (me, duh) and salted caramel milkshake (Teh Running Bestie).



I refuse to put "Milkshake" lyrics here because I fucking hate that song, but you can if you want.

After milkshake obtainment, we headed to the Arena for the Mumford & Sons (M&S) concert that we had traveled to Pittsburgh for.  Cat Power was the opening band and we were not fans.  Made me sad, since usually, opening bands are a fun discovery time for me.  So many opening bands I've gone on to stalk and love.

I will commend M&S for being PROMPT AF.  The opening band was off-stage by 8:15?, and there was sufficient time to set up for M&S, who came out at 9pm on the dot.  There was a brief intermission around 9:45, but the show went on until 10:30, when they were finished performing.  I was sad it was over, but I can appreciate some promptness.

Oh, how did I like the concert?
I FUCKING LOVED IT!  It was everything I didn't know I needed.  I didn't cry like when I saw Goo Goo Dolls, but I started looking for tickets for the Charleston show before the concert was even over.  CHS was sold out, but was I willing to do StubHub or SeatGeek?  It would depend on Teh German's desire to go see M&S.  Teh Running Bestie and I M&S geeked out and sang at the top of our lungs and clapped all the way through.

Did you know that vigorous clapping and stand-dancing ensures you are well-over your step goal for the day.  Looking at my heart rate after the concert ended made me lol.  It was like a workout!


After the concert, we trudged back to the hotel, thankfully less than a 10 minute walk away (had we taken a vehicle, it would have been more like 30 minutes to get to our close hotel just because of the traffic jam).  After a skype session with Teh German, I couldn't fall asleep (maybe the THREE sweet teas I consumed at dinner?) and I ended up being awake until after 0200.  I generated the Friday post and also deleted a millionty passwords that Chrome has saved since its inception, that included passwords for other people who have ever used any of my computers for anything.  It was creepy.


Friday morning was work things, then for lunch we headed to Primanti Brothers.  Honestly, it was not my jam.  This could have been for 2 reasons.  After explaining to the server that I don't do spicy foods, he suggested the fish.  The fish sandwich was boring AF.  There was NO sauce or mayo or tarter sauce on it so it was dry and depressing.  Teh Running Bestie ordered the bologna sammich and the thing Primanti Brothers is known for is putting all the sides on the sandwich, fries, slaw, everything.  This does not appeal to me.  We split our sandwiches, and neither of our lives were changed.

After lunch, Teh Running Bestie dropped me off at the airport for my flight back to Charleston.  While driving up to Pittsburgh was ideal since we could spend more time together, driving back with her and then still having to fly back to Charleston was less appealing due to all the travel time, so I flew back from Pittsburgh.

After getting through security, I headed to my gate and discovered PITS Paws, a therapy dog group who came to the airport.  Apparently, we have this in Charleston, but I have NEVER ONCE seen that group, so they do not exist to me.  After getting lovins from the pups, I headed to my gate and worked and waited for my flight.

It was alarming when I was boarding the plane and thought I saw Teh German's Stepmom.  Then I realized it wasn't her and I was sad (because it wasn't) and relieved (because why wouldn't she tell me?!).

The flight back to Charleston was extremely turbulent and I don't think a single person the plane enjoyed the flight.  The lady beside me commiserated with me about how much we did not like the feeling of falling from the sky.  This actually happened and at least half of the plane had outbursts, including myself.  Landing was a blessing because we were all ready to deboard and forget about the experience.

Teh German was waiting at cell phone parking for me.  I had been texting with Teh PT Wife when we were landing and we arranged to do dinner together.  Teh German and I headed home to meet Teh PT Wife/Husband and we headed to Tanner Public House for dinner.

After dinner, we headed to the Bilo next door since my present company had never been in a "super" Bilo.  They were all unimpressed.  We did pick up a few things, so that didn't hurt.  After our grocery store trip, which cemented the fact that we are definitely in our 30s since we went to the grocery store as an adventure, we headed home and it was bedtime.


Saturday morning was a kinda late start.  Teh German and I had said we were leaving at 0830 to head to Boone Hall Plantation for the Rugged Maniac race.  We left after 0845, but it was NBD.  We had our packets and headed to the start line for the 1000 wave.  We were originally scheduled for 0945, but we had to wait for my friend to park and hike to the start area.

There were no muddy photos taken, we are going to rely on the professional photos for that (which aren't posted yet), but we did take a post-"shower" selfie after finding a coworker.

Medal selfie!
I did announce at the 2nd to last obstacle that I would NOT be doing another obstacle run.  Yes, half marathons can get boring, but I'd prefer boring over having to deal with the vomitous feeling of being high up on a net that I could fall through at any point or jumping over ditches where I could fall in and break one or both of my legs.

Also, I lost both my shoes in the first mile, in a foot of mud.  BOTH OF MY SHOES CAME OFF.  And then, I was squishing through the mud in my socks, which was fine, until Teh German pointed out there could be shit in the mud that might stab my feet, which made me high tail it out of the mud and onto the side.  I then had to force my muddy feet and socks back into my shoes, which was a feat.  AND THEN.. Teh German dared to say, "Why didn't you tie your shoes tighter?"  I think I need to teach him the concept of, "Is what I'm about to say helpful in this EXACT moment of high stress?" because he has a bad habit of "offering" "advice" when I am pissed off/freaked out/stressed out and it only serves to make me EXTREMELY angry and even more stressed out.

For the rest of the race, I got to enjoy packed mud in one of my shoes, which made it even more difficult to run through uneven fields.  Then after getting wet and caked with more mud, the seat of my pants was almost down to my knees, making it even more difficult to run, and almost impossible to swing my one good leg over things (because bad hip doesn't allow for that kind of movement anymore, I tried, it hurt, I didn't like it).

I will say, Teh German was very helpful when it came to getting OVER obstacles.  He waited until last in case I needed a foot prop to hoist myself over and after the mud incident, he realized that when I needed help, I would ask for it, but it was best not to offer right away.  At least let me try it once or twice and before I got frustrated, I'd ask for help.  So kudos to him for that.

There was a situation, thankfully AFTER we had rinsed off, where the "showers" stopped working.  Thank Allah, we had already rinsed prior to that, or I would have been pretty disgruntled.  That said, I had brought 3 dog sheets in case we needed to cover the seats of the car.

Also, if you've never done a mud race... it is advised NOT to carry anything with you.  ANYTHING.  As in, I didn't even wear my watch or my rings.  I wore a silicone band instead of my wedding ring.  I took out all my optional earrings.  We also brought a change of clothes and flip flops for after the race and donated our shoes.  For the 2nd time in a row, we realized we should have brought trash bags for our dirty clothes, but we wrapped them in our towels and put them back in the bag and it was not a big deal.  Hardcore mud runners have been spotted carrying 5 gallon buckets for their stuff, which is smart, but I'm not that hardcore... and I'm done with mud runs.  I have a massive bruise and knot on my shin and scrapes and bruises elsewhere and I'm too old for that shit.  Give me my boring ass half marathon anyday.

After the race, we headed to Vicious Biscuit for brunch.  I mixed it up and got the crab benny biscuit.  It did not disappoint.


After a real shower, it was couch time with my Monkey-Doodle.

It was lazy dinner, so I had cereal and Teh German had leftovers and we spent most of the evening watching The Office until bedtime.  We are finally in the final season and I will not let Teh German scroll down to view the rest of the episodes in case there is a photo of a spoiler for the final episode.


Sunday was a slow start.  And then Auntie P messaged us to ask if we were ready for Skype and I finally roused myself from the bed and went downstairs for a chat.  I think it was finally suggested/decided that I should attend the Goethe Institute in Dusseldorf and we'll make a weekend trip to Hamburg, which Teh German and Auntie P both raved about.

After our chat, I started working on the weekly menu.  When pulling items from the freezer for thawing, this bag of hurricane ice FINALLY decided to come out.  I guess it shrank enough and it was stuck to something else I was pulling out, so I was able to get my fingers under it to lift it out.  FINALLY.  I had told Teh German that removing the ice bag was his responsibility since he's the one who insisted that I freeze gallon bags of water so the food wouldn't go bad, despite the fact that the hurricane wasn't even coming at us.  Annnnyyyywayyyyssssss.

After getting the dinner situation sorted out and making a store list, I spent a while doing homework.  After accomplishing all that was going to get accomplished, I headed to the couch for snuggle time with my Fuzzy Dog.  We ended up taking a nap, which I wasn't sorry about.

After I woke up, Teh German and I agreed on going to dinner (we had agreed on Friday night that I'd get ramen/pho at some point over the weekend since Teh German wanted wings on Friday night), then doing our Sam's/Walmart run.

I hate going during post-Church times since the stores are crazy busy and I hate people.  Going during the evening was infinitely better for all involved.

This is a trifecta box of joy.
Don't bother arguing with me.  I am not wrong.

After the store, we headed home and took the beasts on a walk.  Perks of longer days.  When we got back home, I packaged out freezer items into smaller portions and then it was time for The Office until bedtime.


Monday was "Kegs and Eggs" day as our Company St. Patrick's Day celebration.  I picked up the Walmart Grocery order on my way into the office and started making hard boiled eggs right away.  While I was doing that, Twin Dad made regular waffles for those of us who do not appreciate Guinness waffles (i.e. ME).  After the eggs were peeled, someone else took over waffle duty and Twin Dad started working on scotch eggs (soft/med boiled egg, wrapped in sausage and fried).

In the end, there were regular waffles, Guinness waffles, Jamison caramel, Bailey's whipped cream, soda bread, and scotch eggs.  I sat at my desk and did work things for about 15 minutes before it was time for me to head to school, marking the official end of my Spring Break.

I celebrated my return to school with a parking ticket, that is completely my fault since I parked at the end of a parking row where FOUR extra spots could be, but they refuse to put parking lines down.  Assholes.  I was going to be late, so I risked it.  I've risked it before with no consequence, but Monday was not my day.  #YOLO

After school and gym, I headed home and made some EPIC chicken and mushroom quesadillas.

I sat down at the computer after my post-gym shower shortly before 8pm and saw that a friend had posted on FB asking if anyone wanted to go to the Mumford & Sons concert, because they had tickets and couldn't go.  UHHHHH, MEEEEEE!!!  I asked Teh German if he was willing to go and he said yes.  I got ready in under 10 minutes and Teh German took almost 20 minutes to get out of the house and it was a heroic effort not to pull out my inner drill sergeant and rush him on.

I knew that it was meant to be, not only from the free tickets, but especially when we got to the Coliseum and our normal hockey game parking area had spots available!

We had missed the opening band, which didn't hurt my feelings in the least, after already enduring them once before.  We made it to our seats around 8:48, with a few minutes to spare since I knew that M&S would be prompt about coming on stage at 9.  I was correct.

The guy behind us was photobombing others, so we just included him in our selfie.
#EmbraceThe Photobomb



As I did in Pittsburgh, I stood for the entire show.  There were a few differences in the concert and the lineup was different than in Pittsburgh.  I definitely got a good laugh when everyone sat down during a "slow" part of the concert and the lights lowered and the fireworks went off and every stood right back up.  I was already standing.

Monday night concert heart rate tracker, loool.

The concert ended shortly after 10:30, but we were home by 11, which was perfect.  After bedtime chores, it was bedtime.  I slept super good.  It was a delight.


So yeah.. that was a long post.. but obviously a lot happened.

Yay for the ability to telework and still be able to do fun things.
Yay for Bestie time.
Yay for Mumford & Sons.
Yay for free tickets.

I am super sad that Spring Break is over, but I only have 1 more Spring Break left, so I gotta LIVE IT UPPPPPPP while I still can! lol
But really though, I'm on the downward side of finishing this degree and my excitement is almost palpable.  4 more weeks of the Spring 2019 semester remain, I can do this, I can do this.  I will keep on chugging.

After finals, it's Germany.
Then it's some other European destination for a short bit.
Then it's back to Charleston for Chemistry II, please shoot me now.
Then it's Fall 2019.
Then it's Christmas.
Then it's Spring 2020.

Big things are coming people.
Hold on.