Monday, March 25, 2019

Weekend Review {03/25}


Friday was no work, no school because of sickness.  The one thing that sickness hasn't deterred has been the Laundry Fairy, so la-die-da motherfuckers.  

I had a doctor's appointment at 1015 where a flu test determined I didn't have the flu and the doctor just kinda said, "Yeah, maybe it's a virus?"  I left with a steroid shot, instructions to keep taking my sudafed/advil combo, and schedule a follow up if necessary.

I had already missed my German class, so I stopped by the Chiro since I was feeling particularly out of sorts.  Then I headed to my TSA Pre-Check appointment that was supposed to be at 12:30.  Complication: The office was closed when I pulled up at 12.  But then I was informed by another person waiting that they reopened at 12:30, which was fine.  I then checked the hours online and Googly informed me that this place reopened at 1pm, which was extremely confusion for someone who had an appointment at 12:30.  Teh German had an appointment scheduled for 12:40, so he eventually showed up.

I quit waiting at 1:15, determining that I felt like shit and I was tired of waiting.  Teh German stuck around for another 45 minutes and reported that the person never showed up.  WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS THAT SHIT?  How is that even ok?  I cannot.  Teh German rescheduled his appointment for Monday afternoon (which he said was a breeze, yeah because the fucktard showed up to work...).

I had been on the hunt for my travel soap dish, so I stopped by Target since I was in the area.  Target only had 2 piece (separable) soap dishes and that is not what I was looking for.  Also they were $3.50  WTF.  I picked up a few items at Target that were on my list, a bunch of dog toys we didn't necessarily need but I liked, and then headed home.  On my way home is a Walmart, so I made a last attempt to get my soap dish.  When I walked to the aisle, the travel stuff was pretty empty, like it had been the weekend before, but then a person moved and there were heavenly beams upon the $1 travel soap dishes.  I picked my color and headed to the checkout.

Since I was there, I also stopped at Sam's to get gas.  I don't think any of this would have been possible without the steroid shot, buttttt we'll never know because I got home and crashed.

Teh German eventually came home and we had a call set up with a fish tank person about this piece of equipment that we couldn't get setup.  The tech couldn't get it setup either, so we're exchanging it for a new one.  Alrighty then.

Friday night was spend watching The Office until it was bedtime.


I had originally planned to be on dog duty this weekend, but sickness said, no thanks.  Teh German got up with the dogs and I tried to sleep in, but instead I spent the time I was trying to fall back asleep choking on my phlegm, so I just got up and brushed my teeth.

I can't really recall what this day included, but I felt like shit, so probably a nap and medicine.

We did go out for dinner at a place called Momo's which had good reviews.  I still had the ability to taste and smell at this point, so I can attest that this poutine with bbq and cheese curds was ahhhhmazing.

After dinner we picked up some chloroform Chloraseptic.  It didn't do anything but numb my mouth for a few seconds.  The part of my throat that hurts is deeper than the spray can reach, so it was pointless.

After our outing, we went home and gathered the fam and headed over to Teh PT House.  The beasts needed some activity time, so Pax and I threw the frisbee while Meri patrolled the perimeter.  It took less than 5 minutes for both of us to get tired.  Teh PT Husband did share his coffee with Pax, at first unknowingly, then willingly.  Pax wasn't sad.

Eventually, it was bedtime for everyone and we headed home.


Sunday started as a lazy day.  Again, Teh German got up with the dogs and I tried to sleep in, but again, I was choking, so instead I got up and brushed my teeth and took a shower to steam some of the snot out of me.  I then proceeded straight to the couch to lay down because showering is exhausting.

We both ended up taking naps.

After I woke up, I headed to the office to get some homework/test studying accomplished.  It was minimal, but it was accomplished.  This is the worst time to be sick since I have 3 tests this week: German, Networks, Digital Engineering.

As I was finishing up my school stuff, Teh German started working on dinner.  I did eventually go into the kitchen and help since we'd agreed to make lasagna and he'd never made it before?  IDK if that is actually true or not, but he kept asking questions, so I instructed him through the process.  Before we ate dinner, my sense of taste and smell finally went, so I assume the lasagna was delicious, but I really have no idea.  I froze about half of it for another time so we don't have to eat ourselves sick of lasagna.

After dinner, we headed back to the couch and finally finished up The Office.  I spent most of the last 2 episodes crying.  When Michael shows up with his "That's what she said," and when Jim gave Pam the video from the crew.  It's really a bummer I have the plague and Teh German isn't touching me, because it would have been a cute snuggly moment.  But no, the death-sickness cockblocked me. Ugh.

After we finished the series, we watched some bloopers on YouTube and then it was time for bed.


Sick weekends fucking suck.  I actually went back to the doctor this morning because Monday = day 5 of feeling like this and I cannot with this shit.  I get the science of riding it out and letting your body heal itself, but I do NOT go to the doctor unless it's absolutely unavoidable, so when I went on Friday, I should have been more insistent.  Today, I was VERY insistent.  In addition to the same shit that is going on, I have the beginnings of an ear infection.  "Very strange in an adult," per Dr. Fucking Obvious.  I finally received prescriptions for antibiotics, some throat numbing stuff, and some other medications that I have no idea what it's for. 

But let me tell you a quick story... because #MeganProblems are real.. and this is a prime example.

When the doc asked me what pharmacy I wanted the scripts sent to, I told him a specific one.  This specific one is NOT the same as what they have on record.  The nurse came back in, told me the doc had sent in the scripts and I was good to go.  I checked out, got my doctor's note, and headed to the pharmacy I had told him to send the scripts to.  Went in, talked to pharmacist who said the scripts hadn't been put in yet.  I go sit and wait for an indeterminate amount of time (because I'm so doped up on advil/sudafed/cough syrup, I have no concept of time).  Someone asks me what I'm waiting on, I tell them, they check, still not in.  I have had enough, I'm exhausted from showering and leaving my house and being in public and I say that I cannot wait any longer.  On my way to the car, I call the dr's office and ask where the scripts were sent to.  Definitely NOT the pharmacy I had requested.  Nope, they were sent to the place on file. 

Look, people, I'm sick AF.  I can barely function.  Feeding myself is a feat at this point.  But to NOT FUCKING LISTEN TO ME and then I end up wasting time while I feel like death?  I WILL KILL YOU.  So I headed to the pharmacy that was on file.  The scripts are not filled yet because they have on file that I'm allergic to one of the scripts and they had to call the doc.  I tell them it is ok and to fill them.  The pharmacist then informs me that 1 of the medications is NOT covered by my insrance and will cost $45.  And another medication is only partially covered and will cost $30?  She asks if it's oki and I tell her that really it's not, but that I don't even care right now, just fill all of the scripts.  Pharmacist tells me it will take 25-30 minutes.  I.cannot.  I literally can.fucking.not at this point.  I tell the pharmacist that I'll have to send someone to pick them up because I literally need to go to bed and I pull away fighting the frustration tears that I can no longer fight.  I cry most of the way home, because there are very few things I can't handle, but not being self-sufficient is one of those things.

When I got home, I gathered myself and called Teh German and warned him that I was probably going to cry because I was frustrated... and I did.  I explained the entire morning to him and he said he would leave work right then and go pick up my meds.  I explained that the medications were going to be expensive and that I was planning on using my HSA card to pay for them, but I had the card and they wouldn't allow me to pay for them in advance.  Teh German said it was alright, he'd just pay for them and he'd bring them to me. 

I said ok and went to bed.  Where I proceeded to be unable to find a position to lay in where:
1- my nose wasn't dripping.
2- I wasn't constantly coughing.
Not that I can accurately judge time in this state, but I was figuring that about every 1.5 minutes, I had to cough.  Do you know what prohibits rest?  COUGHING ALL THE FUCKING TIME.  It really felt like it took half my life for Teh German to arrive.  It really only took him an hour, but I had to check my phone to get that math. 

Teh German dropped off my meds and headed back out the door.  I took my meds and tried to fall asleep, still coughing every 1.5 minutes.  I finally gave up and took some of the cough syrup that I keep on hand for tough times like these.  THAT was what finally helped me get to sleep.  Not a very good sleep, between the nose drips, dry throat, inability to swallow without wincing, coughing, and the neighbor's fucking barking dogs, but a mediocre amount of rest.

I have high hopes that with the antibiotics, I'll be back in business no later than Wednesday.  I was really hoping for tomorrow because I really hate missing class, but I just do not think it is wise to take a test and try to stay awake during class when on medications that say, "May cause drowsiness."

So yeah.. that's where I am in life.
I'm also down 3-5 pounds depending on the day, so there's that silver lining.


  1. Ugh, that sounds terrible :( I hope you get better soon!

  2. I hope that you're feeling better! I've definitely had an ear infection as an adult...


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