Thursday, March 16, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #7

tG: Now I'm a real Southerner.
Honestly, I don't even know what this was about, but the idea just on principle alone is hilarious.

While learning to golf, I was dealing with my #bigboob problem.
tM: That's the biggest thing about me that Teh German has to deal with, my boobs.
tG: And your attitude.

While we were discussing how much we earned in 2016.
tG: So you made more than me.  That's why I appreciate that you're my sugar momma.
tM: Appreciation is all I ask for.
tG: And that's why we're making it all "ours."

tM: When you make that scrunched up face, you look like an old monk.
tG: They make beer.
tM: Sometimes they make wine, or they just pray.
tG: They are lame.

Teh German takes off from a red light way faster than necessary.
tM: Where's the fire?
tG:  In my heart.

Teh German touched the ice pack on my hip as we were falling asleep.
tG: Why is your heart on the outside?
tM: I wear my heart on my sleeve.

While I was cutting down the Haunted Mansion flower graveyard.
T: You're so strong.
M: I work out.
T: Yeah.
M: I squeeze dat ass every day.
T: And that's some tough shit.

Shit Teh German Said Edition 123456, 7


  1. In my heart hahahaha. I said something about my attitude being the biggest thing about me once and KC said, no it's your ass. hahaha nice, jerk.

  2. I laughed out loud at the fire in my heart.

    Ya know I feel him on the true southerner thing. Sometimes I make claims that I'm now a true Texan. lol

  3. So hes lived in the south for a minute and he thinks he is southern huh? :)

  4. Beer is such a German thing to associate with monks!
    Where I'm from they make mead ;-)


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