Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Confessions {3/22}

-I do NOT understand why men have a tendency to stand with their hand IN the back of their pants.  It is awkward AF.  I couldn't find a picture of this, despite searching and getting some sketchy results at work. #oops

-I made the mistake of using The Knot's website for vendor research and now I'm about to just delete the entire account because I keep getting spam messages through their communication portal and none of the vendors seem to have a way to unsubscribe from their spammy ass messages.  #DONOTWANT

-I have very little issue finding reasons to telework, but I had to do the math for how much PTO I will have banked up by spring 2018 to justify taking a sick day tomorrow because I'm absolutely wiped out and I hurt and I just need to rest.  #IamMyOwnWorstEnemy

-I made taco soup and it had a lot of beans and I'm pretty sure there was a mouse in my cube the next day...  #sorrycoworkers

-Still no idea what is going on with my hip.  From an x-ray there was no indication of stress fractures or bone spurs.  Hello, my name is Megan and my body hates me.  2 more days till MRI + however many it takes to assess that bad boy.  I was an imagery analyst in a former life, so I know it don't take that long. 

-I'm trying to think of things that I'd like to get taken care of after I've met my insurance deductible this year, assuming there is a hip surgery in my future.  You better believe if I even sneeze I'm going to the doc.

-The new person on my distro responds with a "Thanks" email after I send my email.  I hate this person.  Irrational hate.  Ali, I jinxed myself.  I can hear you laughing from here.  #JustDoingMyJob

-I'm on 2 different "recycled bride" FB groups.  Seems that most brides are.  This isn't significant.  My observation is about people selling wedding dresses on the page and about how heinous most of them are.  I can't figure out who would actually wear these dresses.  Also.. the selling of an unused wedding dress, WHY would you have an unused wedding dress for sale?  I can come up with a list of possible reasons, none of them positive, but at the same time, it's totally weird, right?  It can't just be me who thinks so. 

-A few days after ^^ confession, someone was selling my almost wedding dress (the one that David's Bridal no longer produced).  It wasn't even tempting for me because 1- I prefer the dress that I ended up buying because it doesn't have beading on it, which means I can "pet" myself all day and that I won't get caught on every single person that touches me.  2- It was a size 4 and if there's something I have never been, it's a size 4.

-I got to work this morning at 0620.  That's 20-40 minutes earlier than my normal arrival time.  I'm already out of things to do.  This is my first day back at work since Monday morning, when I came in to discover that the company we sublet from didn't have any internet (which we rely on), which meant my ass went back home.  They still didn't have internet on Tuesday, so it was another telework day.  Instead of commuting, I slept in.  I already miss my bed.

-It stormed like crazy last night.  I used to be absolutely terrified of thunderstorms.  I'm still not sure why to this day.  It definitely makes me uncomfortable to be outside while it is storming.  It surprised me that I was able to fall back asleep almost immediately when the storm woke me up last night.

-I'm reading a book with characters who are Mexican and the parents own a Mexican restaurant and all I can think about is Mexican food and guess what we'll be having for dinner tonight?

-I failed to put the whole "please don't bring your kids" thing on the wedding invites... oops.  So now I'll be printing out small cards to place with the invites on the leftover save the date paper.  I also added a blurb to our website that formally says, "Megan still talks like a sailor and your kids should probably not be around her so please leave them at home."  We don't really expect any children, but just in case.


  1. STOP WRITING THANKS IN EMAILS 2017!!!!!!! I can't take it - even worse? When people then respond, "no prob!" or "you're welcome!"

  2. The thanks type emails are exactly why I never read any emails at work...

    I had a friend who sold a never worn wedding dress but because she had bought two. It was years ago & I don't even remember her exact reason but she had somehow wound up with 2 & sold the one she didn't wear on her wedding.


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