Friday, March 3, 2017

Five on Friday #101


We're going to see Ron White tonight.  We'll be seeing Blink-182 in April.  I seriously hope no good acts come to Charleston this summer so I don't have to make the decision to spend money on tickets or not.  Because I know I will spend the money.. and really, we need to be allocating wedding dollars to the wedding fund. 

I did pay off my credit card so now I've officially paid off my dress.  So far we've spent $4500 on the wedding.  $500 of that we will get back from the venue deposit if we don't burn the place down.  We need to finish paying off the photographer ($1500), order the catering (~$1000), buy Teh German's clothes, and decorations and whatever else is left.


I've been shopping like crazy.  I'm not really sure why.  Mostly it is things that we need, with the exception of the mugs and dresses.  Vacuum filters for Roomy and the Shark (the ones we have are years old and kinda gnarly, despite gentle care), multi-vitamins, dog pills...

I also did add some items to our registry.  I'm struggling with the white plates.  I don't love white plates.  I get that you can add color to the table with serving bowls and napkins or other adult bullshit, but let's just be honest.  We use paper napkins because I'm not that classy and serving bowls are rubbermaid containers because Teh German doesn't like it when I dirty every dish in the house and I'm going to put leftovers in those containers anyways.  Obviously there are exceptions to this if it's a special event (company/holiday), but for the most part, this is the norm.  White plates are boring to me.  Even with a fancy pattern on the edges.  White is boring.  I'm resisting the Fiesta dinnerware set because most people I know either have white or Fiesta dinnerware.  Not that I'm a unicorn, butttt I'm a damn unicorn.


I've been a reading fiend.  Finishing up Outlander 4 really helped.  I powered through It Ends With Us in 3 days.  Since I was untasked at work, I even spent time at work listening to it, which is quite rare.  I lurved it.  I've had some super awesome books this past month and I should really work on drafting my Show Us Your Books post.. and/or go visit the linkup and get some suggestions for other books.

King's Cage came out on March 1st and that was automatically checked out to me from the library (#notsorry) and I used and Audible credit for my last Challenge book because I had been #1 on the list at the library for approximately 1 mabillionty years (aka at least one month) and I was tired of freakin' waiting.  I'm loving the Southern narration and I've already warned Teh German that I might start talking like a genteel lady from the 1800s soon.  At least I warned him, but seriously, I've caught myself thinking in the accent after listening sessions, and I have to correct myself before I speak outloud not to use the accent.


My political read for the week that was't my daily Skimm email.

From the phone:

Sent this gem to Teh German.
At first he thought I was disappointed this was what he had left me for lunch...
then I told him to really LOOK at the contents of the photo.
If you don't get it: a broken wiener and meatballs.
Fitting from Teh Ville.

Our laundry fairy went on strike or vacation or something.
I'm accepting visits from other laundry fairies in the meantime.
Someone please save me from this madness.

Made homemade alfredo for dinner last night.
Leftovers were not a disappointment for lunch.


10 things that made me happy this week:

  1. 40% off coupon code for our invitations that doesn't expire for a few days so I don't have to rush to design them.
  2. Messages from Papa G letting me know the save the dates had arrived and he had put them in the post to be delivered to the German addressees.
  3. "You are 3 books ahead of schedule." 
  4. Potentially paying less than $40 for seasons 1-7 of Modern Family.  Thanks Ebay.
  5. Sweatshirt and jeans weather on Fridays.
  6. Bagheera's replacement part arriving early and Teh German potentially having her fixed this weekend.
  7. The idea to get a uterus and penis OR an ovary and a testicle from I Heart Guts and putting them with the 2 dog stickers I have on Yurtle to complete our "stick family"...
  8. Meri's haircut.
  9. Spontaneous dinners with neighbors.
  10. Seeing spring's growth in the Haunted Mansion flower bed.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. I'm jealous of both Ron White & Blink.

    I've been spending all the money lately too & I know exactly where...eating out. It needs to stop but I just can't stop myself!! I also just bought tickets to Flogging Molly & a Beer Festival. It's like when I sort of have money I feel the need to spend it all & then wonder why I'm suddenly broke.

  2. 40% off wedding invitations for the win!! That's actually a pretty good discount.
    I also love Meri's new 'do. : )
    That's pretty damn awesome you paid off one credit card.

    Have a great week hun. Xo


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