Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Review {3/6}


Since I knew I had a 1:30-2:30 meeting, I decided to sleep in.  This was a poor life choice because I didn't really get much extra sleep since I was awake the entire time Teh German was getting ready.  Then I didn't want to get up when my alarm went off.  Ugh.

Meri snuggles and kisses.

I was halfway to work when I was stopped by some horrendous traffic and checked Googly Maps to find out that the rest of my way to work was going to be horrific, so I turned around and headed back home to telework.

Roux's Humom talked me into a trip to the dog park with the beasts after my meeting and before I got into anything, I said yes.  It was a good idea since I knew we wouldn't be home in the evening and the dogs would be in their crates.  Had I went to work, this would have bothered me more, but since I didn't go to work, I wasn't feeling as bad, but tired dogs are good dogs, so it was for the best.

Phil and Roux.

I got some tasking while we were at the dog park, which was an end to our vitamin D session.  Nonetheless, Phil had enough time to mark almost everything at the dog park and Meri petrified me a few times when she noticed squirrels in the woods at the fence line.  Since there is only a 4 foot fence, I was super concerned she would easily spring over the fence and chase the squirrel.  We eventualy headed home and took care of some work.  After it was done, I had lunch and chatted with Teh Sister for a bit.  Eventually, I finally finished drafting my Friday post and published it.

Teh German came home and we fed the beasts and headed to dinner at Community Pizza House (which I hadn't been to, but Teh German had) with Roux's Humom and Mr. Golfer.  Community Pizza House might be my new favorite not-D'Al's pizza place for their pizza with an egg on it (and potatoes and bacon and mushrooms).  Sorry no pics because I was absolutely starving from making the poor life choice to have a tomato sandwich for lunch instead of my alfredo leftovers.  After carb loading, we headed to the performing arts center to see Ron White.

Mr. Golfer was in a rush so they left before we did so Teh German could finish his beer.  Being the best fiance' I am, I assisted Teh German in acquiring yet another pint glass that we didn't need because he liked it.  We headed to our parking spot and made it to the security line.  A few minutes later Mr. Golfer and Roux's Humom joined us in line.  I may or may not have gotten some joy from us getting in line first after Mr. Golfer had been so impatient to leave.  We made it through the security line and found our seats.

I had questioned my decision to get tickets in the center of the section for Goo Goo Dolls, but after seeing Ron White from the end of a row, I know without a doubt that I made a solid life choice.

Vic Somebody was a solid opening act, although some of his jokes didn't work well on the red-state crowd he was in front of.  On the other hand, I was probably the only one cackling at some of those Trump jokes.  Ok, maybe me and Teh German and like 2 other people.  I looked around for anyone in the audience that wasn't white and didn't find anyone.  So, ya know.. that.

Ron White was excellent.  He did kick a dude out of the show because he wouldn't STFU.  We couldn't hear the guy since he was close to the front, but apparently he showed Ron his VIP badge and Ron was like, "You think you're special because you're a VIP?  I don't give a fuck.  One more word out of you and you're gone."  The guy apparently tried to hold his tongue because he lasted for another 10 minutes before security came and took him away.  I completely missed whatever the sign was to remove someone because security appeared out of no where to pull this guy from the audience.  By sign I mean like, bands will signal to the audio control people that they need their ear pieces to be louder or point to an instrument to hear it specifically louder with a hand gesture that isn't overly obvious (unless you're me and you're lookin' for shit like that).

Too bad for the guy though because the show ended 10 minutes later.  There were 3 plugs for the tequila he was drinking, ugh.  I sometimes wonder if he gets tired of drinking and smoking on stage.  He mostly didn't smoke the cigar and he nursed his tequila.  I personally would have just put some other liquid in the bottle.

After the show ended, we headed home since Mr. Golfer and Roux's Humom had gotten VIP passes.  Once we got home, it was bed prep and bedtime.

While we were at the show, I won my first ever Ebay auction.  I paid $31+$4 shipping for Seasons 1-7 of Modern Family.  I was afraid that the other bidder was playing the same game as me and waiting until the last 5 minutes of the auction to raise the bid, but I was the highest bidder for the last 4 hours.  I did have an alarm set for 8:55 to check and make sure that I was the highest bidder.  I monitored the auction for the last 5 minutes, kinda half listening to Ron White.  Teh German was pumped that I had won and I was mentally patting myself on the back for only paying $5 per season of Modern Family.  #thrifty


I asked Teh German before we got out of bed what goals he wanted to accomplish and he listed off several things.  We were out of the bed by 9.  The laundry fairy finally returned to her duties.  9 loads of laundry.  Ugh.  I finally made it downstairs and Teh German had warmed up leftovers for breakfast.  After breakfast, I presented him with a copy of our invitation wording for him to translate into German so I could make some progress on that front.

He headed to the garage to do his thang and I headed to the office.  I started working on the invitations (there's a 40% code from the website that offers our overpriced invites that ends on 3/7, so the fire under my ass is lit) then got sidetracked working on the wedding website.

So what had happened was... on the invites, I'm putting something about entertainment options on the invites, so I had to create a whole new page with entertainment options.  #firstworldproblems  Then, I got derailed for an hour and a half trying to make a dashed outline around an image in Photoshop, only to eventually learn that CS5, and essentially any version of Photoshop that isn't the pay per month subscription that Adobe currently offers, doesn't have a dashed outline option.  There were some alternative ways to do it, but none of them were working for me and I finally just gave up.  No one really cares but me that the images aren't the same as all the others.

While I'm working on all this, I'm also listening to my last challenge book and doing laundry.  The laundry fairy has a name.  It's Megan.  Cutest laundry fairy you ever did see.  Especially braless, since all my bras were in the laundry.  It was a solid reason for not leaving the house and an excuse to wear a hoodie all day.  #notsorry  I also did a few smaller tasks like cleaning the stove top with the actual cleaner (instead of a clorox wipe), change our sheets, learning how to fully use my carpet cleaner (like the hose attachment) to clean the carpet where Phil peed (I couldn't let him out because Teh German had the gate open and the idea of taking him out on a leash didn't even cross my mind), and organizing Teh German's shit show side of the closet where he just tosses shit on the shelf because it fell on me and I was kinda ragey.

All the while, Teh German is in the garage.  He accomplished: fixing Bagheera!!!!  He even "made" me go on a ride around the neighborhood (yep, I did this braless and in a hoodie and it was my first time riding without a helmet).  He also switched out the big grill for the smaller grill outside.  Fixed the situation with Suzi's brakes (which he informed me had been an issue for almost a year and I wanted to box his ears).  Figured out the hitch situation on Baloo.  Went to Walmart (which included picking up some items for me which is always complicated).  Completely rewired the lights on the trailer.. all the while not getting frustrated or making any German noises that run me off!  I am still super proud of all that he accomplished.

When he came inside, we had bbq pork for dinner and then we were mostly lazy.  I worked a little more on the invitation stuffs and printed out the wording for them so we can both give them a review before I place the order.  We showered before bed and then crashed around 11:30.


We got a slow start on Sunday morning.  I got up and fed the dogs and stayed up to pitter around the internets.  I had agreed to go on a ride with the Biker Gang since they would ride out to Holy City and we'd have brunch.  Teh German suggested we have a light breakfast so we munched on leftovers the neighbor had brought over on Saturday night.  My favorite surprise was the cake that he brought wasn't vanilla, it was lemon, which is my favooooorrrriiiittteeeeeee.  So many foodgasm noises.  Teh German didn't even blink an eye at me.  He's a keeper.

We were set to meet the Biker Gang between 11-1130, which we learned really meant 1130.  We waited around, soaking ourselves in Mother Nature's tree jizz.

There was an issue with someone's bike not starting and after his battery was jump started, we were on our way.  After waiting for an hour, I was ready to ride.

Since Teh German had (smartly) suggested we eat a light breakfast, we weren't super hungry when we got to Holy City.  Teh German agreed to share a poutine with me.  #Yaaaaasss  I'm so glad America is learning about poutine because that shit is delicious.

After an hour and a half, I was ready to go.  We said bye to the gang and headed to our bikes, where we discovered that Teh German's bike wouldn't start.  FML. After some attempts to start the bike by getting it going while rolling, we finally acquired the tools to get his seat off (yay for the tool kit in Bagheera and a biker not with the gang who had the tools we needed) and used the jumper cables the other guy had brought in case his bike needed to be jumped again.

We managed to get Teh German's bike started, but while he was returning the borrowed tools, Suzi died and refused to restart.  Then we had some drama about Teh German not riding bitch on my bike and ME not riding bitch on my own bike.  I had asked the other GF that had shown up in her car if she would give Teh German a ride to our house but she refused to acknowledge I had even asked her the question.

It was complicated because I wanted to ride Bagheera, but knew that meant going home and getting the truck and hooking up the hitch and trailer on my own and I knew that would take me double the time that it would take Teh German.  Also, I really don't want passengers on my bike.  I just don't want the responsibility of someone else's life.  Eventually, I relented, disappointed, and told Teh German just to take Bagheera and come back with the truck.  The Biker Gang stayed with me, despite my being shitty company.  I sat on my own and sent disgruntled text messages and read some of my book (hooray for the Kindle app!).  I did nod off a few times, emotions are draining.

Eventually, Teh German came back and we got Suzi loaded and strapped down.  How fortunate that Teh German had fixed the hitch and trailer the day before.  Then we headed home with Suzi in tow.  Womp, womp.

Once we got home, Laundry Fairy duties resumed (which was my original motivation for leaving Holy City).  I also checked to see if the dryer vent was clogged since it was taking 2-3 cycles to dry the loads, which resulted in me cutting my hand and getting frustrated because I couldn't get the vent back on the pipe and Teh German had to fix it for me.

I helped Teh German roll Suzi off the trailer and then headed to the backyard to scoop poops.  I'm really trying to get better about doing this at least once a week.  It had been chilly all weekend, which makes scooping poop easy.  Phil made sure to drop a hot one for me after I was finished.  He's a real gem.

I talked Teh German into starting Parks and Recreation.  We're about 4 episodes in and don't really love it.  I can see the similarities between Parks and Rec and The Office and I know it took me a full season of The Office to actually get into the show, so I'm trying to persevere.  At some point in the last 10-15 years, my copies of Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Ron White's standups disappeared from my possession. I ordered new copies, but in the meantime, I wanted something to watch, so Parks and Rec it was.

We took a break to eat leftovers for dinner and then went back to the couch after we had cleaned up.  I did break the lemon cake out again and shared with Teh German who commented how good the cake was.  He was expecting something different and he liked the sweet, yet not overly sweetness of the cake.  I, of course, was making foodgasm noises the entire time.  #notsorry

We spent the rest of the night watching Parks and Rec and messing around on our electronic devices.


Overall a great weekend, despite the obvious disappointment with Suzi.  Teh German was super pissed, as expected, and was talking about buying a new bike.  When he showed up with the truck, we both apologized to each other for being frustrated with each other and we explained that we were both just disappointed at the circumstances (him - his bike being broken and having put a lot of money into it and he had spent all day on Saturday getting everything ready for an NC ride; me - I had wanted to ride and I had barely gotten to do so).

I did get our invitations mostly complete.  I didn't harass Teh German about them on Sunday night because I knew he probably wasn't in the mood to deal with grammar.  My goal for this evening is to rework any wording and then submit the order tonight.  I have a meeting with the DJ today at lunch time after I sent a meltdown email last week explaining that I was having some doubts about our situation (mostly that she had failed to set up a meeting with me and dammit I will NOT have vendor problems when it comes to wedding things).  I'm going to show her the website I built for her, she's going to introduce me to her information packet.  My type-a planner problem will be soothed and hopefully my brain will STFU.

This week includes: Ordering invitations (we still have to wait on the samples and approve them before they are actually printed, so don't get your hopes up about a quick turn around), Meri's Gotcha Day is Tuesday which means extra dog treats and a new mouse (like she gets every celebration day, she's a girl after my own heart with her simple pleasures), and our engagement photos are on Wednesday (please sent positive thoughts that Teh German will not have a melt down because of "unfamiliarity" like he tends to do and that I won't melt and we will look delightful in our photos).  Thursday and Friday are currently open, but I know how that usually works out.  Saturday is the St. Patrick's Festival thing in Park Circle, which Teh German got absolutely wasted at last year.  I don't drink beer, so maybe I should just bring a flask and find a DD for the both of us?  #Responsibilityblows  Sunday is Sommerzeit (summer time) as I was informed it is called in Germany.  It was a definite language barrier and Teh German explained that it's the same as "Daylight Savings Time".  I now prefer Sommerzeit, even if I will still refer to it as spring ahead time.

Fuck, they are so cute it melts my Elsa heart.


  1. Keep going with P&R. It definitely gets better (although I would have been fine with the S6 ending, it felt like a series finale to me, but S7 is still OK).

  2. You deserved a slow start Sunday after a productive Saturday. Yay for Bagheera being fixed!! OMG that poutine looks soo good!

  3. I'd love to watch one of Ron White's shows someday. He's hilarious. There's always gotta be one asshole in the bunch! I have to admit that I've never heard of poutine until now. Just googled it, and sounds delish. Modern Family is one of my favorite shows.


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