Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Humpday Confessions #15

Remember how I said Music Monday with Brittany and Emmy is coming?  Well, Music Monday is next Monday and it's sneaking up on me like my packout did last Thursday (but it's NBD since I handled that packout like a boss).  The first week of every month we will have a specific prompt that you can choose to talk about (or not) and then for the rest of the month, each Monday is a music free for all.  For August our prompt is: what is your current favorite song on the radio.  (Hard, we know..)

can I decide another day?

So, Monday, tell us about your current jam and grab the button and link up with us!  We don't have link up rules other than to actually, in some way, talk about music/the prompt somewhere in your post.  Not too hard right?  In the meantime, ONTO THE CONFESSIONS!!!!

Vodka and Soda


-Apparently, my names are just too hard for some people.  I received a work email to "Ms. Regan" last week (my last name starts with R, so it was like they were going to call me my first name, but then decided to use my last name instead but failed).  I'm not sure if that a serious case of lexdexia (dyslexia) or what.  I can't even defend it.  Growing up, I always had to tell people the correct pronunciation of my last name.  When I joined the Navy, I kinda gave that up because it just wasn't worth the fight because if anyone learns anything that bothers you, it can be used against you later.  I'm not even correcting people how to say it anymore, I'm having to educate people on my actual name.  I never thought I'd be 28 and having people get my name so wrong.

-In a week I'll be in CA.  I'M GOING ON VACATION!!!  WOOOO!!!  All summer long I've been reading about everyone else being not at work and I've been unbearably jealous.  I couldn't help it.  Work has been driving me crazy lately and I know part of it stems from having "senioritis."  You know that feeling you got your senior year of high school/college when you were just done.  That's me now.  With 2 months left to go, I'm just over it all.  Yet, I'm still trying to put forth the effort and help train the new guy when the opportunity arises and try to pull some weight and I'm not complaining about duty, so there's that.

-I'm a wee bit nervous about meeting Mr. Mystery's family, and by a "wee bit" I mean really nervous.  I know that I can definitely come across the wrong way very easily to new people.

-Almost everyone has expressed some sort of concern about mine and Mr. Mystery's crazy plan to move in together.  We, too, are concerned about this plan, but have faith that we can make it work.  If I can survive deployment communication (i.e. almost none), I think I can handle whatever happens in real life.

-I have eaten from the dog peanut butter.  This wouldn't be so bad except I put PB in the kongs and the kongs don't get washed between refills.  So I've pretty much eaten after the dogs.  Don't judge me.

-I find it amusing that Target gave me my refund for an item I returned to the store before they charged me for the original purchase.  Really guys?  Get that shit together.  This wasn't an issue until I started using the Target debit card (which btw is a super sweet deal if you can handle your transactions not showing up until a week later).

-I'm kinda waiting on the other shoe to drop because of how neatly everything fell into place this last week.  I'm afraid that the other shoe is going to be job related, which is really scary.

-The realtor that landlord is using tried to get us to sign a lease that was incorrect yesterday.  Uhh no.  I will not sign a legally binding document that is incorrect.  kthxfixit to how I want it and we'll talk.  Also, sorry you couldn't understand me when you called earlier as I was on the elliptical and was totally in the groove and to those people around me who were possibly annoyed that I took a call, I had no fucks to give.

-While I'm nervous about CA, I'm unbearably excited about being with Mr. Mystery and being on vacation.  I wanted to pack my bag last weekend when I bought my plane ticket... and packing is always the very last thing I want to do, everrrr..  (PS.  I will NOT be posting a blog about how to efficiently pack a bag for travel, I've seen several bloggers do this and well, not only am I not efficient at packing, it's obviously already been done).

-When people stop at a yellow light they could have easily made it through before the light turned red, I get extremely ragey.  Especially when I could have been right on time to work and now I'm going to be 5 minutes late because you forgot that the pedal on the right could have jetted you across that intersection (where no oncoming traffic was a problem) like a boss.  Some people's kids.

-I feel guilty over the fact that I don't have very much to confess this week.  It's been crazy busy/eventful around here and with everything falling into place so nicely (and a significant lack of PMS), I don't really have much to bitch about confess.

-And for my consistent finale*:

*until next week!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up {7/28}

Today is a special day!  Not to toot my own horn, but to totally toot my own horn, I'm the featured blogger for this week's Monday Morning Gossip, woot woot!  So stop by and check out Kimberlee and Leeann (and the other folks who link up).

My weekend kinda started on Thursday because I was off work for the movers to come and pack up all my things and take them away.  Friday I was off to accomplish repairs/painting while there was minimal furniture in the house and for the arrival of Teh MD Adult Roomie's stuffs.  Then it was weekend!

PS.  August 4th, Brittany@Stories, Songs, & Praise and Emmy@Love Woke Me Up This Morning and I are starting a Music Monday link up.  There will be more details posted within the week, so stop by talk about your jams with us!


I didn't have a break down, but I did post a running commentary blog.  Sadly, there was no bubble wrap to molest, but I did get a bit jealous of the dogs and tested out the stack of dog beds.

Pretending to be like Phil and marinating my brains.

This is my "roach."
I think Olive and Meri do it better, but don't tell them.

We enjoyed the "open floor" concept on Thursday night.

My bedroom looks HUGE without any real furniture.


Friday morning I had intentions of going on a run and then realized that Teh MD Adult Roomie and I were going to be doing some significant cleaning, so I decided to save my back and clean instead of run.  I learned that literally washing the walls is a thing in real life.  Apparently, it helps to take marks off and gives them a generally cleaner look.  Also, if you weren't aware, Magic Erasers are magical.  Seriously.  They removed so many marks on the walls, saving me from a lot of paint touch-ups in the future.  I had learned this when I moved out of the apartment, but it was a nice memory jog.

After wall washing, it was vacuuming.  The rags we were using were old cut up t-shirts and I was scrubbing so hard that I was putting holes in the shirts, which was causing little white balls of shirt to fall on the floor.  Ugh.  Everything but the stairs had been vacuumed within the prior 24 hours, so I vacuumed the stairs.  YAY for my Shark vacuum (ok, Teh MD Adult Roomie's Shark, but whatevs, same model, different color)!  I even broke a sweat I was so serious about the stair vacuuming, so there was my workout.

Teh MD Adult Roomie left to get Teh Teenager and empty out her storage unit.  She came back with 2 trucks and 2 SUVs full of her stuff.  They were able to get everything from the storage unit into the house in an hour.  Setup of the furniture only took an additional 30 minutes.  Friends are awesome.

So our "open floor" concept was short lived because we filled the house with boxes, but it was totally worth it.  Friday night was a stay at home and sort through boxes and get rid of things that are no longer needed night.  It was nice to just have some down time after being so occupied for the last 48 hours.

This also happened on Friday and was a life dream come true.

I love being me.

The biggest news on Friday was when the realtor called me to tell me that we got the house we applied for!  WOOT for having a place to live in SC!  I had lied told the moving company the address for the house we had applied for on Thursday because I really didn't want my stuff to sit in a warehouse in MD and then not make it to Charleston by the dates that we wanted it delivered.  I'm glad I didn't jinx it.

Now we just have to schedule the delivery date for stuffs, sign the housing paperwork, find a washer/dryer, and move-in.


Saturday, Teh MD Roomies were busy until the afternoon.  Since I had no real plans and I hadn't done a long run all week and because I was feelin' fat and guilty and because it was under 80°F, I went on a long run.  It felt long and it was long.  11 miles long.  Those last 2 miles were excruciating.  I had to walk some because I was just achin'.  I did actually remember my super awesome hydration belt, which definitely helped, except that I ran out of water about 1.75 miles from the end.  At least there will be water stations during our half marathon, so I'm not too worried.  I had my water bottle waiting for me in Yurtle, so it was just more motivation to get back to the car ASAP.

After my run, I headed home and showered and headed out to watch Teh MD Teenage Roomie at her last event that I will probably be able to attend before I move down to SC.  While there, I received a message from Mr. Mystery that he had arrived back in the US!  WOOT!

Eventually, we headed home and regrouped and headed out for a girl date at Red Robin (our undoubted fave) and a shopping challenge.  I call it a challenge because we were couponing.  It was our goal to save as much money as possible.  We hit up Target after our early dinner and did pretty good with coupons and Cartwheel and in-store savings ($5 off a purchase of $15 or more in hygiene products?  I got you).  After Target was Kohl's where we practically stole a Keurig (ok, Teh MD Adult Roomie only paid $68).  Then we headed home to purchase flights and laziness (me) and sorting (Teh MD Roomies).  During our shopping session, Mr. Mystery clarified some dates for me so I finally have vacation dates!

After all the boxes were gone through, I helped Teh MD Adult Roomie "tetris" the outside storage with her boxes and containers.  We made all the extra boxes fit!  WOOT!  She was worried that they weren't all going to fit, but she knew that she had me as a secret weapon against the boxes and I was confident that they were all going to fit since that's one of my life skills.

The dogs were super pumped about the boxes being gone through since Olive's toys got put out.  Meri and Phil had a turn with Lamb Chop.

Yes, her butt is on my pillow.  It's really a good thing I love her.

We worked on our new puzzle for a bit before heading to bed.  I've become a puzzle addict.  I blame Teh MD Adult Roomie for bringing the first one home.  The first one was "the worlds smallest puzzle" or some crap and it was really little pieces and a difficult photo since it was a sketched type painting thing.  I feel like since we started out on the hardest puzzle ever, this new puzzle is super easy.

Our super awesome puzzle "table" featuring Phil and Meri.
The top of Olive's crate on top of 2 plastic containers.


Sunday morning, Teh MD Roomies headed out early and I skipped a run to sleep in a little bit.  Messages from Mr. Mystery roused me from bed and then it was time to get ready and head to church.  After church was a trip to Target to pick up a forgotten item and then home for lunch.  After lunch, the dogs peer-pressured me into taking a nap.  I spent the remainder of the evening reconnecting the TV to all the things and putting together puzzle.  When Teh MD Adult Roomie returned, we had dinner and did more puzzle.

Despite how busy the weekend was, it has been one of the best weekends of the year.  Many, many things that I've been waiting for answers to finally clicked into place within a matter of days.  I get very stressed out when things are up in the air and I don't have concrete dates/details.  I could tell my stress levels during my runs when my shoulders would hurt from being so tight all the time.  I felt like I couldn't relax at all, even after too much some rumsy-rum.  So praise Allah that things are falling into place.  It's such a relief after several months of needing wanting answers to so many questions.

The forecast of events for the next bit:
VACATION!!!  I'll fly to CA to meet Mr. Mystery's family and help him make the cross-country drive to SC.  My things will be delivered and I'll help Mr. Mystery get setup.  I'll fly back to MD for a little over a month to finish out the rest of my MD time.  Maybe I'll get to have a visitor over Labor Day weekend, but that's not been decided yet.  I'll do my half marathon with Ms. Motivator and complete the handful of activities that Teh MD Roomies and I have planned for DC/MD.  My terminal leave should start in the beginning of October, at which point, I'll finally be making the official move down to SC with all the stuff the movers failed to pack and that I set aside and the dogs.

In the meantime, I'll still continue to job hunt and beg and plead with the job gods that I'm actually an excellent candidate and totally trainable and I just want to make my car payment and take care of the dogs and maybe help pay some bills or something.  All prayers, well wishes, good luck, and other associated positive vibes/offerings are accepted on the job front.  I think I'm going to need all the help I can get!

YAY for plans!!!!

PS.  I may have spent an hour looking at Grey's gifs.  Not even sorry.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Movers are HERE!!! (MD edition)

-We're off to a great start.  They were only 45 minutes late of their 2 hour arrival window because "the truck wasn't working properly and they couldn't go very fast."  I'm still not actually sure what that means, but whatever... they made it.

All this was waiting on them, whatever time they arrived:

-I never thought I'd be so excited to hear the sound of packing tape being rolled out again.

-The house is going to be so barren, it's going to be soooo exciting!

-I feel the worst for the dining room packing guy.  There's sooo much stuff in there.  Oops, my bad.

-It feels weird to have strange men going through all my things as they pack them, but I'm just really glad I'm not having to do the packing.

-I started watching Between Two Ferns while waiting on the movers to arrive.  Zach Galifianakis rocks, and not just because he went to NC State.

-I feel so bored just watching them.  At least I turned on musics!

-Boooo they won't let me packout my car wash stuffs.  I'm going to have to have help for MY move down to Charleston.. I can already feel it.

-YAY more strange men in my house!  The delivery people came to deliver Teh MD Teenage Roomie's furniture set.  It's sooo pretty!

-The packers definitely missed all the stuff in the drawers.  Sorry I'm a hoarder and have so much stuffs dudes!

-Ok, they won't let me pack out anything that could explode.. except that lotion isn't really one of those things, so yeah, just pack that out buddy.

-They definitely tagged the dog food and trash can for being packed out.  I don't think Teh MD Adult Roomie or the dogs would approve!  Glad I caught that.

-Just watched the movers bring down the boxspring for my bed.  They didn't even touch the ceiling over the stairs.  I was amazed that was even possible after moving in and seeing how much destruction there was from trying to get it UP the stairs.  Siiiiiiiiiigh.

-I feel obligated to sit on my couches for as long as possible knowing that Teh MD Adult Roomie's couches and dining room table aren't going to be delivered in the next week.  YAY for camping chairs with drink holders, a rocking chair, and a beanbag!  College style livin'!

-HOLY SHIT!  Teh MD Adult Roomie moved so fast I had NO idea what was going on.  We heard a crash and then she was jettin' it to the dining room and slammed the door closed as the brown dogs made their way to the bottom of the steps!  They had knocked over the baby gate keeping them in doggy jail!  NEVER seen her move so quickly.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, in this house dogs and food are our #1 and #2 priorities (in no specific order from day to day).  Proof was definitely shown today through her actions.

Doggy jail!
-Dogs released into the yard.. after it's been raining.  Meri's paws are covered in mud from doing zoomies.  Bath time for Meri!!

-Quickest bath she's ever had!

-Ok.. so maybe it wasn't the boxsprings that caused the problem.. It was my massive ass headboard to my bed.  I had to sign a waiver for them to use some "force" to get it down the stairs.  Turns out, they just didn't understand when I was trying to say they needed to angle it just the right way, and they didn't actually have to use that much force.  Being right is difficult.

-OMG RAIN!  And all the boxes were outside the truck... At least I'm awesome and helped moved the boxes in the truck.  #likeaboss #nbd

-Oh, sweet, sweet packing tape.  I love the sound of progress.

-Doggy dinner delivered upstairs!

-I can SEE the mosquitoes swarming me.  I'm not sure why the door had to be open but good talk guys, good talk.  I was pretty proud of myself earlier in the day when I smashed one in my hand.

-I have officially set up the new living room.  YAY camping chairs!  Time for dinner.

-Hehehe, huge rolls of saran wrap make me giggle.. and think of working in the backroom at Target.  Goodbye couch and loveseat!

-OMG whhhyyy do I have so much stuff?  We just keep finding things.  A lamp here, a wind chime there, a mirror there, 2 wall hangings there, a curtain and rod there.  These poor guys will never get to leave (it didn't help they didn't arrive until 11 when I was waiting on them at 08.. just sayyyinnn').

-Oh, bye-bye dining room table!  I'll miss you!  See you soon!

-Tipping movers, not an expense I expected.  But they were awesome and they carried in Teh MD Roomie's new entertainment center in from her car and they stayed till 7:30pm and there was lots more stuff than they expected and they were careful with everything.  Worth it.

Overall, it wasn't a bad moving experience.  They were super late getting here, I was hoping they would be finished by 5, but that definitely wasn't the case.  It was 4 dudes from JK Moving (and every time I'd pay attention to their shirts that said "JK Moving," in my head I'd say, "Just kidding moving!" and have a self-giggle.

After the movers left, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I worked at getting some of her new items set up.  We set up her entertainment center and lamps and end tables.  She went to pick up Teh MD Teenage Roomie while I finished up end tables and vacuumed up all the styrofoam pieces from all the things.  BTW, I hate the stryrofoam particles, they make me rage for serious.

Despite how much I sat around for most of the day, the day was exhausting.  The house is empty-er.  Teh MD Roomies started moving stuffs in last week, so it wasn't completely barren in our house.