Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Movers are HERE!!! (MD edition)

-We're off to a great start.  They were only 45 minutes late of their 2 hour arrival window because "the truck wasn't working properly and they couldn't go very fast."  I'm still not actually sure what that means, but whatever... they made it.

All this was waiting on them, whatever time they arrived:

-I never thought I'd be so excited to hear the sound of packing tape being rolled out again.

-The house is going to be so barren, it's going to be soooo exciting!

-I feel the worst for the dining room packing guy.  There's sooo much stuff in there.  Oops, my bad.

-It feels weird to have strange men going through all my things as they pack them, but I'm just really glad I'm not having to do the packing.

-I started watching Between Two Ferns while waiting on the movers to arrive.  Zach Galifianakis rocks, and not just because he went to NC State.

-I feel so bored just watching them.  At least I turned on musics!

-Boooo they won't let me packout my car wash stuffs.  I'm going to have to have help for MY move down to Charleston.. I can already feel it.

-YAY more strange men in my house!  The delivery people came to deliver Teh MD Teenage Roomie's furniture set.  It's sooo pretty!

-The packers definitely missed all the stuff in the drawers.  Sorry I'm a hoarder and have so much stuffs dudes!

-Ok, they won't let me pack out anything that could explode.. except that lotion isn't really one of those things, so yeah, just pack that out buddy.

-They definitely tagged the dog food and trash can for being packed out.  I don't think Teh MD Adult Roomie or the dogs would approve!  Glad I caught that.

-Just watched the movers bring down the boxspring for my bed.  They didn't even touch the ceiling over the stairs.  I was amazed that was even possible after moving in and seeing how much destruction there was from trying to get it UP the stairs.  Siiiiiiiiiigh.

-I feel obligated to sit on my couches for as long as possible knowing that Teh MD Adult Roomie's couches and dining room table aren't going to be delivered in the next week.  YAY for camping chairs with drink holders, a rocking chair, and a beanbag!  College style livin'!

-HOLY SHIT!  Teh MD Adult Roomie moved so fast I had NO idea what was going on.  We heard a crash and then she was jettin' it to the dining room and slammed the door closed as the brown dogs made their way to the bottom of the steps!  They had knocked over the baby gate keeping them in doggy jail!  NEVER seen her move so quickly.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, in this house dogs and food are our #1 and #2 priorities (in no specific order from day to day).  Proof was definitely shown today through her actions.

Doggy jail!
-Dogs released into the yard.. after it's been raining.  Meri's paws are covered in mud from doing zoomies.  Bath time for Meri!!

-Quickest bath she's ever had!

-Ok.. so maybe it wasn't the boxsprings that caused the problem.. It was my massive ass headboard to my bed.  I had to sign a waiver for them to use some "force" to get it down the stairs.  Turns out, they just didn't understand when I was trying to say they needed to angle it just the right way, and they didn't actually have to use that much force.  Being right is difficult.

-OMG RAIN!  And all the boxes were outside the truck... At least I'm awesome and helped moved the boxes in the truck.  #likeaboss #nbd

-Oh, sweet, sweet packing tape.  I love the sound of progress.

-Doggy dinner delivered upstairs!

-I can SEE the mosquitoes swarming me.  I'm not sure why the door had to be open but good talk guys, good talk.  I was pretty proud of myself earlier in the day when I smashed one in my hand.

-I have officially set up the new living room.  YAY camping chairs!  Time for dinner.

-Hehehe, huge rolls of saran wrap make me giggle.. and think of working in the backroom at Target.  Goodbye couch and loveseat!

-OMG whhhyyy do I have so much stuff?  We just keep finding things.  A lamp here, a wind chime there, a mirror there, 2 wall hangings there, a curtain and rod there.  These poor guys will never get to leave (it didn't help they didn't arrive until 11 when I was waiting on them at 08.. just sayyyinnn').

-Oh, bye-bye dining room table!  I'll miss you!  See you soon!

-Tipping movers, not an expense I expected.  But they were awesome and they carried in Teh MD Roomie's new entertainment center in from her car and they stayed till 7:30pm and there was lots more stuff than they expected and they were careful with everything.  Worth it.

Overall, it wasn't a bad moving experience.  They were super late getting here, I was hoping they would be finished by 5, but that definitely wasn't the case.  It was 4 dudes from JK Moving (and every time I'd pay attention to their shirts that said "JK Moving," in my head I'd say, "Just kidding moving!" and have a self-giggle.

After the movers left, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I worked at getting some of her new items set up.  We set up her entertainment center and lamps and end tables.  She went to pick up Teh MD Teenage Roomie while I finished up end tables and vacuumed up all the styrofoam pieces from all the things.  BTW, I hate the stryrofoam particles, they make me rage for serious.

Despite how much I sat around for most of the day, the day was exhausting.  The house is empty-er.  Teh MD Roomies started moving stuffs in last week, so it wasn't completely barren in our house.


  1. Oh, how I miss packers. We ALWAYS had the Army move us (no way a DITY would have been worth it IMO) and once B got out that is one thing I super missed. We considered hiring pro movers to do our move back to NC...but turns out that's kinda expensive :(

    Yay for it being done!

  2. How come you moved all the stuff out of your house already if you're not officially moving down there until October?


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