Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Humpday Confessions #11

Friday still feels so far away.

Vodka and Soda


-I have greyhound friends who talk about needing a xanax when their dogs go into for dentals.  This irritates the crap out of me.  I love my dog, but if I didn't trust my vet, I wouldn't take Phil.  For those friends who have "special needs" dogs, I kinda get it, but at the same time.. get over it.  I don't freak out when Phil and Meri have appointments (including if they have to be put under anesthesia) and I don't freak out about my own appointments where I have to have procedures done.  It only right AS the procedure is happening that I start to get a bit nervous, but otherwise, why worry?

-Drama llamas make me want to punch them in the face.  'Nuff said.

-I read this article about being a military spouse recently and while it was written in jest, it was that I'm-kidding-but-not-really tone.  I'm afraid it might be indicative of my future.  Also, it took me several years to figure out how to respond to people when they thanked me for my service, so now that people are thanking my boyfriend for his service and not me, in my head I'm all defensive, "What about me?!  I served, too, JERK!"  Then I realize it's not the same anymore.  #militarytransitionsarehard

-Usually around mile 3 of a run, the flies/insects start diving bombing me.  It's extremely irritating.

-People who require you to put in the captcha code to comment on their blog make me sad.  So much so, I almost don't leave a comment, except that I've already typed it up and all I have to do is type in the mostly illegible numbers.

-I recently learned some teenagerese.  Instead of whatever, they say, "swerve," and put their hands up, with thumbs together... apparently it's also an "emoji," whatever that is.  I just call them emoticons.  All these different names for the same thing overwhelm me.  So does teenagerese.

-I have always twisted the stem off my apples while saying the alphabet for each turn.. because inside of me is an 8 year old girl who might actually believe that the letter I am on when the stem comes off is the first letter of my future husband's first name. 

-There's certain times I miss Bahrain...  like when I want mexican food delivered, or when I have to pick up my dry cleaning, or when I need delicious chocolate treats.

-"Hey, Beautiful," being the first thing said from someone 10,000 miles away, who I don't often get to hear on the phone, makes me get this super cheesy grin every time I think about it.

-Every time I take a bite of white meat chicken, I always get disappointed it's not dark meat.

-Gatorade is best served with liquor.  It's NOT best consumed after a long run since it makes my saliva thick and sticky and gross.  Sorry for that potential TMI.

-I'm excited about Charleston.  Unbearably excited.  But the worst part of transitioning is the upheaval of my entire life.  I know that it will all work out in the end, but finding a place to live, finding a job, writing a million point five resumes, getting my stuff packed out, the actual relocation time table, vacation before hand...  just all the things are making my brain go a million miles per hour in a million different directions at once.  It's annoying me, and it's definitely annoying other people.  I can't concentrate on a single subject for long periods of time and my conversations are all fragments over a span of subjects.  It's hard being me.


  1. I actually work at a vet part time and the crazy pet moms drive me nuts. I get being a little nervous if your pet is having surgery but some people come in sobbing and their dog is just getting a routine neuter. RELAX people!!

  2. A xanax for a vet appt? I get loving your dog I truly do, my dog is my son, but no.

    I hate captcha also btw!

  3. So my dog has heart issues and I get nervous when he has a procedure but I certainly do not need a xanax. I didn't take one when my daughter had surgery, so I'm pretty sure I can get by without one for my dog, too. I love my dog, he's my baby, but good lord.

    CAPTCHA is horrible. I go through the same thought process as you.

  4. - The dog thing, I kinda get. Only because one of my dogs has anxiety with any type of vet/medical appointment and he's almost as big as me, so it's hard to calm him down & get him in position. Not Xanax level, but "I deserve a Starbucks" level for sure.

    - Transitions ARE hard. But Charleston will be awesome (I mean, it's Charleston). I'm sure it's different since you did serve yourself & I was "just a spouse" but if you want to talk about the separation thing, I'm here. And that includes if you just need to word vomit & have someone nod & not judge or offer advice.

  5. I hate those capche things on blogs and mostly I give in and do it but sometimes I just think "never mind" ..ugh ;)

  6. Moving is definitely a huge life change but it seems like your moving to a great place! I definitely can't wait to move, myself! And omg dark meat is SO much better than white meat.

  7. Captcha freaking SUCKS!

    Lol I still do the apple thing too LMAO!

  8. I wish I had your discipline when it comes to running!

  9. Captcha is the worst. And I rarely see Mile Three so can't help you there!

  10. captcha is so the worst. also i'm the same but opposite - hate dark meat! and 'swerve'? what the actual fudge?!

  11. OMG girl totally feeling you on the last one! I'm pretty sure I will lose my mind at least a dozen times before we move :) Charleston is an exciting destination!

  12. HAHA on the Gatorade! I've never had it with alcohol but it sounds like a fabulous plan. Get your electrolytes while drinking.. Does it counteract the dehydration from drinking though?

  13. "Drama llamas" gave me a pretty amazing mental image. I've never seen that phrase before!

    I'm curious... what kind of liquor is Gatorade best served with? I'm thinking vodka, but am curious if you know of something better ;)

  14. womp womp, if you hadn't decided to look past the captcha on mine it might have stayed forever! so thanks for that!

    I can't drink gatorade after a run either! WAY too much sugar and somehow I always get jam hands too.


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