Friday, July 18, 2014

Five on Friday #27


I stepped in dog poop this morning.  I need that to not be indicative of how this day is going to go.  Teh MD Teenage Roomie and I were roughin' it out without Adult supervision and I decided to not close all 4 dogs in my room.  Yeah, piss (and shit) poor idea.  I should have probably gotten my sign from the open dog food container last night when I got home (yes, my dogs are that big and that smart).  The worst part is I can't blame just one dog.  It was either Olive or Phil (based on poop size).  Meri's poops aren't human sized and Miley slept with me all.night.long. 

OMG I'm going to miss her sooooo muchhhhh.  She is leaving us tonight and I accepted that she has to go, but last night she snuggled with me all night long and for morning pettins this morning she just leaned on me and didn't want me to stop and she even let me get her eye gookies without too much of a fight.  Last night I was calling her up on the bed and she almost tried, but you could tell that her back legs weren't going to give her the spring she needed, she started pacing and was going to settle on the floor beside me.  I just couldn't have that.  I got out of bed and put her in the bed with me.*

*Reason #3 that doing arm workouts is beneficial.  Lifting a 50-80lb dog requires some muskles (yes, that was incorrectly spelled on purpose).

Queen Miley deserves only the best.  I'm afraid that all the different homes and her age has really taken a toll on her and our Queen is getting old.  Seeing her struggle going up the stairs and to get on the bed the last few weeks rips my heart to shreds.


Who is ready for some moving posts?!?!  MEEE!!!!  Moving posts are some of my favorites because I get to share my freakouts with you on here (which I can feel bubbling under the surface of my nonchalance) and talk about the movers and that whole bubble wrap thing.  Additionally, it's a time of purging.  Apparently, I have too many clothes?  I didn't actually think so, but Teh MD Adult Roomie says I have more clothes than her and she has a winter set and a summer set.  I argue that my uniforms are a large part of my wardrobe, but secretly, she may actually be right.  But I mean, what if, at some point in the future, I can't do laundry..  Then I will need those 7 pairs of jeans, 8 pairs of khakis, 2 pairs of grey pants, 1 pair of brown pants, 2 pairs of blue pants, and 1 pair of green pants?  As I was going through my closet last Sunday trying to separate my clothes into packout and keep with me, there might have been a point where I hugged all mabillion of my shirts and expressed my love for them and how I wasn't sure how I was going to live without them.  If Teh MD Adult Roomie didn't think I was nuts already, she probably does now. 

She thought she was going crazy because of my moving.. bahhahaha.. She's not seen Teh Megan trying to pack yet.  Maybe I have too much of an addiction to my things?  But really.  I wear all the clothes!  The worst part is planning for the next 2.5 months.  I'm supposed to be going on vacation to drive cross country (woot!), there is the Battle of Britain in September and my 1/2 marathon ANNDDD what if I have an interview?!  I'll need better interview outfits... and the accompanying shoes.  I have no idea how I'm going to get down to Charleston without having someone accompany me or without installing a hitch to Yurtle (booooo) and renting a uhaul.  Part of the issue is I'll be toting the dogs with me and Phil doesn't like it when I cramp his style space.  Moving is hard, yo.


Looking at houses on Google Maps is the closest I've come in the last 3 years to doing my actual Navy job.  Holy hell, I never thought I'd miss recce-ing and counting 8 meter boats, but I do.  Le siiigh.  It's really hard to determine the bad neighborhoods from the good ones on Google Maps.  I'm lucky to have someone in Charleston helping me find a place.  I'm gonna owe her big time when I finally land in October. 


I want to relax.  I want it to not require an alcoholic beverage, yelling at someone/anyone, or sleep (which isn't really working).  Even on my 5+ mile runs, that "runner's high" isn't doing it for me.  I can still feel the stress in my shoulders when I have to purposely pull them down to relax them.  I've taken a nap almost every day this week because awakeness is just.. a struggle.  I am overwhelmed by all the things that need to fall into place in the next month that don't seem like they are going to happen with the ease that I had predicted at the end of June.  I am overwhelmed with packing.  I am overwhelmed with all the changes going on in the house (and I know that you're reading this Roomie and that's not a jab at you, I really do love your rugs, I may even be a bit jealous at ALL THE NEW THINGS!!).  I am trying not to get upset, but I feel like I'm trying to get everything together and it's just not appreciated or even noticed.  I thought about just letting things go, to just step back from everything that isn't finding a job in Charleston, and the idea almost makes me shake because I'm too much of a control freak to relinquish that control.

I can haz?


Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.  It's practically my entire life.  I've been online shopping so much.  I have immediate buyer's regret for 80% of the items I've purchased, but when I see all those boxes on my porch I love all the things.  I can't even help it.  BTW, is such a freakin' enabler.  But check out my new super cute double hammock that I scored for $90!

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  1. ahh stepping in dog poop is the worst ever!! and i've been online shopping lately too - it's so fun getting packages!

  2. Moving is the worst! I know I have too many clothes and it isn't going to change any time soon. I need to be prepared for absolutely every occasion.


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