Monday, October 28, 2019

Weekend Review {10/28}


Friday was school and work.  I ran on Thursday, so I skipped a workout and went home to take a nap before evening activities... because I know that if we plan anything on a Friday, it's just better for everyone if I take a nap.  Meri agreed.

I woke up to this. /swoon

Our evening activity was the Aquarium After Hours - Spirits event.  We dressed up as an old married couple and I have to say, I was impressed at well our outfits came together.  We made sure to act old when we presented ourselves for judging, to include a little quaky booty dancing... Because.. well, old people get horny too.

Dat big ass turtle!

While we did have a lot of fun, even with Fred (aka Crazy Eric), there was a horrifying part of the night... and it wasn't even like haunted house scary...

Teh German had an allergic reaction to some of the ceviche that he tried and he couldn't breathe.  The problem is that we have no idea what actually caused the reaction since who knows what was in the food that he ate.  We were in line for a drink and he turned to me with a scared look on his face that will haunt my nightmare and said, "I can't breathe." 

Ever the pragmatist that I am, I asked, "You're choking or you can't breathe?"  Like, these things require different solutions, so this isn't an irresponsible thing to ask, but at the same time, time was precious.  He clarified on the not breathing thing and I immediately went to find someone to help.  The closest person who might be able to help was a volunteer at the starfish and urchin tank who was rendered incapable when I said to her, not quietly, "I NEED MEDICAL ASSISTANCE!"  She actually responded and said, "Uhh, I don't know what to do."  I said, "Do you have a walkie-talkie?  CALL SOMEONE ON IT!"  Which she did have a walkie-talkie, which I noticed when she turned to the side, thankfully, and she immediately called for help while I went back to Teh German, who was still struggling to breathe and fighting the panic.  Within a minute we were surrounded by Aquarium staff who brought first aid kits and asked what was happening and fetched some water for Teh German, which helped immensely.  They offered an epi pen shot, but Teh German turned it down since the water had significantly helped the problem and he was able to resume breathing almost normally.

In addition to the Aquarium staff, there were several EMTs and nurses who were nearby when I had announced a need for medical attention.  An EMT checked Teh German's throat while a pretty drunk guy took his pulse, which was annoying since he's obviously still standing, so he has a pulse and it's probably elevated because shock and panic... but ya know, I'm not medically trained in anyway.  Teh German kept coughing and one of the nurses suggested that if he didn't take the epi shot, he should at least take a benedryl because the coughing was probably a side effect of the allergic reaction. 

At first, there was no benedryl to be found, but the Aquarium staff eventually located some and brought it to us about 20 minutes later.  Fortunately, we were easy to spot... LOOOL.  I knew Teh German was going to be ok when he joked with those who had offered assistance that he wasn't trying to make our costume of old married couple into a reality with his coughing and medical emergencies. 

We're always the jokesters when we're trying to downplay the seriousness of something. 

Otherwise, it was a great evening.  We didn't win the costume contest, as we should have.. But I still consider it a personal victory since I got Teh German to go out in public in pajamas.  If Teh German doesn't dress up on Halloween with me, I'm just going to say I'm dressing up as Jenny Lawson..  When I was putting on my mascara I realized that's kinda who I looked like with the rollers and the makeup, so I made sure to send this to Teh Sister and Teh Bestie once we were on the way.

The downside to the event, other than the life threatening scare, was that most of the beverage providers ran out of beverage by 9pm and last call was a 9:45.  Also, the best food provider ran out of food, boooo.  Most of the tables/bars were packed up by 9:30, which was depressing.  Oh well.

I wasn't starving but I didn't feel like I got my moneys worth in alcohol, I guess it was a trade-off for the medical assistance that was provided, lol.  We were home shortly after 10 and took care of the beasts and headed to bed.

I won't even lie, a woke up several times in the middle of the night and each time, I couldn't fall back asleep until I verified that Teh German was still breathing.  I'm a heartless bitch 99% of the time, but he put me in that weird 1% place where I will do absolutely anything to make sure that you're ok.  Because I can promise you, I would have done absolutely anything to make sure he was ok in the moment and after the moment.


Saturday morning, Teh German got up with the beasts and I rolled out of bed shortly after he did since I had to accomplish school things.  First though, I started with breakfast and coffee (all proper dairy products were added to their proper consumable (i.e. milk in cereal, creamer in coffee)). We had several packages get delivered, to include our Pack Up & Go envelope that Teh German says he won't open until Friday. 

I'm not even gonna lie, I was already trying to figure out where we're going from the weather report and flight schedule.  I definitely held up the envelope to the light to see if I could see what it said.. It says: Surprise Inside!

Siiiiiiiiigh.  Soooo I'll be waiting to see where we're going.  Teh German said I could open the envelope if I wanted, but I told him that we both know I can't keep a secret and he wants it to be a surprise.. sooooo for marital bliss, I'll wait... Sunday evening, I logic-ed that I'd like to open it when we wake up on Friday morning, just in case, so that way if it changes the items that I've packed, we're still at home to manage that situation.  He would prefer to wait until the airport, but I really don't think I'll last that long.  Shit, it's going to be a struggle not to know when I go to pack!

Other than my homework, the only thing we HAD to do over the weekend was take the dogs to meet a Coworker's dog since he offered to watch them, as long as our dogs go along.  We were there around 1030 to do meet and greets and we left around 1130, after the dogs had been introduced, walked together, investigated the yard together, and had some inside time together. 

Thankfully, everyone got along, so we hopefully will set up a dog sitting exchange, which will be nice.  Meri's happy tail started bleeding again, so this is what my legs looked like since I had worn a running skirt since it was 80 fucking degrees Fahrenheit.  Garbage.  Fucking garbage.  It's almost November.  Before we left Coworker's house, I bandaged her tail with duct tape, again, and hoped for the best.

When we got home, I showered (because I was covered in blood, obvs, and sweat).  Before I sequestered myself to the office for my entire weekend, I started the laundry since the Laundry Fairy didn't feel obligated to visit during the week, since she was waiting on the addition of Friday's sweaty gym clothes.

Product of washing dog sheets/bedding.

During a laundry rollover shift, I noticed that Meri had gotten her bandage off... FML.  I haven't found any traces of happy tail yet, but I also didn't go hunting because I just couldn't handle that.

Once I got started in the office, I didn't leave other than for bathroom breaks, to do the laundry, let the beasts out when necessary, and I went over to Teh PT House for dinner for about an hour because Teh German said I had to eat.  I ended up staying up till 0200 working on my research paper.  I managed to get all of this week's assignments complete and half of the paper complete.


Sunday morning, I still woke up early, considering how late I had been up, with the dogs around 8ish.  I grabbed breakfast and headed to the office to make progress.  I took breaks for peeing, because the only people more hydrated than me when I have to spend endless hours at my desk are individuals hooked up to an IV, and a Skype date with Papa G and Stepmom G.  I took lunch back to the office with me after the video chat.

I managed to finish the very rough draft of my paper by 2ish and then had to roll right into studying for a test... siiiiigh.  But this cuteness really did improve my morale:

I managed to finish studying by 7, took 25 minutes to scroll through social media and post on Snapchat, and I was in my spot on the couch by 7:30.  We started watching Friday Night Lights and I don't think Teh German loves it..

After 2 episodes, we completed bedtime chores (laundry and dishes forever) and then it was bedtime.


This weekend was tedious AF.  It was good that I accomplished all the goals I set for myself, but super depressing to spend the majority of my weekend in the office at my computer.  I know there is light at the end of the tunnel, but fffaaaccckkk, I'm so over this bullshit just for a piece of paper to prove I put up with bullshit to qualify for a job that someone will still train me to do.  Siiiiiiigh.

I finished the rough draft of my paper.  I'm hoping for a lot of feedback on it so I can have something better to turn in for the final paper.  There are still some things to add, but it's simple details from other research projects, so fine.  The final paper isn't due until the week of finals in December, so that's a silver lining to this shit.

I was able to study for my test and I'm glad that I have finally figured out the best way for myself to study, when given a study guide.  Go through every item on the study guide, write down everything about that topic.  Also go through all quizzes and write out the questions and solutions.  This is specifically helpful for PITA Professor's test since 50% of the points on his test come from a matching section, which 100% come from quizzes we've had and/or terms given on the study sheet.  #NoExcuses. 

I completed my assignments for the week, except for the research project stuff where I need to learn Python and read some academic journal entries that the professor sent to us to analyze.  I considered doing that instead of writing this, but I figured I deserved some blog time after my sacrificed weekend.

This week holds:
-HW shit that is due on Friday.. which I was not anticipating being assigned.
-Meetings for another class for shit that is due on Monday, that I can mostly mitigate/ do online if necessary.
-Tues: hairs did.
-Weds: test for the only class I have an A in.
-Thurs: Halloween, massage, dropping the dogs off with coworker after trick or treaters clear out since I didn't want him to have to deal with the beasts and children.
-Fri-Sun: ADVENTURES TO ????????

I have already decided I'm not bringing my computer with me on our trip, because I really don't need to and I really don't want to.  I even took PTO for Friday so I can truly be present and not having to half pay attention to my phone/deal with last minute tasking.  This means Teh German gets ALL MY ATTENTIONS, ALL WEEKEND LONG.  He's gonna be disappointed he didn't appreciate this last weekend more, loooool.

I'd like to get in at least 5-10 miles over this week, but we'll see since this week is already looking pretty chaotic... then again, that's how my life is.. so I'm kinda used to it at this point.  I'm really going to be stir crazy when I don't have a million balls in the air once school ends.

Happy End-of-October, Gentle Readers.  Hopefully, wherever you are it is actually FALL/WINTER and not this mid-summer night shit that Charleston has been experiencing.  The high is 83°F today and I'm full of hate and discontent over it.  I don't like working out when it's that hot outside.  I definitely don't like running outside when it's that hot.  + the 1millionty% humidity?  Fuck Charleston.  Ugh.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Five on Friday #215

EINS - Random Shit

After flipping out last month on the Cadets for never being able to recall any information given in class...  The PITA Professor has now started coming to me to confirm the due dates that he has announced in class.  This has happened more than once.  I am officially the date keeper of all assignments given in all my classes.



A typo-ed period on the output of a programming assignment cost me an entire letter grade on a PITA Professor assignment.  There is probably someone out there who thought I was just being "Megan-dramatic" by calling him PITA Professor.. but, Gentle Readers, I am not.  So I got a D+ on an assignment instead of a C+ because of a TYPO-ED PERIOD.  And it's not like the grading of nhis programming assignments isn't entirely subjective anyways.. so I mean.. he could have just docked like half a letter grade and I would have still gotten a C.  NOPE.  Fuuuuuuucccckkk yoooouuuu, brrrroooooo.

I knew something was up when he asked me for a source file from my turn in... He could have asked me for the output again, but instead he asked for the source file.  I see what you did there.  Dick.  Ugh.


Last Friday this post didn't happen because life.  Monday posts often don't get to happen on Monday because life.  I've seriously considered just not blogging at all because I need to stop stress-forcing myself to do things.. and then I'm like, but we had such an awesome weekend and I want to document that, which is the whole purpose of this blog...  so it's a conundrum.  So if you've noticed the wavering schedule, just know that's how my life is currently operating and you're seeing the fallout because, eventually, something has to give... and often, it's the things I enjoy the most.  Siiiiiiigh.

Less than 200 days until graduation, Gentle Readers.


My job is a lot of waiting to get flooded for tasking and the dams finally broke this month and I've been slammed with tasking.  I've finally accepted that this is my life and I don't even get upset anymore... unless someone wants a 25+ page document completed by the end of the business day and they send it to me after 0900...  My PM and techs sometimes apologize and I just shrug and tell them that's part of my job and I've accepted it.  Honestly, it's the biggest motivator for me getting my homework done as soon as it's assigned instead of waiting until the last minute, so it kinda works out.

That said, when you push out 3 documents for 3 different projects in the same day and there are changes that need to be made to make one document like another, it gets VERY confusing.


Meri finally got her hairs did!  I made a super awkward post on Instagram with the caption, "Goodbye floofs!" and a few people thought that meant "Goodbye Meri" and that was NOT the intention.  Oops.  Since Pax has some separation anxiety when Meri isn't around, I ended up making a dog day.

I brought both dogs into the office in the AM and then we all went and dropped Meri off at the groomer when it was time.  I stopped by Teh German's office on the way back to my office so he could have some Pax Therapy time since he had some shit going down at work.  I love bringing my dogs to work.. but Jesus, it's exhausting having to pay attention to another being all day long and make sure they don't get into anything or poop anywhere.  Plus it was a day full of work, so I was being pulled in all the directions.

sooo stoned because Mahm gave me anxiety meds

Coworker of the Month and I at the company all hands meeting. 

Then when I picked up Meri, the groomer told me that she'd accidentally nicked Meri's tail and she had a case of happy tail.. which I was just rolling with since Meri has had self-inflicted happy tail before.  Except, she was so excited to see that she immediately slung the wrap on her tail off and proceeded to create a murder scene at the groomer's front desk.  They rewrapped Meri's tail and we negotiated a payment situation since they weren't going to charge me since they nicked Meri and I refused since I couldn't even tip them if they didn't charge me.  We agreed that I'd pay half so I could tip and I also felt that this was more fair than not paying at all.

With that sorted out, we headed out and when we got to the car, Meri was so excited to see Pax that she slung off the wrapping.. again, but IN Willow AND THE BLOOD.. So it was like Willow got her period and I'm trying to grab for Meri's tail, which she hates and she's confused why I'm freaking the fuck out and she's bleeding and trying to lick her tail and fucking chaos.  Is there a more accurate analogy for my life?  Probably not.

I gave up trying to get the wrap back on the her tail and just went back inside and asked for anything to cover it AND duct tape.  Sooo now Meri has a rag/duct tape club on her tail and it's pitiful, but at least she's not bleeding all over everything anymore.. Thoughts and prayers that she doesn't chew it off while we're at work.  The last thing I need, after having to clean up Willow's insides is a murder scene across the entirety of House.

It was definitely a peaceful evening!

Update: Her tail wrap fell off Thursday afternoon and now she's got an almost bald spot from the gorilla duct tape.  Oops.  On any given day, I fully expect to go home to a blood bath all over the entire house.


There is an ice cream shop down the street from my work.  I've been in there ONE time and there was no one to serve me or even talk to me.. There was a kid sitting at the counter watching TV, but that was it.  No workers.

I tried to go in a few week ago, but they were "on vacation".. uhh wut?  Fine.

I tried to go in today in the middle of the day.. The door was locked.

It wasn't fucking meant to be.
Also, how does this place stay open?


Dear Well-Intentioned Friends,

Your Greyhound-owner friends have seen the photo of the greyhound dressed up as a greyhound bus. Not just once or twice, but a millionty times. We appreciate that you think of us, but please know, we have already seen the greyhound dressed as a greyhound bus. We've seen it every Halloween that we've had social media. We've seen it intermittently throughout the year when someone signs onto their social media account for the first time in 6 months. We've seen it in our sleep. In fact, we probably also considered the idea since it is super adorable, but then realized just how much work went into that and how much our hound hates wearing clothes and realized NOT dressing our greyhound up as a greyhound bus was a more productive idea.



I'm officially the asshole that will passive-aggressively call your ass out if you're being too loud in the morning.  We always have non-Company employees working in our office.  I'm not really sure why, but we've all just accepted it at this point.  Anyways.. one of these freeloaders participated in a conference call on speaker phone at 0730 and I managed for about 10 minutes, thinking to myself it had to end now.. no.. NOW.. Nope.. NOWWWW.  Still no?  Fuck you, bro.

I sashayed my sassy ass to the conference room and pulled the door shut.  I will not deal with that shit.  NOPEEEE.


I had a consult with a new hair stylist that is near my work since my current hair person moved to BFE and it's just too far for me.  I made an appointment for December with the new lady and I'm second-guessing myself so hard because I checked her instagram (after she gave me her card) and she hasn't really done a lot of "vivid hair" or she doesn't post on social media a lot.  IDK.  She seemed really nice and I know I have hair trust issues, so I'm hoping that's why I have a weird feeling about this situation.. but I'm having anxiety about this decision.

Backstory: When I was trying to call the salon to set up the consult appointment, I accidentally called Meri's groomer who informed me, after I told them about my blue hair/far away stylist situation, that they work on DOGS mostly.


This weekend is homework, homework, homework.  Not being in town for the entire weekend for our anniversary means I need to be ahead of the game.  I HAVE to write that stupid fucking paper already.

Also this weekend, I have to take the beasts to meet the dogs of a coworker who is willing to watch the dogs/trade dog sitting services.

Also, tonight is the Aquarium After Hours event, featuring "spirits" this time.. costume is suggested and liquor will be served.  YAAASSS.  We're dressing up as old people because I've been married long enough now that my Husband has shamed my clothing choices when I want to go out in workout pants instead of jeans and I make it a personal life goal to have valid reasons to go out in public in my pajamas and this is one of those times.  #LikeAFuckingBoss


We received the email from Pack Up & Go (no compensation for me by linking that, unfortunately, but if they were interested in a deal, I'm interested too!) for our trip next weekend.  The weather forecast is a high in the 40°s (Fahrenheit) each day and I'm so fucking pumped that I tried to backwards search where that would be, but can't figure it out because the airport doesn't have any flights listed as leaving at the time they said we would be departing.. sooo yeah.. I'm that person who has already tried to figure it out.

Gentle Readers, if I make it to the night before our trip without opening the envelope to find out where we are going, I will be impressed.  I'd say I'd keep you updated, but I fully anticipate that I will be taking a technology hiatus next weekend... #NotSorry

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Dog food
-Aquarium After Hours event tickets
-Surprise cigars for Teh German (because someone was advertising a Citadel/veteran cigar business in the computer science Slack channel and I figured why not?)
-Dog nails
-Meri's hair cut
-Cider flight since I wanted to test out the new cider place across the street from work
-Fabric for new collars for Paximoose
-Lunch at Sesame with a former coworker.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Life Lesson:
Properly plan to have dark sheets on the bed after getting a tattoo.
Or else....

Twin Mom bought me this gem and I have never been more disappointed to have already completed the laundry the night before.  She has one too, so we're TWINS.  HAAAA. 

What is a witch's best subject in school?

Do green M&Ms still make people horny?
Asking for a friend...

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Teh German recently suggested meatloaf for dinner.
I asked him if feetmeat was acceptable.
He said HELL NO.

That'd be me in the blue.
If there was ever a question.

It is ok to say:
"Today was one of those days,"
and still close your eyes,
breathe deep,
and rest, anyway.

Do your best while also remembering:
Your worth is not attached to what you accomplish.

pace yourself...
You cannot do it all at once.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. All of my mandalas being complete for my 3/4 sleeve.
  2. Not drowning in homework/homework not giving me a breakdown.
  3. Teh German coming to bed at the same time as me.
  4. 2 words: COLD FRONT.
  5. Lunch with former coworkers.
  6. Professors who appreciate my frustration with other students being shitbags... and who help me do my homework because technology hates me.
  7. Work tasking.  I bitched a lot this week about being slammed, but it was more whining than anything.  All of my school and work work got turned in on time, but I did have to be dramatic about it first.
  8. The Pack Up & Go email.  I'm finally letting myself start get excited about our trip.
  9. 2 weeks till Teh Bestie comes to visit!!!  /sqqqquuuuuuueeeeee!
  10. Solid Betty Crocker skillz this week.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Weekend Review {10/21}


No Friday blog because the semester is chugging along too fast for me to keep up.  I feel like I have a millionty tasks and none of them are getting accomplished because technology blockers that are completely out of my control.  Things that have to be fixed, but I don't know how to fix them.. Then there's the lack of knowledge for completing some of my programming assignments... and I just feel like a failure and no one really wants to read about that (again).  Conveniently, Friday, I was busy AF at work to the point of leaving late and being (only) 5 minutes late (a Christmas miracle if there ever was one) for the dog's nail trim appointment.

I'm slightly annoyed that I noticed there were some nails that didn't get trimmed on both dogs, WTF?  So that will be something that I comment on next time.  IDK if it's the vet assistant that does it, but if that's the case, I will request someone else.  Also, if you're not willing to show Meri who's boss, she will NOT let you trim her nails.. That's why I pay so much fucking money to have someone else trim their nails...  Fortunately, Meri is going to the groomer soon, so the missed nails can be further trimmed, but ughhh.

When I got home, from the vet, I did more work things until Teh German came home.  Since it was delightful outside, we agreed to take Bagheera and Suzi out to dinner.  We agreed to go to Mex 1 on Sullivan's Island since it's a farther ride.

Dreamsicle adult beverage don't hurt my heart.

The ride there was kinda chilly, but we managed.  Dinner was delicious, but the table next to us had like 4 children under the age of 5 and I was done.with.that.shit.quickly.  I get it, small children are hard to contain for long periods, butttttt guess what, your small child keeps using this BENCH as a fucking trampoline and if they knock off my expensive motorcycle helmet and mess it up, I'm going to be more pissed than I already am at their rambunctiousness.  More annoying than that was the dad who kept telling the kids to sit down and eat and then not doing anything to enforce that.  At one point, the toddler was laying on the floor making tortilla chip angels from all the dropped, broken chips it had put there.  I was trying to block out the madness, otherwise it would have been funny. 

I was trying to be cool about it, but I was done with that shit long before they left, which was about 5 minutes before we did, of course.  Our ride home was less chilly, because we went a different way, so that was nice.  When we got home, it was bedtime chores and sleepy time.


I had lofty Saturday goals and none of them really got accomplished.  Teh German had to work and I could have gotten up when he did, but I opted to stay in bed and snuggle with Meri instead.... until 1030.  Oops. 

Then, when I got up and went downstairs, I made a bowl of cereal while reheating the coffee that Teh German had left for me... and I accidentally poured peppermint mocha creamer into my Frosted Flakes which is NOT a good combination, if you're curious.  I was, so I tried it.  Just trust me on this.

I made another bowl of cereal, added MILK this time, managed to get my creamer into my coffee and then headed to the office for a day of homework accomplishment.

Things I accomplished:
-Changing my research paper topic.
-Nothing else school related.

Teh German came home in the afternoon and wanted to work on a medal rack for Teh Running German, which meant that I had to use the Cricut to make stickers, which meant a hiatus for school things.  It didn't hurt my feelings since there were some other Cricut things I was able to accomplish.

Knowing that my attention span was done, I gave up on school things for the evening.  I actually took an afternoon nap because I was tired and it was rainy and Teh German was outside having cigar and scroll time, so why not?  When I woke up, we agreed that it was fend for yourself night, so I ate something for dinner and then we powered through over half of the newest season of The Ranch.  I got Meri snuggles for a while, which never hurts my heart.

We stayed up later than our bedtime, but we eventually headed to bed.


We had to do adult errands (groceries) on Sunday, so Teh German suggested brunch before hand and I agreed.  We hadn't figure out a place to go because we're always trying to find a place close to Sam's/the place we are going shopping, and there really aren't any great brunch places near Sam's or the places we are interested in going don't open until 11, which means waiting around after we wake up to leave. 

This time, I suggested Holy City Brewing for brunch since it's near Sam's, which I knew Teh German would agree to.  While I waited for 1030 to roll around, I did some research stuffs.  I was super pumped when we got to HC that they now sell silicone pint glasses.  I lost my shit and we bought one and I was able to bring home a to-go tea... which was great until I got home and I was unpacking the groceries and something tapped the cup and it fell over and spilled all over the island.. UUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.

Some Asian breakfast bowl thing that was delicious.
Anyways, after brunch, we went to Walmart for a few non-Sam's items, then headed to Sam's to pick up the rest of the groceries then went home.  I unpacked the groceries and started dinner and did the laundry then headed to the office to do more research things.  Again, I was exhausted and opted for a nap.  Meri only enabled me.

Dinner was sausage and potato soup, recipe to come.  Simple crockpot dump recipe, which is how I like it.

After dinner, it was time for The Ranch.. when I got up to take a pee break at 8 and Teh German announced that there were no more episodes left, I wailed in disappointment.  WHHHHHYYYY U DO THIS TO ME, NETFLIX?!?! WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY?

We redirected to other things.  I had Teh German watch a few episodes of Between Two Ferns to prep him for when we, inevitably, watch the movie on Netflix, which I am obnoxiously pumped about.  We ended the evening with an episode of Big Mouth... and then it was bedtime chores and bedtime.


I feel like I wasted the weekend for school things, but I was so productive on a personal level.  I made dinner, I spent time with Husband, we watched The Ranch (finally), a millionty loads of laundry were tackled, dinner for the week was planned and prepped.  I'd call my naps self-care, but they are really probably just period related.  Usually 2-3 days of the month I'm absolutely exhausted for no discernible reasons, and I've finally chalked it up to being period related since it's a monthly occurrence.

I've got so many technological blockers that PITA Professor was like, "Megan, I don't know how you did this.."  I have an idea of how it happened, but it wasn't me that did it.  I let someone else drive my compiler program and they fucked up the settings auto importing things to make code work and since then, nothing has worked.  Cool.  Siiiiigh.  There's more than one issue like this, so that's fun.

Next up is my lack of knowledge to complete certain programming assignments.  I realized last night while trying to do assignments that it might not just be me since the professors are writing things at a higher level than is comprehensible to someone with no knowledge.  I found code at a lower level that I mostly understood, soooo there's a disconnect somewhere.  Which means, going to my instructor's office and having them explain code things to me and assisting me with my homework.  Again... le sigh.

Finally, finding the determination and focus to do that fucking research paper.  The topic is of great interest to me, but I need to take a broad scope and narrow it down and that's hard when it's a topic with a lot of far reaching effects.  #MeganProblems

This week includes:
-Meri's hair cut, praise Allah.  She's so scruffy and homeless looking.. And the poor baby with the mats on her chest.. It breaks my heart and I've been trimming them, but it doesn't always help.
-Aquarium After Hours event.  We're dressing up like old people for halloween/the event.  Grey hair paint has been purchased and rollers and house slippers.  Here's the real take-away though.. I will go to GREAT LENGTHS to find a reason to wear pajamas in public, especially if Teh German can't scorn me because he disapproves of my attire.  Oh yes, my husband scorns my clothing choices sometimes because I'm lazy AF.  He's made me feel so guilty about something I'm wearing that I've changed clothes.  #HATEHATEHATE
-Shit ton of homework/sitting with professors to accomplish homework.  FML.
-Writing that motherfucking research paper.  It's not hard, I just have to do it.  I can't code worth a shit, but writing a paper is my time to shine and I feel like I have stage fright. LOL

Countdowns (because I need some guiding lights while I'm wading through homework hell):

10 days until our anniversary and our trip to the unknown!
13 days until I get to register for my LAST semester of college!!!!
54 days until this semester ends!
81 days until the Charleston Half Marathon with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda andd mayyybee Teh PT Wife if I can talk her into it... or ya know, anyone else.
123 days until the Charlotte Hot Chocolate 15k with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda!

200 days until GRADUATION!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Weekend Review {10/14}


After lunch on Friday, I got the sleepy tireds and could NOT shake it.  So much so that I skipped a workout and went straight home after work.  Yolo.

The dogs don't understand that when I get home, I'd really prefer NOT to be harassed, jumped at, and generally annoyed as soon as I walk in the door.. so I kicked them out because they were being annoying and I was exhausted.  Teh German let them in as I was preparing to lay down the couch and this fuzzy turd bucket laid down in my spot because she's a needy asshole.

I mean, I kinda also thought it was hilarious, so I took a few pics after I laid down on her.. and she didn't seem to mind, which was weird, and then I made her move because I needed a damn nap.

I didn't get in a good nap, but enough sleeps were had to be functional again.  When I woke up, I asked Teh German if he wanted to go see an NC comedian named Jon Reep (check the end of the 1st section) and explained the backstory to him and Teh German agreed to go.

We grabbed dinner at a place across the street from the theater and then headed to the theater to buy tickets and grab seats.

No photos were allowed.. buttttt here we are because #blogging.

There were 3 comedians + the MC.  2 of the 3 comedians were hilarious, the other guy just talked about doing drugs and partying and he had the wrong suburban middle class crowd for that.  The MC was also hilarious and made me want to start going to comedy shows around Charleston.  One day... when school is no longer making me drown in life.

Teh German agreed that it was totally worth going and that the show was awesome and we should check out local comedians.

After the show, we came home, dealt with the beasts, and I went to bed while Teh German did whatever he does when I'm not around.  IDK, I knew I had to get up and get moving on Saturday, so staying up super late was not on my agenda.


Tattoo Saturdays have been deemed "Stabbing Saturday"... and that's what this Saturday was.  I left a little after 9 to head to Charlotte.  I saw some old Crossfit friends while driving down 26, which was awesome because we got excited and waved at each other and went about our business.  I made it to Charlotte slightly early, thank you traffic from Charleston to Columbia that was going 90+mph.

I talked with Noel about the design and while he traced, I went and grabbed lunch at the same BBQ place from last time.  When I got back, we sized the stencil and estimated the placement then Noel got everything set up.  He placed the stencil and then we got down to business by 2.

We took a 20 minute break at one point for Noel to eat and for me to put my arm down and then we got back to it.

Noel finished up right around 7:30 and I took my photo, paid, and headed out.
That would be about 5 and a half hours of being stabbed, in case you were wondering.

By 11, I was home.. thank you traffic from Rock Hill to Columbia getting the fuck out of my way and then those awesome drivers who were willing to go 85+mph from Columbia back to Charleston.  Teh German was watching hockey when I got home and I was absolutely exhausted, so I went straight to bed.  Did not pass Go, did not collect $200.  STRAIGHT TO BED.


Sunday there were zero photos.. but Sunday was also full of activities.  I made Teh German disgruntled by making him get up with the dogs, after Meri had ensured that I was a-fucking-wake by jumping on me/the bed, as she does.  I wasn't really able to go back to sleep, but I dozed on and off for a little bit and then did some scrolling before finally getting up and taking a shower.  Mostly, I showered to rinse off my arm of the tattoo goo that forms overnight when I leave the nonstick pads on (which I only do the day of getting the tattoo so that way the ink doesn't bleed all over the sheets, which was actually a fail this time...).

Teh German made bacon and toast and I made scrambled eggs for breakfast.  After we ate, I headed to the office to do homework things and Teh German did Teh German things (Teh German Time, fish tank stuff, scrolling).  He eventually left and ran some errands and I had SILENT time for homework.  It was rather glorious, to be honest.  Those headphones better be on sale by Black Friday.. because well.. a month is a long time to wait when you have this much homework between now and then.

At 2, we headed over to Teh PT House for a Sunday Funday gathering.  We even brought Pax and Meri, because I'm always in the hopes that something will eventually drain Meri's batteries.  Going to Teh PT House was NOT it.  I tried, Gentle Readers, I tried.  Siiiiiigh.

We had dinner and socialized and Teh German brought the dogs home after we ate.  A little while later, I went and fetched them to see if they would play with Remy, a 150 Great Dane, who was a Sunday Funday guest.  Meri was terrified of a dog so much bigger than her and her bitch ass hid behind Teh German or I, depending on who was closest.  Pax played and chased some, but nothing really energy draining.  When there was some drama that also happened to be around doggy dinner time, I took the beasts home to feed them dinner and continue working on homework things. 

I was exhausted, ugh again, and managed to get to a solid stopping point on my homework by 7:30.  I was packing up my computer and things to load in the car when Teh German came home.  I headed upstairs to get ready for bed and, surprisingly, Teh German also came upstairs to get ready for bed.  We were in bed by 9 and it was glorious!


An extremely productive weekend!  Socializing, tattoo, homework, spontaneous date night!

Despite unfinished homework things, I managed to get my questions asked and assignments completed and printed out prior to the class they were due for, so I consider everything a win.  I know that last week's stress-almost-meltdown was due to it being midterm time and teachers needing grades so they can calculate our midterm grades, but Jesusfuck, I do not appreciate the unbearableness that was all those assignments being due to close together.  My body definitely did not appreciate it, as my BJB is angry, I started to get a herpaderp on my lip, but then it decided to relocate to inside my nostril.. so I mean, I'm an absolute mess.  This is on the tail of being sick.. so I'm over it all.

Thankfully, I'm finally over the homework hump and I might even consider myself ahead of the game.. again.

This week holds:
-a midterm exam in a class that has been 95% lecture and 5% programming assignments that the instructor has had to debug each time. FML
-that group project that I still need to go talk to the professor about because I'm really not sure what I'm doing and my partner doesn't either and I cannot rely on them.
-Going to see RENT with Teh PT Wife.  Yall, I really don't like musicals, but I'm a good friend.  We'll see what level of good friend I am after the fact.
-Dog toes are getting chopped off on Friday!  (Megan translation: I'm taking the dogs to the vet to get their nails trimmed.)
-Weekend Goals = writing that 8-10 page paper!!!  It's ok to be super jealous.

Countdowns (because I need some guiding lights while I'm wading through homework hell):

18 days until our anniversary and our trip to the unknown!
21 days until I get to register for my LAST semester of college!!!!
62 days until this semester ends!
89 days until the Charleston Half Marathon with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda andd mayyybee Teh PT Wife if I can talk her into it... or ya know, anyone else.
131 days until the Charlotte Hot Chocolate 15k with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda!
207 days until GRADUATION!!!