Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Humpday Confessions #3

Halfway there... I can do this, I can do this..

Vodka and Soda


-Having an official button for this link up makes me way happy, good job Kerry and YAY Kathy!

-When did Easter become Christmas?  I've seen Easter baskets that are like the loot some kids/people receive at Christmas.  We always got candy and a Disney movie.  That candy included Teh Dad's favorites so that way he had candy too.  I think the Disney movie was more for the VHS collection than a gift for us, but it sure worked out nice for my parents.  Adulthood seems to be giving me an entirely different perspective on my childhood.

-Not having a fenced in yard for all of vacation made me more humble and more grateful for our little "poop spot."  I'm also thankful for extremely beautiful weather during vacation which meant I didn't have to walk around in the rain every.single.time I took the beasts out.

-Remember when I said I was getting this gun:

Yeah, that's not what the shop ordered and I ended up with the Standard Mark III which looks like a WW2 pistol and well, it was a disaster Gentle Readers.  I didn't cry over it, but I was pretty pissed off.  The situation kinda worked itself out, but that doesn't stop me from being really pissed at the situation where the lady at the shop ordered the wrong freakin' gun and didn't even apologize or try to make her mistake right.  So yeah, if you're in Western NC, don't shop at Bear Creek Guns... for me.  I'm not a gun connoisseur, so there are probably better guns out there, but IDK.  I shot this one and I loved it.  I could shoot the 22/45 and LOVE it, but I haven't shot it to know.  If I'm not looking at actual different guns to associate them with a name, I have no idea what you're talking about.  People take it for granted when I say I'm buying a gun that I'm gun-smart about all guns...  I'm so not.  I just want something to shoot things with.  I'm going to have to watch a youtube video to learn to clean the gun.  So yeah.

-Despite my intentions to go to sleep early or take a nap, I've failed at this.  This is obviously a repeating problem in my life.  I didn't really get to sleep in while on vacation either, well the one time I did it came with the payoff of cleaning up poop.  I did get to nap a few times, but not having Teh Cloud (my bed) to sleep in made it less satisfying.

-I eat small portions at lunch and large portions at dinner.  I know it should probably be the other way around, but since I workout after I eat lunch, its just better for everyone this way. 

-Since the end of February, I've lost a significant amount of weight and apparently people are noticing, which I have gathered from the extremely obvious staring at the gym and comments from coworkers.  One of the best, yet most infuriating things about being me is that I don't notice physical characteristics of myself or anyone else.  Unless you point out to me that you had 6" cut off your hair or you got your ears pierced, etc, I won't notice.  Unless its about your teeth.  I always notice teeth.  It's a thing, I can't help it.  What this means is that I don't see a change in my body.  I can feel it because I can wear smaller shirts and need smaller pants and I see the numbers on the scale falling (and rising).  It's strange to be this oblivious.

-Working for the first 2 hours of the morning helped pass the time quickly, but now I'm bored again.  Why is it I don't get paid to nap again?  The rainy weather outside only serves to make me more sleepy.

-Meri has consistently pooped where she isn't supposed to (in the house, in Yurtle, etc) since we left for vacation.  I'm not even sure what to do with her anymore, but I am 100% over cleaning up poop every freakin' morning because she refuses to go poop at last out and decides that 0230 is a more appropriate time to let it go.  I'M OVER IT, MERI, YOU WILL SLEEP IN YOUR CRATE IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT (pun intended).  Le sigh.  Too bad she can't read this so she could understand my distain for her right now.  She did kinda make up for it last night when I got back from praise team practice by sitting on my lap with me and being still for at least 5 minutes of pettins.  It's the small things.

We were TEN minutes from home of a 10 hour journey (she had TWO opportunities to go business during the trip) when she did this.  At this point I cried..  over poop.  I just couldn't handle it anymore since yelling at her wasn't doing either of us any good.

-I've been listening to the country love songs Spotify channel.  I judge myself while loving being crooned at in a southern accent.  Ok, really its not the accent, its the words, but damn this girl can match that accent so good when singing along!  I don't even know who I am anymore.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PSA for captcha users and no-reply commenters

Dear Bloggers/Websites that use captcha and make you have an account to comment,
You're ridiculous.  Spare me.  If you make me have an account of some sort AND captcha, don't expect me to comment.  It's really your loss cause I'm pretty funny.

If you're a Blogger blogger (yep, that's a thing), go into your settings, then posts and comments and at the word verification drop down, select no.  Your readers will love you more, I swear. 

Another Teh Megan pet peeve is the comment box opening in a new window or popup box.  If you embed it, commenters won't be confused why your comment box never appeared.  This happens to me when I have several tabs open and it opens a new window and I don't notice at all so I click a million more times and still can't figure out what the problem is until I move on and give up on commenting, then realize when I'm finally done internetting that I have a million popup windows to close which contained the comment box for the comment that I've long forgotten.

Dear No-Reply commenters,
I love you, but you make me sad.  Here's why.  You leave me love and comment on Teh Blog and then I can't even respond back to you via email (which is how I respond to comments because I don't expect people to come back to Teh Blog to see if there were replies on individual posts because I know I don't do that).

Is this you?  Do you even know?  Here's how to check:

Hope this helps you out and doesn't sound preachy.  I've definitely been the person that has used both captcha AND was a no-reply blogger.  It was a whole new world without both!

Happy (almost) May!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday #19


Pretty sure I found another Friday linkup a few weeks ago and now I can't find the button.  Probably because I found it at work and NMCI = the devil.  Navy probs, man.  Can we just get a woot! for actually blogging in real time while on vacation, cause that is what is happening, Gentle Readers.  I've taken over Teh Dad's computer and it's happening.  Also, he has a short backspace button which is really throwing me off and he uses Internet Exploder.  I can't even respect that a little bit.  Le sigh.


I could have picked up my gun permit yesterday, but since I'm not picking up my gun till this afternoon, I waited.  Whatevs.  NEW GUN!!!!!! 

This is what I got:

I've been calling it my plaything, as I really just wanted something more for target practice than killing someone.  I should probably give it a name.  Rogette, since its a Ruger?  IDK, I'm open to suggestions because calling it my plaything sounds like I bought a vibrator....


I could probably wear shoes today.  Since Tuesday I've been barefoot (which Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover would approve of) or in flipflops since I got a new tattoo on my foot.  BTW, don't be clever and think that on your foot is a good place to get a tattoo.  It's not.  It hurts in an unbelievable way.  I'd hurt that it hurt, but I didn't hear that I was a freakin' moron to ever consider putting a tattoo on my foot.  No no, I never received that wisdom from someone more experienced that me.  Take my word on it.  Just don't.  Unless its teeny-tiny.  Oh, did I mention, ITS SO PRETTY!!!!  (Its so pretty was the motto I used to just get through the pain.  I was talking to a friend on FB and when I'd complain about how bad it hurt she'd just say, but its going to be sooo pretttyyy!!!  She's great.)

Origami bird with water color splatter.

We also gave Teh Mom a pop quiz to see if she could daughter recce.  She failed.  In other news, Teh Sister and I look more and more like twins each day, which is incredibly creepy and amusing at the same time.


My Southern accent is back with a vengeance.  I can't even hide it anymore.  I can even hear it.  Its B.A.D. people.  BAD!  I can tell it gets worse when I get excited or when I'm around a group of people with thick accents.  Teh Granny, anyone out in public with a strong accent, Teh BFF, Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover's family.  I am already preparing myself for the onslaught of comments when I return to work. 


I know everyone says it, but I really don't want to go back to work on Monday.  I've enjoyed the break.  It was much needed.  Although I took leave in March to go to Disney, that was a vacation I felt like I needed a vacation from since we were on the go the entire time.  NC has been totally different in that I don't really have anything I have to do, other than wedding commitments for Teh BFF, which was the point of even coming to NC in the first place.  A part of me wishes I would have left the dogs in MD and saved myself the heartache of Meri eating one of my shoes and her flower that matches Phil's bowtie and my chapstick and my bestest lint ball ever and having to take them out on the leash for business every.single.time (wow, I really did that with Phil for a year?), but then Phil wouldn't have gotten to sleep on the bed with me all night last night and Meri wouldn't have jumped up on the bed every.single.morning to greet me and give me nose pokes and get me to play with her and no one would have been able to meet Meri and enjoy Phil's company.  It's always a delicate balance. 

Sweet Dreams Philbo.

Good Morning, Meri-Meri.

Happy Weekend, Gentle Readers!

Linking up with these ladies since it's FRRRIIIIIDAY:

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #54 (Disney hats/ears edition)

The first thing we did after getting in the park was try on all the hats we saw.
I couldn't help it.  Ears were a necessity.  I had to try on all the hats to see which one I wanted.
The real problem is, I have a midget sized head.  The kids hat ears were loose on my head even.  (#MeganProblems)

I called this one my Downton Abbey ears since it felt like the 20's.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Humpday Confessions #2

Lets get this show on the road:

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda 

-I loathe, with every fiber of my being, having to put in a captcha code when I post comments on blogs.. ok or anywhere in general. I get it if you're a mega-huge blogger with a mabillion followers, but dude, you have less than 200 people following you, turn that shit off and change your settings so people have to have an account of some sort to comment. I've honestly NOT left comments just because of this. 

No, just no.

-When Phil did this last week, my heart melted:

I'm not used to this kind of treatment.

-I have phantom hands, which can been seen in the above photo. My hands just have a mind of their own and do weird shit, which is extremely obvious in photos of me. I first noticed in photos of my college graduation. I can't even imagine what they do when I'm not paying attention.
WTF hand, why can't you just be normal?

-There is a section of I-40 that runs with I-85. It's a magical section of interstate in North Carolina from Durham to Greensboro where the speed limit doesn't seem to exist. I've had the most delightful experiences on that piece of highway. I've ridden 4 cars wide (each car taking up a lane) at 95mph like it was a race. This most recent experience was going with traffic that was going well over my comfortable 10mph over the speed limit policy. Sometimes, excessive speed is the thrill your heart needs after you've been driving for 6 hours.

-You can call me a Southerner, but don't call me a redneck. Worldwide Jesus Lover's brother let me shoot his guns and gave me some pointers on Easter. I was shooting guns in a dress.. on Easter.. after 5 hours of church and a nap.

Ok with my right hand, pretty damn good with my left hand.

-I get to pick up my gun permit on Thursday. I'm pretty hyped. PS. I'm buying a gun to play with, not kill someone. Word on the street is I'm pretty scary without a weapon already.

-I have this problem when I go anywhere I have to pack a suitcase that I over pack. I went to Disney World with my biggest suitcase and had room for my pillow and laptop and several extra days worth of clothes. Teh Sister made fun of me. I blame this on living out of a suitcase for so long in the days of departing GTMO and arriving (when I spent 45 days in a hotel, plus the time it took to deliver my household goods) and departing Bahrain. For my trip to NC, my goal was to NOT over pack. I succeeded. There's been several items that I normally would have that I don't have, a particular shirt, a cable, etc.

-I love that Suzy2 has a restart option in her power menu. Technology is awesome.

-I discovered another pet peeve recently. When people point in an incorrect direction when they are trying to give directions. When someone says, "It's the building right behind this one," and they point behind them and I know there is no building where they are pointing, I get irritated. I often correct people at work who do this because we're in the center section of the hangar. They will point to the taxiway to mean streetside or to streetside to mean the taxiway. No people. Just no. From someone who already has enough directional problems with my inability to discern left and right, keep your pointed directions correct.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Liebster Award

Dee @ Simply D Constructed nominated me for a Liebster Award.  It's been a while since I was nominated, so I'm happy to do it again.

11 facts about Teh Megan:

1.  Anytime my hair gets long, I always consider cutting it off.  When I go to get a hair cut and I tell the lady to trim off the bad parts, she always shows me how much she's going to cut off and I tell her that I'm not really attached to it and she can cut off as much as she needs to.  I think that really scares my cosmetologists.

2.  I'd rather be on the computer all day and night than watch TV/a movie.  I don't actually watch cable/TV because I loathe commercials and I struggle with most of the crap that passes for entertainment being broadcast.  For the shows that I do watch (Grey's, HIMYM, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, etc), I watch them online to stay current or just buy the season if I'm super far behind.

3.  Each day I check Amazon Deals and  This is a habit that carried over from Christmas shopping.  It's the best and worst thing ever.  I'm always so proud of myself when I close out the tabs without being tempted to buy anything.

4.  I love painting my fingernails fun colors, but I hate the way it makes my fingers feel greasier?  IDK how to describe it, but nail polish on my nails feels weird.

5.  I consider myself not crazy and pretty down to earth... most of the time.  I also think I have an excellent sense of humor and punny jokes are the absolute best.

6.  I have a problem with buying liquor and not drinking it.  Who does that?  Also, I recently learned that I'm halfway towards my "reward" at the liquor store I frequent.  Apparently, if you spend $500 there, you earn a $20 credit or something.  Well, since 2012, I've only purchased $260 worth of liquor from "my" liquor store (which doesn't include anything that I got from the NEX, obviously).  It feels like so, so much more than that.

7.  I have this problem where I go on pinterest and pin a mabillion things related to one topic and then not go back for several days.  I used to use pinterest for cooking, but.. hahahah that's funny cause I'm the only one here eating...

8.  My bedtime regime goes like this:  Tear myself away from the laptop after saying I'm going to bed for around 30-45 minutes.  Find at least 3 things that need to be done before bed (fill kongs with PB, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, etc), try to do these things while the dogs are on last out.  Finally make it upstairs (usually preceded by slamming my entire body in the crate because I hate using lights which can be a problem when its dark).  Strip down daytime clothes and put on jammies.  Plug in my phone.  Go pee then brush teeth.  Hoist myself into bed, put on my night time socks (because I have the world's coldest toes 95% of the time and because my sleep socks are the most softest socks everrrrr).  Stack some pillows and commence reading time (usually my Bible as I'm still working to get through reading it, but I'm almost done!  Sometimes I'll read my Nook depending on where I left off when I finished my elliptical workout.) for about 10-25 minutes.  Realize I'm unbearably tired.  Check my phone for anything I might have missed.  Depending on how exhausted I am, check Instagram.  Realize I should have went to sleep 20-45 minutes ago.  Unstack pillows, turn off light, think of my sweetest dreams, fall asleep.

9.  Several years ago, Teh Sister found these amazing nail clippers.  I bought some and they are a game changer.  I've not been able to find another pair like them despite many attempts.  Those fingernail clippers are the item I'm most worried about loosing when I travel.  It's the small things.

10.  Very rarely am I without a lint ball.  Lint balls are my stress diffuser or boredom banisher because it provides something for my hands to do (rather than be on my cell phone, etc).  Not just any lint will do, it has to be special kinds of lint to make the best kinds of lint balls (don't offer me that flaky crap that comes out of your dryer, no no.  Actually don't offer at all, I've got it covered).  Teh Dad explained that I've been picking lint balls since soon after Teh Parents brought me home and I often pick lint off of items unconsciously or if I do notice and don't pick it off I get anxious.  Teh Sister always likes to give me the linty blankets and I told her when I was at her house for our Disney trip that she obviously didn't want me to sleep with the amount of lint that was on the blanket she provided for me.  My family learned quickly not to throw away my lint balls or I'll spazz the fuck out.  I may have a hoarding problem with my lint balls.  I may have also made lint balls from extremely linty blankets that I had to roll between both hands (like when you're rolling dough) to compress.  Lint ball rollin' is a difficult life, Gentle Readers.

11.  I like to sit in the front.  At church, in class, in the car.  I'm not even afraid.

Dee's Questions:

1. What is the bravest thing you have ever done? 
Doing things solo.  I no longer hesitate to go out to dinner by myself (despite the looks from the hostess stand or wait staff when I enter and sit all by myself) or go shopping alone.  I even went alone to the shooting range earlier in the month.  I'm a big girl now.

2. Favorite pair of shoes? 
I'm torn between my "rainbow" chucks or my silver glitter flats.  Being a girl is hard.

3. Ultimate dessert? 
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.  Yes, it sounds weird.  Don't judge it, just eat it.  Good luck not eating the ENTIRE piece.

4. What is your favorite post that you have ever written? 
Probably one of the more "feely" posts.  My gratitude posts come to mind or when my feelings have been hurt.
Then again.. that one time with the bubble wrap was pretty awesome too.

5. Truth or dare? 
Never have I ever?

6. How did you come up with your blog name? 
When I decided that I wanted to start blogging again while I was in Bahrain, I was asking people for suggestions and when I was talking to Teh Ginger, he kept saying how it wasn't so important I had to decide right then and I told him I did, in fact, need to decide right then and then I got frustrated and blurted out, "Can I just decide another day?" which had easily become the motto of my life at that time and it just stuck.

7. You're being sent on a surprise vacation with some of your friends, and are told to pack only 3 items.  What do you take and why? 
Camera (because someone needs to document all our ridiculous antics), sweatshirt (because I'm always cold), credit card (because who knows what will be found).

8. If you could try any sport, what would it be? 
Surfing.  I'm not really coordinated in any way, nor have I ever had the opportunity to surf.

9. What is on your background when you log onto your computer? 

10. Coolest blogger moment of all time? 
When people I don't expect tell me how awesome my blog is and how much they enjoy it when I am not even aware that they were a reader to begin with (I'm always under the assumption no one but Teh Dad and a few close friends read my blog).

11. Biggest pet peeve?
How do I decide on the "biggest?"  Uhhh, lets just go with not being acknowledged when I'm talking to someone.  Nothing sets me off quicker than being ignored. /mumblegrumblerumble

My Nominations:
You.  If you're reading this and you're a blogger, you're nominated.  (don't judge me for what just happened there)  It's not about being popular, its about being awesome.  Be proud of what you write.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Disney World - Day 4 - Downtown Disney + Driving

Our final day, we decided to just do some shopping at Downtown Disney (DD) instead of going to a park.  This was mostly so that way I wouldn't have to drive back to NC exhausted and so we wouldn't get back super late.  We had both gotten a coupon at Magic Kingdom for 20% off certain stores at DW before 1pm, so we made sure that was put to good use.

We arrived too DD around 9 and the stores weren't even open yet.  Except for the Ghirardelli store, which was awesome because it was kinda chilly and we hadn't properly planned for that.  Yay for hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes.  We meandered around until the stores opened, staying mainly in the sunshine to keep warm.  At 10 on the dot we waltzed into the Christmas store.  It's a family tradition to always get a Christmas ornament from every vacation, I do not deviate from this expectation.  I had actually already purchased my ornament at Magic Kingdom, but Teh Sister was looking around.  After that, we went over to the art store, which we stopped in each time we saw one.  I bought my own Megara print because she's my fave Disney character, truth be told.  It might be in the name, it might be her personality, it might be her humor.. but "at least out loud, [she didn't] say [she's] in love."  She's my kind of girl.

The only down side with Teh Sister's obsession with Tarzan and my obsession with Hercules is that they aren't "princess" movies so they aren't popular Disney characters that could be found all over the parks.  Boooo.  Stupid pop princesses.

After the art store we hit up the World of Mickey or whatever the main find-all-the-things-here shop is to buy all the things we'd been eyeing since we'd arrived.  I only spent $100 with my coupon, I was super impressed.  Sadly, that didn't account for my pins (which I started collecting, despite my original decision not to..  Disney brainwashed me, I couldn't help myself.  Every morning when I see them when I open my closet, I still smile.  No regrets) or the lanyard or ears or Christmas ornament or random other items I'd picked up along the way, but considering all the things I'd been wanting, I felt like I did good.  Of course, one of the best purchases was the child-sized Minnie sweatshirt I got for myself.  Yay for being wee!

After doing our final wallet damage, we headed out of Disney to grab lunch.  We ended up going back to DD to sort out some purchase issues (which I'm being purposely vague about because it involves a surprise and I'd rather be safe than sorry if the surprisee actually reads Teh Blog) and then finally hitting the road around 2 to head back to NC.

Maleficent vs the Prince... in Legos. 

A Lego Dalmatian?  Be still my heart.

Bye DW!  I'll miss you, even if my wallet won't.

Other interesting things we found at Disney:

A kid was wearing this shirt.
I felt like it should belong to me instead.

Applicable for Teh Sister

The shirt Teh Sister ended up getting her BF.
She might have been peer pressured by me and my love of  Hunkules Hercules.

Never gets old.

I never really saw Gaston as a "villain" so I thought this was amusing.

The drive was mostly uninteresting.  Poor Yurtle got a lot of bug splat on her nose.  Hangar made me want to blow up a gas station for charging a cash vs card price (WTF?!).  I almost peed my pants because in SC gas stations aren't open on Sunday because people don't need gas on Jesus Day.  When we finally got to NC, Teh Sister's BF almost killed me with my suitcase because he insisted on getting it up the stairs for me and then dropped it on me (obviously now is when he should worry if I like him or not).

After giving him all his presents, it was dinner time and bed time.

The next day, I ran some civilization errands (PetSmart, Cook-Out, Priscilla's) and then headed back to MD.  Teh Greyhound Neighbor-Wife delivered Phil and Meri to the house before I arrived, so I didn't have to pick them up and it was awesome to get lovins from them.  I always miss my fur babies when I don't take them places with me.  I can't help it.

Overall, it was an excellent trip.  There were some bad times, like when we tried to get dinner at 9:05pm in Tomorrowland and the cafeteria place was closed and it was the only place that Teh Sister and I could really agree on.  We snacked during fireworks, but didn't really have dinner that night.  Fail.

There was also the torrential downpour when we were at Epcot, but really, are you in Florida if it doesn't rain at least once?  There was also some hangary problems, but they were quickly identified and remedied as best as possible.  Each day we went back to the hotel absolutely exhausted and each morning we tried to get a head start on the day and mostly failed at that.  We didn't use some of the fast passes we got, but we weren't worried about.  Mostly my goal for this trip was to not project my inner Teh Dad who is a trip nazi and everything must happen at a specific time.  I just let the schedule go and let things happen, saved myself a lot of stress and I got to enjoy morning chats rather than stress out about go, go, go!



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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Humpday Confessions #1

As expected, my former Wednesday link-up wasn't working out.  I'm pretty much a psychic.  It wasn't that it ended, it was just that it wasn't consistent.  I thrive on consistency.  So here we are with a different Wednesday link-up and one that I can definitely get behind and not just because the linkup photo: Humpday Confessions.

Kat @ Vodka and Soda

-I always have good intentions to go to bed early...  and I never get there early, but I might make it "on time" when I aim for early.  That's good right?

-Having extra people in my house is wonderful.  I was starting to feel like I was talking to Phil and Meri just a little too much.  If you aren't aware, dogs and people are considered people at Casa de Teh Megan.

-At the beginning of the week I had thought about what I was going to make for dinner for today/Thurs/Fri.  I failed at laying anything down so now I'm scrambling about what to make/eat for dinner for the rest of the week.  Adulthood is hard.

-I LURRRRRVVVVEEEE Suzy2.  Even if I suck with the keyboard and the "selfie" cam is only 2 megapixels, it WORKS and the battery life is OMFG SPECTACULAR!  I don't think I've dipped below 50% yet and I've trrrried.  I still have Suzy1 practices, like shutting the screen off after every message to conserve battery life and hit the back button to close out of programs and killing all the programs when I've been using my phone for a bit.

-I do feel bad for those folks who are having to endure snow again (and don't want it), but I'm loving this cold snap.  Except for the part where I walked into work this morning with cold hair and I was pretty sure my ears were going to freeze off.

-I didn't work out today.  I am taking it as a rest day since I'll be doing my PRT in the morning.  My goal: passing.  It might even be my last PRT depending on when my terminal leave starts.

-I'm currently in the denial stages of my breakup with the Navy.

If I'm not lookin' at you, you can't see me.

-I should really do the laundry since I'm hoping to be packed by tomorrow night for NC.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Disney World - Day 3 - Epcot

Our 3rd day of Disney World was the most adult day of our entire trip and after being at Magic Kingdom the day before, it was much needed (as were the alcoholic beverages).

Epcot day was the only day it actually rained, despite the forecast predicting rain for all 4 days we were planning on being at DW.  And by "rained" I actually mean a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning, ya know, like Florida.  This was also the only day that I had actually made food reservations (lesson learned), which worked out nicely since we were eating lunch for the worst part of the rain storm.

Yay for the Flower and Garden Festival!

Dole Whip WITH coconut rum.
All is good in the world.

Only in Epcot.

(At this point in the trip, some of my Canadian friends were in the midst of a blizzard where they subsequently lost power for several days, but at least I was thinking of them!)

Gettin' henna-ed.
Disney henna isn't nearly as good or as dark (or cheap) as Bahrain henna.  Boooo.

Teh Sister's henna

It wasn't raining as heavily as it had been while we had eaten lunch, so we were able to walk around.
We used Teh Sister's hair clips to help keep the panchos on.  You can take the girl out of the south, but you can't take the south out of the girl....

Origami birds!

We did the pick-a-pearl in Japan.
Totally awesome and worth it.

Even if we had to count down in Japanese every.single.time a pearl was opened.
I'm sure this guy was probably tired of it too.

Teh Sister ended up with a blue pearl and we both had them set into jewelry.
Yay new earrings for me and a new necklace charm for her!

The rain stopped!
Cantaloupe alcoholic beverage to celebrate!

Just makin' sure it was still there on our walk towards the front of Epcot so we could ride some rides.

Dear sunsets, ohhh, ohhhh how I miss you.

We had reservations for a princess dinner (even though we're not children, sorry not sorry ) and this was our facial expressions while waiting in line with all the familes.  We were for sure that we weren't prepared for what was about to happen.

But then we met Belle!

And Ariel!

And Cinderella!

The buffet/appetizer bar.
The brown cheese was the best thing on the plate (which I had before at Teh Monopoly's house, I felt so cultured)

Our waiter suggested we get "Prince of Norway" for our alcoholic selection.  I just begged if we could get the glowy drinks like others had, even though it wasn't supposed to come with the glow cube.
Our waiter, henceforth referred to as The Prince of Norway, told us that the bartender tried to give him some problems and I told him he should have told the bartender we were cute, to which he responded, "That's exactly what I did."

And Aurora!

And dinner was served.
I got the pork chop (per the Prince of Norway's (or waiter) suggestion)

Teh Sister got salmon.

And Snow White! (which was the most amusing character we got to meet since she asked what brought us to Disney World and I told her that it was a breakup celebration trip.  She wasn't quite sure how to respond to that so she went with "well, one day you will find your prince," before she left the table.  At which point the "Prince of Norway" came by with dessert, which officially made him our "prince" since he was actually from Norway and that was the drink he had suggested we get.  Additionally he was cute, I was dehydrated, and had consumed 3 alcoholic beverages that day (including his suggested beverage).  It was just good Teh Sister was there otherwise there might have been some very not subtle suggestions made about after work plans since we were his last table of the night.. and it was my breakup celebration trip, after all.

We shared the chocolate stuff, I devoured the white fluffy/strawberry stuff, and Teh Sister had the bread thingy that kinda tasted like apple cinnamon, but I really couldn't get past the big ball of what felt like Texas Roadhouse honey cinnamon butter on top.
(source since we didn't get a photo)

The Prince of Norway (our waiter)

Yay Norway!

Getting this photo was mildly awkward since a dude came out of the bathroom right as I was about to take the photo...
So it was just a girl, standing in front of the men's bathroom door, with the camera ready to go...  Not awkward at all..
And then he and his family are leaving as I'm trying to retake the photo and I hear him telling his wife about it laughing.
OMG I wish I could make these things up.

Teh Sister's new favorite photo of me.
Having foods was just thattt good... or this was my monkey face, I can't even remember.

Goodbye Epcot.  You were great!  (pic by Teh Sister)


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