Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Humpday Confessions #2

Lets get this show on the road:

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda 

-I loathe, with every fiber of my being, having to put in a captcha code when I post comments on blogs.. ok or anywhere in general. I get it if you're a mega-huge blogger with a mabillion followers, but dude, you have less than 200 people following you, turn that shit off and change your settings so people have to have an account of some sort to comment. I've honestly NOT left comments just because of this. 

No, just no.

-When Phil did this last week, my heart melted:

I'm not used to this kind of treatment.

-I have phantom hands, which can been seen in the above photo. My hands just have a mind of their own and do weird shit, which is extremely obvious in photos of me. I first noticed in photos of my college graduation. I can't even imagine what they do when I'm not paying attention.
WTF hand, why can't you just be normal?

-There is a section of I-40 that runs with I-85. It's a magical section of interstate in North Carolina from Durham to Greensboro where the speed limit doesn't seem to exist. I've had the most delightful experiences on that piece of highway. I've ridden 4 cars wide (each car taking up a lane) at 95mph like it was a race. This most recent experience was going with traffic that was going well over my comfortable 10mph over the speed limit policy. Sometimes, excessive speed is the thrill your heart needs after you've been driving for 6 hours.

-You can call me a Southerner, but don't call me a redneck. Worldwide Jesus Lover's brother let me shoot his guns and gave me some pointers on Easter. I was shooting guns in a dress.. on Easter.. after 5 hours of church and a nap.

Ok with my right hand, pretty damn good with my left hand.

-I get to pick up my gun permit on Thursday. I'm pretty hyped. PS. I'm buying a gun to play with, not kill someone. Word on the street is I'm pretty scary without a weapon already.

-I have this problem when I go anywhere I have to pack a suitcase that I over pack. I went to Disney World with my biggest suitcase and had room for my pillow and laptop and several extra days worth of clothes. Teh Sister made fun of me. I blame this on living out of a suitcase for so long in the days of departing GTMO and arriving (when I spent 45 days in a hotel, plus the time it took to deliver my household goods) and departing Bahrain. For my trip to NC, my goal was to NOT over pack. I succeeded. There's been several items that I normally would have that I don't have, a particular shirt, a cable, etc.

-I love that Suzy2 has a restart option in her power menu. Technology is awesome.

-I discovered another pet peeve recently. When people point in an incorrect direction when they are trying to give directions. When someone says, "It's the building right behind this one," and they point behind them and I know there is no building where they are pointing, I get irritated. I often correct people at work who do this because we're in the center section of the hangar. They will point to the taxiway to mean streetside or to streetside to mean the taxiway. No people. Just no. From someone who already has enough directional problems with my inability to discern left and right, keep your pointed directions correct.


  1. captcha is the worst! why does it even still exist? i'll only do it for blogs i follow (and it still irritates me) but for new bloggers? nope, i'll move on

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I always overpack! I don't mean to, but it just happens that way.

    And captcha sucks. I always want to tell people who have it on their blog to please remove it, but I worry I'll come across as bossy. But still. They should remove it.


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