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Disney World - Day 4 - Downtown Disney + Driving

Our final day, we decided to just do some shopping at Downtown Disney (DD) instead of going to a park.  This was mostly so that way I wouldn't have to drive back to NC exhausted and so we wouldn't get back super late.  We had both gotten a coupon at Magic Kingdom for 20% off certain stores at DW before 1pm, so we made sure that was put to good use.

We arrived too DD around 9 and the stores weren't even open yet.  Except for the Ghirardelli store, which was awesome because it was kinda chilly and we hadn't properly planned for that.  Yay for hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes.  We meandered around until the stores opened, staying mainly in the sunshine to keep warm.  At 10 on the dot we waltzed into the Christmas store.  It's a family tradition to always get a Christmas ornament from every vacation, I do not deviate from this expectation.  I had actually already purchased my ornament at Magic Kingdom, but Teh Sister was looking around.  After that, we went over to the art store, which we stopped in each time we saw one.  I bought my own Megara print because she's my fave Disney character, truth be told.  It might be in the name, it might be her personality, it might be her humor.. but "at least out loud, [she didn't] say [she's] in love."  She's my kind of girl.

The only down side with Teh Sister's obsession with Tarzan and my obsession with Hercules is that they aren't "princess" movies so they aren't popular Disney characters that could be found all over the parks.  Boooo.  Stupid pop princesses.

After the art store we hit up the World of Mickey or whatever the main find-all-the-things-here shop is to buy all the things we'd been eyeing since we'd arrived.  I only spent $100 with my coupon, I was super impressed.  Sadly, that didn't account for my pins (which I started collecting, despite my original decision not to..  Disney brainwashed me, I couldn't help myself.  Every morning when I see them when I open my closet, I still smile.  No regrets) or the lanyard or ears or Christmas ornament or random other items I'd picked up along the way, but considering all the things I'd been wanting, I felt like I did good.  Of course, one of the best purchases was the child-sized Minnie sweatshirt I got for myself.  Yay for being wee!

After doing our final wallet damage, we headed out of Disney to grab lunch.  We ended up going back to DD to sort out some purchase issues (which I'm being purposely vague about because it involves a surprise and I'd rather be safe than sorry if the surprisee actually reads Teh Blog) and then finally hitting the road around 2 to head back to NC.

Maleficent vs the Prince... in Legos. 

A Lego Dalmatian?  Be still my heart.

Bye DW!  I'll miss you, even if my wallet won't.

Other interesting things we found at Disney:

A kid was wearing this shirt.
I felt like it should belong to me instead.

Applicable for Teh Sister

The shirt Teh Sister ended up getting her BF.
She might have been peer pressured by me and my love of  Hunkules Hercules.

Never gets old.

I never really saw Gaston as a "villain" so I thought this was amusing.

The drive was mostly uninteresting.  Poor Yurtle got a lot of bug splat on her nose.  Hangar made me want to blow up a gas station for charging a cash vs card price (WTF?!).  I almost peed my pants because in SC gas stations aren't open on Sunday because people don't need gas on Jesus Day.  When we finally got to NC, Teh Sister's BF almost killed me with my suitcase because he insisted on getting it up the stairs for me and then dropped it on me (obviously now is when he should worry if I like him or not).

After giving him all his presents, it was dinner time and bed time.

The next day, I ran some civilization errands (PetSmart, Cook-Out, Priscilla's) and then headed back to MD.  Teh Greyhound Neighbor-Wife delivered Phil and Meri to the house before I arrived, so I didn't have to pick them up and it was awesome to get lovins from them.  I always miss my fur babies when I don't take them places with me.  I can't help it.

Overall, it was an excellent trip.  There were some bad times, like when we tried to get dinner at 9:05pm in Tomorrowland and the cafeteria place was closed and it was the only place that Teh Sister and I could really agree on.  We snacked during fireworks, but didn't really have dinner that night.  Fail.

There was also the torrential downpour when we were at Epcot, but really, are you in Florida if it doesn't rain at least once?  There was also some hangary problems, but they were quickly identified and remedied as best as possible.  Each day we went back to the hotel absolutely exhausted and each morning we tried to get a head start on the day and mostly failed at that.  We didn't use some of the fast passes we got, but we weren't worried about.  Mostly my goal for this trip was to not project my inner Teh Dad who is a trip nazi and everything must happen at a specific time.  I just let the schedule go and let things happen, saved myself a lot of stress and I got to enjoy morning chats rather than stress out about go, go, go!



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