Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Humpday Confessions #3

Halfway there... I can do this, I can do this..

Vodka and Soda


-Having an official button for this link up makes me way happy, good job Kerry and YAY Kathy!

-When did Easter become Christmas?  I've seen Easter baskets that are like the loot some kids/people receive at Christmas.  We always got candy and a Disney movie.  That candy included Teh Dad's favorites so that way he had candy too.  I think the Disney movie was more for the VHS collection than a gift for us, but it sure worked out nice for my parents.  Adulthood seems to be giving me an entirely different perspective on my childhood.

-Not having a fenced in yard for all of vacation made me more humble and more grateful for our little "poop spot."  I'm also thankful for extremely beautiful weather during vacation which meant I didn't have to walk around in the rain every.single.time I took the beasts out.

-Remember when I said I was getting this gun:

Yeah, that's not what the shop ordered and I ended up with the Standard Mark III which looks like a WW2 pistol and well, it was a disaster Gentle Readers.  I didn't cry over it, but I was pretty pissed off.  The situation kinda worked itself out, but that doesn't stop me from being really pissed at the situation where the lady at the shop ordered the wrong freakin' gun and didn't even apologize or try to make her mistake right.  So yeah, if you're in Western NC, don't shop at Bear Creek Guns... for me.  I'm not a gun connoisseur, so there are probably better guns out there, but IDK.  I shot this one and I loved it.  I could shoot the 22/45 and LOVE it, but I haven't shot it to know.  If I'm not looking at actual different guns to associate them with a name, I have no idea what you're talking about.  People take it for granted when I say I'm buying a gun that I'm gun-smart about all guns...  I'm so not.  I just want something to shoot things with.  I'm going to have to watch a youtube video to learn to clean the gun.  So yeah.

-Despite my intentions to go to sleep early or take a nap, I've failed at this.  This is obviously a repeating problem in my life.  I didn't really get to sleep in while on vacation either, well the one time I did it came with the payoff of cleaning up poop.  I did get to nap a few times, but not having Teh Cloud (my bed) to sleep in made it less satisfying.

-I eat small portions at lunch and large portions at dinner.  I know it should probably be the other way around, but since I workout after I eat lunch, its just better for everyone this way. 

-Since the end of February, I've lost a significant amount of weight and apparently people are noticing, which I have gathered from the extremely obvious staring at the gym and comments from coworkers.  One of the best, yet most infuriating things about being me is that I don't notice physical characteristics of myself or anyone else.  Unless you point out to me that you had 6" cut off your hair or you got your ears pierced, etc, I won't notice.  Unless its about your teeth.  I always notice teeth.  It's a thing, I can't help it.  What this means is that I don't see a change in my body.  I can feel it because I can wear smaller shirts and need smaller pants and I see the numbers on the scale falling (and rising).  It's strange to be this oblivious.

-Working for the first 2 hours of the morning helped pass the time quickly, but now I'm bored again.  Why is it I don't get paid to nap again?  The rainy weather outside only serves to make me more sleepy.

-Meri has consistently pooped where she isn't supposed to (in the house, in Yurtle, etc) since we left for vacation.  I'm not even sure what to do with her anymore, but I am 100% over cleaning up poop every freakin' morning because she refuses to go poop at last out and decides that 0230 is a more appropriate time to let it go.  I'M OVER IT, MERI, YOU WILL SLEEP IN YOUR CRATE IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT (pun intended).  Le sigh.  Too bad she can't read this so she could understand my distain for her right now.  She did kinda make up for it last night when I got back from praise team practice by sitting on my lap with me and being still for at least 5 minutes of pettins.  It's the small things.

We were TEN minutes from home of a 10 hour journey (she had TWO opportunities to go business during the trip) when she did this.  At this point I cried..  over poop.  I just couldn't handle it anymore since yelling at her wasn't doing either of us any good.

-I've been listening to the country love songs Spotify channel.  I judge myself while loving being crooned at in a southern accent.  Ok, really its not the accent, its the words, but damn this girl can match that accent so good when singing along!  I don't even know who I am anymore.


  1. is that poop in your lap? *sadface*

    congrats on the weight loss :) i consider it a huge NSV when other people notice.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Oh I totally agree about the easter thing. It has become such a major event/holiday! Some candy and a movie is exactly what's supposed to be done but we somehow developed lets spoil our kids to death and make sure they end up in a sugar coma syndrome. I think its crazy, glad I am not the only one.


  3. Congrats on your weightloss. We always only got candy & maybe a movie or small toy for Easter...nothing like what they have now.

  4. OMG! Yes! I have seen some crazy Easter baskets. When I was little we just got candy and maybe some clothes.


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