Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Disney World - Day 3 - Epcot

Our 3rd day of Disney World was the most adult day of our entire trip and after being at Magic Kingdom the day before, it was much needed (as were the alcoholic beverages).

Epcot day was the only day it actually rained, despite the forecast predicting rain for all 4 days we were planning on being at DW.  And by "rained" I actually mean a torrential downpour with thunder and lightning, ya know, like Florida.  This was also the only day that I had actually made food reservations (lesson learned), which worked out nicely since we were eating lunch for the worst part of the rain storm.

Yay for the Flower and Garden Festival!

Dole Whip WITH coconut rum.
All is good in the world.

Only in Epcot.

(At this point in the trip, some of my Canadian friends were in the midst of a blizzard where they subsequently lost power for several days, but at least I was thinking of them!)

Gettin' henna-ed.
Disney henna isn't nearly as good or as dark (or cheap) as Bahrain henna.  Boooo.

Teh Sister's henna

It wasn't raining as heavily as it had been while we had eaten lunch, so we were able to walk around.
We used Teh Sister's hair clips to help keep the panchos on.  You can take the girl out of the south, but you can't take the south out of the girl....

Origami birds!

We did the pick-a-pearl in Japan.
Totally awesome and worth it.

Even if we had to count down in Japanese every.single.time a pearl was opened.
I'm sure this guy was probably tired of it too.

Teh Sister ended up with a blue pearl and we both had them set into jewelry.
Yay new earrings for me and a new necklace charm for her!

The rain stopped!
Cantaloupe alcoholic beverage to celebrate!

Just makin' sure it was still there on our walk towards the front of Epcot so we could ride some rides.

Dear sunsets, ohhh, ohhhh how I miss you.

We had reservations for a princess dinner (even though we're not children, sorry not sorry ) and this was our facial expressions while waiting in line with all the familes.  We were for sure that we weren't prepared for what was about to happen.

But then we met Belle!

And Ariel!

And Cinderella!

The buffet/appetizer bar.
The brown cheese was the best thing on the plate (which I had before at Teh Monopoly's house, I felt so cultured)

Our waiter suggested we get "Prince of Norway" for our alcoholic selection.  I just begged if we could get the glowy drinks like others had, even though it wasn't supposed to come with the glow cube.
Our waiter, henceforth referred to as The Prince of Norway, told us that the bartender tried to give him some problems and I told him he should have told the bartender we were cute, to which he responded, "That's exactly what I did."

And Aurora!

And dinner was served.
I got the pork chop (per the Prince of Norway's (or waiter) suggestion)

Teh Sister got salmon.

And Snow White! (which was the most amusing character we got to meet since she asked what brought us to Disney World and I told her that it was a breakup celebration trip.  She wasn't quite sure how to respond to that so she went with "well, one day you will find your prince," before she left the table.  At which point the "Prince of Norway" came by with dessert, which officially made him our "prince" since he was actually from Norway and that was the drink he had suggested we get.  Additionally he was cute, I was dehydrated, and had consumed 3 alcoholic beverages that day (including his suggested beverage).  It was just good Teh Sister was there otherwise there might have been some very not subtle suggestions made about after work plans since we were his last table of the night.. and it was my breakup celebration trip, after all.

We shared the chocolate stuff, I devoured the white fluffy/strawberry stuff, and Teh Sister had the bread thingy that kinda tasted like apple cinnamon, but I really couldn't get past the big ball of what felt like Texas Roadhouse honey cinnamon butter on top.
(source since we didn't get a photo)

The Prince of Norway (our waiter)

Yay Norway!

Getting this photo was mildly awkward since a dude came out of the bathroom right as I was about to take the photo...
So it was just a girl, standing in front of the men's bathroom door, with the camera ready to go...  Not awkward at all..
And then he and his family are leaving as I'm trying to retake the photo and I hear him telling his wife about it laughing.
OMG I wish I could make these things up.

Teh Sister's new favorite photo of me.
Having foods was just thattt good... or this was my monkey face, I can't even remember.

Goodbye Epcot.  You were great!  (pic by Teh Sister)


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