Saturday, April 12, 2014

Disney World - Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

For our second day at Disney, we went to Magic Kingdom.  Hello free birth control.


The iconic castle.

After acquiring our fastpasses, we hit up the Monster, Inc. Laughs show first.

Then we headed over to Stitch's Big Adventure.
It's really obnoxious when parents bring their kids into rides with warnings "THIS WILL BE SCARY" and then they have to interrupt the experience when they remove their screaming child from the dark room with flashlights from the attendants.  Arrrrgh...

Then we did "go karts."

Teh Sister waiting for her car.

The only time I've driven something where I needed more leg room...

Let's just say this was NOT like the go karts in Bahrain... at all.

Driving selfie.
PS.  Worst shirt to wear to a populated place everrrrrr (mostly due to the placement of the bottom text).

Alice in Wonderland

Selfies after going through the castle, which neither of us had ever done before.


Cinderella's Fairy Godmother

Trying to cross the park to get Dole Whips, we got blocked by a parade.
Arrrrgh.  #DisneyWorldProblems
But hey Lumiere!

Party Mickey

Chip and Dale

Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and Genie!

Magic equipped!
I know the ears are frivilous, but they were absolutely necessary to complete my Disney experience.
Originally I wanted one of the hats with the ears, but my head was too small for most of them and I didn't really like any of the kid ears, so I went with the headband ears.
PS.  Teh Sister tried to talk me into purchasing ears on Amazon before we went.  Silly Teh Sister.

We waited in line for the Buzz Lightyear ride (and got sunburned)

Poor Teh Sister had been elbowed in the face by this Amazonian lady in front of us who had to be at least 6'5" tall and someone in line kept farting...


Tell us what we need to do Buzz, tell us!

Oh Navy, you have ruined me.

Teh Sister was upset that I was beating her through the ride.. but then she started shooting the same target over and over (catching her up to me) when we stopped and I stole the idea from her and kicked her ASS!  HA, big sister win!

Minnie and Mickey and the castle.

After acquiring ears and a bathroom break, we were trapped by another parade.
But yay for Belle and Beast

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Tangled float

Ariel kept flapping her fins and Teh Sister and I agreed that had to be exhausting.

Peter Pan and Wendy.  Captain Hook was under the ship (ironic, no?) but I didn't get a good photo of him.

Brave float
(which I've still not seen)

Aurora's Fairies 

Brave again

Steampunk Maleficent



Donald and Daisy Duck

Fantasia float!

I was relieved to see Mickey and Minnie which meant the parade was finally ending and we could pass.

Because mustaches!

This is a spitting camel.
It was hilarious.

Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow

Best part of the entire Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Waiting in line for the train ride in Frontier Land (since it was raining, it was perfect timing)

Top: Dear Friends, Come celebrate my marriage to the prettiest lady in Tumbleweed, my wife Sue, at the Gold Dust Saloon.  Drinks are on you!  -Bill
Middle:  Looking for a new roommate who doesn't snore or eat beans.  -Spike Landrum
Bottom: Missing: One gold tooth and one non-gold tooth.  Last seen in my mouth at the Gold Dust Saloon.  Reward 5¢.

Jaq and Gus outside the room to meet Aurora and Cinderella.

We used fastpasses for Space Mountain and we got this gem out of it.
When you see it, you'll know.
(ps, its the kid in the front)

We stopped for a music show so Teh Sister could do a class project.
See, Disney World IS educational.

While we were waiting I tried to charge my POS, very dead, phone.
(YAY eligible for an upgrade this month!)

We had to get out of the princess line to go use our fastpasses before time ran out, so we went back and the line ended right were we had gotten out of line before.  WIN.

Mulan (still not sure why she's considered a princess)

Snow White

Cinderella's glass slipper.

Yay Cinderella!

Yay Aurora!

One of the 2 things I brought my DSLR for was fireworks at Magic Kingdom.
Guess who forgot their DSLR in the hotel room that day?  Oh yeah, this girl.

In the end, I was glad I left my DSLR at the hotel.  It's a totally different experience watching something and viewing something through the lens (and we didn't have to carry that heavy crap all day).  No, I might not have gotten photos, but I did get to sit and enjoy the show and got to interact with the men and their kid beside me and I wasn't blocking someone else's view with my tripod or struggling to change my aperture/shutter to make the shots better.

Most important lesson I learned at Magic Kingdom:
Magic Kingdom doesn't serve alcohol.  It's completely dry.  Meaning that Dole Whip that I got didn't have the rum that I wanted.  Which ultimately meant another Dole Whip was waiting for me at Epcot WITH rumsy-rum.


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