Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pre-Disney - Driving + a Chocolate Museum

I left MD on Tuesday afternoon and encountered some pretty fantastic things:

I managed to fit both dogs, a crate, an extra large suitcase, a Phil-sized dog bed, and several other bags/items in Yurtle.
I rock.
(Phil is laying in the back seat, but you can definitely see bat-girl in the very back with her head propped up on the seats laying on the bed I fit in the back)

Golden Corrals off the interstate.
Seems legit.

This Krispy Kreme size accurately displays the awesomeness that is KK.

When I arrived in Fayettenam, Teh Sister already had dinner prepared.  It was like she knew that I was soon going to gnaw off my arm.  After dinner we hung out for a little bit and finally went to bed so we could get up at a not-too-late-time so we could get to DISNEY WORLD!!!  

Right before we left, we started the log.
Teh Megan:  Where's Noodles (a dog)?   I keep hearing him whine and I thought it was because you went outside, but I told him to go find you and he just keeps whining.
Teh Sister walked past the guest bedroom, where I had closed the door so the dogs wouldn't go in, and announced: MEGAN!  You shut him in the guest room!
Cackles (mine mostly) ensue.

Teh Sister made strawberry pies!!
It was delicious for breakfast the day we left..

Apparently, we're twins.  We didn't even know, but its crazy freaky the more you look at it.

Found this gem at Teh Sister's house.
It's Teh Family circa mid-1990s.
Our log was severely lacking this trip (blame Teh Sister), but we did have a few gems from the drive down:

Teh Megan: Wow, they are driving so slow, it's like they are going backwards.
Teh Sister: They are obviously NOT going to Disney World.

Teh Megan: Get your Fiesta out of my way, you're ruining my Fiesta, bitch!

We stopped at Bojangles in SC to get foods.
Teh Megan: What do you want to eat?
Drive thru person: Can I get your order?
tM: Wait, is it breakfast time still?  (staring at the menu) ooohh wait, don't answer that, it's always breakfast time at Bojangles.  Don't judge me, I've been gone a long time.
Drive thru person *silence*
Teh Sister *giggles*

This one time, when we went to Orlando.. we didn't just do Disney things.
And literally, I mean that when we were in Orlando we had ONE non-Disney adventure.  We went to World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe.  We found a deal on Groupon, so it was worth the $18.  We saw several people come in and say that the normal price was too much, so I suggested they check out the Groupon.  Not sure how many people took my advice, but whatevs, I tried.

On to the photos!
All of the sculptures are solid chocolate.. as in, not hollow like chocolate easter bunnies.  The guide informed us that the sculptures would taste bad if we tried to sample them and most of them are quite heavy.

Yes, our tour guide was a ginger.

Super sized Bets!!

Samples made the $9 worth it.

Even the bathrooms smelled like chocolate.

After the chocolate museum, I checked us into the hotel, then we headed to Downtown Disney to grab dinner, which was one of our poor ideas.  We didn't realize how busy Downtown was going to be (having only ever been to Disney once before, inexperience helped us learn severallllll things).  We grabbed a salad and fish and chips to share after a 40 minute, standing in line, wait and took it back to Yurtle because the crowds were really starting to get to us.  We then proceeded to debate going back into Downtown to see what was there but decided it was safer for all involved if we just returned to the hotel and went to bed instead.


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