Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Review {3/30}


Friday was the perfect ending to such a crap week.  It rained and traffic was horrendous.  It was so fitting that I just sighed and laughed a little and went on with my in-car dance sessions.  I managed to make it into work super early (although I was almost foiled by Nemesis Train #2 but I pulled a u-turn in the middle of the highway and hit 526 to the next exit and vowed that if Nemesis Train #1 started doing it's thing as I was approaching, I was just going to jump the tracks since I know how slow it goes).

When I left, I went straight to the coliseum for packet pick up and my magic roller stick.  On my way, I passed a section of the interstate that was completely covered in mulch, thankfully that was NOT the direction I needed to be going, but still, it sucked for those people that were stuck on the interstate going NOWHERE at all.

The drive for Teh MD Adult Roomie was pretty horrendous so she wasn't able to join me for the expo and packet pickup, but I still was able to peruse the expo and get free samples of Firefly Moonshine and some vodka beverage and then a free beverage of the vodka stuff.  I could have used Teh MD Adult Roomie's free beverage ticket, but I knew I needed to drive back home.

Teh MD Adult Roomie finally arrived and Mr. Scrooge finally made it home completely drenched (since he'd made a poor life choice and decided to take the motorcycle out for his errands).  We ended up leaving soon after we all sat down and got comfortable for dinner at Graze.  I had called and made a 5:30 reservation at 5:05, so I told the guy we'd be late.  What I didn't realize was HOW late.  Since 526 was being mulched (ha), everyone was taking I-26 to get to Mount Pleasant, which means that we hit serious bridge traffic.  The cool thing was that Teh MD Adult Roomie was able to get a preview of the bridge we would be running across 12 hours later.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones late for our reservations since there were plenty of empty tables when we arrived.  Dinner was delicious, of course.  One of my coworkers had suggested that we park a car downtown so we could escape downtown after the race and not have to wait on the shuttle, so we dropped Yurtle off at the parking garage after dinner.

Rainy evening in CHS.

We came home and relaxed with the dogs for the evening.  Since Teh MD Adult Roomie and I had an early start, we went to bed fairly early.  But not before Olive made her princess-self at home in my bed.  Love her.


5am came sooooo early.  Teh MD Adult Roomie and I headed out to the coliseum to catch our shuttle to the Cooper Bridge Run (10K).  I think it's something about race shuttle drivers, they have to be a little crazy.  Our driver for the Divas run had NO idea where he was going and we almost got hit by an 18-wheeler.  This time, the lady blatantly ran a red light, but we were the last bus in a 7 bus train and I can't be sure she had any idea where we were going.  Then again, I'm not sure any of the drivers had any idea where we were going since we ended up having to turn around at a gas station. 

When the bun finally stopped, I whimpered, "Can we please just stay and hang out on the bus?"  I didn't realize it was as loud as it was, but everyone around us heard me and cackled.  It was a whopping 40 degrees (F) and 98% of us were prepared for a sunny day 6 mile run, NOT standing around in winter conditions for 2 hours.

Overall, I'd give the entire race an A.  Not an A+ because the after-race stuff was terrible in my opinion.  But the most impressive thing ever happened BEFORE the race.  Around 0730, we noticed these 3 things in the sky.  At first I thought they were little drone things with American flags hanging from them (it made sense to my freezing brain at zero dark thirty on Saturday morning).  As these objects got closer, we realized they were actually parachute-ers with American flags hangings from them.  At which point, I started to hear someone singing the National Anthem.  Out of habit, I stood at attention.  What's the protocol for my behavior now that I'm not in the military anymore?  Apparently, I really suck at being a civilian.  While the singing of the National Anthem wasn't the best, the presentation of the flag gave me chills because of how awesome it was.

Finally, the sun came up and the crowd started moving forward.  We'd started stretching our cold, tight muscles after the National Anthem.  As a lover of the cold, I'm not really going to bitch about standing in the cold, but I am going to bitch about how tight my muscles were from standing for so long in the cold.  The crowd refused to crowd together to keep warm, which sucked.  Apparently, everyone was enjoying their personal space.  Teh MD Adult Roomie would hide behind me when the wind would blow and I'd find someone to hide behind too.  We got caught several times doing this and people around us would laugh.  #notevensorry

Start line!

Up the bridge.

Down the bridge selfie!

At the finish line!

At the finish line "celebration"

Honestly, the absolute worst part was after the finish line.  There were no clear directions for participants on where to go and there were a million and a half people loitering around, which didn't help.  Teh MD Adult Roomie and I hadn't eaten breakfast and it was now 1000 and we had ran 6.4 miles (.2 extra from dodging walkers) and I was past hangry.  It hit me like a wall.  When I couldn't immediately find water and something to shove in my mouth, I was ANGRY.  I ended up almost accosting innocents asking them where they found water and a muffin.  We eventually found them, but it was a close call to bloodshed.

We located the muffins and didn't have to fight the water table crowd because I looked down and God had placed a crate of bottled water at the edge of the food table.  We then happened upon some stacked tables and we plopped down and washed down some blueberry muffins and stretched.  Semi-nourished, we faced the people and checked out the tents that were set up.  We took a photo together at this huge inflated red couch, which was hilarious on principle.  Mr. Scrooge was supposed to have met us near the finish, but he didn't make it in time.  When he did find me, we were on opposite sides of a fence and he started bitching to me about his having to enduring listening to a street preacher because of the location I had suggested we meet at (the first place I happened to see that was distinctive (Moe's)) and parking woes and before he could continue I cut him off with a still slightly hangry, "Oh, nice to see you too!  I woke up at 5am this morning and just finishing running 6 miles and almost had to slay people to get a muffin and a bottle of water and I'm glad you didn't burst into flames being in the presence of a street preacher."  He quickly got the point.

We agreed to eat lunch downtown since several places were having specials for race participants.  We ended up at Joe Pasta, but I think I want to try Virginia's on King next time we're downtown.  I had shrimp and grits because that's a thing down here and I've decided that's THE meal to make the determination if a restaurant is good or not, since practically every restaurant serves it here.

After brunch, Mr. Scrooge went off on a ride while Teh MD Adult Roomie and I went to TCBY and picked up her car at the coliseum and then made a quick stop at Target, then headed home for showers and naps.

Sharing a bowl was the perfect amount.  Why would this be a 1 person serving, ever?  Ugh, America, this is why you so fat!

 After naps, I got up and started making dinner since we were having people and dogs over.  My lasagna ended up being super wet (I think because the mushrooms were juicy) so it ended up looking pretty horrible, but I think it tasted delicious (a super healthy block of Velveeta cheese will do that).

After a while, we let the doggies in after washing their paws off.  We've taken to just leaving a bucket of water outside and dunking the dogs feet in it before they come inside.  Before we were just wiping off the mud with a towel, but the swamp yard has become a monster that is practically untameable. 

Desoto (galgo) and Tempe (greyhound) take naps after zoomies in the yard.

I was torn between the punny "sharpest tool in the shed" and "Space Jam on VHS".  Space Jam ultimately won because I'm pretty sure that would be what Teh Sister would trade 200 cigarettes for if she was in jail.

Olive was pooped after all her zoomies and terrorizing Meri.

 After all the company left, it was bedtime.  Fortunately, our friends have early bedtimes, so we were able to get to bed pretty early ourselves.


There was a loose outline of activities for Sunday, but no specific time-frames which was nice.  Teh MD Adult Roomie and our discussed our trip to DW next Feb for the Glass Slipper Challenge (GSC).  We decided on doing the 5k on Friday, in addition to the GSC.  We also decided on staying at a resort on DW so we don't have to deal with traffic getting to the race, only catching a shuttle.  Our final agreement was on NOT doing the parks.  Neither of us feel like going to the parks is going to be high on our list after running 3 days in a row, especially for such long distances.  I know that Mr. Scrooge has never been to the parks, so I'd still like to be able to do that with him one day, but I don't think GSC weekend is going to be that time.

Eventually, we decided to get ready and head out to the bee expo.  I have been looking for local honey for a few months now since I'm allergic to the world and I hadn't been able to find it.  I KNEW that there would be local honey there.  We got to sample several different types of honey.  The best presentation was the booth who let us sample spring, summer, and fall honey.  I preferred the spring.  Mr. Scrooge preferred the fall.  I ended up getting wild flower honey from a different booth.  I also sampled the honey that I found online by the Savannah Bee Company, and it turns out their Charleston honey is delicious.

We met Teh SC House Finder, Teh Architect, and 1st Grade Teacher Assistant at the bee expo since Teh Architect had left his jacket at our house on Saturday night.  He ended up coming to do go karts with us, which was awesome.  You should be aware that I still came in first place this time.  LIKE A BOSS.  The dude that assigned our carts said that 1st place was really determined by who had the best lap time, but don't play dude, the first person to pass that checkered flag is the winner and that was this girl.  I had the shortest lap time for about 75% of the race. 

Because we were the only ones in the place, our 2 races were combined and it felt pretty short.  Then Teh Architect suggested we do lazer tag, so we bought tickets and made the mistake of letting in the game master play on a team.  Yeah, poor life choice.  That would be Randy Olsen.  We were the red team, so I was pretty pumped about placing 2nd since the game master was on the blue team.  The Joker was me, I was awarded Trigger Happy.  Accurate.  I was sad that Godzilla was a gun that didn't get used because I would have liked to see who was actually the worst shot.

Terminator = Teh Architect, Spiderman and Nightwing = Mr. Scrooge (he had gun issues). Mad Max = Teh MD Adult Roomie, The Joker = Teh Megan.

Since we hadn't eaten lunch because Mr. Scrooge had made breakfast after I made muffins, we ended up having early dinner at Manny's with Teh SC House Finder and 1st Grade Teacher Assistant after lazer tag.  We were going to go to Sesame, but they were closed and we were all pretty crushed.  The hummus almost made up for the fact that I didn't get my adult milkshake, but then we had the discussion that the Manny's by the outlets wasn't as good as the Manny's in West Ashley because their menu's were different and they wouldn't take Teh SC House Finder's coupon... DUMB.  BUTTTTTTT delicious hummus.

After lunch, Teh MD Adult Roomie, Mr. Scrooge and I headed to Cycle Gear so Mr. Scrooge could buy new motorcycle tires, then he was a good sport while Teh MD Adult Roomie and I hit up Loft at the Outlets and Oakley because my sunglasses are pulling my hair, bleh.  Teh MD Adult Roomie and I bought some stuffs at Loft, despite my observation that they don't really make shirts for big boobs.  I needed some thinner/short sleeve tops to wear this summer (after this winter stint ends).

After shopping, we headed home and Mr. Scrooge mowed the lawn while Teh MD Adult Roomie and I did house work inside.  She INSISTED on vacuuming/cleaning my floors.  I tried to stop her.  Siiiigh.  To celebrate the weekend, I signed up for the Tarheel 10 Miler, sadly, I missed the "Crash the Party" sign up, but I'm hoping to pick up an NC State shirt at the expo (and if I can't find one, I'm bringing an NC State shirt anyways).  Teh Advising Sister has already told me she will let me crash at her place, even though she is going to be out of town, which makes me sad.

It felt like it should have been 6pm at 8pm, which is always confusing for me.  I managed to talk Teh MD Adult Roomie into doing puzzle with me.  We had allotted an hour to puzzle, but ended up being up until 10:30, which was an hour longer than we had originally said and 30 minutes after I said, "We'll stop after this song."  Yeah, OCD > will power.

The edge was already done, but we did get get some big chunks completed.


In the middle of the night, I woke up and smelled poop and pulled the covers over my head to block out the smell so I could go back to sleep.  I just couldn't.  When I did finally get up, I kicked the dogs out of the bedroom while I shampooed the carpets.  When I was finished, I was rinsing the dirty water reservoir when Teh MD Adult Roomie asked, "What is that smell."  I said, "Poop," thinking it was just the remnants.  Oh no.. Those asshole dogs had left me an additional 2 piles of poop in the living room and entry way because I hadn't kicked them out of the house or fed them.  Which meant that the first 45 minutes of my morning was spent cleaning poopy carpets.  Last week started this same way and I'm already not pleased. 

AND Teh MD Adult Roomie left this morning so I'm all the sads with my shitty morning.  I did decide to order a different food for the dogs, hoping that it will solve the poop issues my dogs are experiencing.  This is the most poop I've dealt with in such a short period of time, ever. 

Nonetheless, it was an absolutely fabulous weekend and I'd do it over again in a heartbeat.  I can haz more Teh MD Adult Roomie in my life all the time????

Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Friday #47


Teh MD Adult Roomie arrives today!!!!!!!!  (I cut myself off on the exclamation marks, but I really could have put about 3 more lines of them and it wouldn't have accurately represented my excitement.)  We have all kinds of fun activities planned.

We're gonna start with our race packet pick up, then dinner, then sleeps, then the Bridge Run on Saturday morning, then some recovery (and lots of rolling for this girl), then lasagna and CAH with Teh Peeps in the evening, then some sleeps, then maybe brunch on Sunday, then a bee/honey festival thingy, then go karts, then more sleeps, then she leaves and I'll be all the sads.

Observant Gentle Readers might have noticed that this went from Teh MD Roomies to just Teh MD Adult Roomie.  Well, reasons and stuff and things that aren't getting posted here, but suffice to say, I'm a bit disappointed about the lack of Teh MD Teenage Roomie coming, but #lifehappens and #webetextin.

Teh MD Adult Roomie is bringing my favorite Olive-Walive with her so I get my crazy dog snuggles and groans and love.  Teh MD Adult Roomie and the lady who had planned to dog sit for Olive agree that I'm crazy.  I don't even care, that menace dog needs my love.

Yes, I want this asshat dog to visit me.


I got a little giddy to see the email for the cyber book club arrive in my inbox.  I'm a little weirded out to be meeting some strangers on the internet, over the internet, but hey I have nothing to lose.  Actually I win in this situation since I read 2 pretty good books for this, so I mean, it's really just a win since I don't mind meeting strangers.  Eleanor & Park and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?


ALL THE RUNNING THINGS! are taking over my life.

Not only do I want to sign up for all the runs (my new hot "I want to run it!" run is the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in September that I'm fighting myself on signing up, despite Ms. Motivator's peer pressure (reminder, she's how I ended up running the Divas Half Marathon, so she's nothing but an enabling-enabler)), but I am in the market for a +Addaday rolly thing and I'm hoping to pick it up at the expo today from the booth of the Fleet Feet store (where I bought my running shoes).  I looked online for it and it's a "support local" company and ugh.  I get it, but dammit, I have shin splits and I want to roll the everliving shit out my calves with this magical rolly stick thingy.

+Addaday Ultra Roller Plus series C, I just want you to love me and be mine.

When I bought my shoes, the sales guy used a similar magic stick on my calves since I mentioned having shin splits and OMG hurt so good.  I would have bought one then, but they were out of the short magic stick and only had the ones without the little red nubbin thingy, which is specifically for the harder to get muscles.

I'm also thinking about compression thingies for my calves (these shin splints are really kicking my ass) and testing out some of those nasty gels/jellybeans for running.  I hate how nasty they are, but that chemical concoction really does help you power through when you're ready to die. 


At some point last year, I was a week behind everyone else with my period.  Well, idk where I stand on the blogger period schedule, but I need a freakin' PMS break.  Wednesday night, I frustrated cried because I was exhausted and I'd woken up/been woken up 3 times between falling asleep after 10 and midnight and that stupid spook dog wouldn't let me wipe off his muddy feet and I was over everything and everyone and just.. tears.  Mr. Scrooge did good though, he got out of the bed to try to comfort/hug me, but I darted right past him and just got back in bed and laid in the fetal position bawling while he rubbed my back and told me not to let everything get to me, and while that really wasn't the best thing to say at the time (the back rubs in silence would have sufficed), I didn't let his pep talk frustrate me more.  The poor guy was trying.

This goes hand-in-hand with my screaming at Mr. Scrooge earlier this week for doing things I absolutely loathe (wiping wet hands on my ass and giving me a wedgie).  Had I not been PMS fueled, I wouldn't have freaked out on such an epic level.

Then Thursday, I just accepted the fact that I was going to have to take a 2 hour lunch since Mr. Scrooge needed someone to pick him up from the dealership after he dropped off his truck, at the always convenient lunchtime (not!).  Because he was wearing dress blues for something happening at work, I also dressed up a little (instead of wearing khakis and a polo) since I figured we'd go out to lunch (and I didn't want to look like a hobo because if you haven't seen a dude in Navy officer dress blues, you're missing out on something delicious delightful).  Then when I picked him up at the dealership and he was in a bad mood and was generally being unpleasant, I started crying because I had put forth some effort all for nothing, since we had grouchily agreed to me just dropping him off at home to change and take the motorcycle back into work.

We eventually ended up going to lunch, not where I had intended, and he agree to share his sushi rolls with me if I smiled, at which point I grimaced at him and he said it couldn't be my constipation smile, so when I showed him some teeth in my grimace, he told me I was very scary and I told him I was trying very hard.  It was kinda the thing we needed to get past the bad mood blues and have an enjoyable lunch, but seriously, I cried while I was driving because he was in a pissy mood and nothing was going like I'd planned.

I'm over these stupid hormones and mood swings.  If I ever find myself in a state of gestational reproduction, I feel sorry for the poor schmuck who knocked me up and has to deal with my mood swings for 9 months if this is what I'm like under normal, non-impregnated circumstances.

I found this gif and in the description it said, "girl's reaction to the end of their period."  ACCURATE.

I should have been mad at Teh Sister after she told me I was pretty much Teh Dad (because I was complaining about my indigestion from eating iceburg lettuce) but then shared this (click me) with me and I forgave her because those first 3 images are 100% accurate about my week.  The rest of that crap doesn't matter to me, but those first 3 images are on freakin' point.

My teachers always said to use transitional sentences.  This was on point.


Some funnies for you because these made me laugh and you should laugh too.

Teh Sister sent me this one after she said I was Teh Dad.
I hated that I laughed.

I'd be the one making the face at someone.

Best line of the entire movie.

2nd best line of the entire movie.

100% accurate.  /drool Theo James


Every single time when I go to the

I saved the best for last.


Last night after I got home from work, I was assessing about this piss poor week and decided, "You know what would make me happy?  Seeing the dollas in my checking account.  Let's go look at those dollas."  Because I got paid last weekend and the money is still there until I go to the grocery store and pay the utility bills and go online shopping.

When I signed onto USAA I had WAY more money than I should have and I was immediately suspicious about who I was going to have to pay back.  I wasn't expecting any surges of dollas in the near future and I'm incredibly gullible, so I didn't expect this money to be mine.  I didn't recognize the deposit source, so I did a Googly Search on it and search results point to the deposit being made by the VA.  The only letter I had received from the VA in the last month was one that said, "We are still processing your claim" so I signed onto my eBenefits page to see what was what.

Turns out, my claim was processed and I got a WAYYY higher disability rating than I had expected.  Which meant WAYYY more dollas than I had expected.  I, too, read that article on how people are overusing the term "blessed" but seriously, I was speechless and excited and the only thing I could do was think, "Thank God!" and repress my squeals of delight.  VA disability claims take forever.  I started that sucker back in August.  I finalized my appointments in September and I was giving them at least a year before I started harassing them.  I had even heard recently that your claim didn't actually start getting processed until you transferred into the Inactive Reserves and for me, that would be April.

That being said, they have determined that I'm a completely functional, semi-messed up (physically and mentally), disabled veteran.  I'm relieved that I didn't have to fight any major battles to get what I got.  I didn't expect close to what I got.  I was being hopeful aiming for 50% disability (due to my back and girl problems) and I expected something like 10-30%.

What I didn't expect was the rating I got for PTSD due to being raped in GTMO.  I didn't even think of that as a disability.  Actually, I hadn't even planned on bringing it up at all in my appointment with the mental health person, but we were approaching the not-celebrated anniversary of when it had happened and it had been on my mind and he asked if there was any other situations that I had been in while I was in the military that keep me up at night.  I knew in that moment it was now or never, so I told the guy what had happened and why I hadn't reported the individual (who was in the military as well) and that at first I didn't even consider it rape, although I realized later that I was in shock, which explained my response to the situation at the time.

Not that compensation makes what happened better, but there is something to be said for the military taking care of those that bear the invisible scars of being in the military.  There's a lot of fucked-up-ness in this section, but I want to leave you with these last thoughts:

I'm incredibly grateful for who I am and what I've been through.  I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been given and all the opportunities that I don't even I'm going to have.  Bad things happen to good people and even when the universe seems to want to beat you down (hello this week), you are always being held by something bigger than all of everything and when you need it most, you will receive the comfort you need to know that you are small, but mighty in the eyes of the one who cares for you.  I thank God for my blessings, because I'm blessed more than I can even comprehend.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Confessions {3/25}

-Since I've openly admitted that I start this post as a draft immediately after hitting publish on the current week, I need to admit that I opened calendar to see what the date was for the upcoming Wednesday because adding 18+7 was too hard.  #liberalartsmajorsrock #mathsucks

-I was hesitant to add another linkup to my on-going linkup list, butttt I felt like my overuse of hashtags here meant that I could jump on the #hashtaghumpday wagon without too many waves being created.  #sorrynotsorry #linkupsfordays

-This happened:
Me: Hey we have that Groupon for the Brazilian steakhouse.  When do you wanna go?
Mr. Scrooge: Thursday.
Me: Uhh, ok.  Why Thursday?
mS: It's supposed to rain.
Me: Ok then.
#Soundlogic, I guess.

-TL;DR: A lady holding Phil's leash forgot she was holding him and just walked off and I didn't even yell at her.  Read on to understand why that even matters:

When we went to the greyhound event at the Brewery a few weekends ago, a lady with the Charleston group offered to hold Phil for me since I had all 3 dogs while Mr. Scrooge went to order beer or do something, whatevs, NBD.  I let her hold Phil since he's the best.  I asked her a few times if she wanted me to take him back and she each time she said she was fine.  During this time, Mr. Scrooge had returned and taken Meri or Xero and I eventually ended up with both of them again when he went to pee or something, IDK, I'm not his event tracker.

I just so happened to look towards Phil and realized at that moment that the lady was getting up and walking away and HAD DROPPED MY SIGHTHOUND'S LEASH.  She didn't hand it back to me and say she was leaving, no.. it was like she completely forgot that she was holding him and just got up and walked away.  She had said she came to the events without her greyhounds since they weren't good with crowds so she could volunteer when someone needed and extra hand.  WHAT?!?!  Then how do you just let him go?

Every greyhound/sighthound person is strongly ingrained with a sense of use the slip-knot, don't let them off-leash in areas that aren't enclosed, blah blah blah.  If you're a sighthound owner who doesn't follow these rules, please don't tell me because I will harshly judge you.  Fortunately for all (mostly for that woman), it was Phil and he didn't even notice she was gone, but I sure did and grabbed his leash up quickly because when that Old Man wants to he, can move with a swiftness.  I didn't say anything to her, but it was quite difficult to hold my tongue.  I mean, really?!

If you are completely lost as to what just happened, let me give you some background.  Sighthounds aren't like normal dogs which can use their strong sense of smell to return from where they came.  They are able to see crazy good though, which is why they are used for hunting.  As for US Greyhounds (so Phil), because they are trained to chase "prey" (which is actually just a stuffy, but is easily mistaken by the dogs for fuzzy critters outside (to include bunnies, squirrels, cats, etc)), they can be interested in something that a human can't even see and take off.  Due to the speed of the greyhound, there's very little possibility of catching them once they are off and there is a minimal possibility if they get lost that they will be able to find their way back.  Thus rules like using a slipknot around your wrist when the dog is on the leash and not being leash-less in unenclosed spaces are the gospel.  Period, ever.  There have been a few times that Phil has escaped out the front door when we were in MD and my heart stopped.  I'm lucky that Phil doesn't like to be far from me, but if a cat had been in the same vicinity, he would have eaten a cat before coming back to me and then who knows what else he would have done.  It's just too risky.  /stepping off sighthound soapbox. #sighthoundproblems

-Greyhounds in Gettysburg is coming!  I don't even feel close to ready. #probablyshouldstopprocrastinating

-Sometimes, I catch myself holding my boob if I am sitting at my desk with my arm laying on my desk, across by body.  My hand naturally falls open and my boob naturally fits in it... It's kinda weird and I hope that my coworkers don't judge me. #bigboobproblems

-I get a wee bit of joy from the fact that I'm no longer the "largest" female at Company.  Not that I'm fat and I don't think she is either, but she wears a lot of layers, but I won't deny the fact that I compare myself to the other women. #ijudgemyself

-I brought Phil to work with me yesterday.  I let him get in Yurtle before I was completely ready to go and he stayed in the car even after hearing the treats bag rustle.  He was SERIOUS about leaving the house.  When Meri noticed Phil was in the car, she joined him, and it broke my heart to usher her back in the house. #mydogsaremykids

 -When the New Lady walked in yesterday and saw Phil standing at my desk, she kinda froze like he was being aggressive towards her (not even close).  Not really caring much, I asked her if she was afraid of dogs.  She said, "No, just big dogs.  I've only really dealt with small dogs."  I'm not really sure if my face conveyed my annoyance, but I tried to keep it contained.  I informed her that Phil wasn't going to hurt her and he was probably going to sleep all day.  Which he did.  #dontbedramatic

-After working out at the gym for over a month and watching the scale not budge at all, I started running to prepare for my 10K this coming Saturday and I've watched the scale drop about 5lbs in the last few weeks.  Running, I hate/love you. #runningsucks

-I didn't believe in "having a case of the Mondays" until this week.

-I'm not really good at rest days from running.  They make me feel lazy.

-I invited myself to Wing Tuesday with some of my coworkers next week because I'm tired of being left out of all the activities.  BOOM #awomaninchargeissexy #imnottryingtoimpressanyone

-Do these hashtags have to be commonly used or is making up my own completely acceptable?  #dontcare #idowhatiwant

-Having gotten back into running, I really miss living near DC where there are a million and a half options for races.  In SC there's maybe 2 options to run a race where you can get a medal, because if it doesn't have a medal for 10K+, I'm not interested.  #runningsnob
Runs I'm interested in for 2015:
~Tarheel 10 Miler (Seriously though, someone run this with me!  I really wanna run this on completely decked out in NC State gear because #UNCsucks)
~Firecracker 10k
~Stubborn Girl 10k
~Firebreak 10k
~Carowinds Run and Ride 10k

-That said, I registered for this virtual running thing, Meet Me on Mars 2015.  I mean, I'm going to be running anyways.  Might as well support something while I'm doing it and get a generic medal, riiiight?  Right.

-In addition to that, I also signed up for the Live Long and Prosper Memorial.  Essentially once you sign up for the Mars one, you get discounts for the other runs they put on.  Hopefully my money is actually going to charity and it's not a scam, but whatevs. #irunformedals

-Let's summarize those last 4 confessions: I spent the entire day making sure Phil didn't do anything inappropriate at the office and looking for runs to participate in.  I feel guilt for not having work to do.  Seriously.  #ilikeworking

-I saw my first SC truck with a scrotum dangling from the trailer hitch.  I frowned deeply.  Then I noticed the "Navy Dad" sticker on the back window and I judged. #fakescrotumsareinappropriate

-I've had these bad dreams this week regarding sexy things.  In one of them, Mr. Scrooge got jizz on my new running shoes, but I was more upset about the fact that I didn't get no satisfaction and went to the bathroom and cried.  Reminder: this was all a dream.  #dreamsareweird

-For the last few weeks, I've been fighting the urge to stop at Hardees (or Carl Jr's, if you're from those places) to get a breakfast sammich.  But I tell myself no because I have oatmeal at work and all the calories and the extra time it would take.. but I can feel my resolve fading.  #fattyatheart

-The absolute worst thing when you're pissed off and yelling/screaming at someone is the self-actualization that you wouldn't be yelling if you weren't high on a PMS fueled hormone surge.  Nonetheless, I was still in the right about the thing I was yelling about, even if my presentation was wrong.  In my defense though, I'd already tried the calm/reasonable, "that shit pisses me off, stop doing it" conversation and it obviously didn't get me anywhere if that shit was still happening.  #livingwithaboytestsmypatience

-I'd forget half of my confessions if I didn't send myself texts (via audio input) while I am driving to remind myself of all my car thoughts.  #drivingthoughts

-Some mornings, I experience irrational rage at the "nice" people who want to let everyone and their brother in front of them during my work commute.  I don't care that they are trying to go the same way as us.  Traffic was actually moving when you STOPPED to let that person out.  No.  It's slightly different if we're already stopped and you let them pull out, but if you STOP flowing traffic to let someone out, I want to rear end you and I don't feel a little bit sorry if I cut you off when I pass you because you're going under the speed limit.  #thatswhatshesaid #bitchplease

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloMaking Melissa