Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Review {3/16}


Mr. Voices and Mrs. Boomkin stayed with us on Thursday night, which made my week... which had been pretty difficult the first five days.  Since they were just staying for an overnight and I flexed my hours properly earlier in the week, I was able to go out with them to breakfast on Friday morning at Another Broken Egg Cafe, which has become our go-to place to bring people who are visiting Charleston (mostly because they have call ahead seating, which is very convenient for Sunday morning brunch and because I really love the huevos rancheros).  

They are prepping for the Bridge Run.  I totally send this photo to Teh MD Adult Roomie.

I had to be at work by 9 for my morning meetings and I was only 3 minutes late, which is pretty good considering how much I didn't want us to have to part ways, me to go to work, them to drive back to NJ.  Work was work, and that last hour before it was time to leave almost slayed me.  I didn't want to get caught up in blog comments because then I wouldn't leave on time.  Additionally, I was feeling generally blah, so I wasn't in the mood to write (which seems to be continuing, but I'm powering through it for the time being).

When I finally left at 2, I changed and went on a run.  What I had decided was only going to be a 2 mile run turned into 4.  Originally, I wasn't going to run at all, but then I self-guilted since it was only 65°F out and soon it's going to be 90 billion°F + 196% humidity and I'm going to want to die.  I knew when I didn't want to run that if I did run it was going to be one those surprisingly good runs.  I probably could have went for 5-6 miles, but I wasn't that committed and I went a different way this time, so I wasn't sure if the sidewalk would keep going... #runnerproblems  I hate when that happens though, seriously.  Those always make the hard runs extra hard because they sneak up on you.

This asshole couldn't wait 5 minutes, if that, for the train to pass and instead wanted to execute an unsafe traffic maneuver...  Working near the ship yard and paper mill is very scary sometimes.

After my run, I came home and showered and was generally lethargic and lazy for the evening.  Mr. Scrooge had prepared some hamburglers from the hamburger meat I had defrosted, so he cooked those for dinner after we both napped for a bit.  The problem with longer runs is that I'm famished, but when he fell asleep, I didn't want to rouse him, because I was feeling nice.  Instead I went and laid in the bed and read.  I finished Eleanor & Park and the book Teh BFF got me for Christmas and I worked through more of The Interestings.

#feetupfriday  Gettin' my rollin' on after my run.

#firstworldproblem alert: reading physical books (as in not Teh Flamin' Kindle) is difficult now.  Ok, not really, but because I was laying in bed and I was tired and needed sustenance, I kept trying to doze off and the book would slip and then I'd wake up and do it 4 more times and I finally gave up.  I wouldn't do this with Teh Flamin' Kindle because it was too expensive to fall to the floor so I would have just put it down before I started to nod off.

Mr. Scrooge finally woke up though, and I didn't die of hunger, and the hamburgers were delicious.  We had so many toppings I couldn't keep my burger together and bacon.  Bacon IN the burgers and bacon for the top and cheese and mushrooms and onions and tomato and avocado and spinach.. nooommmm.  We didn't do anything overly exciting while we ate dinner, besides fend off fuzzy beasties and channel surf.

Eventually we headed to bed, where I read some more and Mr. Scrooge FB surfed.


Originally, we had intended on going to a St. Patrick's Day Parade thingy with Teh SC House Finder and her family, but I switched it up at the last minute and we went to the greyhound meet and greet thingy at Frothy Beard Brewery instead.  I was able to bring all 3 dogs since Mr. Scrooge opted to go with us.  It was raining so he wasn't going a ride.  Before we left, Mr. Scrooge made eggs to go on top of our leftover hamburglers for lunch.  It was a perfect lunch.  It was way better than going out anywhere.

I feel like I'm really struggling to make friends down here, besides the people that I was already friends with when I got here.  All of the folks with the greyhound group are older (one lady even has a rat tail, which I'm not judging, but whhhatttt?) and, as I've talked about before, they aren't GEGR by any means.  When the lady who does the coordinating was chatting with me she said that if the weather had been nicer, they could have brought a tent and put a table under it.  I asked if they had any xpens, then they could just put all the greyhounds in the pen.  She looked at me like I had 6 eyes and said they wouldn't all fit in 1 xpen and I explained that you link a few together to make room for all the dogs.  Sometimes I feel like I overwhelm people or come off like a snob.  I honestly didn't mean to in this situation.  It just makes more sense to me to have the dogs all penned off in a single area, rather than each dog leashed to a person (which only creates a logistical disaster when they get tangled or there's traffic congestion and you're trying to pull the dogs away from smellin' each other's asses, blah blah blah).

Whatever.  Between the Brewery dog with the incessant barking and all the people crammed into a small space it didn't take me very long to be ready to go.  After we left the Brewery, we went by the Old Fashioned Cafe for a hot fudge cake, nommm.  It made up for all the people and rain and begging dogs (mine).

Xero the Hero was ready too.  He was even gonna drive us home!

When we got home, I read while Mr. Scrooge played his stupid video game (that I was telling him what happened before it happened, since we're repeating the story line).  We decided on mexican for dinner since we'd seen something on food network about mexican food while we had been eating lunch/breakfast.  We went to a place I found on Yelp that wasn't really anything I'd write home about (if people still did that).  After we got home we watched Goldfinger (the first time I'd ever seen it) and then it was bedtime.

How Xero prefers to get on the couch when Mr. Scrooge is sitting in the floor playing his video games being scary.

Puppy snuggles!!


I had planned for a lazy day on Sunday and we ended up being rather productive.  Mr. Scrooge went out to Lowes to pick up some things and when he came back he washed his truck and, with some bartering, Yurtle.  While he was doing those things, I finally got motivated and cleaned the house.  I vacuumed the floor and did laundry.  Then after the floor was clean, I let in the dogs and they tracked mud prints all over my house...... Grrr.  At which point, all 3 dogs received baths and no one liked it, especially me.  Later, I announced to Mr. Scrooge that I wanted a new shower head for the guest bathroom, one with the cord like Teh MD Adult Roomie installed at the MD townhouse, because my back was killing me after washing all 3.

Phil was extremely jealous of my apple with peanut butter.. and I'm an extreme sucker for my big boy.

After Mr. Scrooge was finished washing the vehicles, he decided to go on a ride, which I had expected to happen earlier in the day since the weather was so fabulous on Sunday.  While he was gone, I finished my cleaning and continued the laundry and showered and moved the vehicles back into the places and tried to start this post.  Mr. Scrooge returned sooner than I anticipated, but I was ok with that since he was grilling steaks for dinner.  They had been marinating since Friday so they were extra delicious.  While we ate dinner, we watched the original Star Trek 2: Wrath of Kahn.  Having never seen it, it wasn't so bad.  I did noticed some similarities between the original and the 2000's version, like when Jim runs down the gangway when Spock is in the radioactive room.

The best part of grilled pineapple is utilizing the juice in the best way possible.. with RUMSY-RUM (sadly, there was no coconut rum in the house, which would have been most delicious).

After the movie, it was much needed bedtime.  Cleaning really wore me out.

Overall, it was a much needed lazy, dog weekend.  Teh MD Roomies will be here at the end of the month and I'm pretty hyped up for that.  We'll be doing go-karts, running the Cooper Bridge run (woot! first race since my Diva's half marathon!) and hanging out and being silly and I can't.even.waiiiiittttttttt.  In fact, 12 days.  /dropmicrophone.

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

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  1. It is so hard to make friends. Give it some time.

  2. I have lots of trouble making friends. I think it has something to do with my low tolerance for bullshit. But I might just be unlikable. Definitely one of those. You'll make friends, though. You're still new.

    I love the names of all the restaurants you go to.

    1. Jana....You are a fucking delight and I dont want to hear otherwise.

  3. Mmm hamburgers!!! And grilled pineapple! We have got to get a grill at our hour ASAP!!!

    Making friends as an adult is damn hard and frustrating!!! I moved here in 2010 and I have three girls that I meet for lunch one a week that I used to work with and I have a few core friends I met through blogging and that is about it. And some people I have met I enjoy hanging out with, but they are shady as fuck and I don't know if they have good intentions or not. Why are people so shitty and shady??


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