Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Confessions {3/25}

-Since I've openly admitted that I start this post as a draft immediately after hitting publish on the current week, I need to admit that I opened calendar to see what the date was for the upcoming Wednesday because adding 18+7 was too hard.  #liberalartsmajorsrock #mathsucks

-I was hesitant to add another linkup to my on-going linkup list, butttt I felt like my overuse of hashtags here meant that I could jump on the #hashtaghumpday wagon without too many waves being created.  #sorrynotsorry #linkupsfordays

-This happened:
Me: Hey we have that Groupon for the Brazilian steakhouse.  When do you wanna go?
Mr. Scrooge: Thursday.
Me: Uhh, ok.  Why Thursday?
mS: It's supposed to rain.
Me: Ok then.
#Soundlogic, I guess.

-TL;DR: A lady holding Phil's leash forgot she was holding him and just walked off and I didn't even yell at her.  Read on to understand why that even matters:

When we went to the greyhound event at the Brewery a few weekends ago, a lady with the Charleston group offered to hold Phil for me since I had all 3 dogs while Mr. Scrooge went to order beer or do something, whatevs, NBD.  I let her hold Phil since he's the best.  I asked her a few times if she wanted me to take him back and she each time she said she was fine.  During this time, Mr. Scrooge had returned and taken Meri or Xero and I eventually ended up with both of them again when he went to pee or something, IDK, I'm not his event tracker.

I just so happened to look towards Phil and realized at that moment that the lady was getting up and walking away and HAD DROPPED MY SIGHTHOUND'S LEASH.  She didn't hand it back to me and say she was leaving, no.. it was like she completely forgot that she was holding him and just got up and walked away.  She had said she came to the events without her greyhounds since they weren't good with crowds so she could volunteer when someone needed and extra hand.  WHAT?!?!  Then how do you just let him go?

Every greyhound/sighthound person is strongly ingrained with a sense of use the slip-knot, don't let them off-leash in areas that aren't enclosed, blah blah blah.  If you're a sighthound owner who doesn't follow these rules, please don't tell me because I will harshly judge you.  Fortunately for all (mostly for that woman), it was Phil and he didn't even notice she was gone, but I sure did and grabbed his leash up quickly because when that Old Man wants to he, can move with a swiftness.  I didn't say anything to her, but it was quite difficult to hold my tongue.  I mean, really?!

If you are completely lost as to what just happened, let me give you some background.  Sighthounds aren't like normal dogs which can use their strong sense of smell to return from where they came.  They are able to see crazy good though, which is why they are used for hunting.  As for US Greyhounds (so Phil), because they are trained to chase "prey" (which is actually just a stuffy, but is easily mistaken by the dogs for fuzzy critters outside (to include bunnies, squirrels, cats, etc)), they can be interested in something that a human can't even see and take off.  Due to the speed of the greyhound, there's very little possibility of catching them once they are off and there is a minimal possibility if they get lost that they will be able to find their way back.  Thus rules like using a slipknot around your wrist when the dog is on the leash and not being leash-less in unenclosed spaces are the gospel.  Period, ever.  There have been a few times that Phil has escaped out the front door when we were in MD and my heart stopped.  I'm lucky that Phil doesn't like to be far from me, but if a cat had been in the same vicinity, he would have eaten a cat before coming back to me and then who knows what else he would have done.  It's just too risky.  /stepping off sighthound soapbox. #sighthoundproblems

-Greyhounds in Gettysburg is coming!  I don't even feel close to ready. #probablyshouldstopprocrastinating

-Sometimes, I catch myself holding my boob if I am sitting at my desk with my arm laying on my desk, across by body.  My hand naturally falls open and my boob naturally fits in it... It's kinda weird and I hope that my coworkers don't judge me. #bigboobproblems

-I get a wee bit of joy from the fact that I'm no longer the "largest" female at Company.  Not that I'm fat and I don't think she is either, but she wears a lot of layers, but I won't deny the fact that I compare myself to the other women. #ijudgemyself

-I brought Phil to work with me yesterday.  I let him get in Yurtle before I was completely ready to go and he stayed in the car even after hearing the treats bag rustle.  He was SERIOUS about leaving the house.  When Meri noticed Phil was in the car, she joined him, and it broke my heart to usher her back in the house. #mydogsaremykids

 -When the New Lady walked in yesterday and saw Phil standing at my desk, she kinda froze like he was being aggressive towards her (not even close).  Not really caring much, I asked her if she was afraid of dogs.  She said, "No, just big dogs.  I've only really dealt with small dogs."  I'm not really sure if my face conveyed my annoyance, but I tried to keep it contained.  I informed her that Phil wasn't going to hurt her and he was probably going to sleep all day.  Which he did.  #dontbedramatic

-After working out at the gym for over a month and watching the scale not budge at all, I started running to prepare for my 10K this coming Saturday and I've watched the scale drop about 5lbs in the last few weeks.  Running, I hate/love you. #runningsucks

-I didn't believe in "having a case of the Mondays" until this week.

-I'm not really good at rest days from running.  They make me feel lazy.

-I invited myself to Wing Tuesday with some of my coworkers next week because I'm tired of being left out of all the activities.  BOOM #awomaninchargeissexy #imnottryingtoimpressanyone

-Do these hashtags have to be commonly used or is making up my own completely acceptable?  #dontcare #idowhatiwant

-Having gotten back into running, I really miss living near DC where there are a million and a half options for races.  In SC there's maybe 2 options to run a race where you can get a medal, because if it doesn't have a medal for 10K+, I'm not interested.  #runningsnob
Runs I'm interested in for 2015:
~Tarheel 10 Miler (Seriously though, someone run this with me!  I really wanna run this on completely decked out in NC State gear because #UNCsucks)
~Firecracker 10k
~Stubborn Girl 10k
~Firebreak 10k
~Carowinds Run and Ride 10k

-That said, I registered for this virtual running thing, Meet Me on Mars 2015.  I mean, I'm going to be running anyways.  Might as well support something while I'm doing it and get a generic medal, riiiight?  Right.

-In addition to that, I also signed up for the Live Long and Prosper Memorial.  Essentially once you sign up for the Mars one, you get discounts for the other runs they put on.  Hopefully my money is actually going to charity and it's not a scam, but whatevs. #irunformedals

-Let's summarize those last 4 confessions: I spent the entire day making sure Phil didn't do anything inappropriate at the office and looking for runs to participate in.  I feel guilt for not having work to do.  Seriously.  #ilikeworking

-I saw my first SC truck with a scrotum dangling from the trailer hitch.  I frowned deeply.  Then I noticed the "Navy Dad" sticker on the back window and I judged. #fakescrotumsareinappropriate

-I've had these bad dreams this week regarding sexy things.  In one of them, Mr. Scrooge got jizz on my new running shoes, but I was more upset about the fact that I didn't get no satisfaction and went to the bathroom and cried.  Reminder: this was all a dream.  #dreamsareweird

-For the last few weeks, I've been fighting the urge to stop at Hardees (or Carl Jr's, if you're from those places) to get a breakfast sammich.  But I tell myself no because I have oatmeal at work and all the calories and the extra time it would take.. but I can feel my resolve fading.  #fattyatheart

-The absolute worst thing when you're pissed off and yelling/screaming at someone is the self-actualization that you wouldn't be yelling if you weren't high on a PMS fueled hormone surge.  Nonetheless, I was still in the right about the thing I was yelling about, even if my presentation was wrong.  In my defense though, I'd already tried the calm/reasonable, "that shit pisses me off, stop doing it" conversation and it obviously didn't get me anywhere if that shit was still happening.  #livingwithaboytestsmypatience

-I'd forget half of my confessions if I didn't send myself texts (via audio input) while I am driving to remind myself of all my car thoughts.  #drivingthoughts

-Some mornings, I experience irrational rage at the "nice" people who want to let everyone and their brother in front of them during my work commute.  I don't care that they are trying to go the same way as us.  Traffic was actually moving when you STOPPED to let that person out.  No.  It's slightly different if we're already stopped and you let them pull out, but if you STOP flowing traffic to let someone out, I want to rear end you and I don't feel a little bit sorry if I cut you off when I pass you because you're going under the speed limit.  #thatswhatshesaid #bitchplease

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with LoloMaking Melissa


  1. First off, you can totally make up whatever hashtags you want - that's the best part! I've totally caught myself doing the boob thing too - is that weird? They just...uh end up in the hand? I really need to get back to running as I've been pretty much at a stand still on progress too. Ugh, but it's so hard to start once you've taken a several month break!

    Also, that lady is crazy for just dropping your leash and taking off! And I wish I could take my dog to work with me. So awesome.

  2. it makes me so mad when people let a billion cars in front of them. one or two, ok but everyone?? MOVE IT.

  3. I need to get in on this hashtag linkup. Maybe next week. If I remember. #imoldandforgetthings

    I love that you can take your dog to work. That's the kind of job I need.

  4. Ahhhh I want to bring my dogs to work!!! Although, they are both very needy and would want to be held all day and I would get nothing done. And I cannot believe that lady just let go of his leash!!!! WTF?! At least he didn't take off!! Some people....


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