Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Confessions {3/18}

-Whenever I hear Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, I get transported back to Bahrain, when Teh Bear came to visit.  We had deemed Home "our song" and he sang the dude parts and I sang the not-dude parts and it got played almost every time we went anywhere in Bahrain.  Specifically I remember him recording traffic (because driving in the Middle East is crrraaayyy-crrrraaayyyy) as I was driving to brunch and we were singing along.  We were super dressed up and I remember feeling so carefree and happy and stepping outside of myself to just take in the moment.  I've never regretted any of it.

-Cashews are the most delicious out of all the nuts.. Maybe except pistachios, but I hate shelling those suckers.. and paying for them.

-I didn't know that Brazil nuts were called Brazil nuts until college.  My granny was the only one who would eat them and she called them "nigger toes."  I think part of the reason we never really ate them is because we probably didn't know what to ask for since I'm certain they didn't sell "nigger toes" in the grocery store... #raisedinthesouth

-Setting up my work monitor to be vertical brought me the greatest of nerd joys.  Then adding a keyboard and a mouse?  Whhhhatttt!  I'm a laptop stand away from being completely done with my set up.. and by laptop stand, I mean I might just acquire some books to sit it on since it doesn't really need to be anything serious.

-I'm not even gonna pretend like small children yelling my name doesn't bring me great joy.  Mr. Voices and Mrs. Boomkin stayed the night last week as they were making the drive from FL to NJ and they Facetimed with Godson after they arrived.  He kept yelling, "Megan!" when I'd come on or go off the screen.  Then, the next day when Grandma showed him the photo of me and Mrs. Boomkin at breakfast he yelled it again.  This reminds of when I stayed with the family in college and Mess, the youngest of 3 boys, would yell my name when I'd walk in the door.  There is no sweet yelling that that of a small child calling my name because they are excited that I'm there.  Period.

-#firstworldproblem The ice machine in the cafe upstairs is broken and it's put a significant dent in my water consumption.  Not because there's no ice, but because the water from the machine is where I get my water.  There is a water fountain outside of Company suite, but the water tastes like ass and I miss my ice machine water.  Le siiiiigh.

-I recently discovered Handsome Ghost and I wish there was more.

-I finally broke down and bought the 2 books that I've been wanting off my Amazon wishlist.  The newest Postsecret book and the chronological NIV Bible.  I also ordered a new set of earbuds for work since I'm not really a huge fan of the ones I bought in January.  They are great for running, but they are difficult at work.  Now that I think about it, I probably should have just bought wireless/bluetooth earbuds for work...  Good job, Megan..

-I watch myself getting more and more distant, colder and colder, and more and more nonchalant with each disappointment.  I'm sad to see it happen because bright, crazy, happy Megan is an amazing force.  Yet, I know that it's the only way I know how to deal with certain situations.

-Sometimes I get out of the bed after everyone else has fallen asleep and sneak out to the living room and write down all my feelz on paper.  Usually that makes me feel better and helps me sleep.  Recently, it hasn't done either.  I also get that feeling that I'm not the only one who sees those pages...

-I forgot to tell you this funny thing:
When Mr. Scrooge and I went to Carabbas for dinner a few weeks ago, he ordered the Cioppino (shrimp, scallops, mussel soup) and I ordered spiedino di mare (shrimp and scallops).  When we got our food, this happened:
Mr. Scrooge: Would you like to try my shrimp?
Me: No thanks, I have some skrimpies.
mS: Would you like to try my scallops?
Me: Nah, I have my own.
mS: Would you like to try my mussels?
Me: No thanks, I have my own. *as I flex my bicep at him*
Together we giggled at my silliness.  I'm still laughing about it weeks later.

-I often eat my food one thing at a time in a prioritized list.  I always save the best for last.  If I didn't save the best for last, I always save one bite of the best to eat very last.

-I think I'm officially out of my Death Cab for Cutie phase.  Or maybe they changed their sound and I don't appreciate this change.  That said, listening to the "Discover New" music in Spotify has changed my life.

WTF to this .gif.  It was so strange I had to use it.

-I really appreciate the people who come into our workspace and clean.  I also appreciate not having to escort said cleaners or having to do anything at all.  They just come in and on Monday my trash is emptied.  #filthycontractorlife

-When people send me funny videos to watch, I always return the favor.  My go to video is Phil walking up the stairs backwards...  I live with that mess and I just lub him so much!

-I witnessed a motorcycle accident Monday afternoon and there wasn't anything I could do except continue home since I wasn't in the immediate vicinity, but it was like it happened in slow motion.  I saw the car pull out in the middle of the road in my rearview mirror and they were unable to merge into traffic since it was backed up and there is no turning lane at that area.  Then I saw the guy in the motorcycle pass me.  In my rear view mirror, I saw him hit the brakes and the smoke from the tires as he tried to stop to miss the car in the middle of his side of the road.  At which point time slowed down.  I heard him crash into the car, his body and motorcycle hitting the car at whatever speed he had managed to decrease to.  His motorcycle shattered into pieces while his body went airborne over the car.  It was like time paused when he flipped over the car, he was completely spread eagle, his feet were where he head should have been, and his head was maybe a few feet over the sedan.  Then I heard the thud as his body landed on the other side of he car.  I was flabberghasted.  I didn't know what to do.  Then traffic started to move and I debated on yelling to ask if he was ok, but that seemed like a "here's your sign" kind of question.  Instead, I moved on and went home.  When I stopped at the red light, I called 911.  I wasn't really sure what else to do.  It had already been reported, but I was freaking out.  I immediately called Mr. Scrooge to tell him to come home a different way since traffic was going to be backed up the way he normally goes.  As we got off the phone, he asked me, "Do you still want a motorcycle?"  I responded, "Don't ask me that right now."

Truthfully, yes I still want a motorcycle.  I question every.single.moment about what happened.  WHY would that car pull out when they weren't able to merge into traffic, meaning they blocked the lane?  WHHHHYYY?  Not only was it unsafe in general, they had people in the car.  What if instead of a motorcycle, it had been a garbage truck or 18-wheeler or even another car/truck?  Everyone in the car probably would have DIED.  This incident does make me cautious about getting a motorcycle, but doesn't prohibit me from getting one.

-Yesterday's birthday tribute to Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover is probably one of my favorite posts I've written.

-It makes me crazy when people chew on ice.  CRAZY.  I was in a meeting yesterday and it was absolutely silent with the exception of people typing, the person on the phone talking, and the Ice Chewer... WTTTTFFFFFFFFFF....  The sad thing is, he's the most friendly/social person in the meeting, so I don't want to eye-dagger him too hard.

-I really didn't need to wear green on St. Patrick's Day.. my hair still kinda has a green tint.  That said, I still wore green.

-I feel like when I'm running late is when everyone else on the road wants to be the nice person and let everyone out in front of them.. and I get stopped at light and no one wants to go the speed limit (or higher).  I'm sure there's some divine reason why I'm being delayed from my arrival somewhere, but still.  I just wanna get there people!

-Since I work near the navy yard and one of the big shipping ports in Charleston, I am constantly dealing with transfer trucks/18-wheelers/semis/big rigs/whatever you want to call them.  THEY ARE CRAZY.  I understand that no one wants to let you into traffic because you are slow and huge and block people's ability to see, butttttttttttt if you could just NOT pull into my lane at 0715 when I'm in rush hour traffic going 45mph that'd be great.. or better yet.. just be patient.

He just couldn't wait for the train to finish crossing.


Is it really so difficult to get it into that gaping hole?  Really?  REALLLLLYYY??  This really stems from my OCD problem where everything has a place.  It's also how I know that when something doesn't get put back, I'm 95% certain I'm NOT the reason it was misplaced. 

-Teh MD Roomies and I have already discussed going to see Insurgent when they get here because Teh MD Adult Roomie and I need to ogle the skin off of Theo James (and subsequently embarrass the crap out of Teh MD Teenage Roomie with our antics and lewd comments, I'm pretty sure this is what is adulthood is really about).

Let's just pretend I'm her, mmkay??

Making Melissa


  1. I love cashews and pistachios...I like the salted peanuts in their shells too. For some reason they taste so much better coming straight out of their shell. And yessss for the Ace Ventura gif, one of my fav movies. lol!

  2. Oh my gosh, my grandma totally called them nigger toes too and we aren't even from the south! I used to think that was so weird and that she was just the one who did that. I feel your pain on the water cooler situation. The cooling system went out on ours a few weeks ago and the two days we had to wait for a new one to be delivered I was dying, I just can't do room temp water!

    The motorcycle accident thing is so scary. I saw an accident earlier in the winter on the freeway and I was at a loss of what to do too. I wasn't really able to stop (freeway) and I had to just hope that someone else was going to help and then I fretted about it for a few days. It's just a little mind blowing to witness!

    And I chew ice... sorry!!!! It's a bad habit of mine...

  3. I totally eat in an order! I try everything, then eat my favorite mostly first and save some for last, often times there is too much food so I have want to make sure I use my stomach space for the food I like the most :) So if I'm really hungry or the portion is not huge I try everything, then eat least to favorite.

  4. The child eats ice cubes like they're chips and it drives me insane.

    Cashews are the most delicious of all the nuts.

    Just say no to motorcycles. JUST SAY NO, MEGAN!


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