Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Review {3/9}


My goal Friday was to be out of work by 1430.  That didn't end up happening.  Who schedules a planning meeting on a Friday after lunchtime?  Just no.  Shut that shit down, plskthx.  The worst part was that my presence wasn't really necessary since they are starting the website architecture (yeah it went over my head too) and there's no documentation until the system admins and architects put it down.  I had been working on our other project since I had something that I'd promised someone on Wednesday afternoon that I still hadn't delivered by lunchtime on Friday, which was incredibly frustrating for me.

Then as I was about to send the manual to the person that needed it, my not-boss supervisor (who is kind of a horrible micromanager and feels like everything should go through himself and my boss (which is NOT the opinion of my actual boss from my understanding)) decided to email me some "suggestions" for the manual that I've been working on for a month.

That fire was fanned with the fuel remaining from a Facebook situation where FB cockblocked me from everything.  Which is not quite an exaggeration.  Let me explain the FB situation then we'll get back to work, mmkkay?

So Friday morning (before I started being productive at work), I posted on the Glass Slipper Challenge group that I talked about on Friday, asking if the characters on 10k and 1/2 were the same.  That is the only thing I did on Friday that was out of my scope of normal FB activity.  Right before lunch time, I needed a break from my manual so I went to FB to see the responses and I had been mysteriously logged out of FB.  Strange, but ok.  When I signed back in, I got this:

I am assessing after some googly help that someone reported me for my name being Teh Megan and I was forced to change it to my "authentic" name.  The reason that I had changed it from my authentic name to begin with is because there's no opt out of FB's search.  If someone searched for Megan "Lastname" then my profile would come up.  Granted, I'm on lock down, so you can't see my business unless we're friends and I only accept people I know in real life, but that's not the point.  I don't want to be searchable.  For a while you were able to change the settings that people could only find you if they had your email address, but I think the days of that have passed.

The reason I didn't want to be searched was that I was job hunting.  Granted, I don't have incriminating photos on my FB, unless you're my landlord, then you need to know that the 3rd dog was only here for a few hours from a friend and he went home.  Point being, I don't want to be found.  It's that simple.  I know in this age of technology everyone is all about wanting to be seen, but I'm all like, I want to be on the internet and tell my story to mostly complete strangers and sit over here in the corner and hide.  Ya'll, I don't even like to "like" things from BuzzFeed or George Takei or huge FB accounts because my name gets tied to those posts and people can click and find me.  I also don't get involved in commenting on many websites I read because that puts my name out there and I don't want that.

The aftershocks from that earthquake are still being felt.  Because FB locked me out until I changed my name (threatening that if I tried to change it to something "non-authentic" more than 2x in a row, I would be locked out of my account until I could provide legal documentation that the name I was putting was an "authentic" name, no I'm not making that up), it auto signed me out of absolutely everything that I had signed into using FB, which seems to be about 75% of my online presence.  So now, I can't listen to Spotify on my computer because it won't authenticate via FB for some reason and I have no idea what my username/password are.  I know, I know, #firstworldproblem.  The point is FUCK FACEBOOK.

So back to Friday, I was already pissed off at the FB situation, then I get this "suggestion" email, which means that I have to go back in this document and make fairly significant changes.  All.the.rage.  I realized I was also working myself up a bit, so I ate lunch and tried to calm down and was mostly unsuccessful.  As it got closer to time to leave, I got a bit calmer.

Then people started migrating to the conference room and Clippy (the guy who has miraculously growing fingernails that he has to clip at his desk) walked by and asked if I was going to the meeting.  I said I was working on something, but maybe.  He joked (apparently not at all) that he would tell Boss that I said I didn't have time for the meeting.  If Friday hadn't already been full of lessons, I added another one to the list, don't let bitches say shit.

He kinda shot himself in the foot since he walked in and said, "Rachel said she's too busy to come to the meeting," and no one laughed because they were all looking at him confused and someone finally had to ask, "Who is Rachel?"  He responded, "the new girl?" and then he got educated on my name.  When I walked in the conference room, late, with my laptop so I could continue working since I knew it wasn't going to apply to me, Boss said, "Welcome, Rachel."  At which point, they caught me up and everyone laughed at Clippy.  Serves him right for trying to stir up shit.

After the meeting, I stayed behind to talk to not-my-boss Supervisor to show him the new template he'd asked for.  I figured that sitting beside him and walking him through it meant that there's less of a possibility in a month from now that he will email me "suggestions" the day before it needs to be delivered.

After getting changed into some workout clothes, I headed to base for a run.  I was already pretty sore from my 3.5 mile run on Thursday afternoon, but I figured I could power through it.  4 miles later, and some surprise hills that I hadn't been mentally prepared for, I drove home feeling like I shouldn't have been driving.

Arrrgh, SC and the damn swamp being everywhere.  When I tried to run around a huge puddle by going through the grass, I still ended up getting muddy.

Sometimes I get what I loving call, runner's stupid.  Which means that I'm extra stupid about things people know I know about.  Generally this has to do with a necessity of food and water, and also probably low blood sugar.  Whatever.  I made it home and struggled to walk in the door, something that happens sometimes after I run.  It's a good time.  Only made Teh MD Adult Roomie worry a few times.  I rolled and thought I was dying.  I talked Mr. Scrooge into getting dinner at Carabbas since I had a 15% off coupon from LivingSocial.  Then I showered and harassed him until he was ready to go (I only harassed him because he was playing that stupid video game, which btw, I'M starting to see repeats of the scenes, so that tells you that he needs a new game to play.  Suggestions are welcome.).

We were every server's dream at dinner.  We ordered an appetizer, 1 adult beverage (him), 2 entrees, and a dessert AND we didn't have any kids.  I wasn't even super picky about my order and the waitress magically produced sweet teas.  We thought she was gonna screw herself out of a good tip when Mr. Scrooge's drink didn't appear until we reminded her, but she made up for it by magically producing sweet tea and apologizing profusely.

Raspberry panna cotta!  nomnomnom

On our way home from dinner, I called a bathroom, which is how you know you're truly comfortable in your relationship.  Since my legs were trying to kill me, literally (they'd give out at random times while I was walking (that'll teach me to stop running again)), I took a bubble bath.  What I didn't know was that I bought industrial strength bubble bath (with epsom salts) for Mr. Scrooge.  These bubbles lasted over an hour.  I didn't add water at any point either.  Crrrraazzyy bubbles.  I gave Teh MD Adult Roomie a bubble update every so often.  While I was in the bath, I finally started watching season 11 of Grey's Anatomy (YAY Teh Flamin' Kindle!) while trying to kill the bubbles (unsuccessfully).

After my bath, it was rollin' time, then bedtime.

The worst type of self-torture device.


Mr. Scrooge agreed to tackle his jeans situation with me and since we were planning on going to Kohls and didn't get up till after 10 we just had lunch at Panera Bread (which I hadn't had since being in MD).  I still had my free birthday pastry on my card, so we took advantage of that sweetness (heh).  I talked Mr. Scrooge into going to Walmart with me first since they sell Wrangler jeans and that was the kind he said he wanted, or Levi's.  Whatever.  We conquered Walmart pretty quickly since the list of items to get was short (and Mr. Scrooge was getting hot because he was wearing extra layers since he was going on a ride).  We only found 1 pair of jeans for him in his size, but he was satisfied with that and refused to come to Kohl's with me to look.  I was pissed about it for a while, but then got over it after I looked in the men's section and didn't see any Levi's jeans in his size.  Then I proceeded to spend another hour in the store perusing for Megan things.

I picked up my 2 sports bras that I had been planning on getting, but I realized that I had a $10 off $40 coupon and the bras were going to be right at $35 each since I also had a coupon to use, which meant that if I picked out 2 other cheaper items, then I could just do separate orders, blah blah blah.. I ended up shopping more than I intended and walked out with 2 sports bras (needed), a slip (been talking about getting one for a while), a cami (I like to pick these up when they are on sale since I wear them frequently), a pair of jeans for me (because fatty Megan), and a Disney skirt (because I'm gonna be a PRINCESS!).

On my way home, I stopped by Publix to pick up some brussel sprouts for dinner and then went into tourist-mode to get across the street to Goodwill to look for Disney books for Teh Sister.  BTW, if you are a yard sale attendee and you happen to find some Disney books, hook a sister (who is willing to repay you for your efforts) up.  I picked up a super adorable dress and 3 Disney books at Goodwill.  When I got home, went through my purchases and tried on the skirt and the bras and the dress.... Things did not go well for my Kohl's purchases.  Le siiigh.

The worst thing ever is when you find a product you absolutely LUUURRRVEEE and then the manufacturer is all like, NOPE!  That's what happened with my sports bras.  The 3 that I already owned are the shiznit and there is no movement at all (almost).  That's how I like it.  Well, this new styling meant no more velco straps, so I couldn't size them to me (which means that they were too big since I'm pretty much a midget by clothing standards), AND there was no more boob seam, which seemed to help keep the bouncing at a minimum, just the stretchy fabric over the entire boobage.. There was so much bounce I don't even know how they put MAXIMUM SUPPORT on the label.  No, go home, Champion, you're drunk.  Stop messing with an already perfected thing.  The slip was just weird and meh.  The Disney skirt was cute, but I really didn't have anything to go with it and it was kinda hard to tell what it was unless you knew what the print was and it was kinda expensive.  I ended up keeping the jeans and the cami though!  The Goodwill dress wouldn't zip because my boobs, which was super upsetting because it was so cute and Minnie!

I was eagerly awaiting a text message to tell me that Xero the foster dog (Meri's brother) was an hour away, and in the meantime, I hung the towel rack that we had purchased for the bathroom.  I'm super lazy and had actually purchased one when I moved in and returned it when I found my over the door hook thingy.   I decided I'd just use the over the door hook to hang my towel on, which was fine until my towels never really dried.  I went into ghetto-fabulous mode and started laying them on the edge of the bathtub instead of buying another rack.  This did cause some strife because Mr. Scrooge took it upon himself to start using my towels are floor towels for when he got out of the bathtub (because the 4 rugs in the bathroom aren't enough to soak up the water, moving on).  After finally settling those arguments, I ended up buying some bath sheets from Woot since I'm a huge fan of mega-huge towels (btw, they were totally worth it).  The issue with the bath sheets is that they were too long to put on the edge of the tub.. thus the necessity of the towel rack.. again.

8 holes in the wall later, success!  I finished it right on time to head to the appointed meeting area to pick up Xero.  Xero is a foster who will be with us until he gets adopted.  He has a serious lack of confidence, so we will be focusing on that.. ALL THE TIME.  He was weird and rode the entire way home on the floorboard behind the front seats instead of on the laid down back seats.  It was strange.

When I got home, Mr. Scrooge was back from his ride and had started dinner, steaks with bacon brussel sprouts, nomnomnom...  I led Xero around so he could kinda get the grand tour of the house and then brought in Meri and Phil so he could meet them.  Then I released all the hounds for supervised playtime in the yard while we worked on dinner. 

When dinner was finished, I called the dogs in and they all settled while we ate and watched Sling Blade which Mr. Scrooge and I had never seen and I'd taken a recent desire to see.   Ok, truth is, it was mentioned in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and I've been curious since.  Also, how horrible but hilarious is that book?  Is Tucker Max's 2nd book worth reading?

I felt like a generally awful person when I laughed at the movie and then pretty horrible because of things in the movie and then it was just like... NICE! cause you think he might not do it, then BAM.  Obviously, I'm not giving away any spoilers for those of you who live in a world like mine where you've not seen popular movies from decades ago.  But, it was definitely worth watching.

After the movie ended, I went and took a bath to soak in my epsom salt bubbles because my legs were still killing me.  I didn't use as much of the bubble bath, so there weren't a mabillion bubbles this time, yay.  I powered through another episode of Grey's Anatomy.  Seriously, I need Cristina.  I know she isn't was the show is about, but I'm over the show being about this new girl.  Give me some Alex or Meredith or characters that I know, not some stranger.  I feel like this new, not-Cristina replacement is being shoved down my throat.  I get that it's part of the story line, but I'm over it, 2 episodes in.  It's good I didn't watch this crap in real time.

Eventually, it was bedtime since it was skip ahead hour.  Mr. Scrooge came to chat with me as I got in bed and he said that one of the guys in his motorcycle gang was selling a motorcycle that I might be interested in and I should get some insurance quotes (/girlyscream).  After a bit, he went back out to play video games and stay up till a million o clock.  All I know was that I tried to see my watch to see what time it was when he came to bed (and woke me up), but it was too early to have clear vision, so it was about that time.


I've been a heathen lately and not went to church since Teh Mom and Teh Sister were in town.  Mostly because I'm in the struggles with the church services and I've not reconciled with that yet.  Also, I didn't get to bed until "midnight-30" depending on if you reset your clocks before you go to bed or wait until you get up (I'm a lets set these clocks ahead during dinner so that way I go to bed at the "right" time and all the clocks are already fixed for the next morning), so I was really interested in just being in bed forever and I knew that Mr. Scrooge wasn't getting up in the near future. 

I had dog duty (meaning of the canines rather than the navy version of dog duty), so I got up and fed them at 8, which was the best part of springing forward an hour.  After breakfast naps commenced quickly and Meri joined us on the bed for snuggles, one of my favorite things about waking up on the weekend. 

Mr. Scrooge was going on a ride after lunch with his motorcycle gang (ok, it's not really a gang, but I call it that after he told me a story about a whole bunch of them riding together downtown and blocking off red lights so the whole motorcycle train could get through together rather that breaking apart the train) and I wasn't motivated to do anything.  I did manage to take a mabillion selfies (rough estimate) with the dogs after I got up around 1030/11.  After (human) breakfast, Mr. Scrooge suggested taking the dogs on a walk and I just looked at him with my "that's nice" face.  I probably should have just humored him and taken the dogs, but really, my motivation level was at zero.  He's lucky I accomplished the laundry and furminated the dogs.

Despite my low motivation levels, I did finally make myself publicly presentable so I could go to Victoria's Secret to try on sports bras after the Kohl's fail.  I also went by my new favorite cafe place to eat to get a late lunch of an egg salad sammich.  It was between that and a tuna melt.  I probably should have went with the tuna melt, but I had tuna for lunch on Friday, so I wasn't there yet.  I realized sitting in the mall parking lot how expensive my sammich and drink was, $8.  WOAH.  Yeah, that should help curb that craving from here out.  But, the sammich is at least 2 inches thick, so you definitely get your monies worth.  Whatevs, expensive.

After trying on several bras, I finally found the new one that I'm going to get.  I've just got to wait on them to go on sale because $60 is a little rough for me to swallow.  The only issue with the style that I found was that there are clips on the straps since you can make it cross back or normal and they dig into my armpit/boob fat.  I tried one a different bra and the clips didn't dig into my fleshy bits as much, so I'm willing to take a chance on it.  #nothingaboutbrasarecomfortable

Who runs in just a sports bra?  I'd never be comfortable doing this... ever.

I headed home to relax with the beasts.  I laid out on the hammock and started this post while the dogs played in the yard.  My ADD was on high (and I'm feeling pretty wordy) so this post didn't get close to complete.  I eventually moved back inside to finish the laundry and feed the beasts and start dinner.  Mr. Scrooge came home and picked up my Kohl's stuff to return since he'd said he would do it for me (he really is underappreciated).  Once he finally got home a little before 8 (he's really enjoying this extra hour of daylight for all his motorcycle riding needs), we had dinner. 

While he was getting ready Sunday morning he had asked me who Mushu was.  Of course I knew the answer to that.  The dragon guardian from Mulan (which he had never seen).  We remedied that during dinner.  I only sang along to some of the songs and we both pointed out things that didn't make sense.  Like the fact that Mulan would have been about 13-15 when she ran away since she was at matchmaking age, if not younger.  Additionally, 10 men against the thousands of Huns?  Really this helped me understand just how oblivious I was as a child.. so delightfully oblivious.  I mean, we watched 101 Dalmatians over and over and over and it's about killing puppies and skinning them to make a coat... Hannibal Lector much?  Whatever, I still love Disney.

After Mulan (and still not getting this post finished), Mr. Scrooge went to shower while I "got ready for bed."  Meaning, I prepped the dog food and folded the laundry (with the help of Mr. Scrooge) that was on the bed and got my gym bag ready and brushed my teeth and finally got in the bed. 

It was a relaxing, full of down-time weekend that was much needed.  Skipping ahead an hour really has me dragging this morning.  Nothing about getting out of the bed was appealing to me in anyway.. but I'm an adult and I did it anyways.  Got my big girl pants on today.

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

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