Tuesday, March 17, 2015

To: Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover From: Your bestie

While everyone is wearing green because it's St. Patricks Day, it's a way more special day in my book.  It's Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover's (Teh WJL) birthday and she deserves to be celebrated because my world is better with her in it!!!

Let's just talk about me for a minute and what I bring to this relationship... and how it got started.
I bring the Frosted Mini Wheats to this.  It's my job.  I created the expectation on August 14th, 2004 (NC State's move-in weekend).

You see, I'm awkward and I don't know how to make friends good, but I do know that offerings of food can never be turned down.  That's how I tricked Teh WJL into being friends with me.  I walked into her room and offered her dry mini-wheats that I was eating straight out of the box because it's awkward to offer someone a bowl of cereal with milk... I mean, what if I spilled it on her floor?  What if I spilled it on her crazy roommate's crap (we ended up liking her despite a rough start and she might even have a baby today just to celebrate Teh WJL's awesomeness, so there's that)?  Yeah, I just stuck with dry cereal.  There was no way I was walking into a stranger's room empty handed.  That could have been creepy.. or dangerous.  Girls are crazy.

Turns out, Teh WJL was a mountain girl like me and we both had mad skills at keeping our crazy under wraps for at least a little while.  We both had roommates that had ditched us for more exciting things (her roommate to go have a breakdown and mine to go find a party).  I don't even remember what we talked about, but I at least knew someone, and that was a start.

I probably should have known from that day that we'd be BFFs for life.  But I didn't, because I was 19 and didn't know shit about friends and life and good things.  I finally took the hint a few months later.  Teh WJL is someone that I never get tired of.  She always makes me laugh and takes me out of my comfort zone and overcomes her technological issues to send me emails from Kenya or whatever country she happens to be in (which is currently America and I like it that way, mmkaythx).  She taught me that color doesn't matter when it comes to dancing and my affinity for awesome earrings probably stems partially from her huge collection of awesome earrings.

We enabled each other at the G-Mart (the ghetto Kmart that was close to NC State's campus) and we spent way too much money that we didn't have and we worked part-time jobs and sang to Jesus and the radio together.  Dare You to Move is "our" song since it would play every.single.time we got in the car together and still comes on the radio if we're talking on the phone while we're driving (don't judge us).

Teh WJL boosts my confidence when I need it the most and she never fails to make me smile, even if she doesn't even realize she's doing it.  Even from countries away, she's taken me in and let me sleep in her bed and break her lease rules.  She has the worst (of course, she would say best) skill at April Fool's jokes, but she swears she loves me forever.  She also taught me that there's nothing wrong with laying on the couch with the dog all day and watching Charmed/Judging Amy/daytime TV and then cram writing several papers in the evening to be turned in the next day.  She taught me A LOT about procrastination and I taught her a lot about World of Warcraft (none of which she retained other that the part that my character had pink hair and I killed things).

She's listened to me cry about how stupid boys are and she taught me my best pick up line ("Hey suga, yo Momma let you date?" preferably out the window of a moving car) and I taught that her she wears big shirts, that no one is calling her fat.  We learned about Cookout milkshakes around the same time and she loved riding in Teh Megan Taxi (which was awesome because I loved good company).

Teh WJL has tolerated many a Megan boyfriend and a lifetime of Megan drama (which I'm sure there will be more of, because I'm me).  She's told me to quit being stupid when I was being stupid.  She's told me how awesome I am when I do something awesome.  She questioned my sanity when I told her I joined the Navy.  I questioned her loyalty sanity when she went country hoppin' for Jesus.  She writes me birthday poems and I write her tributes on Teh Blog and Facebooks.  She reminds me of the good in this world and I wish I could be as awesome as she is.

Every.single.day I hope our story never ends.  We're the 2 best friends that anyone could have (and yes I know that's not how it goes, but I do what I wawnt). 

I'm pretty sure that when we get old and we outlive our husbands (duh), we're gonna get a cabin in the mountains and terrorize our neighbors with our old lady cackles late into the night.

Happy 29th birthday to Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover.  My partner in crime, harmony singer, fashionista, driving buddy/wannabe navigator, shopping enabler, alfredo recipe sharing, never let me starve or be homeless, speedy, "I called you because I was driving" best friend.

I love you forever, no matter how many time zones we have between us.  You make me a better person and you put up with all my crap and there was one time that I walked all the way from class without shoes on because it was pouring rain and I couldn't walk in my slippery flip-flops since you taught me that shoes are optional.  It's the little things that stick with me (there's the fat joke).

Oh yeah, and if you really wanna make her day, help support the "Ho House" as she calls it, but I can't take her seriously when she says that, so I call it it's proper name: Hospitality House, where she works to provide for the needy in Watauga County.  Did I mention she's an awesome person?  Told you so.


  1. she totally sounds like an amazing person, not to mention your wonderful friendship!

  2. Awe well what a sweet friendship! Happy Birthday to her!!!

  3. What a beautiful post! I have to say, I am jealous of friendships like yours! Hope her day is as awesome as her bestie =)

  4. ^^ what Brittney said! I envy people with friendships like yours! Hope she has a super fantastic birthday!

  5. Awesome Post. You have been a blessing to me in that you are the best friend that any daddy could ask for his daughter to have. God Bless and Keep You Always.


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