Wednesday, January 31, 2018

15 Things That Make My Life Easier... part 2

This list is in no particular order.  This list doesn't start at 6, so check out Part 1 here.

6.  Stocking up when things are on sale

I'm cheap AF, so when shit goes on sale, I'm all over it.  I will stock up on things (usually food) and freeze it so I have it on hand and don't necessarily have to go to the store to pick up food items.  I will also stock up on non-perishables (toilet paper, hygiene items, hand soap).

7.  Always put shit away

I'm lazy AF (one of my most appealing traits), but in order to stay lazy, I make sure to put shit away.  Everything has a home and it must always go to that same home, this is imperative.  Why?  Oh, I'm so glad you asked...  Because when Teh German asks me for something, I can tell him exactly where it is.  "In the island, in the right cabinet, on the left side, on the shelf" = cast iron skillet.  "In the corner cabinet on the bottom shelf" = colander.  "In the pantry, on the left side, 3rd shelf down, towards the back corner" = extra Tabasco sauce.  This means that I don't have to get up off my lazy ass to help him find things and if they aren't in their place, it's usually because he didn't put things back where they belong and he only has himself to blame for that.

This also means that we keep the clutter down.  Like most people, we have a dumping ground for items when we come inside.  Our location is the kitchen island, which is also where we happen to eat most of our meals.  What this ultimately means is that the island needs to be moderately cleaned off if we want to eat there.  Because of that, I try to make a conscious effort to put shit away/take care of things left out as reminders.  I love when our island is free of crap.  In fact, I love it when our entire house is free of crap.  Clutter makes my brain wrinkle and causes me undue stress.  Organization means a clear head.

8.  Fingernail clippers everywhere

I used to think it was kinda weird to keep my nail clippers on my desk at work, but now I dngaf.  I am constantly using the file tip to clean out from under my nails or clip off potential hang nails.  I do not go so far as to cut my fingernails at work, because that is disgusting, but I will clip a nail if I have broken it.  I also keep clippers in Yurtle and in the bathroom at home.  I also have an emery board/nail file in all those locations as well.  The nail clippers in my car are probably the most used and have brought many a passenger satisfaction.

9.  Prep our lunches when I clean up dinner/portion out food

While I'm cleaning up dinner, I'll go ahead and make lunch for Teh German and I for the next day with the leftovers.  Or I'll be heartless and tell Teh German to make his own lunch so I can clean up the leftovers.  This ensures that we have lunch ready to go and it's one less thing to do in the mornings and it means there are less overall leftovers, if any at all.

There are also certain things I buy that I prefer to have portions of already prepped so I can just grab and go.  Usually this means fruit, particularly melon and berries, but any kind of snack really should be portioned because along with being lazy and cheap, I also have an inner fat ass.

10.  Motion sensors for the lights

Did I mention I'm lazy AF?  Because that's a secret I try to not keep.  We went to a neighbor's house for a party and she gave us a tour and she had installed motion sensors in her laundry room and I was unbearably jealous.  Soooo, since we were getting married and "had" to have a registry, I registered for some of those bad boys and waited and waited and waited... We received 2 as a wedding gift and the first places I had Teh German install the lights was the garage and the laundry room.  LIFE CHANGED.  I ordered 3 more sensors for the closets and the Hue motion sensor for downstairs and I've not regretted it a single day.

Things That Make My Life Easier:

Friday, January 26, 2018

Five on Friday #136

EINS - Random things

-Having homework due every day is a real kick in the pants.

-I feel like I've gained the freshman 15 in a month.  Except it's 10 pounds.  Still, it's the worst.

-Last week I went to the gym at The Citadel before class.  I was disgruntled to learn that there is a hot water "problem" on campus where you have to let the water run for about 10+ minutes for it to get warm.  I didn't have 10 minutes.  So I took a very delicate bird-esque bath.  I'm still pissed off about it and haven't been to the gym again.

-People at my work place seem to have an issue with putting their dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  Sooooo, I made a flowchart and posted it over the sink.  #QueenofPassiveAggressiva

-Then, based on Roux's Humom's suggestion, I created an Etsy shop to sell other signs/typography projects I've created.  There's not much on there now, but I do love typography and I'd love to create some simple things to put up that people can purchase for cheap.  I don't need to sell anything for $20, but a few bucks for something I spent some time on doesn't hurt my feelings.

-There was a fire alarm while I was at the DMV getting my new driver's license.  Unlike in school when there is a fire drill, we all looked around at each other like, "This can't really be happening right now."  And then we all walked outside and waited for 5 minutes on the fire department to arrive.  Fortunately, it didn't really take that long and operations resumed right away when we all filed back inside.

Just waiting on this fire drill/alarm to end....

-The new guy at work (who gave me the Starbucks gift card) is sending my resume off to a customer to see if I can be on their project.  I'm excited and anxious at the same time.  I'm excited because new project!  Scared because I have a pretty hefty work load at school right now and I don't mind my light work load.  This will definitely mean more work.  Butttt that also means being more visible which means more responsibility which means professional growth which means promotions which means money.. I mean obviously I'm looking wayyy far into the future, but a woman has to take care of her business.

-We decided to not take the (office) Christmas tree down this year and instead we're leaving it up and decorating it for each seasonal holiday.  Since our corporate office is in New Orleans, we did a Marti Gras theme.  I'm proud of our efforts.

I love Marti Gras with every bead of my heart.

-I've been dealing with some EPIC PMS and holy fuck I'm ready for it to end already.  Some months I don't really notice, but this month I have been irritable and short with everything and everyone and Cadets are fucking stupid and don't listen to directs and sleep in class and Teh German says I can't be mean to him for no reason (for instance, flaking on going to get Mexican after I forgot the crockpot Monday) and then he goes and gets me Willie Jewell's bread pudding in his house pants and I've been in the bed by 9, if not before, every night this week.. because PMS is real, ya'll.  If you notice that mega huge shitty sentence, that is an accurate analogy of my brain this week.

-My Photoshop class is really a fuck-off class for seniors and I'm hoping to learn some things, but our first assignment was to make a clown themed magazine cover and I was the only person in a class of 20 who didn't use: creepy clowns, politicians, or athletes.

Raise your hand if you love:
Highlights magazine, Modern Family, or any of the "articles" I created.
That better be everyone.

ZWEI - Money spent

  • Shoes from Payless that are too small so I will return them.
  • Groceries
  • Teh PT Kid's birthday present
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Metto
  • New snorkel
  • Alcohol for the bull riding
  • Car wash monthly subscription
  • DMV 
I'm about to drop some BIG ASS DOLLAZ on honeymoon things (flights, adventure tickets, AirBnB) as soon as my new credit card comes in.  I applied for a miles credit card since I know that plane tickets will always be in our future and since I'm about to do some traveling, we might as well get some of that shit paid for...  So I'm migrating from my Amazon Prime card to the miles card.  #WiseFinancialChoices

PS.  We are those people who charge everything to a credit card and pay it off completely every month.  This enables us to benefit from money that we are going to spend no matter what.  Again, I repeat.  We pay the ENTIRE balance EVERY MONTH as to not incur interest charges.  If I had to pay interest, I would not do this.  #ElCheapo

DREI - Things from my phone

Smores cereal for dinner after I forgot to put chicken in the crockpot before school/work.  Teh German judged me.  HE DON'T KNOW MY LIFE.

It was delicious and I have no regrets.
If your smores cereal doesn't look like this, then it's not the good smores cereal.
Trust me.

No but for real, Teh German did go in his "house" pants and get bread pudding from Willie Jewells so we could eat it with vanilla ice cream.  #BestHusbandEver

When you realize that you've become your mother:

Teh Sister informed me that Teh Mom used to use the blue kind...
To which I had to tell her that the blue kind wasn't available or I would have bought it instead.

We were discussing the downfall of society in relation to the Tide Pod Challenge and Roux's Humom sent me this joke for the whiteboard and I was happy to write it up.

I hear it's easy to convince ladies not to eat Tide Pods,
it's a little harder to deter gents.

VIER - Things from the Internet

Being an empowered woman doesn't just happen overnight.  Girls have to be raised to be empowered women.  That is our responsibility as a society.

This story about saying ok, even though it's really not ok hit too close to home.

Dear Men, we're NOT sorry that women's rights isn't about you.  And even though that is the case, it doesn't mean we wouldn't like your support.

Marriage advice I wish people would have said... vs acting like our lives are going down the drain now that we're married..  PS.  Don't buy that book since the summation of the book is on the internet for free.  #SmarterNotHarder

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Being ahead on homework.
  2. Plans to go to Willie Jewells for Teh PT Kid's birthday and getting to spoil him a little.
  3. Completing the last of the name change stuff besides my passport, which I'm waiting on.
  4. Someone asking for my resume and finding that it was current (which I had forgotten about).
  5. An awesome group of vet students in my Calc class who are willing to work together on homework and get shit done in a timely fashion.
  6. Props from my Photoshop instructor about my project looking like it could be purchased as is from a grocery store and him having no "constructive criticism" that needed to be said.
  7. Being in the bed by 9 every night.
  8. Running on Monday morning.
  9. Bread pudding.
  10. Sweet tea in the fridge.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

15 Things That Make My Life Easier... part 1

I've seen this prompt go around the blog-o-sphere (if you will) recently and I liked it.  Not only did I get some helpful pointers, I also reaffirmed some of my life choices.  So let me share what I do to make my life easier... in no particular order.

1.  Make a weekly menu

This task helps me accomplish multiple things.
1.  I am able to inventory what we have available in the pantry/freezer/fridge.
2.  I take the opportunity to pull things out of the freezer that we will be eating that week.
3.  I add items to the grocery list if I need them.
4.  I am able to plan meals around our schedule.  If I know I will be at work all day and not be home until after 6pm, then I try to cook something in the crockpot so dinner is mostly ready when I get home.

2.  Keep 1 extra on hand (at least)

I hate running out of things.  I make sure that there are always spare rolls of toilet paper in every bathroom.  We always have an extra deodorant/body wash/shampoo/etc on hand.  I'm in the process of hunting down a quart size mason jar (not wide mouth) so I can always have laundry soap made.  This ensures that I don't have to "stress" about going to the store immediately if we run out of something.  This also applies in the pantry.  We always have at least 1 can of peas/corn/green beans on hand for nights that I just cannot prepare a fresh veggie.  PS.  You will never see me go to the store every day to pick up items for dinner.  Nope, nope, nope.

3.  10 foot charging cables

Does this seem excessive?  #donotcurr
With a 10 foot charging cable, I can lay in my bed comfortably and still be on my phone.  Also, I run it through the headboard so I don't have to pick up the cable off the floor every night.  #aintnobodygottimefordat

Longer charging cables also come in handy when I travel and have no idea where the power outlets are going to be.  With a 10 foot cable, I might still be able to reach my phone when the outlet is far away.

4.  Saying no

If I'm trying to be nice about it, I'll say something like, "I can't make that kind of commitment right now."  Essentially, this is me taking my time into consideration and judging my own value.  When I'm stressed and frazzled, I'm not at my best.  Saying no to things means more time for myself and for doing things I want to do, rather than doing things I don't necessarily like doing.

5.  Hiring someone else to do things

I hired a cleaning lady.  I frequently use Walmart Grocery so I don't have to go into the store.  Amazon Smile Prime (not an affiliate link, but you can set up a charity it Amazon will donate a % of most purchases to a charity of your choice) and I are besties.  There are times when I enjoy walking through the store, but mostly I do not enjoy it, so I find ways not to do it.  Before Teh German came into my life, I often hired someone to mow the lawn.  I usually pay someone to wash my car.  Sometimes, it really is about my convenience because at the end of the time, "Time is money, Friend!" (World of Warcraft Goblin).

Things That Make My Life Easier:

Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekend Review {1/22}


After school on Friday, I went to visit Teh UK Cool Kid "at hospital".  I say "at hospital" because that's exactly how the English say it, whereas Americans would say, I am in the hospital.  A German would say, Ich bin im Krankenhaus.  You're welcome for that quick language lesson, Gentle Readers.

Teh UK Cool Kid has been issued an eye patch and having heard about this, I made sure to plan my visit accordingly.  I showed up with my own eye patch, hook, and sword, all courtesy of the photobooth prop box we have.  She was a huge fan of my outfit.  We almost traded eye patches, but I left her with the sword and hook so she could express her feelings.  I visited for an hour and then it was time to head to work while she did her therapy.

I was at work until 6 and then headed home.

When a coworker offers you an old school peppermint stink and you know exactly how to best consume it:
melted in HOT CHOCOLATE.

When I got home, I spent a bit catching up with Teh German and around 7, Teh PT Wife and Teh Dental Hygienist and I headed to Texas Roadhouse for a ladies dinner.  I had added us to the waitlist on Yelp so we didn't have to wait very long at the restaurant.  We chatted and ate and cackled.  I'm not sure that the ladies behind us much appreciated our conversation, but we laughed about it all weekend.

When we made it home, Teh German and I watched an episode of Mad Men and then headed to bed.


Saturday morning, we kinda slept in.  I had wanted to go on a run, but it was cold and I wasn't interested.  Teh German had suggested that we go to Metto and to the dive shop so I could have my gear inspected and sign up for a refresher course.  In the end, Teh German road Bob to the dive shop and he missed out on Metto because he was going riding with his biker gang.  When we pulled up to the dive shop, it was actually closed, despite Teh German having looked up the hours on their website Friday night.  Luckily for us, someone just happened to be there and let us in to talk to us about fitting a mask (for Teh German) and fins and picking a snorkel.  I picked up a new snorkel, chose to keep my current mask, and signed up for a pool session on Feb 11th.

After picking up Metto on my way home, I came home and set about cleaning up the chair that has been an obstacle in our dining room for a week.


First, I vacuumed the chair.  After the vacuuming was complete (which really helped), I put a bottle of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, grabbed a scrub brush and a sponge and set about my work.  I also ended up grabbing some towels and a bucket of water (to rinse out the sponge and brush).

I started cleaning the chair around 1:50.  I finished around 3:50. 

This is half of the arm vacuumed (left) and half unvacuumed (right).
That's how much of a different just vacuuming made!
Scroll up to see the original nastiness.

I was PISSED to discover that I had ruined my dining room table because the water from the towel had soaked through...
Grrrrr.  Anyone know how to fix water marks on a black table?  I'm all ears.

Teh German arrived home around 3:45.  Our wedding present had arrived from Teh Running Bestie, so after Teh German changed, I had him FaceTime with Teh Running Bestie while I finished cleaning the chair and while we opened the gift... Which I failed to take a picture of.  But it's a super cool door wreath.  Half of it is German colors and the other half is America colors for the #GerMerikans.

We wrapped up FaceTime pretty quick and then we headed out for dinner with Teh Neighbor Besties.  We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom, then we went to the Professional Bull Riding (PBR) event at the Coliseum.

Teh German's hamster face...

Our face swap is horrifying.

It doesn't get better.

Dinner was painful, as dinner times at Mellow Mushroom tend to be.  Nonetheless, we survived.

The bull riding was actually pretty cool.  There were several riders who went longer than 8 seconds, which was cool.  We also saw a few incidents, which sucks for them, but was entertaining for me.

After PBR, we headed home.  I wasn't really tired (probably due to at least 3 sweet teas at dinner), so we stayed up and watched a few episodes of Mad Men after moving the cleaned chair to First Child Room.  We finally went to be around 0100/0130.


Sunday, Pax woke us up with 0600 barfs.  Usually he vomits between 0400-0500, so I appreciated him letting us sleep in.  Teh German let Pax out and I cleaned up the puke.  Then I peed and went right back to bed.  Teh German joined me soon after and we slept until about 1030.  I woke up with a headache on the left side of my face.  Again, I had wanted to run, but with a headache, it was a no go.  Instead, I got up, medicated, and headed downstairs.  I started doing one thing and I'd get distracted and then I'd start something else and get derailed again.  It was obnoxious.  I did manage to finally put my biology book in the office, finish creating the meal plan for the week, make a store list, and look up recipes.  I also ate a bowl of cereal and realized I'd missed the Women's March on Saturday.  Such is life.

While Teh German was outside scooping poop and cutting the mesh from the sod, I started beating down some homework.  Teh German eventually came inside.  Teh PT Husband had invited him over for smoking time.  I told Teh German that I'd meet him there in a little while since I wanted to accomplish more homework.

I finished up my homework around 3 and started the process of getting ready to head over.  About 30 seconds after getting up from my desk, Teh German called me to tell me it was time to stop doing homework and come over.  Convenient.

After putting on a bra and starting the laundry, I was about to leave the house when Teh German texted and called to ask me to deliver beer and his sunglasses when I came over.  Like a good wife, I fetched these items and headed over.

We ended up having pizza (again) and watching football.  And by we, I mean I ate wings and a piece of pizza and I finished up a book while everyone else ate pizza and watched foosball.  I headed home during the 2nd period of the Eagles game to do more laundry and prepare myself for Monday.

When I got home, I restuffed the pillows for the chair, did more laundry, let Pax sniff my stinks, pulled book 3 from the shelf, brushed my teeth, and headed to bed.  Teh German came home and started getting ready for bed and I ended up getting out of the bed no less than 3 times to do MORE laundry and other various tasks that would come to mind.


Mama, I lubs yer stankyness.  ~Pax

Eventually though, it was sleepy time and the weekend was over and I was sads.


It was a solid weekend.  A good balance of homework and housework and socializing.  Anyone know where I can find more of that?  I'm interested.

I didn't post on Friday.  It just didn't happen because real life took over.  Pretty sure no one missed anything significant.  Well, that's a lie.  I opened an Etsy shop to sell signs that I've made after creating a Dirty Dishes Flowchart for the kitchen at work and getting a lot of feedback on my personal FB page about it.

This week consists of:
-Running.  The Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15k is on Feb 4th and I'd like to not feel like I did after the CHS half.
-homework, of course.
-finalizing some Australia honeymoon details
-starting the process of planning Germany in December
-calling the banks to get my name changed.  /wrist
-I'm pretty sure my daith/rook piercing is slightly infected and it's a bit sore, so a week of washing it in the shower should get it straightened out, but it sucks right now.
-Reading books.  Swimming Lessons (ebook), Tales of the Otori book 3 (hard copy), and Outlander 6 (audio).
-Getting new earbuds.  My new Anker earbuds were jacked up when I wanted to use them on Saturday, even though I'd just used them on Thursday.  I submitted an issue on the Anker site (vs Amazon site) and I'm hoping they will exchange mine since I've not had them for 30 days.
-Not exploding on my German teacher for not letting me participate in class.  Even when I say the answer these stupid Cadets don't know it.  Which in turn makes me hate everyone even more.
-Browsing the Facebook Marketplace for a white dresser for the guest room. 

FYI: 12 more days till my birfday!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #17

tG: I need light, so I can be enlightened.

Teh German walks in the bathroom and sniffs and turns on the fan in the toilet closet after I had just emerged.
tM: Everything that comes from me smells like roses.
tG: Well, you're not getting anymore roses.

tM: Did you just fart while you blew your nose?
tG: Yeah, too much air and I had to use my after burner.

tG: They are in the business of money and making money and they don't want to lose money.
tM: Don't make me smile when I'm trying to be angry.
tG: I'm trying to logic you.

Hockey Announcer: Penalty on Player 44 for tripping.
tG: That ref is tripping.

Mom-E: 2 million dollar sign on bonus.  Politics pays.
tG: 2 million!?  I don't care who pays.

tG: Alexa, play a party song.
Alexa: playing Spotify Latin Dance Party playlist.
Latin Dance Party plays.
tG: Alexa, stop.  Don't ever do that again.

tG: You're obviously present.

Shit Teh German Said Edition 123456, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, adadas 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekend Review {01/15}


Friday was kind of a normal day.. except for the part where Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom had arrived on Thursday night and all I wanted to do was to NOT be in school/at work.  Ah, such is life.

Since it is Restaurant Week in Charleston, Teh PT Wife and I agreed we should all go out to somewhere on the list.  I was able to find an open reservation for 6 at Grill 225 downtown.  It was pretty good.  Probably not as good as the prices would indicate, but there were no less than a mabillionty glasses on the table, so I'm assuming that's why the prices were so inflated.  I will say their desserts were on point.


Saturday morning we were up early for my half marathon.  It was my first run with cheerleaders!  It was awesome being one of the people that had personal signs and knew someone on the sidelines.  It was extra convenient after I forgot my sunglasses and earbuds and I needed tissues.  I texted Teh German to ask him to deliver my forgotten goods to Teh Running Bestie to give to me since he was already planning on going on a ride.

Not only did I forget my essentials, I also didn't dress properly.  The temperature actually dropped after the sun came up.  Yeah, good times.  It was 49°F when I woke up and it was 38°F when the race started.

At the start line

Here we go...

It was cold.

I've officially run the Battery.
Usually, I'm here with Bagheera and Teh German.
It's overrated, but at least I had a tailwind.

My cheerleaders.



My cheerleaders found my name at packet pickup and so I figured it was a perfect photo op when it was laying on the ground.

Stretching post-race.

After the run, we agreed to grab breakfast at the Charleston Deli and Bakery (aka the Jewish deli).  It was everything I needed it to be.

After brunch, we ran an errand and then we headed to meet Teh German and Teh PT Husband and Wife at a Cornhole Tournament.  Teh Running Bestie and I were battling headaches and I was so incredibly sore after the run that I could barely walk.  I was limping VERY badly.  We stayed long enough to show face and then headed home.

Medal selfie!
There is GLITTER on this bad boy!

I medicated before I laid down for a nap and iced my knees and hips as I laid in bed.  I woke up to a call from Teh PT Wife telling me it was time to wake up and meet them at Willie Jewell's for dinner.  I was still struggling at walking and my head was still trying to explode, so I medicated again.

While at dinner, I started to feel better.. I'm assuming the meds started to work.  After dinner, we came home and worked on puzzle.  Even Teh PT Wife put in a few pieces.  Teh PT Husband had to come over and visit his girlfriend, Olive.


Originally, we had planned to go to brunch, but since we went to the Bakery on Saturday after the run, we just opted to stay home.  We had cereal and Teh German made bacon.

Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom headed downtown to play tourist and do a carriage tour.  I sat at the computer and did homework for all my life.

When they got home, Teh German and I started on dinner while they worked on The Devil Puzzle.

Currywurst, kasespatzel, red cabbage.


After the puzzle was complete (1 piece missing), we immediately broke it apart and cleaned off the table.  It was like my brain let out an audible sigh of relief.

Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom headed to bed at a reasonable hour since they were getting up early to get on the road.  I stuck it out for a little while longer to complete more math.  FML


This was my Monday:

After sending off Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom, we headed back to bed.  What I thought was a forced holiday turned out not to be so I also threw in some work stuffs during the day.  #CommunicationFailure  #Sigh

I took a break in the evening to eat dinner and then went back to the fun world of math.  I also took a 2nd break to watch an episode of Mad Men with Teh German because my brain really needed a break.

After finally finishing up the section I had been working on all day, it was bedtime.  Of course, I couldn't sleep because I'd done nothing but look at the computer all day.


It was a good visit from Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom.  Sadly, I wasn't able to do all the fun things they did, but they did come to my race and cheered me on.  It was my first time having cheerleaders and it really gives you something to look forward to when you're trekking 13.1 miles.

The run was... meh.  Having forgotten my earbuds, I took to making friends.  This run, I made a friend named John who is from Tulsa, OK.  We talked about where he should eat in Charleston and he told me about bbq balogna in OK.  He was doing the full marathon and we had to part ways at mile 10.  I did get his number and texted him in case he had any Charleston questions.  My cheerleaders had met up with Teh German who had delivered my earbuds and after I parted ways with John, I set about turning on my audiobook.. at which point I realized (for the 2nd time) that I don't have a headphone jack.  FML.  Soooo I was back to making more friends.

By this point, my knees and hips (more so my non-surgery hip than my surgery hip) were really starting to hurt.  I noticed a lady running around my same pace with a race shirt on that said "Waldorf Kia" on it, which happens to be the same Kia dealer that I would take Yurtle to when I was in MD.  Small world.  We chatted for the last 3 miles.  She was upset that she didn't get the time she wanted, even though we fought a killer headwind for the last 10ish miles of the race and she was sick!  Runners be cray, yo!  After we crossed the finish line, she gave me a hug!  It was super sweet.

I limped my way to Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom.  No idea why I was so broken after the race, but I hope that shit never happens again.  Just FYI: my surgery hip is fine.  It actually hurt the least of everything!

I'm finally starting to get into the school routine, even though I definitely went to my MWF 0800 classroom instead of my TH 0800 this morning (Tuesday).  Oops.  I realized with enough time to get to class on time and not have to rush, but it was really cold outside and I didn't like it.  Teh German is also finally starting to figure out my routine after some confusion.  I had to tell him again that everyday I have school and work now.  It's confusing after last semester.  Holy crap we are such creatures of habit.

This week includes:
-A million years of homework.
-The rodeo or bull riding or some redneck shit that Teh German is going to like that Teh PT Wife talked me into on Saturday.
-A group is coming to pick up a large batch of donation stuff tomorrow.  WOOT.
-Running.  I have to run.  Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15k on Feb 4th.  Cannot feel like I need a wheelchair afterwards.
-Documents that need editing.. that I've already worked on, except it was the wrong document because some people keep two very similar copies of shit just to piss me off and waste my efforts.  /headdesk
-A possibility of snow?  I can tell you it's cold as a witch's titty in a metal bra outside.  Everything is dry and there isn't enough humidity to keep my skin from being scaly.  Ugh.