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Weekend Review {1/22}


After school on Friday, I went to visit Teh UK Cool Kid "at hospital".  I say "at hospital" because that's exactly how the English say it, whereas Americans would say, I am in the hospital.  A German would say, Ich bin im Krankenhaus.  You're welcome for that quick language lesson, Gentle Readers.

Teh UK Cool Kid has been issued an eye patch and having heard about this, I made sure to plan my visit accordingly.  I showed up with my own eye patch, hook, and sword, all courtesy of the photobooth prop box we have.  She was a huge fan of my outfit.  We almost traded eye patches, but I left her with the sword and hook so she could express her feelings.  I visited for an hour and then it was time to head to work while she did her therapy.

I was at work until 6 and then headed home.

When a coworker offers you an old school peppermint stink and you know exactly how to best consume it:
melted in HOT CHOCOLATE.

When I got home, I spent a bit catching up with Teh German and around 7, Teh PT Wife and Teh Dental Hygienist and I headed to Texas Roadhouse for a ladies dinner.  I had added us to the waitlist on Yelp so we didn't have to wait very long at the restaurant.  We chatted and ate and cackled.  I'm not sure that the ladies behind us much appreciated our conversation, but we laughed about it all weekend.

When we made it home, Teh German and I watched an episode of Mad Men and then headed to bed.


Saturday morning, we kinda slept in.  I had wanted to go on a run, but it was cold and I wasn't interested.  Teh German had suggested that we go to Metto and to the dive shop so I could have my gear inspected and sign up for a refresher course.  In the end, Teh German road Bob to the dive shop and he missed out on Metto because he was going riding with his biker gang.  When we pulled up to the dive shop, it was actually closed, despite Teh German having looked up the hours on their website Friday night.  Luckily for us, someone just happened to be there and let us in to talk to us about fitting a mask (for Teh German) and fins and picking a snorkel.  I picked up a new snorkel, chose to keep my current mask, and signed up for a pool session on Feb 11th.

After picking up Metto on my way home, I came home and set about cleaning up the chair that has been an obstacle in our dining room for a week.


First, I vacuumed the chair.  After the vacuuming was complete (which really helped), I put a bottle of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, grabbed a scrub brush and a sponge and set about my work.  I also ended up grabbing some towels and a bucket of water (to rinse out the sponge and brush).

I started cleaning the chair around 1:50.  I finished around 3:50. 

This is half of the arm vacuumed (left) and half unvacuumed (right).
That's how much of a different just vacuuming made!
Scroll up to see the original nastiness.

I was PISSED to discover that I had ruined my dining room table because the water from the towel had soaked through...
Grrrrr.  Anyone know how to fix water marks on a black table?  I'm all ears.

Teh German arrived home around 3:45.  Our wedding present had arrived from Teh Running Bestie, so after Teh German changed, I had him FaceTime with Teh Running Bestie while I finished cleaning the chair and while we opened the gift... Which I failed to take a picture of.  But it's a super cool door wreath.  Half of it is German colors and the other half is America colors for the #GerMerikans.

We wrapped up FaceTime pretty quick and then we headed out for dinner with Teh Neighbor Besties.  We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom, then we went to the Professional Bull Riding (PBR) event at the Coliseum.

Teh German's hamster face...

Our face swap is horrifying.

It doesn't get better.

Dinner was painful, as dinner times at Mellow Mushroom tend to be.  Nonetheless, we survived.

The bull riding was actually pretty cool.  There were several riders who went longer than 8 seconds, which was cool.  We also saw a few incidents, which sucks for them, but was entertaining for me.

After PBR, we headed home.  I wasn't really tired (probably due to at least 3 sweet teas at dinner), so we stayed up and watched a few episodes of Mad Men after moving the cleaned chair to First Child Room.  We finally went to be around 0100/0130.


Sunday, Pax woke us up with 0600 barfs.  Usually he vomits between 0400-0500, so I appreciated him letting us sleep in.  Teh German let Pax out and I cleaned up the puke.  Then I peed and went right back to bed.  Teh German joined me soon after and we slept until about 1030.  I woke up with a headache on the left side of my face.  Again, I had wanted to run, but with a headache, it was a no go.  Instead, I got up, medicated, and headed downstairs.  I started doing one thing and I'd get distracted and then I'd start something else and get derailed again.  It was obnoxious.  I did manage to finally put my biology book in the office, finish creating the meal plan for the week, make a store list, and look up recipes.  I also ate a bowl of cereal and realized I'd missed the Women's March on Saturday.  Such is life.

While Teh German was outside scooping poop and cutting the mesh from the sod, I started beating down some homework.  Teh German eventually came inside.  Teh PT Husband had invited him over for smoking time.  I told Teh German that I'd meet him there in a little while since I wanted to accomplish more homework.

I finished up my homework around 3 and started the process of getting ready to head over.  About 30 seconds after getting up from my desk, Teh German called me to tell me it was time to stop doing homework and come over.  Convenient.

After putting on a bra and starting the laundry, I was about to leave the house when Teh German texted and called to ask me to deliver beer and his sunglasses when I came over.  Like a good wife, I fetched these items and headed over.

We ended up having pizza (again) and watching football.  And by we, I mean I ate wings and a piece of pizza and I finished up a book while everyone else ate pizza and watched foosball.  I headed home during the 2nd period of the Eagles game to do more laundry and prepare myself for Monday.

When I got home, I restuffed the pillows for the chair, did more laundry, let Pax sniff my stinks, pulled book 3 from the shelf, brushed my teeth, and headed to bed.  Teh German came home and started getting ready for bed and I ended up getting out of the bed no less than 3 times to do MORE laundry and other various tasks that would come to mind.


Mama, I lubs yer stankyness.  ~Pax

Eventually though, it was sleepy time and the weekend was over and I was sads.


It was a solid weekend.  A good balance of homework and housework and socializing.  Anyone know where I can find more of that?  I'm interested.

I didn't post on Friday.  It just didn't happen because real life took over.  Pretty sure no one missed anything significant.  Well, that's a lie.  I opened an Etsy shop to sell signs that I've made after creating a Dirty Dishes Flowchart for the kitchen at work and getting a lot of feedback on my personal FB page about it.

This week consists of:
-Running.  The Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15k is on Feb 4th and I'd like to not feel like I did after the CHS half.
-homework, of course.
-finalizing some Australia honeymoon details
-starting the process of planning Germany in December
-calling the banks to get my name changed.  /wrist
-I'm pretty sure my daith/rook piercing is slightly infected and it's a bit sore, so a week of washing it in the shower should get it straightened out, but it sucks right now.
-Reading books.  Swimming Lessons (ebook), Tales of the Otori book 3 (hard copy), and Outlander 6 (audio).
-Getting new earbuds.  My new Anker earbuds were jacked up when I wanted to use them on Saturday, even though I'd just used them on Thursday.  I submitted an issue on the Anker site (vs Amazon site) and I'm hoping they will exchange mine since I've not had them for 30 days.
-Not exploding on my German teacher for not letting me participate in class.  Even when I say the answer these stupid Cadets don't know it.  Which in turn makes me hate everyone even more.
-Browsing the Facebook Marketplace for a white dresser for the guest room. 

FYI: 12 more days till my birfday!!!!

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  1. Wow, you had a packed weekend. And so much laundry! Once I'm in bed, there's no way I'm getting back out of it to do laundry!

    I'm English and I would say someone is "in hospital". No "the". Definitely not "at hospital" though. I mean, I would say I'm "at the hospital visiting (who is in hospital)" but "at hospital" just sounds weird to me. Maybe it's a regional thing?


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