Friday, January 12, 2018

Five on Friday #135

EINS - Random things

-Just as I anticipated, one of my projects assigned a document to me on Tuesday afternoon for review.  I'm not annoyed at having to do my job.  I'm annoyed that they waited for a week before assigning it to me, which is a week that I could have been doing it and not worrying about the million hours of math tasks I have to accomplish between now and April.

-Not having to spend a fortune on textbooks brings me great joy.  There is no book for my Photoshop class.  The book for my computer science class is online and had a discount since we used it last semester ($30).  The book for my math class isn't required, only the online access code for doing homework ($88).. But the same book is used for Calc 2, so it might be worth it to purchase it.  I haven't decided.  The book for my German class is the same book we used in German 101 ($185 if you divide the total by 2 semesters).  I ordered previous version of my Biology book ($13) and paid for the online access code ($70).  What this really means is that I get to carry my super awesome outer space backpack this semester since everything will fit!

-I helped the new guy out on Monday morning on his first day with various issues and on Thursday, there was a Starbucks gift card sitting on my desk with a thank you note written on it.  The acknowledgement was nice and I have a feeling this guy will be a good PM and I think I'd be ok with being on his team.

-The Pixel 2 is a pretty simple transition from a Samsung Galaxy (S6).  The biggest issue I'm having is that the virtual keys are under the keyboard and I'm not used to it yet so I keep hitting them, which is annoying.  I think overtime it will get better though.  Otherwise, I'm pleased with my life choice.  The only hitch is that the charging port is USB type-C, so that means all new charging cables for my entire life.

-My Calculus teacher is almost obnoxiously energetic.  I guess he could be the opposite, which is worse, so I don't mind.

-I think this will be a pretty good semester.
MWF: Photoshop, Computer Science 2, Calculus 1, German 2.
T/TH: Biology, Calculus 1
W: afternoon Bio lab

-I have to thoroughly clean one of the chairs I bought this week and I really don't have time this weekend.  Class, work, dinner today.  Half marathon, socializing on Saturday.  Brunch, homework on Sunday.  I'm out of class on Monday and off work, but I need to accomplish some work things and will probably still be working on homework.  Soooo yeah.  Did I mention I have company this weekend too?  #ItsHardToBeMe #TestingTheLimitsOfMyAnxietyPills

-Last night, there were FOUR puzzle masters working on The Devil Puzzle.  That bitch is gettin' done and off my table by Monday at bedtime.  Even if that means bedtime is at 4am.

-It's Restaurant Week in Charleston, which means that places that I am too poor to eat at offer specials for the poor people and we can afford to eat there if we've been saving up for the 2x a year occurrence.  Many places offer a specific number of courses (usually 2/3) for a set dollar amount, i.e. 3 courses for $45 at a fancy steak house where steaks are normally $40+ and sides are $10-15 for family portions.  Anyways, I got reservations for tonight.  #likeaboss

-This week, I had to send out a poll for a friend if telling your Husband to stop acting like a child was acceptable after he'd been having mini tantrums all afternoon and you'd finally gotten fed up when he banged his fist on your (already broken) electronic device you were letting him borrow.  Turns out, it's acceptable.  Turns out, everyone else remembered why Teh German was acting out before I did.  We had company coming the next day and he always gets "out of sorts"... /rolleyes

-The new cleaning lady brought me joy.  She's super nice and they did a better job than the first cleaner.  There were some things that were missed and I didn't love, but overall, better.  Our closet floor didn't get vacuumed and the kitchen floor was mopped but didn't look like it.  I also disliked that they used a vacuum on the downstairs floors, but it didn't have a hard floors setting, so the brush was on and throwing shit everywhere, which is why vacuums have that hard floor setting...  I'm going to mention these things before she comes back next time.  Also, she started the washing machine with the dirty linens from our bed.  All I had to do was put them in the dryer and fold them.  I accomplished the put the in the dryer part.  Gold star for me!

-We got a new dental insurance company which sucks because they don't cover the dentist I've been going to for the last few years, so now I have to find a new dentist.  In good news, Teh German now has dental insurance (#BestWifeEver) so I'll be making a "couples" appointment for us.  JK.  I'll just be making 2 appointments. 

-Going to visit Chrio before any half marathon is my new favorite thing.  Especially when I'm really out of whack.  I'd been trying to pop via foam roller and roller balls for days and it wasn't cutting it.  Chiro set me back in place and I'll be able to run without pain tomorrow!  Woot!

-Oh yeah, I'm running the Charleston Half Marathon tomorrow morning.. entirely for the Rainbow Row medal.  Teh Running Bestie picked up my race packet this afternoon and she was sneaky sneaky and signed me up (i.e. paid) for the 2019 half since she deferred her marathon this year due to her surgery.

ZWEI - Money spent

-Chair from FB Marketplace for Guest Room
-Slipcovers for said chair.
-A ring holder for the kitchen window
-ALL THE AWESOME DECORATIONS for First Child Room and Guest Room.  When they are finished, I'll have to share pics.
-More succulents from Lidl.
-New charging cables for my new phone.  /headdesk #Ididthistomyself
-Books and supplies for skool
-Reward sweet tea for surviving my first days of school.
-Another chair from FB Marketplace for First Child Room
-Organ Attack expansion
-More groceries

DREI - Things from my phone

Photoshop is making my computer give me the blue screen of death...
Troubleshooting in progress, but ugh I have other things to do.

I've been decorating via FB Marketplace.
I bought 2 oversized chairs this week.
It was fortutious that Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom were in town to help me yesterday afternoon.

We exchanged Christmas presents with Teh Running Bestie.
She gave me the bride and groom Mickey ears ornaments!
Teh German received a more traditionally German ornament.

Our first project in our Photoshop is a clown themed magazine cover.
While I wanted to work on it, my computer crashed 3 times ensuring that all work was lost.
Why the shit are people so enamored by creepy clowns? 
No me gusta.

School and work make for a quiet week.

VIER - Things from the Internet

Mario Batelli included a recipe with his sexual harassment apology letter.  Someone made them and gave us her thoughts as she did.  SOLID.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. School finally starting back - getting into a routine helps me thrive.  Even if it's a stressful routine.
  2. Being able to go cheap on all my books.
  3. Managing to get a reservation at a pretty fancy restaurant on a Friday night during Charleston Restaurant Week for 6 people.  #likeaboss
  4. Not having forgotten ALL of my computer science lessons.
  5. My German teacher prompting me about my new last name on the first day of class since it was my maiden name on her attendance roster.
  6. Friends who travel a mabillionty hours to visit me... on the regular.
  7. Extra 4-leggers in the house!
  8. "Nesting"... Megan style.  Decorating House finally.
  9. Math with numbers.
  10. Homework.  As sick as that is, knowing that I always have something to do brings me a mild comfort..  Yes, I'm weird.  We've accepted this about me.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Buy textbooks was always so heartbreaking...I think more so it was the trying to sell them back. Glad you're getting some deals though! Who da fuck includes a recipe with a letter like that?! "I'm so let's forget about all of it, make this dessert, & it'll be like nothing ever happened."


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