Friday, January 26, 2018

Five on Friday #136

EINS - Random things

-Having homework due every day is a real kick in the pants.

-I feel like I've gained the freshman 15 in a month.  Except it's 10 pounds.  Still, it's the worst.

-Last week I went to the gym at The Citadel before class.  I was disgruntled to learn that there is a hot water "problem" on campus where you have to let the water run for about 10+ minutes for it to get warm.  I didn't have 10 minutes.  So I took a very delicate bird-esque bath.  I'm still pissed off about it and haven't been to the gym again.

-People at my work place seem to have an issue with putting their dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  Sooooo, I made a flowchart and posted it over the sink.  #QueenofPassiveAggressiva

-Then, based on Roux's Humom's suggestion, I created an Etsy shop to sell other signs/typography projects I've created.  There's not much on there now, but I do love typography and I'd love to create some simple things to put up that people can purchase for cheap.  I don't need to sell anything for $20, but a few bucks for something I spent some time on doesn't hurt my feelings.

-There was a fire alarm while I was at the DMV getting my new driver's license.  Unlike in school when there is a fire drill, we all looked around at each other like, "This can't really be happening right now."  And then we all walked outside and waited for 5 minutes on the fire department to arrive.  Fortunately, it didn't really take that long and operations resumed right away when we all filed back inside.

Just waiting on this fire drill/alarm to end....

-The new guy at work (who gave me the Starbucks gift card) is sending my resume off to a customer to see if I can be on their project.  I'm excited and anxious at the same time.  I'm excited because new project!  Scared because I have a pretty hefty work load at school right now and I don't mind my light work load.  This will definitely mean more work.  Butttt that also means being more visible which means more responsibility which means professional growth which means promotions which means money.. I mean obviously I'm looking wayyy far into the future, but a woman has to take care of her business.

-We decided to not take the (office) Christmas tree down this year and instead we're leaving it up and decorating it for each seasonal holiday.  Since our corporate office is in New Orleans, we did a Marti Gras theme.  I'm proud of our efforts.

I love Marti Gras with every bead of my heart.

-I've been dealing with some EPIC PMS and holy fuck I'm ready for it to end already.  Some months I don't really notice, but this month I have been irritable and short with everything and everyone and Cadets are fucking stupid and don't listen to directs and sleep in class and Teh German says I can't be mean to him for no reason (for instance, flaking on going to get Mexican after I forgot the crockpot Monday) and then he goes and gets me Willie Jewell's bread pudding in his house pants and I've been in the bed by 9, if not before, every night this week.. because PMS is real, ya'll.  If you notice that mega huge shitty sentence, that is an accurate analogy of my brain this week.

-My Photoshop class is really a fuck-off class for seniors and I'm hoping to learn some things, but our first assignment was to make a clown themed magazine cover and I was the only person in a class of 20 who didn't use: creepy clowns, politicians, or athletes.

Raise your hand if you love:
Highlights magazine, Modern Family, or any of the "articles" I created.
That better be everyone.

ZWEI - Money spent

  • Shoes from Payless that are too small so I will return them.
  • Groceries
  • Teh PT Kid's birthday present
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Metto
  • New snorkel
  • Alcohol for the bull riding
  • Car wash monthly subscription
  • DMV 
I'm about to drop some BIG ASS DOLLAZ on honeymoon things (flights, adventure tickets, AirBnB) as soon as my new credit card comes in.  I applied for a miles credit card since I know that plane tickets will always be in our future and since I'm about to do some traveling, we might as well get some of that shit paid for...  So I'm migrating from my Amazon Prime card to the miles card.  #WiseFinancialChoices

PS.  We are those people who charge everything to a credit card and pay it off completely every month.  This enables us to benefit from money that we are going to spend no matter what.  Again, I repeat.  We pay the ENTIRE balance EVERY MONTH as to not incur interest charges.  If I had to pay interest, I would not do this.  #ElCheapo

DREI - Things from my phone

Smores cereal for dinner after I forgot to put chicken in the crockpot before school/work.  Teh German judged me.  HE DON'T KNOW MY LIFE.

It was delicious and I have no regrets.
If your smores cereal doesn't look like this, then it's not the good smores cereal.
Trust me.

No but for real, Teh German did go in his "house" pants and get bread pudding from Willie Jewells so we could eat it with vanilla ice cream.  #BestHusbandEver

When you realize that you've become your mother:

Teh Sister informed me that Teh Mom used to use the blue kind...
To which I had to tell her that the blue kind wasn't available or I would have bought it instead.

We were discussing the downfall of society in relation to the Tide Pod Challenge and Roux's Humom sent me this joke for the whiteboard and I was happy to write it up.

I hear it's easy to convince ladies not to eat Tide Pods,
it's a little harder to deter gents.

VIER - Things from the Internet

Being an empowered woman doesn't just happen overnight.  Girls have to be raised to be empowered women.  That is our responsibility as a society.

This story about saying ok, even though it's really not ok hit too close to home.

Dear Men, we're NOT sorry that women's rights isn't about you.  And even though that is the case, it doesn't mean we wouldn't like your support.

Marriage advice I wish people would have said... vs acting like our lives are going down the drain now that we're married..  PS.  Don't buy that book since the summation of the book is on the internet for free.  #SmarterNotHarder

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Being ahead on homework.
  2. Plans to go to Willie Jewells for Teh PT Kid's birthday and getting to spoil him a little.
  3. Completing the last of the name change stuff besides my passport, which I'm waiting on.
  4. Someone asking for my resume and finding that it was current (which I had forgotten about).
  5. An awesome group of vet students in my Calc class who are willing to work together on homework and get shit done in a timely fashion.
  6. Props from my Photoshop instructor about my project looking like it could be purchased as is from a grocery store and him having no "constructive criticism" that needed to be said.
  7. Being in the bed by 9 every night.
  8. Running on Monday morning.
  9. Bread pudding.
  10. Sweet tea in the fridge.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Seriously with the Tide Pods... why did this even become a thing?? I love the flow chart that you made lol.

  2. I really needed all those articles, so thank you.

  3. I forget to put chicken in the crock pot all the time. It drives me insane. I love your Highlights cover! Modern Family is one of our favorite shows and I was obsessed with that magazine when I was little. That dishwasher flow chart is awesome. If I post it in my home, will my husband take a hint??? Hahahaha.


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