Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekend Review {1/8}


I got up and worked on Friday.  Teh German stayed in bed and I finally had to yell at him to get him to come downstairs because "MY COFFEE WON'T MAKE ITSELF!"  #notsorry  Back story: I tried to make coffee recently and it was horrible and I used too much coffee and not enough water and I'm pretty sure that you could have stood up a knife in it because it was so strong...  After that, I told Teh German that he was officially the coffee maker and I admitted defeat.  

While I worked, Teh German worked on green card paperwork and I broke down and filled out one of the forms for him, since it was all my information and it was easier than transcribing to him.  He was irritated at how quickly I was able to fill out the form and I had to remind him of all the security clearance paperwork I've done over the years.  He also didn't like when I used my VX-1 job against him and gave him advice on how to best fill out the forms. 

In the evening, we went out to dinner with Roux's Humom and Mr. Golfer and Teh PT Family.  We were all going stir crazy, so I made a few calls to see who was open and we agreed on a local place that I hadn't been to before.

When we got home at 7:30, Teh German took to the couch and watched the Stingrays game while I puzzled and listened to my audiobook. 

I ended up finally going to bed around 0130.  Oops.


Saturday morning we got a slow start and Teh German and I made a plan to go to Sam's and take care of some shopping.  We decided to peruse the aisles and we accidentally fell in love with a liquor cabinet that we silently agreed we needed.  As Teh German got the cabinet loaded into the truck, I finished up the rest of the shopping.  We had planned to go to Lidl, but Teh German didn't want to leave the cabinet in the back of the truck, so we headed home. 

Roux's Humom was watching Frozen for the first time while we were in Sam's and she was live texting it to me.
I found this big Elsa head pillow a fitting selfie to send her.

We went through the disastrous process of unloading the cabinet and getting it set up (it was already assembled, but we had to balance the feet and put it where we wanted).  If you've ever dealt with another human being you will understand me when I say, I take an exuberant amount of pleasure when I make a suggestion for a way to do something, the suggestion is aggressively shunned, and then something happens and it's completely not your fault AND it wouldn't have happened at all if things had been done the way you suggested...  Yeah, well.. that happened when Teh German chipped the bottom of the cabinet because he'd leaned it over instead of flipping it over like I suggested.  I didn't say a single word AND I didn't even smile.  But you can bet Inner Megan was being her snarkiest.  Fortunately, he was able to glue the chipped piece back on and you can't really tell AND it's on the not visible side. 

We had plans with the Street Cool Kids at 6 for a birthday gathering and we trekked through the cold and arrived at 6:25.  We ended up leaving around 0255.  Oops.  #PartyAnimals 


Since it was a late night, I didn't sleep in because why would I do something like that?  I woke up at 0930 and messaged Teh PT Wife and propositioned her for brunch and shopping.  She took me up on it and we headed to Charleston Cafe and Deli for brunch and then we headed to At Home for several hours.  We also made a stop at Lidl to pick up some items that I hadn't gotten at Sam's because too much is a thing.  Once we got home and unloaded the car, we walked the beasts with Roux's Humom.  After that, Teh PT Wife and I agreed that we should order Chinese for dinner and watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2.. and so it was.

My dog is a groundhog, or a mole, or any other vermin that burrows into the ground.

Teh German is Max's favorite human I think.
Look at that smile in the top picture.


Evolution of the Devil's Puzzle:

Slow and steady wins the race.

We still have snow on the ground and it makes me smile every time I see it.  Even though I was behind several morons this morning who were unable to drive in icy conditions. 

Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom will be here in a few days!  YAY!

I think my phone shipped.  I think.  I'll find out if it arrives tomorrow.

I got a million and one (i.e. 2) returns to send back to Amazon and Teh German needs to go to the post office and I have a return for Walmart and JCPenny.  UUUUGGGHHHH.

I am on the hunt for chairs for the bedrooms.  Apparently, 2018 is my year to NEST.  I'm making our house a home and I'm decorating and shit.  Nesting isn't just for pregnant women, so before that thought bubble surfaces, let me go ahead and pop it.  NO.  I'm thinking that 2018 is the year for painting and such too!  Teh German is already quivering in his boots.  #notsorry

School starts on Wednesday.  My Photoshop syllabus actually states, "Clowning around" during week 3.  Yes please and thank you very much.  I just finished signing up for the Bio class that I was hoping would be full so I couldn't take it.. buttt now I can and I will.  Ugh.  Getting shit done.  I don't think my boss is going to be too thrilled about me missing my morning meeting every day... #oops.


  1. LOL I want to take that Photoshop class. I just got new coffee & I need to figure out how to make it. It's definitely stronger than what I've been buying & now I need to adjust.

  2. I had to fill in forms for a doctor recently and at the appointment she complemented me on how easy my writing was to read. Suck on that German boyfriend who told me I didn't need to complete it in block capitals!

    We had snow for like half a day in December and nothing since. This is supposed to be Switzerland... where's the snooow?

    1. We had to learn "recruit handwriting" when I was in bootcamp and it is the block capitals. I still use it to this day on forms for people... especially for Teh German! I know he struggles with my cursive handwriting.

      The snow is melting and I haz a sad.


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