Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Weekend Review {01/02}

Don't judge me, but my motivation to blog has been remarkably low.  You probably didn't notice, but I didn't even do a 2017 review.  I started one on Friday out of obligation and then didn't even finish it.  Meh.  That's where I am in life.  Part of me is like, but do you want to forget all this fun?  Another part of me is like, nothing was that remarkable.  You just need an excuse to do something with all those selfies.  It's complicated.  With these colds temps, my motivation dropped lower than it has been and it's a good thing there's no school right now.  All I want to do is stay home and nap.


We had some freezing rain on Thursday night and I came outside to see Teh German's truck frozen over.  There were icicles... in Charleston!  Mind = blown.

It was jammie day at work and I was in my element.  All my teachers used to comment on my pajama wear that I'd wear to school.  Obviously, I knew something they didn't. 

Teh Sister made matching PJ pants for Teh German and I.
I rocked those bad boys.

I sent this Megan-made meme to Teh German on Friday morning.  It was a tongue in cheek joke.  The bobber bike had been strung up in the garage for a month and Teh German was waiting on someone to call him to tell him to pick up the wheels for the bike.  They originally told him it would take one week.  Over a month later and Teh German was pretty stabby about it.

The other big event of the day was that Company bought a kegarator and our last business day of 2017 was the "test run".  I wasn't into that, so instead when a coworker and I went out to the Brunch Holiday food truck, we made a pit stop at Food Lion so I could pick up some OJ and I happened upon some champagne that I might drink.

Teh German was apparently missing work since he was on vacation all week and felt the urge to apply his QA services to the new keg.  Fortunately, my coworkers don't mind Timo attending our functions.  And let's be honest, he's drinking my portion of the beer.  After he arrived at Company, I headed out to the Social Security office.  I had planned on leaving earlier, but when Teh German told me he was coming to company, I felt like it would be nice to be there to greet him. 

I was at the SS office for a little over an hour.  I know I dozed off during that time.  After my paperwork was filed, I headed back to Company for some beverages.  Around 5, I asked Teh German what he wanted to do for dinner and we agreed on pizza.  We invited Teh Neighbor Besties and headed to a different Famulari's than we normally go to since we had a Groupon.

We shared some appetizers and Teh German ended up being suuuuper drunk and got the hiccups and was generally a dick.  Teh AF Maintainer drove Teh German and his truck home.  Teh German immediately went to bed when he got home and I stayed up.  I finished my audiobook and hard copy book and worked on The Devil's Puzzle until it was way past my bedtime.


Saturday started with Teh German rolling over and apologizing to me for being a dick the night before.  With that out of the way, we got a slow start to the day.  We had a new cleaning lady stop by after breakfast to give us an estimate and after she left I worked on puzzle for a little bit.  Teh German eventually went to pick up his wheels.  When he got home, he wasn't excited as I expected.  BECAUSE THEY PAINTED THEM THE WRONG COLOR.  You guys, I almost pulled the Tiger Wife out and drove out to this fucktard shop and gave them a piece of my mind. 

I could tell Teh German was beaten down by how long it had taken and he just wanted the wheels on the bike and for the project to be done.  Additionally, they told him that it would cost him another $150 to get the wheels painted red like he had originally wanted.  He was very disappointed, yet still put the wheels on the bike.

After Bob was completely together, Teh German asked me if I wanted to go on a ride.  I agreed and we rode down to the Battery.  We stopped for some photos (and for Teh German to give his butt a break) and then we headed home. 
Side note: It's super adorable when kids want to watch us ride and/or wave at us.

#HumbleBrag: Thursday, Teh German and I finally set up his Navy Federal account.  After going to the branch and being told we could it online, we headed home.  We weren't able to do it online, but we were successful doing it over the phone.

After Navy Fed, I called Progressive and merged our vehicle/motorcycle insurance.  It seemed more complicated than it needed to be and after waiting 20 minutes, I finally hung up.  In an awesome turn of events, the customer service rep actually called me back and we finished setting everything up.  Which is the real reason why Teh German was able to take out Bob on a ride.  Bob is street legal!

When we got home, Twin Dad asked Teh German if they were going to meet up to watch the UFC fight.  I wasn't really interested in the fight, but I was interested in dinner.  Teh German drove to pick up Twin Dad and I met them at Charleston Sports Pub for dinner.  Since discovering grilled chicken tenders at bars, my life has been changed for the better.  I don't feel like I'm eating garbage and I don't have to deal with working to eat my food like if I had gotten traditional chicken wings. 

I had warned the server that I would require some fried oreos when we had ordered entrees, so he knew what I meant when I flagged him down about 15 minutes after we finished eating and said, "It is time."

After dessert, I sat around for a few more minutes and then headed out because I really dislike watching people beat the shit out of each other for no reason (at least in hockey there's usually a purpose).

When I went home, I decided to warm up (the cold on the ride felt like it had permeated my bones) with a bath.  I watched a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy and then headed to bed to read for a little while before it was time for lights out.

I barely even woke up with Teh German came home.  I didn't even bother to look at the time.


Sunday was a slow day.  We had planned with the GLCK to host a NYE "bash" with pajamas encouraged (obviously a huge trend to my weekend was pajamas).

I woke up to a hairy ass.
Meri had laid between my legs and was using my butt as her pillow.

We needed to pick up some ingredients for dinner since Teh German was making German food, Currywurst, Käsespätzle, and fries.  We also had purchased pretzels and pretzel rolls and kaiser rolls...  All 4 German food requirements checked off: potatoes, sausage, cheese, and bread.  We headed to Lidl to do our shopping and then Publix to find Spätzle.  Teh German almost had a breakdown when he realized that a small back of Spätzle was $4. 

When we got home, groceries were put away and Teh German did things and I went outside and scooped approximately a mabillionty bags of poop from the back yard while listening to my new audiobook.

There were SEVEN half full bags of poop.
I put a bag on the pan and then when I can't add anymore poop, I remove the bag and add another.

After I came inside, Teh German and I worked on taking down the remaining Christmas decorations.  I told Teh German he could leave up the tree, but when I turned around to check on the status, the ornaments were taken off and half the lights were removed and I just let it go. 

I'm a genius and we actually transported the Christmas tree in a fitted sheet. 
After I got most of the water out of the stand, I slid the tree onto the center of a fitted sheet.  When it was time to move the tree, we pulled the sheet up as far as it would go (to catch the needles) and then moved the tree.  This meant that most of the needles were caught by the sheet instead of leaving a trail through our house!  This is the same way we got the tree inside too.  I'm already planning on going to the thrift store next fall to buy 2 fitted sheets for next year's tree.  I ended up tossing both sheets this year since they were pretty messed up from some crafting projects and then tree sap.  You're welcome for that ingenious idea.

We got to Skype with Zee Germans in the afternoon since it was later on NYE there.

Teh German started dinner while I puzzled.  Eventually Teh Neighbor Besties came over and we enjoyed German foods for dinner.  After dinner, I permitted Teh German and Teh PT Husband to smoke cigars in the vented garage since it was really cold outside.  Inside, we played some Watch Ya Mouth.  PSA: If your mouth guard is hurting your mouth, try a bigger guard. 

After a bit, we all came back inside.  We played some Heads Up and then some SongPop, which was a disaster since the party version of the game is garbage on the Apple TV.  Boo.  Eventually, Teh German turned on the ball drop for us. 

I'd threatened Teh German with not sleeping in our bed 5 minutes before this picture because he was pissing me off so bad.
When the clock struck midnight, we reset and we liked each other again.

Soon after midnight, everyone headed home and we headed to bed.


Monday morning, I went out shopping with Teh PT Wife.  I found some items I probably could have lived without, but succumbed to commercialism anyways.  I practiced socializing like Teh Running Bestie taught me: talking to kids while we all waited in line to check out.  Teh PT Wife said I wasn't even creepy, which was a plus.  #SCORE

Teh Mom had this set when I was growing up.

I finished up the shopping trip with an Auntie Anne's pretzel, which was as solid of a life choice as a Publix cupcake for breakfast.  When I got home, I showed Teh German my loot and made him try on the things I purchased for him.  Only 1 return necessary! 

After going through everything, I headed upstairs and read for a bit and laid down for a nap.  Teh German came upstairs around 6 and hung out with the family (Pax and Meri had been napping with me on the bed... /swoon) for a few minutes.  Eventually, we all headed downstairs for dinner time.  We had leftovers and then opted for a few episodes of Mad Men.  We also tried to workout the SongPop issues, but it wasn't to be.  Instead, we both downloaded the game and now we're playing against each other.

Eventually, it was bedtime... and I couldn't sleep since I had napped too late.. which is exactly what Teh German said was going to happen and I just hate it when he's right.


Overall, a great end to 2017 and a great start to 2018.
This is my last school-less week and I'm already dreading the start of school.  Or that could be general tiredness from shitty sleeps last night?  Who knows.

Goals for this week:
  • Finalize Australia details.  
    • Purchase diving trip.
    • Find Sydney AirBnB
    • Find flights
  • Figure out Germany details for Dec 2018.
    • Flights/dates
  • Upload media to WeddingMix site so our wedding video can be created.
  • Track down my advisor about my science class problem.
  • Return shit to Kohl's and JCPenny
  • Post a blog on Friday?  (Wednesday's post is already scheduled)
  • Workout/run.  I have a half marathon coming up in less than 2 weeks.  I should act like.
  • Prepare for Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom's visit.
  • Not forget to change the garage code for the new cleaning lady...

Happy 2018, Gentle Readers.

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