Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekend Review {01/15}


Friday was kind of a normal day.. except for the part where Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom had arrived on Thursday night and all I wanted to do was to NOT be in school/at work.  Ah, such is life.

Since it is Restaurant Week in Charleston, Teh PT Wife and I agreed we should all go out to somewhere on the list.  I was able to find an open reservation for 6 at Grill 225 downtown.  It was pretty good.  Probably not as good as the prices would indicate, but there were no less than a mabillionty glasses on the table, so I'm assuming that's why the prices were so inflated.  I will say their desserts were on point.


Saturday morning we were up early for my half marathon.  It was my first run with cheerleaders!  It was awesome being one of the people that had personal signs and knew someone on the sidelines.  It was extra convenient after I forgot my sunglasses and earbuds and I needed tissues.  I texted Teh German to ask him to deliver my forgotten goods to Teh Running Bestie to give to me since he was already planning on going on a ride.

Not only did I forget my essentials, I also didn't dress properly.  The temperature actually dropped after the sun came up.  Yeah, good times.  It was 49°F when I woke up and it was 38°F when the race started.

At the start line

Here we go...

It was cold.

I've officially run the Battery.
Usually, I'm here with Bagheera and Teh German.
It's overrated, but at least I had a tailwind.

My cheerleaders.



My cheerleaders found my name at packet pickup and so I figured it was a perfect photo op when it was laying on the ground.

Stretching post-race.

After the run, we agreed to grab breakfast at the Charleston Deli and Bakery (aka the Jewish deli).  It was everything I needed it to be.

After brunch, we ran an errand and then we headed to meet Teh German and Teh PT Husband and Wife at a Cornhole Tournament.  Teh Running Bestie and I were battling headaches and I was so incredibly sore after the run that I could barely walk.  I was limping VERY badly.  We stayed long enough to show face and then headed home.

Medal selfie!
There is GLITTER on this bad boy!

I medicated before I laid down for a nap and iced my knees and hips as I laid in bed.  I woke up to a call from Teh PT Wife telling me it was time to wake up and meet them at Willie Jewell's for dinner.  I was still struggling at walking and my head was still trying to explode, so I medicated again.

While at dinner, I started to feel better.. I'm assuming the meds started to work.  After dinner, we came home and worked on puzzle.  Even Teh PT Wife put in a few pieces.  Teh PT Husband had to come over and visit his girlfriend, Olive.


Originally, we had planned to go to brunch, but since we went to the Bakery on Saturday after the run, we just opted to stay home.  We had cereal and Teh German made bacon.

Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom headed downtown to play tourist and do a carriage tour.  I sat at the computer and did homework for all my life.

When they got home, Teh German and I started on dinner while they worked on The Devil Puzzle.

Currywurst, kasespatzel, red cabbage.


After the puzzle was complete (1 piece missing), we immediately broke it apart and cleaned off the table.  It was like my brain let out an audible sigh of relief.

Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom headed to bed at a reasonable hour since they were getting up early to get on the road.  I stuck it out for a little while longer to complete more math.  FML


This was my Monday:

After sending off Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom, we headed back to bed.  What I thought was a forced holiday turned out not to be so I also threw in some work stuffs during the day.  #CommunicationFailure  #Sigh

I took a break in the evening to eat dinner and then went back to the fun world of math.  I also took a 2nd break to watch an episode of Mad Men with Teh German because my brain really needed a break.

After finally finishing up the section I had been working on all day, it was bedtime.  Of course, I couldn't sleep because I'd done nothing but look at the computer all day.


It was a good visit from Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom.  Sadly, I wasn't able to do all the fun things they did, but they did come to my race and cheered me on.  It was my first time having cheerleaders and it really gives you something to look forward to when you're trekking 13.1 miles.

The run was... meh.  Having forgotten my earbuds, I took to making friends.  This run, I made a friend named John who is from Tulsa, OK.  We talked about where he should eat in Charleston and he told me about bbq balogna in OK.  He was doing the full marathon and we had to part ways at mile 10.  I did get his number and texted him in case he had any Charleston questions.  My cheerleaders had met up with Teh German who had delivered my earbuds and after I parted ways with John, I set about turning on my audiobook.. at which point I realized (for the 2nd time) that I don't have a headphone jack.  FML.  Soooo I was back to making more friends.

By this point, my knees and hips (more so my non-surgery hip than my surgery hip) were really starting to hurt.  I noticed a lady running around my same pace with a race shirt on that said "Waldorf Kia" on it, which happens to be the same Kia dealer that I would take Yurtle to when I was in MD.  Small world.  We chatted for the last 3 miles.  She was upset that she didn't get the time she wanted, even though we fought a killer headwind for the last 10ish miles of the race and she was sick!  Runners be cray, yo!  After we crossed the finish line, she gave me a hug!  It was super sweet.

I limped my way to Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom.  No idea why I was so broken after the race, but I hope that shit never happens again.  Just FYI: my surgery hip is fine.  It actually hurt the least of everything!

I'm finally starting to get into the school routine, even though I definitely went to my MWF 0800 classroom instead of my TH 0800 this morning (Tuesday).  Oops.  I realized with enough time to get to class on time and not have to rush, but it was really cold outside and I didn't like it.  Teh German is also finally starting to figure out my routine after some confusion.  I had to tell him again that everyday I have school and work now.  It's confusing after last semester.  Holy crap we are such creatures of habit.

This week includes:
-A million years of homework.
-The rodeo or bull riding or some redneck shit that Teh German is going to like that Teh PT Wife talked me into on Saturday.
-A group is coming to pick up a large batch of donation stuff tomorrow.  WOOT.
-Running.  I have to run.  Atlanta Hot Chocolate 15k on Feb 4th.  Cannot feel like I need a wheelchair afterwards.
-Documents that need editing.. that I've already worked on, except it was the wrong document because some people keep two very similar copies of shit just to piss me off and waste my efforts.  /headdesk
-A possibility of snow?  I can tell you it's cold as a witch's titty in a metal bra outside.  Everything is dry and there isn't enough humidity to keep my skin from being scaly.  Ugh.

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