Wednesday, January 24, 2018

15 Things That Make My Life Easier... part 1

I've seen this prompt go around the blog-o-sphere (if you will) recently and I liked it.  Not only did I get some helpful pointers, I also reaffirmed some of my life choices.  So let me share what I do to make my life easier... in no particular order.

1.  Make a weekly menu

This task helps me accomplish multiple things.
1.  I am able to inventory what we have available in the pantry/freezer/fridge.
2.  I take the opportunity to pull things out of the freezer that we will be eating that week.
3.  I add items to the grocery list if I need them.
4.  I am able to plan meals around our schedule.  If I know I will be at work all day and not be home until after 6pm, then I try to cook something in the crockpot so dinner is mostly ready when I get home.

2.  Keep 1 extra on hand (at least)

I hate running out of things.  I make sure that there are always spare rolls of toilet paper in every bathroom.  We always have an extra deodorant/body wash/shampoo/etc on hand.  I'm in the process of hunting down a quart size mason jar (not wide mouth) so I can always have laundry soap made.  This ensures that I don't have to "stress" about going to the store immediately if we run out of something.  This also applies in the pantry.  We always have at least 1 can of peas/corn/green beans on hand for nights that I just cannot prepare a fresh veggie.  PS.  You will never see me go to the store every day to pick up items for dinner.  Nope, nope, nope.

3.  10 foot charging cables

Does this seem excessive?  #donotcurr
With a 10 foot charging cable, I can lay in my bed comfortably and still be on my phone.  Also, I run it through the headboard so I don't have to pick up the cable off the floor every night.  #aintnobodygottimefordat

Longer charging cables also come in handy when I travel and have no idea where the power outlets are going to be.  With a 10 foot cable, I might still be able to reach my phone when the outlet is far away.

4.  Saying no

If I'm trying to be nice about it, I'll say something like, "I can't make that kind of commitment right now."  Essentially, this is me taking my time into consideration and judging my own value.  When I'm stressed and frazzled, I'm not at my best.  Saying no to things means more time for myself and for doing things I want to do, rather than doing things I don't necessarily like doing.

5.  Hiring someone else to do things

I hired a cleaning lady.  I frequently use Walmart Grocery so I don't have to go into the store.  Amazon Smile Prime (not an affiliate link, but you can set up a charity it Amazon will donate a % of most purchases to a charity of your choice) and I are besties.  There are times when I enjoy walking through the store, but mostly I do not enjoy it, so I find ways not to do it.  Before Teh German came into my life, I often hired someone to mow the lawn.  I usually pay someone to wash my car.  Sometimes, it really is about my convenience because at the end of the time, "Time is money, Friend!" (World of Warcraft Goblin).

Things That Make My Life Easier:


  1. 1) I've been doing a monthly menu plan and it's seriously such a lifesaver. Took a moment to get used to but now I love it.
    2) Yep, that is the beauty of Sam's. Also, I have deoderant EVERYWHERE- my work desk, my car, etc.
    3) Hubby got me an extended cord the Christmas before last, and I want another one...

  2. I need a new long cord. I had one for my old phone but haven't gotten one for my current phone yet. I miss it!

  3. YES to the long cord -- I got one for my phone and it was life-changing (dramatic? maybe). also, as you know, that mug warmer saved me recently, too -- i was also reheating coffee multiple times, and now it just stays hot. the things that make my life most easiest is when i spend my sundays prepping for the upcoming work week in some way -- cleaning, laundry, food shopping, meal prep, etc. I HATE starting off the week on the wrong foot.


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