Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday #22


I have absolutely ZERO plans for this weekend and I'm actually kind of excited about it.  Maybe I'll finish up Downton Abbey.  Maybe I'll (finally) clean my bathroom.  Maybe I'll work out? bahahha.  Whew, that was funny.  Maybe I'll write some blogs.. bahahah.  Whew, I'm full of ideas today.

Well crap.  I remembered that I am duty this weekend and next week and there's a greyhound meet and greet on Saturday.  So much for that lazy.


Anyone wanna buy me some tshirts??  I just wanna be pretty and have all the things.  Pretty sure these 3 shirts accurately describe everything about me you need to know.  Wardrobe = complete upon arrival.





The end of May signifies a whole blank calendar month to mark off each day for my countdown calendar.  I've never been so excited for the month to change.  Then again, I'm not really a huge fan of the month of May anyways. 


My having to deal with personal stuff this week has apparently been a huge hinderance to several people that need me for my special work talents.  I came in this morning to an unpleasant email from an LT about how he'd tried to find me 3 times this week (uhh, it's a short week, so good luck) and someone called me this morning to see if I'd taken care of a visit request from Wednesday afternoon.  Seriously?  Get off my ass people.  I take care of work as soon as I can.  It's not like I didn't do it because I didn't feel like it.  I wasn't at work to do work.  GARHH!  Get over it or find a work around. 

Probably accurate, even including the hair thing.  (source)
 And remember one of my confessions about having to do other people's work for them and being excited about that?  Yeah well, spoke too soon, because now we're getting the access to do this person's job for them.  I don't even like these good idea fairies with their stupid "good" ideas.  I don't want more work to do, I don't even care how good at it I am.  Work interferes with watching Pocahontas 2 (sorry not sorry that I'm in the Navy and "work" can include watching a Disney movie).


Really?  REALLY?

I saw this, this week at Golden Corral.  Keep it classy, SoMD. 

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Humpday Confessions #6

When Tuesday is actually Monday, my brain gets all confused.  Only a few more days left till the weekend!!  Thank Allah.

Vodka and Soda


-Listening to ESPN channels for 1.5 hours when the school kids arrive at my house in the afternoon makes me want to choke a baby.  (Dear Roomie, I know I could tell him to turn it off.)  Teh MD Adult Roomie has told me that I can tell him to turn it off, but the reality is, it wouldn't matter if it was ESPN or TNT or CBS or Oxygen or TBS, the noise would still annoy the shit out of me.  I don't mind when he can't find the sound system remote and the TV is on with no sound, that works for me.  It's just the obnoxious voice of that one girl who has been told to have that obnoxious "I'm a hot girl and I know about sports" personality or the sound of idiot sports players who shouldn't be given a microphone because they could barely pass 10th grade English and they have no idea what they are talking about and essentially end up rewording the question and making it a sentence or better yet, someone asks them about the game and they're like, "Well, I just look for openings and work with my team."  Yes, of course that's what you did.  You are on a sports TEAM.  And then the replays.  OMG the replays.  All.the.freakin.replays.  Because there's a million cameras around the court/field and we need to get a replay from each and every one with all the different angles, because seeing that ridiculous "victory dance" or touchdown or hole in one once just isn't enough.

Ok, maybe the fact that it's ESPN makes me especially prickly.

My face when someone defends ESPN.

-There's a guy at work with "ESPN" tattooed on his arm.  I judge the shit out of that guy.

This is my "You can't be serious" face.

-I may have gotten drunk one night last weekend and wrote a email full o' feelz before finally going to bed but had the sense to wait until I was sober to send it (cause Drunk Megan was drunk and Sober Megan is... smart-er...ish.y) and then didn't get the response I was wanting/expecting (please see above photo for my reaction).  1 more chance, but good game.  Boys are stupid.

-When they weighed me for my endoscopy consult, they didn't subtract any pounds for the fact that I was in uniform.  I was a bit irritated at that, because even the Navy takes off 8 pounds when you step on the scale in full uniform.  Those boots are heavy.  I've been working my ass off (literally), so seeing her put down something that I know was incorrect was irritating.

-Sandra Oh leaving Grey's and the episode with Burke makes me want to go back and rewatch seasons 1-3, which were the best seasons that ever aired.  Once the writer's strike happened during season 4, the show lost a LOT, IMO.

-I got my separation package from PSD yesterday which thrilled my stone cold heart.  As I was going through some Navy papers trying to find some of the requested information, I found the OCS package I was working on when I was stationed in VA Beach.  I'm not sure if it was a missed opportunity or if it worked out exactly as it should have.  I guess I'll never know.  The only thing I needed was interviews and to put the package together.  Oh well.

-I'd really like to save some money.  But I'd really like to buy ALL.THE.THINGS!!!  Phil needs more supplements (he gets more pills than I do each day), I've been eyeballin' some new t-shirts (and in my defense, it is finally summertime), I ruined my comforter a few weeks ago because it was too big for the washing machine... just stuff.  Stuff I can do without, but still.  ALL.THE.THINGS!!!

-I remembered to do this post after seeing Kathy's post yesterday.  YAY for memory jogs.

-When Kathy mentioned that she was considering ending the linkup, I wasn't too surprised.  It's my blogging lot in life that when I really like a link-up and I'm actively participating (and I've actually found other bloggers that I like reading, YAY!), the host decides to end it.  It's a rough life I lead.  Hopefully she's been talked into NOT ending the linkup, but still.  Not surprised, but plenty of sads were had.

-The extreme temperate difference between the upstairs and downstairs of my house irritates the shit out of me.  I was soooo miserable the other night because it was so hot.  I even had the fan on and the covers off and I just couldn't get comfortable.  I know its even hotter in the other bedrooms, so I was feeling particularly bad for Teh Roomies.

-I get 0 joys from starving the dogs until 5-6pm, as they think that any movement of any 2-legger or any sound in the kitchen/dining room is to facilitate feeding time after 2:30pm, and it's kind of obnoxious.  But I get all the joys from Meri not waking me up at 0300 because she's hungry.  She even slept until 6am this past weekend.  Ecstatic doesn't accurately convey my feelings.


-I'm going to Golden Corral for lunch today with Teh Australia Travel Buddy and his wife.  Golden Corral just opened up a few weeks ago, so I've not been to this one, nor have I been in probably a decade.  I'm sure its guaranteed to be an entertaining experience for everyone.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Having no shame...

Having a teenage roommate has enhanced my life in so many ways.  She gets to do lots of the chores that I dread doing and she's ridiculously easy to embarrass.

I wouldn't say I go out of my way to embarrass Teh MD Teenage Roomie, but... I might.

We were in Kohl's this weekend and I was looking for sports bras (because apparently when you use the ones you have, then tend to loose their control abilities more quickly that when you don't use them) and I was picking through the clearance section first.  Among all the things I wasn't looking for was a 48DDD bra.  I thought it was hilarious.  My intentions started out innocent.  I picked it off the rack and was going to show either Roomie how ridiculous it was.  I came upon Teh Teenage Roomie first.... and she immediately got embarrassed which only fueled my fire.

I chased her from the lingerie section back to the bedding section of Kohl's holding this monstrous bra up, yelling, "But, look!  It's so big!  Come back!  I just want to show you!  You'd even have growing room if you got this one!  Where's your Mom?  Come back!  I just wanna let you see it!  It's on clearance!  Only $5.00!!!!"

We found Teh MD Adult Roomie back in bedding and after she realized that I was yelling because I'm ridiculous and because I was harassing Teh Teenage Roomie, she just observed me harass her daughter.  Teh MD Teenage Roomie was hiding from me, so I decided to go one step further than just waving this massive boulder holder around.. I put it on over my clothes and tried to seek her out. 

Reduces up to 1.75 inches!!!
Because at this point, any reduction is significant.

This thing was so ginormous that my head didn't even fill the cup.
Then again, I do have a small head.

$5 for all this!
I should have purchased it on principle.

"Look!  I'm modeling it for you!  It's sooo roomy in here!"  She would start to come back up an aisle and I would find her and she'd run away again.  By this point, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I are crying from laughing so hard.  As I'm taking the bra off, there is a lady who was witnessing my antics with a little girl and she was also laughing at me.  She explained to us that her Mom would actually drive behind the bus and make faces at all the kids on the bus, but what I was doing was definitely more embarrassing than that.

I had finally given up the bra harassment and we had continued shopping.  I went back to the lingerie section to find sports bras again, since I had gotten distracted the first time, and found the sports bras, realized they weren't on sale and manged to make my way back to the clearance rack.  This time, I found a pair of granny panties.  HUUUUGGEEEEEE granny panties.

It was game on again.

I pulled the panties on over my clothes and went to seek out Teh MD Teenage Roomie, knowing how proud she was going to be of my fashion accessories.  As I was walking to find her, I remembered that there were actually TWO of the monster bras on the rack (I had left the original one hanging in bedding so someone else could get a laugh out of it), so I found the other one and had Teh MD Adult Roomie help me into it.  I was on a mission again.  I went hunting for Teh MD Teenage Roomie and found her in the purse section.  She's taller than me, so I think she caught a glimpse of the straps over my shirt, and she ran away yelling, "THIS ISN'T FUNNY MEGAN!" which only served to make her Mom and I cackle even harder while tears were streaming down our cheeks.  I yelled back, "Ok!  Ok!  I'll take it off!  Look, I'm holding up the 'white flag of truce.'"  At this point, plenty of people are watching what is happening and see this huge bra being held up over the racks of purses and accessories.  Teh MD Teenage Roomie rounds the corner to peek to make sure I'm serious and she decided to come back.  She turned the corner and sees me wearing the granny panties, which she hadn't been able to see before and immediately takes off in the opposite direction.  I chase her wearing these granny panties over my clothes and waving a magnormous bra in the air over my head into the hats/sunglasses section and finally stop chasing her because I have a feeling at any moment I'm about to get us kicked out of the store and well, I shop at Kohl's a lot and that would be pretty bad for my wardrobe.  I remove the underwear and return back to the lingerie section where Teh MD Adult Roomie is hunched over laughing and crying at the same time.  We return the bra back to the rack and the underwear back in their clearance bin.

Since I couldn't find a bra to spend my Kohl's cash on, I went back to bedding to look for a new comforter since my washing machine ate mine recently.  Teh MD Teenage Roomie was looking with me and the original bra was still hanging on a shelf and when she saw it she actually shivered and let out a groan.  Pretty sure I've given her big bra PTSD... and a day she will not likely forget anytime soon.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Christina is gone... dammit. dammit....

So I finished season 10 of Grey's Anatomy....  (PS.  there are spoilers to come, so stop reading now if you're planning on watching.)


Let's just say that despite being non-sentimental... there were so many freakin' feelz and tears.. I even had to get a kleenex at one point.  It was rough going.

I'm not gonna lie.. the line that got me (and anyone else who has "a person") was:


And then the "FINISH HER." line:


Because when you're best friend tells you just how much you matter and how incredible you are, you know they are telling the truth.  They have no reason to sugar coat anything.  If it weren't for Cristina and Meredith, we wouldn't even have the term "my person" and now Mer's person is leaving and I'm just not readddyyyy....  /wail.

I'm going to miss Cristina Yang.  I'm not sure where Grey's is going from here, but the set up for next season was pretty solid and that bomb at the end almost distracted me from the pain of Cristina leaving.

Also, this video that was put together almost made me start crying all over again, several hours later...

PPS.  Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day and that you got a long weekend to appreciate all the things you have to be appreciative for.  Obviously, my weekend has been productive.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Too late, too quiet...

You know that point at which you should have gone to bed hours ago, but you're still awake and you're all "SQUIRREL!" with the entire internet (or maybe just Pinterest if you're me) and then you turn on some music because why not, it's quiet, but you only seem to be in the mood for country and then only the depressing songs are the ones you want to listen to, so you turn it off and decide to blog instead?

Yeah, I'm there now.  You've been warned.

And if you read Friday's post about my official announcement, then this will all, eventually, make sense..  but I'm going to go full on girl here because it's been a long time since I've done that.. not just here, but in general.

Since Teh Bear left.  I shut down emotionally.  My range of feelings goes from RAGE to normal to OMG YAY! for the most part.  RAGE usually involves some hangar or work and OMG YAY! is reserved for awesome things.  But usually, I'm at a normal state.  This state seems to include a maximum level of nonchalance to all the things.  Including my feelings about the move and my relationship, sometimes.

I know part of my nonchalance is a distance that I've created because I'm afraid I'm going to get hurt (again).  So the thing about this new LDR is that this is round #2 with this guy.  The only round #2 that I've ever allowed to happen, which he's completely aware of, because I had a rule that repeat relationships were NEVER, EVER, EVERRRRRRR allowed.  Granted, there were reasons beyond our control that ended round #1, we've discussed the problems from round #1, and we've both changed a lot since then, but that doesn't stop me from being hesitant about all.of.the some things.  I don't want to be the first to open up, I don't want to be the first to say I love you, I don't want to be the "needy" one.  I think maybe we both feel like we rushed into things during round #1 and we're trying to be less in a rush because of practicality (current distance) and because we're trying not to mess it up since this is round #2... or at least those things apply to me.

But at the same time.. I do want to be "needy" and emotional and... "girly".. but I'm afraid to do that because I'm a chicken.  I'm afraid that being emotional with someone will mean that I might feel something again.. and I'm not sure if I can handle that.  Will I cry?  Will I laugh?  Will I be the stone wall, like I am now?

I'm afraid that my nonchalance is coming off as disinterest and purposeful distance, which is definitely NOT the case or intentional.  But feelings are scary and hard and the last time I had feelings and was honest about them, I ended a decent relationship because I felt like I had settled and I wasn't completely happy and I felt like I could do better.  There I said it.  Out loud, in writing, on the internet.  I feel like an asshole, but I'm being honest because I'm missing a filter since it's so late.  Enjoy.

I have been told before that my nonchalance has made people think that I wasn't interested, which is extremely scary to me, because I know that my nonchalance is at an all time high right now.  Being told, "You're not that sentimental" kinda iced the cake.  But if I act like nothing bothers me, then no one knows that I'm a hot mess, which is why I'm using my nonchalance as self-defense.  I care, but not enough to be bothered.

Really, I could go for a hug, but I'm still afraid that I might break down and cry when people hug me like I did in February.  I worry that the one time I said "you can do whatever and whoever you want" will come back and bite me in the ass, even though I've been told it won't, and I don't know where this distrust is coming from because I have no reason to be this way.  I fear becoming that girl who can't handle deployments, even though I've been through it on the other side before.  I prepare myself for the absolute worst, and sometimes I wonder if that might have been/be better.

I tell myself that I'm fine and I'm where I need to be and things will happen when they should and everything is ok, but I feel far from ok when all I want is to blurt out all these emotional, heart-wrenching feelings, but yet I continue to hold them in.  Waiting for the right time, for someone else's lead, to keep the "crazy" under control because I'm not "that girl."

But I wake myself up at night saying "I love you" out loud because it's true and I just can't hold it in, but I can't tell him just yet, because I'm waiting on a sign or something to happen although I haven't quite pin-pointed what it is just yet.  And there's the stress of the rules and the secrets and I just close my eyes and wait until it all passes.  Until I have it all under control again and I realize I'm not breathing.  I must keep breathing.  All I can do is keep breathing.

And then there's the stress that everyone else knows about...

The getting out of the Navy, the finding a job, the moving to TN to be with someone even though there are no jobs in my specialty there and I could easily find a job anywhere else, but not even close to Millington, the fact that I just got out of a long-term relationship, the fact that it snows less than 2" per year there, the finding a place to live with 2 dogs, getting my stuff to TN, getting ME to TN... the list goes on and on.

It's big.  It's bigger than moving to GTMO or Bahrain or MD because all those times I had the Navy.  I had a job, they were paying for my place to live, I didn't have to worry because it would be taken care of.. and I'm walking away from that.  And sometimes that decision seems completely stupid, but I know in October when I've overcome all the obstacles and road blocks and I'm in TN and we're together, it will be completely worth it.

I KNOW THAT.  But right now, at this moment, I'm struggling to believe that.

I feel alone and full of feelz and I'm worried about all the things and there's no one to talk me down because all the smart people are already asleep.  But I'm smart, it will all work out.  This too shall pass and the wait and struggle and that lie that I told for years will have been worth it and these steps in the coming months will be small things that are eventually inconsequential compared to the next set of hurdles that I won't have to face alone.

But knowing it doesn't make it less scary right now.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday #21


I'm off today and Monday.  WINNING!!!  A long weekend is definitely something I've needed since work has been driving me crazy.  I was on a rampage yesterday with my rants and while they are entertaining for others, I'm totally serious when I'm ranting.

I guess it isn't just work, but its also Navy type stuffs... like the lady at personal property who kept telling me I need "orders" to do a move and when I KINDLY (which was difficult, but on purpose since I could have easily been my snarky self) tried tell her that orders for personnel separating aren't a thing she would get this black woman attitude (and that's not me being racist because the 2 black females that were around when I told the story cackled when I described it like that in complete understanding) and told me, "I've been doing this since... yesterday.  I know what I'm talking about.  You need separation orders."  She finally pulled someone's "orders" out to show me.. and at the top it says "Separation travel orders."  Really?  REALLY?  These are NOT "ORDERS" LADY!!!  "ORDERS" ARE 3-7 PAGES WITH THE TEXT IN ALL CAPS THAT GIVE YOU ALL THE DIRECTIONS WHEN YOU PCS.  How do you work with the military in real life?  Arrrrghghghhghghghhhhh!

(Sorry if I just went all #navyproblems on everyone, but I just have to get this out)

This "separation travel orders" page is more like TAD orders.  Did I mention, NOT THE SAME AS "ORDERS" AT ALL!  The fact that you can't call things by their actual name does NOT make me at fault for NOT understanding wtf you were talking about.  I tried to explain the difference to her without getting all white-girl-bitchy on her, but she just ignored me.

She asked me, "Who is your detailer?"
Me, "Some PO1 in Millington, TN?"
Her, "No.  Who is your detailer here at PSD?"
Me, "I don't have a detailer here."
She heavily sighs and rolls her eyes and says, "I'll just call PSD myself."
Me, "Ok, let me know what they say."

She calls and talks to a lady (who I assume is my "detailer") who has never heard of me or that I'm separating.  The personal property lady gets off the phone and says she can't help me until I get my "orders."  I ask her if she knows how long it takes to get separation travel orders prior to my last day and she looks at me like I'm talking Greek.  I ask her if I can talk to the lady at PSD to see if she knows and she gives me the number.  I get to talk to "my detailer," who is much nicer, who I've actually worked with before for other admin things and ask her how long it takes to get the separation travel orders and after she confirmed I was with a command that she worked with, she said 6 months.  I made an appointment with her for Tuesday to get this ball rolling, then I get to go BACK to personal property to deal with Miss-I-make-up-my-own-names-for-things-that-are-actually-something-else-and-I-don't-care-if-you-don't-know-my-names-for-other-things-even-though-they-aren't-correct-names-for-things-I'm-talking-about.

I'm totally going to talk to the PSD lady about the personal properly lady and maybe since they are peers she can explain why I (and probably soo many other people) are getting confused and that the terminology she is using isn't correct in anyone else's world but her own.

It just makes me think of Miss Reflective's ex (sorry if you're reading this) who would always say, "I hate when people don't know my names for other people."  That's this lady except for with her Navy terms.

This is why people make a career out of the military.  It's like pulling teeth to get out.  OMG.  /wrist


Meri has been incredibly adorable recently.  She jumps on the couch and will crawl in my lap and just let me hold her and pet her for solid minutes at a time.  I love it.  She's still a puppy head 95% of the time, but those respites in-between the crazy help remind me that I love her... and those ears.  OMG her ears.

I was laying on the couch while waiting on the shower after the color run
 and Meri decided it was a good time for snuggles.
Love her.
Phil was laying on the other end of the couch.
Love him.

Having her back on a schedule has helped immensely at lowering my desire to kill her.  Actually, if there was a tally, Olive and Phil are on my shit list because they've both been particularly stupid about the slippery floors recently.  Phil refuses to go his bowl to eat his meals and Olive gets "stuck" in the crate after I open the door to let her out when I get home.  WTF dogs?  You're ridiculous.  The worst thing Meri has done (knock on wood) has been dig in the backyard and try to eat things that don't belong to her.  Probably should get her to the dog park in the next few days before she starts being a terror again though.


I went on another downloading spree last night.  I'm behind on Grey's Anatomy, Mad Men, and I also downloaded Sherlock and I have Downton Abbey bookmarked since it seems to stream just fine.  Yay for a date with my TV this weekend.  I might even shower (but only because I don't live alone anymore).

How am I going to go on without Christina?  Apparently, there's directions for that too...

Directions are here.  .gifs are hard.  I wish I didn't love them so much.  I'm pretty sure I could get lost in Grey's Anatomy .gif tumblers for days.  Kinda like what happened with Theo James.

.gifs validate my desire to send so many photos with my text messages because pictures make everything better.


The reality of moving to TN is sinking in, although it still doesn't feel quite real yet.  It's like I'm going through the motions because I know I'm supposed to.. but really, I'm still in denial and I'm still hoping that it could change (even though I know it won't because it's the Navy).

Let's just call this my official announcement on Teh Blog.  I haven't even made this FB official yet.  Gentle Readers, consider yourself luuucckkky!

I'm moving to Millington, TN... because I might be certifiably crazy.  Although, I've probably been certifiably crazy for a long time, not the point.  I might be following someone to TN because he is getting stationed there.  Yes, I'm being vague on purpose.  I will just say that apparently I'm a long-distance relationship Jedi Master for a few more months, #nobigdeal #likeaboss #fml.  (hahaha hashtags make me giggle).  Yes, this means I have a boyfriend.  #offthemarket #thatdidnttakelong #myexfoundareplacementfirst.  (bahahahaha, sorry.  I'll stop with the hashtags.. or at least try.)

Millington gets LESS THAN 2 inches of snow annually.  That's really the basis on why I think this could be the craziest decision I've ever made in my entire life.  I searched "ski slope near Millington TN" and NOTHING came back related to skiing.  What if Phil doesn't even have a reason to wear his NC State jammies?  He looks so cute in them with his butt cheeks sticking out!  Additionally, there are ZERRRRROOOOOOOOO jobs in my field in that area.  ZEEEERRROOOOO.  Zilch, zip, nada, nuc, NO-THING.  Yay for the backup plan to get my master's with my GI Bill and getting a mindless job.

So yeah, anyone got any contacts in Millington that want to hook me up with a job because apparently not having health insurance is illegal or something?  Le siiiiiigh.


I still can't get enough of this song. It's really good Teh MD Roomies are equally addicted. and this song kinda rocks too:
Happy (hopefully long for you too) Weekend, Gentle Readers!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Humpday Confession #5

Whew, Wednesday on a short week.  BRING IT ON!!!

Vodka and Soda


-I have sat in the desk chair rather than move a dog from my normal spot on the couch because its really just easier and more peaceful than moving one of the dogs so I can sit down.

-The downstairs bathroom sometimes becomes an additional storage area when things won't fit in actual storage spaces.  YAY for dog food on the bathroom counter.  Keepin' in classy.

-PB frozen hot chocolate has pretty much become a nightly thing now.  Don't judge me.  It's delicious.  I went through a kettle corn popcorn every day phase too several weeks ago.  This too shall pass.. maybe.

-I'm not gonna lie, this picture of me is super cute and it's very rare that I notice my body, but in this photo I can see the difference since I've been working out.  Yes, it's a selfie.  #sorrynotsorry.

*cat call myself*

Also, I don't ever sport strapless anything because of the humonga boobage I have going on.  Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover talked me into buying this dress (because if I didn't she would have, so really I just saved her $30) and it was discussed that maybe this dress should be like the jeans in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

-When Teh MD Kid Roomie loads the dishwasher I struggle with not reorganizing it so it can hold more dishes.  I told her that loading the dishwasher is a puzzle and one day she'll thank me for helping her hone her packing skills when she's moving and packing boxes so she won't end up with 200 1/2 full boxes.

-I watched Pocahontas last Friday at work.  I still have the DVDs sitting on my desk so I can watch Pocahontas 2 this week at some point... at work.  Yep.  What am I going to do when I have to work a real job?  Boooo.

-I scheduled my separation physical.  There are lots of very small steps towards getting out of the Navy, but I'm tackling them one by one.

-I get great joy out of someone telling me that I don't have the permissions to be able to do someone else's work.  I get even more joy out of telling the person who wanted me to do their work that I don't have the permissions per the person they told me to talk to.  Lazy ass.

-The site makes me want to punch a kitten.  I don't understand most .mil sites and that one is Army owned and operated so it makes even less sense to me.  I also struggle with DTS (Defense Travel System) for when I go on travel.  It's the military, not me.  Usually when it comes to .mil websites, I pretend to be an idiot so I don't have to do it myself and someone else will do it for me.

-When people leave remaining time on the microwave I want to punch them in the genitals.  How freakin' hard is it to hit clear when you open the door?

-I've been making dinners and they aren't really that healthy.  Chicken and Gnocchi soup, bbq pulled pork (ok, that one isn't so bad), breakfast fries...  At least we're eating food and I have leftovers for lunch?  It's the small things.

Left over fries from Red Robin with cheese and an over easy egg.. AND BACON (at least for the sane one me).
YAY for effective use of leftovers.

-I'm really good at making over easy eggs.  I'm kinda proud of that confession though.

-I've been doing really lazy workouts.  I guess that is kind of a perspective thing though.  40-50 minutes on the elliptical and then choosing to (or not to) do an abs or arm workout.  I've not been feeling the arm workouts this week, so I've went with ab workouts 2x so far.  It makes me feel so lazy.  The run on Sunday really did a number on my hips, they have been so tight the last few days, so I've spent extra time stretching.

In other news, I'm 150 pages away from finishing the 3rd Hunger Games book, so at least I've been productive.  Next up is Looking for Alaska by John Green.  In things I've recently learned.  John Green that wrote The Fault in Our Stars is the same John Green that does the "educational" vlogs/youtube videos that Teh Bear used to watch.  Oh how small the world is.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Color Run videos

After we were finished running, we circled back around to wait on our 2 walkers.  In the meantime, I was cheering on the other participants with high fives and telling them, "THE END IS NEAR!!!"  Which kinda made me feel like the doomsayer in Hercules but whatevs man.

Not gonna lie, with all the races I've done, I've never stood on the sideline and cheered people on.  It was AWESOME.  It makes me want to go to more races as just an observer so I can cheer people on.  The downside was that some people were using my high-five hand as target practice.  I was pretty sure some people's goal was to knock my arm out of socket.  Also, from yelling for 15 minutes, I was super hoarse afterwards.  But it was awesome to high-five all the people.  Sometimes, a stranger cheering you on is the best thing, in my opinion, there is no pretense of knowing you like your friends do, so it's genuine because they are choosing to be out there.

I had Teh MD Adult Roomie video me getting blown off.  I like seeing the cloud blow away.  I definitely giggled at myself when I turned back around and kinda put my hands in front of me like, please no more.

A Greyt Colorful Weekend

Friday was a busy-ish afternoon.  Teh MD Kid Roomie had a school dance so she got to spend the evening getting all dressed up.  Originally, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I had planned to go to the Tiki Bar with the greyhounds, but it was just too much effort for us to load the dogs and the stuff and ourselves and get Teh Kid Roomie to the dance and come back and get here, so we decided to just stay home and relax.

I did con them into going to Red Robin for dinner because I wanted either a steak from Texas Roadhouse or the Royal Red Robin (which is a bacon cheeseburger with egg and its delicious and you're not allowed to hate on it till you try it, naysayers) from Red Robin.  Red Robin won and I almost went hangry crazy on an apathetic hostess who didn't seem to understand that when I called 10 minutes prior and she said there was no wait I was hingeing on there being NO wait.  I burned too many calories that day to wait longer past 5pm to eat dinner and it was 5:45 when we arrived.  HANGRY Megan was out in full force.  My reverse-Hulk transformation while I was eating was obvious.  Teh Roomies even commented on my niceness after I'd eaten.  So that shirt that say "I apologize for what I said when I was hangry.."?  Completely applicable to me.  Except in regards to that apatheic hostess, who I still wanted to slaughter when I walked out.  I made sure to give her a proper glare-down on our way out the door. 

We made it right on time to drop Teh Kid Roomie off at her dance and we went back home to just hang out and play on the internets and drink (ok, I was drinking since she had to go back and get Teh Kid Roomie, but if I say we it doesn't sound like I was solo drinking and have a problem).  In other news, made a peanut butter frozen hot chocolate adult beverage with vodka and creme de cacao.  Did I mention how much being an adult rocks?  It does. 

After staying up way too late, I finally made it to bed.

Saturday was the annual greyhound picnic, which Phil blogged all about, so I'm not going to recap that part.  If you wanna see pictures, just check out his blog.  Yes, I'm lazy, don't judge me.

Saturday evening we traded dogs and brought Meri back with us to the bonfire since the greyhounds had properly exhausted themselves all day long.

Group shot!

I miss good sunsets.  So, so, soooooo much.

I see firreee..  (That's a Hobbit soundtrack reference, btw)

Meri gets all the spoiled.

My little fuzzy baby girl.
I love my little terrorist puppy.

We left at a decent time because we had The Color Run on Sunday morning and we had to leave super early to get there on time since I agreed to keep Miley for the weekend, which meant that we didn't drive up to DC on Saturday night and stay.

Sunday morning started wayyyy too early, but we made it to the National Harbor for the run by 0745, so wayyy early.  We hung out in the car for a bit waiting on our 5th person to arrive and finally we threw sheets over the seats and headed down to the start zone.  Of all the color runs I've done, The Color Run is definitely the best.  This year there was no wet color, which was slightly disappointing and the first color zone was AWFUL, but it improved towards the end.  We tried to buy merchandise there, but everything in our size was sold out, which sucks for them because I was ready to drop loads of dollas right then, but when I went online to buy stuff, I had my dolla-filter on and didn't spend as much money as I would have if they'd have had my sizes on Sunday.  Your loss suckas!


The start line moved really quickly.  After 3 years of this, I'm glad they are expedient.

Last clean photo.

Start line

Throw me free things!!

First color zone!!
(Honestly, it sucked.  There was no one in the middle, all the color tossers were off to the sides, and rather than do shifts where 1 person sprays while the other person fills, there were several groups where both people were refilling their spray containers.  Fail.)

Notice the lack of pink.
2nd color zone.

Successful color zone.
Upcoming: Purple color zone.

3rd color zone

Final color zone.

Finish line!!!

This kid was just rolling around on the water.  Weirdo.

This ticket for free stuffs was attached to our run number.

I got photo bombed.

After running: the front.

After running: the back.

Sadly, Teh MD Kid Roomie was cut off.
Grrrr to the random guy who we asked to take the photo.


New tattoo!
JK.  But I totally didn't wash it off cause I love it.


After color toss selfie!

Final product: Retard level max

The saddest, yet most fun part is being blown off by the leaf blowers.

We had lunch at Ming Restaurant in Chinatown.
It wasn't as delicious as when I went with Mr. Scrooge.

And we saw this on our walk back to the car...
Temple of Cun Yum.
Hope no one ever typos that....

The children were passed out.


Sunday afternoon we all napped because it was just too hard to stay awake.  Teh MD Adult Roomie went shopping and Teh MD Kid Roomie and I hung out and played on the internets and she had company for a while.  It was bedtime early, despite taking a nap, because Monday always comes too soon.

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