Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Humpday Confessions #6

When Tuesday is actually Monday, my brain gets all confused.  Only a few more days left till the weekend!!  Thank Allah.

Vodka and Soda


-Listening to ESPN channels for 1.5 hours when the school kids arrive at my house in the afternoon makes me want to choke a baby.  (Dear Roomie, I know I could tell him to turn it off.)  Teh MD Adult Roomie has told me that I can tell him to turn it off, but the reality is, it wouldn't matter if it was ESPN or TNT or CBS or Oxygen or TBS, the noise would still annoy the shit out of me.  I don't mind when he can't find the sound system remote and the TV is on with no sound, that works for me.  It's just the obnoxious voice of that one girl who has been told to have that obnoxious "I'm a hot girl and I know about sports" personality or the sound of idiot sports players who shouldn't be given a microphone because they could barely pass 10th grade English and they have no idea what they are talking about and essentially end up rewording the question and making it a sentence or better yet, someone asks them about the game and they're like, "Well, I just look for openings and work with my team."  Yes, of course that's what you did.  You are on a sports TEAM.  And then the replays.  OMG the replays.  All.the.freakin.replays.  Because there's a million cameras around the court/field and we need to get a replay from each and every one with all the different angles, because seeing that ridiculous "victory dance" or touchdown or hole in one once just isn't enough.

Ok, maybe the fact that it's ESPN makes me especially prickly.

My face when someone defends ESPN.

-There's a guy at work with "ESPN" tattooed on his arm.  I judge the shit out of that guy.

This is my "You can't be serious" face.

-I may have gotten drunk one night last weekend and wrote a email full o' feelz before finally going to bed but had the sense to wait until I was sober to send it (cause Drunk Megan was drunk and Sober Megan is... smart-er...ish.y) and then didn't get the response I was wanting/expecting (please see above photo for my reaction).  1 more chance, but good game.  Boys are stupid.

-When they weighed me for my endoscopy consult, they didn't subtract any pounds for the fact that I was in uniform.  I was a bit irritated at that, because even the Navy takes off 8 pounds when you step on the scale in full uniform.  Those boots are heavy.  I've been working my ass off (literally), so seeing her put down something that I know was incorrect was irritating.

-Sandra Oh leaving Grey's and the episode with Burke makes me want to go back and rewatch seasons 1-3, which were the best seasons that ever aired.  Once the writer's strike happened during season 4, the show lost a LOT, IMO.

-I got my separation package from PSD yesterday which thrilled my stone cold heart.  As I was going through some Navy papers trying to find some of the requested information, I found the OCS package I was working on when I was stationed in VA Beach.  I'm not sure if it was a missed opportunity or if it worked out exactly as it should have.  I guess I'll never know.  The only thing I needed was interviews and to put the package together.  Oh well.

-I'd really like to save some money.  But I'd really like to buy ALL.THE.THINGS!!!  Phil needs more supplements (he gets more pills than I do each day), I've been eyeballin' some new t-shirts (and in my defense, it is finally summertime), I ruined my comforter a few weeks ago because it was too big for the washing machine... just stuff.  Stuff I can do without, but still.  ALL.THE.THINGS!!!

-I remembered to do this post after seeing Kathy's post yesterday.  YAY for memory jogs.

-When Kathy mentioned that she was considering ending the linkup, I wasn't too surprised.  It's my blogging lot in life that when I really like a link-up and I'm actively participating (and I've actually found other bloggers that I like reading, YAY!), the host decides to end it.  It's a rough life I lead.  Hopefully she's been talked into NOT ending the linkup, but still.  Not surprised, but plenty of sads were had.

-The extreme temperate difference between the upstairs and downstairs of my house irritates the shit out of me.  I was soooo miserable the other night because it was so hot.  I even had the fan on and the covers off and I just couldn't get comfortable.  I know its even hotter in the other bedrooms, so I was feeling particularly bad for Teh Roomies.

-I get 0 joys from starving the dogs until 5-6pm, as they think that any movement of any 2-legger or any sound in the kitchen/dining room is to facilitate feeding time after 2:30pm, and it's kind of obnoxious.  But I get all the joys from Meri not waking me up at 0300 because she's hungry.  She even slept until 6am this past weekend.  Ecstatic doesn't accurately convey my feelings.


-I'm going to Golden Corral for lunch today with Teh Australia Travel Buddy and his wife.  Golden Corral just opened up a few weeks ago, so I've not been to this one, nor have I been in probably a decade.  I'm sure its guaranteed to be an entertaining experience for everyone.



  1. hahahah i also think it's straight up dumb when people tattoo jazz like that on them. i get that you love sports but really?

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. An ESPN tattoo?! Seriously?! Wow. I would totally judge him for that too. And I totally want to buy all the things - things for my house, things for the dogs, clothes for me, etc. We just need to win the lottery. :)

  3. I do all sorts of crazy when im drunk and pray in the morning that I didnt make too much of an ass of myself.. damn facebook lol!


  4. Ha ha - I am the same way about money. So-so-so need to save...but...we do need new sheets...and also we're out of...whatever. It is always something.
    My husband is a sports nut. (Baseball, primarily.)
    I really - really - despise all the damn replays of football. Football is the worst for replays and ridiculously long debates about if someone's left knee was over the line or on the line or whatever bullshit. Ugh.
    PS - I found the jokes in your about section amusing. I am easily amused, but still.


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