Monday, May 5, 2014

Vacation Vacation Vacation! (part 1)

Friday morning I proctored the PRT and I've not taken any flower pics this spring.
This will have to suffice.

On the 18th, I left MD to head to NC for vacation. Friday night I arrived in the mountains to hang out with Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover and Teh Kenyan for the weekend.  Saturday we headed into Blowing Rock for Winterfire (yay StoryPeople!) and Kilwin's mainly.  We also considered going to see Captain America, but the only time that fit into our schedule was for the 3D show and we didn't really want to have to pay or deal with that.  Instead we went back home to feed the beasts and then went out for dinner.

Phil being my lookout.

I have the cutest copilots.

Sunset over the mountains makes me happy.
The colors are still amazing despite the blur.

Phil had to be in the kitchen.. on that rug.  Ugh.

Meri was looking for Steve.

Phil and Meri both needed to look for Steve.

Kilwin's Moose Tracks!  NOMNOMNOM.

Oh Belk's, you own that southern.

WTF is this?  Why is it a thing?

Since Sunday was Easter Sunday, it mean extra church.  Teh WwJL and I did our first public singing performance, where we sang Lead Me to the Cross, which was slightly ironic since I'd been asked to sing with the praise team on Easter but had to decline since I wasn't going to be in town.  In the afternoon, we headed over to Teh WwJL's parent's house and some of us shot guns while she took pics.  Dinner was served and it was delicious and I felt so overfed.  She also talked me into staying in the mountains an extra day, rather than leaving on Sunday night, I left Monday morning. 

We tried to take a selfie, but then our earmuffs clashed.
Oddly enough, this photo captures us in our true form when we are with each other.

2nd selfie attempt resulted in the same thing!  Our earmuffs were just too big!

So we finally had someone else take the photo of us.

I learned I don't like shooting revolvers.

Or shooting anything with a lot of kick.


Shootin' guns, on Easter, in a dress.  Yep.

Artsy photo just because.

Snuggles with Meri-Meri.

Phil can be so small when he wants to be.

I stopped at an overlook on the way down the mountain to get a non-blurry photo.
I felt like this captured the Blue Ridge Mountains perfectly.

Monday I made it down the mountain, dropped the dogs off at Teh Dad's house and headed to the sheriff's department to apply for my gun permit and went to see Teh BFF.  Her new house was essentially a construction zone, but I helped clean what I could and ran her on some errands since her car was being inspected.  After dropping her off, I went back home for a nap.  Eventually, I woke up to text messages (to include one from Teh Dad with the wifi password, he knows me so well) and decided it was time to feed the beasts.  Eventually, Teh BFF called me to tell me they had made it back to their house after a trip that lasted too long and I headed back over at 9pm (my bedtime) to help clean and assist as needed.  When I could no longer stay awake after her fiance' and parents left, I finally headed out too.

Tuesday was the BIG day.  I started by taking Meri and Phil over to Teh Granny's so they could burn some energy in the yard since its fenced in (praise Allah).  I left home by 10 to meet Teh Sister in Mooresville for matchy tattoos!  We both arrived early, so we headed to Kohl's for entertaining ourselves.  At 1230, we arrived back to Lucky 13 Tattoo so Noel could tattoo us up.  Our basic design was a sketched origami bird with watercolor splatter for the coloring (there will be a post eventually which explains why we chose the design and color pattern).  By 4, we were finished and trying to figure out what to do for dinner. 
I couldn't figure out where Meri kept finding fur to chew on.  Found it.  Then I heard something squeak. 
If you look really closely, you'll see a baby bunny in that hole.

Phil and Meri excavated the bunny hole the following morning.  I was too late to save the bunny. 
My dogs are killers.  That's what I get for owning sighthounds.  :(

Love my Philbo.

And I love my crazy Meri-Meri.

Goodbye naked foot!

In progress.  Sadly, I didn't end up with as much yellow as this picture would portray.

Roy G. Biv and I are bffs.

Teh Sister's tattoo.

I made the mistake of offering to drive.  OMG. THE. PAIN.  Idk if you noticed, but I tattooed my gas petal foot.  O.M.F.G.  I limped out of the shop so driving was a real treat.  I kept apologizing to Teh Sister for my unusual sudden stops/speed increases.  We thought we were going to head into Charlotte for dinner and 15 minutes into the drive we hit traffic and decided to turn around and get her car and go somewhere in Mooresville for dinner since I wouldn't be able to drive us to Charlotte, bring her back to her car, then make it back to Charlotte in time for PostSecret: The Show.

Teh Sister and I hit up Red Robin (nomnomnom) for dinner.  It was her first time since she had never been sure if she could get vegetarian food there since its a burger place.  She was impressed.  YAY another convert!  After dinner, Teh Sister headed back to her house and I headed in Charlotte for the PostSecret Show!

I saw this car on the way to Charlotte.  Really?

Part 2 will include the rest of the week, but I didn't want the post to get too photo heavy so I broke it up.  I also meant to post this last week, but being sick on Thurs/Fri and sleeping for as much as possible really killed my blogging aspirations.

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  1. LOVE that picture of the mountains. Since moving back from Colorado we've been focused on soaking up the beach, but I need to make it a point to visit MY mountains again :)

    Yay tattoos!


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