Monday, May 12, 2014

remembering to forget...

I was really fortunate to have a long weekend this past weekend and it was glorious.

It started on Wednesday evening when I made my way up to DC.  Mr. Scrooge was in town for another interview (again) and Thursday he found out he passed his test and interview and got his official designation!  After some flight fiascoes, Friday we toured the National Mall (since Mr. Scrooge had never been to the memorials) and went to a museum and finally decided we were tired and needed a break so headed up to Chinatown to the movie theater to watch Captain America 2.  On the way up, we stopped at the Navy Memorial, because duh, and Starbucks for refreshments.  After the movie we went to Ming Chinese and it was delightful.  As in, I want to go back yesterday and get more shrimp with walnuts.  It sounds weird, but its sweet and delicious and OMG I WANT MOAR!!

Food truck lunch on Thurs.  NOMNOMNOM.

Chucks with heels?  Really?  Why is this a thing?

WW2 Memorial.
It was definitely a gorgeous day.

Freedom is not free.
(Korean War Memorial)

Korean War Memorial.
The faces on those soldiers are rather creepy, FYI.

Mr. Lincoln is always so regal.

Because "Farmville" was found in NC.
It was just too much for me to handle.

After all the walking around, I needed a refreshments break.
Double chocolaty chip = win.
Annnndd it was 50% off frappuccinos when we were there.  EXTRA win.

Sweetheart, that shirt and the length of those shorts just don't match.
Please try again.
Also, I suck at taking pictures of people in public.

Saturday morning I learned that the Krispy Kreme drive through in Alexendria is 24 hours and my life was significiantly improved since I had looked online and it said 0530 and it was 0510 when I was driving by and I wasn't going to wait 20 minutes (seriously).

24 hour drive through = best thing in my life.

Saturday after I got home, I got lovins from all the puppies and it was naptime. 

Snuggle train with Olive and Meri.

I finally got up and did laundry and there was a general maliase in the house until the afternoon when it was girl's date night.  We went out for sushi and I discovered a roll that is almossssstt the pink dragon from Yama's in VAB, it was pretty epic although their eel sauce was really salty.  For dessert, we hit up Rita's, my first time there since opening day, then we went on a shopping spree at Kohl's, where I learned that RetailMeNot is "fraudulent".  What?  No, just take my 20% coupon lady.  Stop being a pain in my ass.  She almost made me want to take the stupid survey so I could remark on that, but I have come to realize that Kohl's coupon policy is changing and they are no longer accepting expired coupons/Kohl's cash, which is absolutely infurtiating after so many years of them doing exactly that.  Either way, I got a new watch (which I had been looking for) and a cute orange dress with white polka dots (apparently dresses are my new thing).

Sunday was church and then I stopped by Verizon where they told me that there was nothing they could do for the cracked lens on Suzy2's camera.  Of course, how excellent, so glad I pay you so much  money.  I picked up flowers for Teh MD Roomie on the way back home and ingredients for dinner.  After she finished cleaning (on Mother's Day, she's the worst mom ever for doing housework on Mother's Day!) we nibbled for lunch then set out to St. Mary's River State Park for a walk.  After 5 miles, we were hungry and we stopped by a new place (for me) for dinner and had burgers, which were delicious. 

Walkin' with Teh MD Roomies

I went to bed early because my head was hurting.  Overall, a glorious weekend.  The pre-weekend part of the weekend definitely helped make it even better.

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  1. Ah I'm so jealous! I visited Alexandria once and fell in love. I'd love to live back there and hangout in DC. Fun!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)


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