Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Humpday Confessions #4

Vodka and Soda


-When I see pictures of beaming ladies with their pregnancy tests, often used to announce their pregnancy, I can't help but to think, "You peed on that stick you're holding."  I'm such a Nancy.. (Negative Nancy that is).

-Some days, Teh Bear gets mentioned a lot in conversation just based on the fact that he is related to something in the conversation, an item, the time, etc.  Then people comment, "Wow, you're really talking a lot about Teh Bear today."  He was present in my life from late 2009 until Feb 2014... I'd say it's bound to happen, but could you please stop counting my references?  I don't hate him, Jebus.

-When I don't post recaps in a timely manner, all I can hear is Teh Bear saying, "Yeah no one cares since that was so (6 months/1 week/1 month) ago."  Thanks for that confidence boost, buddy.  And no, you weren't just kidding.  And yes, you should have just kept your damn mouth shut. 

-Sometimes I talk to people I know aren't listening.  See above bullet.

-Tomorrow might be the last Fashion doesn't agree with me post unless I get motivated this weekend and schedule some posts.  I feel like having done them for over a year is pretty solid business though.

-Tonight is going to be glorious.  Just take my word on it.  And Thursday night.. and maybe Friday depending on how charming I am.

-I hate when other people are right, especially if the solution to a problem is simple and I already thought to do as someone else suggested but just didn't.

-Since getting roomies, I've done a poor job of lunch planning.  Mostly because I don't have to eat the same thing for lunch (and dinner) all week long since there are now other people to help me consume the foods.  Where I always thought I had the problem of cooking for an army (thanks Teh Mom), now I seem to be perfectly able to cook for 3 people for one meal, exactly.  I'm not sure how this happened, but wtf, I need my leftovers for lunch!

-Embarrasing Teh MD Teenage Roomie (formerly Teh Greyhound Neighbor-Daughter) is my calling in life, pretty sure.  Like making sexy comments about Four while watching Divergent on Sunday. 
Four: Do you wanna see my tattoo?
Me whispering to Teh MD Adult Roomie: Baby, you don't even have to ask.  You just take your clothes off and come right over here.
Tris touches the tattoo, you see Four get a steamy look.
Me whispering as Four: You keep touching me and I'm going to touch you in all the right ways.  This is my sexy, smoulder look.  Oh, stop touching me.  No!  Keep touching me.  I can't decide.  Nevermind, you just take your clothes off too.  It will be a good time.
Me whispering as me:  OKAY!

Teh MD Teenage Roomie said that she was like the adult and we were like the teenagers.  We asked her if she had seen the same movie we had and that Four was capitol H-o-t, Hot.  Pretty sure she face palmed at us.  If nothing else, I ensure that she's got plenty of teenage angst to tell her friends about.  I have no shame.

For your reference:

I bite my lip for him, so I felt like this was a fitting image (source).
PS.  I burned almost 2 hours of work just looking at that tumblr.  Best 2 hours of work this month.

-Being sick is really the best diet a girl could ask for.

-In April my flight surgeon told me he put in a referral for an endoscopy since GERD is nothing to mess around with.  Well, we've reached May and no one has called me.  I keep trying to call the appointment line, but no one ever answers.  Have I mentioned how much I love military medicine?

-When we were watching Divergent I was instantly able to recce the Ellie Goulding songs.  Not that she's hard to recoginze, but still.  I knew.  BTW, the movie was good.  I want to read the books now. 

-I just finished The Fault in Our Stars this week.  I do almost all my reading while on the elliptical at the gym.  Some people question how I'm able to read and move, but it just works, I don't question it.  Maybe because the font is big enough and I started practicing on Cosmo years ago?  I had to contain my sobs.  I knew I was going to cry, but I wasn't really prepared for the ending.  Eventually, I'll reread (at least the end) it while I'm all alone so I can bawl my eyes out.  When did I become such a sap?

-We work in a shared office.  If I'm already playing music because you've been wandering around the hangar for the last hour leaving me in the office all alone, don't come in and turn different music on to play over mine.  If you don't like my music, ask me to turn it off.  Dickalotamus's aren't appreciated here. 


  1. back in the raving days, everyone was so thin because of the 12+hrs of dancing among other....things (LOL). so when we get together, we joke how we'd like to go back on the rave diet because that was the best diet ever - no counting calories, just pure fun and dancing haha!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. OMG, the last one- YES! Hubby will do this- play a video on YouTube during commercials, or carry his phone around playing music and not stop when he walks into the room I'm in with my music/TV. Although I do hate it when you are already in the same room & someone starts playing music without asking you- my 2nd college roommate did this and played annoying and old school pop music (or obscure Celtic harps) all the time and it made me stabby (especially first thing in the morning).

  3. I still haven't seen the movie! I need too. The books are really good.

  4. Yes to being sick being the best diet. So easy! ;P


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