Monday, May 26, 2014

Christina is gone... dammit. dammit....

So I finished season 10 of Grey's Anatomy....  (PS.  there are spoilers to come, so stop reading now if you're planning on watching.)


Let's just say that despite being non-sentimental... there were so many freakin' feelz and tears.. I even had to get a kleenex at one point.  It was rough going.

I'm not gonna lie.. the line that got me (and anyone else who has "a person") was:


And then the "FINISH HER." line:


Because when you're best friend tells you just how much you matter and how incredible you are, you know they are telling the truth.  They have no reason to sugar coat anything.  If it weren't for Cristina and Meredith, we wouldn't even have the term "my person" and now Mer's person is leaving and I'm just not readddyyyy....  /wail.

I'm going to miss Cristina Yang.  I'm not sure where Grey's is going from here, but the set up for next season was pretty solid and that bomb at the end almost distracted me from the pain of Cristina leaving.

Also, this video that was put together almost made me start crying all over again, several hours later...

PPS.  Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day and that you got a long weekend to appreciate all the things you have to be appreciative for.  Obviously, my weekend has been productive.

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