Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Color Run videos

After we were finished running, we circled back around to wait on our 2 walkers.  In the meantime, I was cheering on the other participants with high fives and telling them, "THE END IS NEAR!!!"  Which kinda made me feel like the doomsayer in Hercules but whatevs man.

Not gonna lie, with all the races I've done, I've never stood on the sideline and cheered people on.  It was AWESOME.  It makes me want to go to more races as just an observer so I can cheer people on.  The downside was that some people were using my high-five hand as target practice.  I was pretty sure some people's goal was to knock my arm out of socket.  Also, from yelling for 15 minutes, I was super hoarse afterwards.  But it was awesome to high-five all the people.  Sometimes, a stranger cheering you on is the best thing, in my opinion, there is no pretense of knowing you like your friends do, so it's genuine because they are choosing to be out there.

I had Teh MD Adult Roomie video me getting blown off.  I like seeing the cloud blow away.  I definitely giggled at myself when I turned back around and kinda put my hands in front of me like, please no more.

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