Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Weekend Review {10/30} - The weekend before we were MAWWIED.

TL;DR: Drunken shenanigans and puking in streets and dressing up like princesses and ALL THINGS WEDDING!


Chilly FALL morning with the fog over the parade field at The Citadel.

I'm not sure why I don't go to the Dollar Tree more.

We had some issues printing out the guestbook sign/poster and Staples was awesome at assisting me to get it PERFECT.
I think the lady was satisfied to see the look on my face when I came in to pick up the corrected poster and I was elated.

Every time I went to the store I'd think to myself "Do we need more beer?"
NO, MEGAN.  The answer is NO.
We look like we have a problem.
Fortunately, a large dent was put into the collection on Sunday night (as expected).

After a long day, I took a nap and Teh German went out for his bachelor hangout.  Teh Running Bestie and I hung out with Teh Neighbor Besties.  We ordered pizza and played Organ Attack.  Eventually we headed back home and did some late night teleworking.  YAY for teleworking.

It was pretty early when Teh German came home white girl wasted.  He had puked and that debacle was hilarious to me.  His claim to fame is that he puked ON OUR STREET while the car was still moving.  I helped him get cleaned up and into bed, then went back downstairs to document the night away.


Teh German rallied well and had no issues getting up for our walk on Saturday morning.  #TeamInjuredBrokeAsses walked almost a whole 5k, which was boring, but the most we could commit to with 2 bum ankles and my hip.

We met a 7 year old at the end who needed some "fuel" to keep going and we encouraged her and jogged with her.  Her chaperone didn't seem very into it, so they were glad we showed up to save the day.

After our run, we met Teh Neighbor Besties at Sam's to pick up some items for the gathering on Sunday night.  I ended up with a whole lot more than was on my list, butttt #weddingweek #donotcurr.

After a required nap, I showered and Teh Running Bestie and I met Teh Neighbor Besties downtown to start my bachelorette shenanigans.

When you are just not strong enough to hold up to my abuse...
I broke Teh PT Wife's credit card and it was definitely weird.

After the bar, Teh Sister and I walked down to Callie's Hot Little Biscuit to pick up a hangover biscuits.  It was worth all the steps and bitches stepping on my feet with their spike heels.


We headed to brunch on Sunday morning with an extremely hungover Megan and Teh Dental Hygienist.  I joined the street pukers club and regurgitated all the water I had consumed since I woke up at 0615 on the side of the road.  While not our street, Teh German and I have our own club again.  #bestteamforever

Rutledge Cab Co brunch
Huevos rancheros with Teh PT Wife's eggs.

After brunch, we headed back home.  I tried to get my life together and work on immediately due homework and things.  I did end up taking a nap because there were a LOT of people coming to the house in the evening and I knew that I needed to not be a grouchy pants.

We gathered with the neighbors and the Germans and I believe that everyone had a good time.


I went to school on Monday because I need to learn things in class.  NC State Megan would have just skipped class, but Citadel Megan has to go to class to learn things.  It was torture because I did NOT want to be in class.  I did remember to stop and pay for my parking pass since it expires at the end of October (because that's super convenient).  I asked for a blue parking pass instead of the red day vet one and they said yes.  FUCK YES.  This should be a complete eliminator of future parking citations.

Pax was super interested in the feather on our wedding present from Teh Sister:
A lady and dude dinosaur dressed up in wedding regalia.
They are epic.

Monday evening included dinner with the newly arrived Germans who were not here on Sunday night.  I have been unsuccessfully attempting to do homework since I got out of school on Monday and have not been very successful.  This post was yet another procrastination methodology.  Siiiigh.

Tomorrow is the big day.  I'm excited and not really nervous and excited.
But do not worry, Gentle Readers, tomorrow's blog post has been scheduled for at least 2 weeks...  :)

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Dump

-I didn't feel like a 5 on Friday was gonna happen, so a dump post instead.  #weddingweek #sorrynotsorry #atleastIshowedup

-I feel like we should get at least 3 points for typing up our math homework.  Seriously.  It takes me 30 minutes just to type up the questions, which is a requirement.  #ihateeverything
Update: apparently is NOT a requirement to type up the question.  So glad the instructor could tell me that... <

-My German professor opened up all the homework assignments for me through Nov 6th so I can complete them early.  My CS professor said that if I fall behind he will allow me to submit late assignments with no penalty since real life comes before school life (he totally gets me and I'm sad he's not teaching the follow on class next semester).  My math assignments are due on days that I'm in class, but my professor and I discussed my absence on Weds next week and she said the class I'm missing is probably one of the best classes to miss.  We're learning how to turn binary and hexadecimal numbers into actual numbers and vice versa.  I'm actually sad to miss this class because I was actually excited for that lesson (don't judge me).  I didn't get to speak with my Chem professor, but she's already posted an assignment and we just took our test so I'm not overly worried.

-35/50 on my last computer science kinda sucked, but we can make up some points and we drop our lowest test grade, which is good since that tanked my super high A to a 94.  I know, I know.  #MeganProblems.

-80.5 on my chem test that I was mostly unprepared for.  It was a 78.5 but there was a grading error so +2 points for me pushed me up to a B.  BOOM BITCHES.

-My class average in my hellious math class is an 83.something.  It's a B.  If I make a B in that class, I'm going to celebrate so fucking hard.

-ALL THE WEDDING THINGS!  I rocked this week.  Not only was it girl week (ugh, but better now than next week #perspective) but I accomplished ALL THE THINGS and spent the money to prove it.
  • Guest "book" designed and printed out.
  • Handouts approved and printed.
  • Emails sent to the DJ about music selections.  Yes, multiples.  Music is serious.  Perfect songs must be selected and played at the appropriate times.  I know that this is something that means a lot to both Teh German AND myself, thus it is a priority.
  • Plans, plans, plans!!
  • Multiple trips to Total Wine... (this speaks for itself)
  • Gifts distributed

-We went to see Bill Engvall on Thursday and it was spectacular.  My face hurt from the lols.  It was nice that it was just Bill.  No opening act.  The show started 10 minutes late and he was done by 9, which was ok for our group of old people.

Top: Teh Running Bestie, Me, Teh German, Roux's Humom, Mr. Golfer
Left: These people were going to photobomb us and then I invited them to.

-I've been doing this thing on FB where I share a/some photo(s) of Teh German and I with a little backstory each day since we hit one week till the wedding.  It's bringing me great joy.

-Group projects should be banned for forever.  Seriously.  They are the worst.  I forget what it was like to be 18-20 in college, but if I was like the dudes in my math group, I hate college Megan.  There was that one time that Teh WJL and I stayed up until at least 3am writing a speech once for my Public Speaking class.  #ThoseWereTheDays

I just can't understand how these kids are soooo busy they can't even respond to an email.  I go to school full time AND work full time AND I have a pretty active social life AND that whole thing about I'm getting married in the immediate future and I make the time to do things before last minute.  But ugh.  YOUTHS!

From the phone:


This is what chemistry looks like.
Pressure and volume to be specific.

Wedding things at Staples.

How cute are my beasts?
I love that Pax is finally making himself at home by getting on the bed...
Even if it means black hair all over my comforter.

What do you call a crocodile that hangs out between buildings?
An alley gator.
Yes, I'm aware that alligators and crocodiles are different.
This joke came from the internet.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Weekend Review {10/24} - Holy Shit the Wedding is Next Week...


I was ready for Friday to finally arrive.  Bridal portraits and no class on Wednesday really through my week off.  After class, I made a pit stop at Walmart and then headed to work.  We set up Hocus Pocus in a conference room, moved the couches in a theater setup and worked and ate snacks while viewing the movie.  I hadn't ever seen it, so it was important that this situation be remedied, per no less than 3 of my coworkers, including my boss.

After work, I headed home.  Teh German was in a mood (and maybe I was too).  I notice that generally, Friday evenings are the day when we are most likely to clash, for whatever reason.  Dance lessons were going well until the end and then we fucked up our dance and Teh German was pissed at me for speaking during the dance because he couldn't concentrate..  I was pissed because he was making it out to be my fault... then we sat through the most awkward dinner at Sesame ever.

We do this thing when we fight where we don't speak to each other.  It's a fucked up standoff thing and it really comes down to the fact that we are both unbearably stubborn and don't want to be the first one to break the silence on principle.  Generally, I am the first one to break and I just wasn't having it this time.  It was awkward AF sitting in the restaurant, obviously not speaking to each other, and only speaking when the server would come.

When we got home, I took care of the dogs and then went upstairs for a bath.  Idk what Teh German did, but I think it included watching/listening to end of the Stingrays game.  After the bath, I laid in bed reading until I was tired.  I didn't even hear Teh German come to bed. #donotcurr


The standoff continued on Saturday morning.  We are very stubborn.  Teh German did ask me if I wanted coffee, so he was trying.  We both got up with the dogs, Teh German to sit on the couch and chill, me to sit at the table and do/prep the next 2 weeks worth of homework (i.e. math).  Eventually, Teh German headed outside to take care of yard work and I got sidelined from homework working with the new action cameras/their batteries and doing random house tasks, specifically purging everything we own. 

Since the cleaner was coming, I wanted things as decluttered as possible.  This included my office.  After getting all the new batteries on the chargers, I started doing a general tidying up of the house.  I oiled the shredder, unjammed it, shredded a huge pile of shit that had been amassing for a while, and cleaned off my desk entirely. 

I took a break to do some online shopping.  Around noon, Teh Running Bestie texted me saying that she was really struggling through her half marathon and I offered to distract-chat with her and she called me immediately.  For an hour, I babbled on and on.  I told her about Teh German and I having a standoff and dance lessons and talked about wedding details that I was working on.  I chatted with her while I laid out clean sheets for the cleaner to put on the beds.  Eventually, the finish line was in sight and we ended the call and she got THREE medals for finishing the race (2 series and the race medal).

I spent a little bit of time wrapping gifts for my peeps and getting those items organized and moved all the wedding things into my office so they are in a centralized location.  With only studying left to do, I opted to take a shower, bypassing my original idea of taking the dogs on a walk because it was a millionty percent humidity outside and I just couldn't be bothered.  I decided as I got into the shower that I wanted to go California Dreaming for dinner because I had been thinking of the salad I didn't get and we didn't have a dinner plan. 

Once I was showered, I went to the garage where Teh German was working on the Bobber bike and told him my dinner intentions and added that I also needed to make a trip to Walmart for various items.  He said it was a good plan and we agreed that he'd finish up what he was doing and he'd shower and we'd go.

I did make one stipulation before we pulled out of the driveway: Teh German HAD to talk to me.  He chuckled and agreed.  Standoff, over.  There was residual irritation that he never apologizes for pissing me off AND that he was blaming me for his problems, but I tried to adult and get over it.

After some she-crab soup, this salad and croissant hit the spot.
This is COMPLETELY the fault of Teh Dental Hygienist.

After dinner, we hit up Walmart.  I picked up items for Monday night's dinner (which we will get to), and some other items that had accumulated on my list that wasn't enough to meet the Walmart Grocery $$ minimum or Walmart Grocery didn't have in stock (weird).  We also did a pass through the Halloween section to check out photobooth prop options.


"Left Shark"

Teh German is such a good sport to selfie with me.

After we got home from Walmart, Teh German turned on the Stingrays game and I started working on my chemistry cheat sheet for my test (approved cheat sheet).  Eventually, it was bedtime.


Sunday was a slow/lazy day.  I got up with the dogs and Teh German stayed in bed.  I worked more on homework and typed up my math homework for the next few weeks (1- this means I can look at the questions during class and answer them when I know them instead of forgetting the info then trying to do them, 2- time saved during wedding week/post wedding on typing up the questions).

Teh German completed a few tasks for me (hanging pictures/shelves).  When I finally got up from the table, I started doing random tasks again.  It was so very ADD of me.  I'd start something and move to another room and start something and it just kept going like that for several hours.  Eventually, I had to ask Teh German to let me have access to the under-stairs storage area, which involves moving the truck and then moving both of his motorcycles.  I figured for sure he was going to give me push back since he didn't really seem motivated to do things and had grumbled about hanging a few things (which turned out to be more simple than he expected, which I think helped), but he was happy to do it. 

He had everything moved in a few minutes and I was able to get in the storage and pull out what I needed.  He took the opportunity to straighten up the garage and purge his work bench.  We also rearranged the helmet shelf since Bagheera and Bobber switched places and it was impossible for me to reach my helmet where it originally was.  After I finished in the closet, I headed inside to do more tidying up.  I loaded up Yurtle with items to bring to Goodwill.  I completely relocated my school stuff to the office.  I gathered all the wedding stuff and put it into a tub rather than being stacked all over my office.

The table hasn't been this clean since before I started school...

Eventually, I showered and got ready to go to school.  Yep for real.  We had a chemistry study session on Sunday night from 7-9pm.  Cadets are on a weird schedule.  I made a pitstop at Goodwill to drop off the dishes I had intended to sell but didn't want to bother with the effort and perused for some photobooth props (I found some epic hats).  I made a poor life choice to stop by Wendy's and pick up dinner, which took way longer than it should have, and then I headed to school. 

The cram session was mostly ineffective, IMO.  But, I can say I showed up and tried.  She mostly covered everything we had covered since the last test, rather than telling us what we should specifically focus on.  Unhelpful.

Afterwards, I headed home.  When I arrived home, I finished up my chem cheat sheet while Teh German watched some stupid West Coast Car Shop show on Netflix that made me want to break the TV.  Seriously, some of those shows are so obnoxious.  This one kept repeating that they were moving/had moved to a new show and instead of it being just a car renovation shop it was a store and recording studio and had a cafe and the renovations stuff.. it was weird and they kept repeating the same things.  I know that people who watch those shows are watching for the cars, but fuck can we come up with some solid content?  Ugh.  #Ihateeverything

Eventually, it was bed time.


It was raining when the alarms went off on Monday morning and all I wanted to do was lay in bed and fall back asleep listening to the rain.  But, it was not to be so. 

School was school and then I headed home.  Throughout the day the cleaner lady had updated me.  She was late because of a kid debacle and then when she left for lunch she texted me.  Honestly, I wasn't really worried about when she arrived, I just wanted her to do a good job and be finished before our German guests arrived. 

Sadly, I was disappointed.  I got home around 3:15 and she was still upstairs.  She was doing a deep clean, which included wiping down baseboards and blinds and fan blades and dusting in general (which she used a swiffer duster for, which I hate because I think they don't work well), cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping (I think she steam cleaned the floors, which I also don't love because I don't think it does a good job), she also was putting sheets on the beds, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the oven (which was the first thing she did), and dusting downstairs.

When I got home, I told her we had guests coming and she asked when she should be done by and I told her 5:30.  Then Teh German came home and said something about guests arriving at 6 and I guess she thought that meant she had more time?  IDK.  It was 6:05 when she was walking out the door, having rushed through the kitchen, dining room, downstairs bathroom, and my office.  No bueno.

Fortunately, our guests were late.  At first, I had been doing homework, but once I finished, I took the dogs on a quick walk, then into the kitchen I went, to prep dinner things.  The cleaner lady is very nice, but I could tell she easily got sidetracked and she wasn't able to clean and talk at the same time, which wasn't good for me because once we started to get in a time crunch, I needed her to focus and get out of my house.  While I was working on dinner, Teh German gave Pax and Meri, much needed baths.

Our guests were Teh German's Mom, Mom's Partner, Teh German's Aunt and Uncle.  I had suggested on Thursday to Teh German that we have them for dinner after they arrived to CHS.  Since Teh German's mom is vegetarian, I opted to serve salads then shrimp and grits with bacon on the side.

The ladies came with gifts of... marzipan!  They know the keys to my heart...  And Mama J actually picked up Lindt truffles with marzipan and Lindt is definitely one of my fave chocolate brands.  She didn't know, but it was fate.

After a tour of House, dinner was served.  I magically managed to scrape together an apt dessert of nuts, dried tropical fruits, and Halloween oreos.  I also magically produced a variety of white wines for them to select from since the 1.5 bottles we had chilled were consumed (thankfully, no one drinks wine at my house).

I didn't warn anyone I was taking a selfie.

While Teh German socialized, I cleaned up dinner and did the dishes.  I wanted to give him the opportunity to catch up with his family without them worrying about translating for me.  Mama J did say that since they were in America, they must speak English, but when we're in Germany, we must speak Deutsch.  I agreed. 

I felt like I did a lot better with my German this time, in trying to speak in, at least broken sentences to convey things that weren't understood in English.  Overall, it was a good night.  After they left, Teh German said that the evening had went better than expected, at which point I realized that he had been stressed about this since, probably Friday, which is usually the culprit to our standoffs.  I pointed out on Sunday morning that the last time we acted like this was when we bought the house.  We did at least high five over the fact that we were less than 2 weeks out this time before we started to argue.  #smallsteps

It was late when our German guests left, at which point I started to observe the craptastic job that the cleaner had done on the downstairs.  Things on my desk hadn't been moved to be dusted, which meant that there was a layer of dust under my computer.  The blinds hadn't been touched.  I was so pissed that I got out the Pledge right then and dusted my entire office.  There was still plenty of water/dust spots from Meri dripping water on the windowsill.  I'm sure part of this was due to the fact that the cleaner was rushing to leave before our guests arrived, but I was frustrated because she'd been at my house all day and still hadn't finished/had to rush through the end and didn't do a good job.  I ended up dusting the blinds in the office and dining room.  I didn't bother to go into the bathroom because I knew I'd just be pissed off.  I'm certain nothing on the little table was moved to be dusted.  I was definitely baffled by this when I went upstairs and everything from my nightstand and dresser had been rearranged.  Uhhhh, what?  So she moved stuff to dust upstairs, but didn't move anything downstairs?  Not even the items on the counter had been moved to be wiped under.  I really struggled with this since I had hired her to do a deep clean.  For me a deep clean = a very thorough clean.  It means moving shit and wiping underneath them.  It means doing detail work.  Maybe my expectations are too high?  I plan to message her and let her know that I was disappointed because I don't want to blast her on social media, but I've already corrected most things that pissed me off, so it's really not worth it.  IDK.  It's complicated.

I had to force myself to stop cleaning because it was super late and the alarms were going off at the same time, no matter what time I went to bed.


Overall, a productive weekend.  I love purging weekends.  I felt lighter when it was all over and my house LOOKED tidy, even if it was still dirty.  Honestly, the cleaning lady did more than I had in over a month, so that was good, but I really struggle when I pay someone to do something and they don't do an exquisite job.  I have obnoxiously high standards and I know that, but it didn't make sense to me why things upstairs were rearranged and cleaned under, but that wasn't the case downstairs, especially in the kitchen (under the toaster oven and ninja).  Also, she cleaned the nose art off the windows and now my windows are super streaky.  I know that's a stupid complaint, but I paid someone to do something and I shouldn't have any complaints.  Ugh.  #MeganProblems

  • This week Teh Running Bestie arrives!  Wooooo!  
  • Thursday we're seeing Bill Engvall, "Here's your sign!"  I cannot fucking wait.
  • Friday is Teh German's bachelor celebration.
  • Saturday is the James Island 10k, which we will probably make into a 5k that we walk, since we are #TeamInjuredBrokeAsses this year.
  • Saturday night/evening is my bachelorette celebration, which has been planned in secret (as in, I have no idea what we're doing) by Teh PT Wife, Teh Dental Hygienist, and Teh Running Bestie.  I'm not sure who all will be there.  Teh Sister is supposed to come into town, but that is another batch of drama I'd prefer not to think of.  Teh WJL isn't coming into town until Monday, so she will be missing out.  The ONE thing I do know is that we're dressing up like princesses.  I'm Ariel.  I have a red wig that I have no idea how to wear.  I'm already certain of the awesomeness of whatever we do (and that I'll be packing an extra outfit).
  • Sunday is a cookout/hangout at Teh Ville for all guests that are in the area.  Mostly a low key event for everyone to hang out, especially for those who traveled super far.
  • Monday is school.  I'm willing to take "exchange students" to school with me.  LOL
  • Tuesday is rehearsal day and late lunch at Mellow Mushroom.
  • Thursday is post-wedding brunch (because we're gonna need to eat away the hangovers).
  • Friday is school.  
  • Saturday I'm going to try to schedule a couple's massage for Teh German and I.  I considered scheduling it for Thursday, but I have a feeling people will want to do activities maybe, so I wanted to leave our schedule open.  By Saturday most everyone should be leaving.
I am going to ask for some exceptions to the rules from my instructors.  I'm going to ask my German instructor to open up the homework early for me to complete it ahead of time.  If my math isn't complete, I'm going to ask my math teacher for an extension.  If we have anything due in chem or computer science, I'll ask for an extension in those classes too if I can't get to them in time.  I feel like if I can't get an extension for my wedding then my teachers are all heartless bastards and they need to feel like such.

So many detail things to work on this week.  Printouts and signs and confirmations.  I've started putting "please acknowledge receipt" on my correspondence so I know bitches actually got my emails... (*clear throat* DJ/photographer/wedding vendors).  This week is a real test of my anxiety medication, but I am happy to report, no tears yet!

Wish me patience..  Loads and loads of patience.. and motivation to get all the things done!

Happy last week of October, Gentle Readers!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Five on Friday #128

EINS -Things from this week:

-Bridal portraits went swimmingly.  I ended up using our wedding photographer because shit just wasn't working out with the other photographer I was trying to use.  She was already booked on the date the library had told me I could come and after calling the library to schedule 3 times, I said fuck this shit and emailed Nick to ask if he was available.  He was, and I get the digitals.  Done.

Although I did almost have a meltdown when I arrived to the library and saw all the scaffolding on the outside and when I walked inside there were chairs set up in the main part of the library and there was cardboard covering the floor and the windows had been removed and the holes covered with ply boards. When I had called about doing the shoot there, the lady had said there was "some" construction going on.. Uhhh "some" construction is like a single room being renovated.  For someone who runs a library, I expected her to be a little more concise.  I may have said something to the effect of, "Our entire space is covered in dust from entire building renovations and we have black sheets hanging up and there is ply boards over the windows and random items stashed in the stacks.  But if you really want to have a shoot here, ok.  Also, we start turning off the lights at 5pm, even though we close at 5:30."  I guess now I understand her weirdness when I called about it in the first place.  Lesson learned.  I think we got some good photos though.  We stopped at the Charleston City Market and Nick was a rebel and got a photo of me in the market, per my request.  We then walked around downtown, kinda like what we did for our engagement photos.  Again, I got blisters on my feet from walking in my heels.

I got so many awwwws and compliments and congratulations while we were shooting.  We're having a cold snap (which I'm hoping is a permanent snap for the remainder of the year) and it was perfect outside.  I got a little sweaty wearing a mabillionty layers of tulle or whatever my dress is made from, but it wasn't as miserable as it would have been last week, so praise Allah.

Finally, I didn't pay to use the library, like I had originally agreed to when I scheduled the shoot.  1- I was barely able to use the space since there was so much construction, 2- we were only there for 30 minutes. 3- the lady I scheduled with never even came out to greet me and no one asked me for money, soooooo you no get my dollas.  #sorrynotsorry

Also, a HUUUUUGGEEEE thank you shoutout to Twin Mom for being my assistant after I realized on Sunday that I was going to be unable to dress myself on Sunday night around midnight.  We are super lucky to have such a great group of friends in Charleston.

I'm obviously the one who misses and falls.

-Makeup and hair trial is finally over and I'm so glad.  I wasn't worried about it, but it felt like a huge ordeal and I knew I couldn't forget anything since I was going straight from work and it was a lot of pressure since I've been pretty scattered brained these last few months.  Things just fell into place perfectly since I had a huge assignment due on Weds morning, which meant that it needed to be completed by Tuesday night, which meant that Wednesday I got to focus on my shit instead of school shit.  YAY.

I was informed that I was going for a more "fun" (see: less traditional) look and the makeup artist seemed a little out of her comfort zone at first.  Once she saw how pleased I was, she seemed to be ok.  Honestly, a monkey could have done my makeup better than me, so my satisfaction isn't really a standard of measurement.  I wasn't super pleased that she kept telling me that she didn't have time to redo things since we had a time crunch.  Uhhhh, what?  Why is there a time crunch?  Either way, shit got done and it was fine.  I also cemented the fact that while I might be less traditional for my eye shadow, my always needs to look sharp and sleek and my brain literally wrinkles when my hair is teased for volume.  Hate, hate, hate.

-Our glass unity ceremony stuff arrived AND my wedding band.  Is it Nov 1st yet?

-I spent most of yesterday creating signs for the reception.  I love making signs.  I love fonts and typography and spacing and getting everything JUST right.  Except when I leave off vital information and have to redo all that meticulous work.  Still, it was better than sitting in discrete math not knowing what the fuck is going on in my life.

ZWEI - Money I've spent:

As is my luck, Chase recognized some fraudulent charges on my credit card, which means that they completely closed the card and had to reissue me another.  This is annoying for several reasons. 1- That was the card that is saved everywhere for my online purchases and I'd pretty much memorized it.  2- It was an awesome card, like the physical card was awesome.  It was made from titanium or something and it was very heavy compared to a plastic credit card.  I don't know if I'll get another like that.  3- I hate that identity theft is a thing.  Ugh.

  • Gifts for my people.
  • Wedding earrings
  • Ariel costume for bachelorette shenanigans, to include a wig (Lawd, help us me)
  • A map to use as a guest book/poster for guests to sign.  I need to get it printed.
  • Spotify
  • WeddingMix for a wedding video service.  I wanted a recording of our vows and maybe the toasts that people give and a way for people to share their photos with us.  We'll see how it works out, but I hope that with enough pushing, guests will USE this service... and that I'll be able to wrangle 3 people into being videographers for the night.
  • Pasta sauce - otherwise, I'm ignoring the grocery store this week and we'll make do with what we have.. aka we're probably going to starve.
  • Coffee Weds morning.  I bought peppermint mocha creamer for the house, so that eliminates the need to pay $5+ for coffee, but I thought I'd splurge since it was bridal portraits day.
  • Verizon bill
  • Teh German's wedding gift
  • Dinner for Twin Mom and I (with a large tip because I'm super needy and because our server was awesome and didn't interrupt us when we were in the middle of a conversation)
  • Parking garage for downtown
  • Photographer for bridal portraits
  • Hair/makeup trial 
  • Cake/cupcakes for the wedding

DREI - From my phone:

They make overhead projectors still.
Mind blown.

Teh German's face when he realized that our cake topper also included Pax and Meri, which he didn't know about.

The Ariel hot mess express is comin' through.

I was pissed to open my coffee and see that my $4.50 cup of coffee wasn't completely full.
I hadn't drank any of it since it was practically boiling when the lady handed it to me.
I opened it up to add some peppermint mocha creamer since I don't think she added any syrup to my order.

Wednesday was 2 weeks exactly!

Gettin' all fancccyyy

Walking into the library and seeing this was only the start of what could have been a meltdown.
It turned out fine.
I was still pissed.

Am I naked?  You'll never know. ;)

What $150 looks like when Fiance says he wants it to be a surprise.
Not included: false eyelashes.

Pretty sure I looked like a 90s rock band member because of all the hair spray.
Piece of hair were clumped together like dreads.
A shower tamed the hair beast.

Teh German officially requested that full ownership of Pax go to him.
I never did this with Phil, but Pax is officially Teh German's dog after he gets the certificate back.

VIER - From the internet:

-I spent a lot of time on Pinterest this week pinning wedding shit.  If you want to see it, it's here.  No one cares though, and I'm fully aware of this.

-That whole #MeToo thing went around this week and if you've been a Gentle Reader for long enough, you know that I have my own story to tell.  Sadly, so many of us have stories to tell that we don't talk about because it's easier not to but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Awareness is key.  I started reading through the Twitter posts and started to loathe humanity more than normal.


FÜNF - 10 things that made me happy this week:

  1. CHARLESTON SUMMER!  This means that we've officially left Charleston Hell behind and people can go outside without significant concerns that someone will be suffering from heat stroke in the next 30 seconds.  Normal people call this phenomenon "Fall".
  2. Tackling the bridal portraits hurdle.  It was a big deal and a big day and it was a huge relief off my shoulders when it was over.  Getting to hang out with Twin Mom while eating Mex 1 definitely didn't hurt either.
  3. Figuring out QR codes.  Now we just hope that they work on the day of the wedding.  Really though, if they don't, IDGAF.
  4. Evenings with NO homework and NO computer.
  5. Plans to go to MD to take a turn being Teh Running Bestie's post-surgery nurse.
  6. Wedding signage.  SO MUCH SIGNS AND FONTS.
  7. Riding Bagheera to work and school today.
  8. Rereading favorite books.
  9. Making plans for visitors.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.